The 2021 U.S. Inauguration and Its Aftermath

By Edith Hathaway © 2021

Typically an inauguration or election within a few weeks of a powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction elevates a president or presidency to a substantial degree, as we saw in 1941, 1961, and 1981 – with Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, respectively.

However, the 2021 inauguration has several astrological variables that did not occur in those years, including a Mars ranked as by far the strongest planet in the chart, with no afflictions. Tr. Mars is in the Aries Ascendant in Ashwini nakshatra close to tr. Moon and tr. Uranus just turned Stationary Direct six days earlier. Mars rules over the police, the military, and military weapons. In Ashwini nakshaktra Mars is especially motivated to initiate action, if required. This correlates to the over 26,000 National Guard troops present in a very locked down and barricaded Washington, D.C. – troops that are expected to remain in D.C. for 30 days, and perhaps even up to March 31st, though in reduced numbers.

This was the strongest military presence at a Presidential Inauguration in U.S. history.  Ironically, no such military presence has occurred in the Democrat-run cities that are still being burned, vandalized and looted by Left wing rioters, including on Inauguration Day.  Local police and National Guard have been asked to stand down for many months in 2020 while BLM/Antifa mobs wreaked havoc, causing over $2 billion in damages across 49 states.  A recent joint project at Princeton University found that Black Lives Matter was behind 91% of the big U.S. riots in 2020.  A Marxist-based organization, their signs on Jan. 20th in Portland, Oregon read: “We Don’t Want Biden – We Want Revenge.” And “We are Ungovernable.”

But our attention is supposed to be on Trump supporters who might become violent on Inauguration Day, as they were accused of on Jan. 6th – even if multiple witnesses and video footage have confirmed BLM/Antifa involvement as agent provocateurs, with Capitol Police removing the flimsy barriers and encouraging the crowd to enter the Capitol building. So it is still puzzling why we have such a large military presence around the Capitol building and the White House in Washington, D.C.  It is a virtual ghost town, and Trump supporters have no track record of violent behavior, whatever the Leftist mainstream media may fabricate.  Consider also an enigmatic statement by the head of the Reserve units that there would be “a peaceful transition to military power.”  We will explore more on this later on.

Further variables of this 2021 Inauguration chart from 1941, 1961 and 1981 include a combust Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, though the previous tr. Jupiter in Capricorn was combust within 3° on Jan. 20, 2009, when Joe Biden became Vice President under Barack Obama.  Jupiter is the Vice President and as with most planets, it is weakened by combustion. Jupiter is also debilitated in Capricorn, though gets correction in that 2009 Inauguration chart. That chart is instructive in showing Biden’s resumé as Vice President under Obama. (The Sun = President).  With a Sun-Jupiter conjunction within 3° there is a closeness between the two, but at the same time it creates a weakness and vulnerability for the Vice President.  It was while V.P. that Biden took huge bribes from China and Ukraine, allowing his son Hunter Biden to be essentially “the bag man,” or collector of funds for the Biden family.  Much documentation exists on this, but no action has been taken against the Bidens up to now.

Another astrological variable that did not occur in previous JU-SA conjunction years is that the Inauguration 2021 Sun is on the exact JU-SA conjunction degree (within 22’ orb). This conjunction occurred one month earlier and should be some kind of extraordinary marker of a transition. But I believe we have not seen it fully as of yet.

The previous JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn occurred 60 years ago, on Feb. 18, 1961.  This was one month after the 1961 Kennedy Inauguration.  The Inauguration Sun was within 5°13’ orb from the exact JU-SA conjunction. However on Inauguration day 1961 tr. Jupiter and Saturn were still in late Sagittarius. I believe this marker was not enough to allow Kennedy to make the major changes he intended to make before he was killed. A lot of this had to do with radical financial changes, such as bringing the U.S. back to the gold standard, along with his stated intention to weaken and disempower the CIA.

And now 60 years later Trump has laid the groundwork for that to happen after 2021. He was helped by more than tr. Saturn in Capricorn in the 2nd house of finance in the Kelleher USA chart, since Jan. 24, 2020. (JFK had that transit during his presidency.) But Trump also had tr. Pluto entering Capricorn on Dec. 30, 2020, after the planet had already spent four months there from Feb. 24 to June 28, 2020.   Pluto’s return to Capricorn for the first time since Jan. 1792 indicates the potential for some radical new monetary policy.  JFK may have been killed specifically for his monetary plans with the gold standard, and it seems that Trump has been facing a similar battle against those who have controlled the financial and political systems for well over 100 years.  They are the elite Globalist cabal and they have many tentacles throughout the world.

The Battle of Battles

I have previously identified Dec. 2020 as a fulcrum point in the larger 120-year cycle, the core of the sidereal EARTH period, in which all JU-SA conjunctions are in sidereal EARTH signs, with the exception of one anomaly in May 2000, with the conjunction at 29:52 Aries.  The JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020 is what I call a “tipping point” at which the current major trend of Globalism should be broken and defeated by the opposing forces of civic and populist Nationalism, in which personal and national sovereignty are honored, along with civil liberties and freedom of speech. Though commonly crushed under Communist regimes, we are not used to seeing these freedoms crushed and increasingly endangered inside Western democracies. But we are there now and these forces need to be stopped.

This particular juncture in world history was bound to create a huge battle, as Globalism has been accelerating since even a few decades prior to the first JU-SA conjunction in sidereal EARTH in Sept. 1921, though by then they had consolidated their first real power with the Federal Reserve Bank, World War I, and the Council on Foreign Relations, among other events and entities.  Globalists will do anything, even catastrophic, to maintain their political and financial control over the rest of the world.  In late fall/early winter 2020/2021 this battle is uniquely focused on the U.S. Election, as Globalists see the United States as a nation which must be weakened and brought under their control, meshing with the aims of the Chinese Communist system.  Surprisingly, many Americans are happy to assist in the process, and Joe Biden was the candidate of choice for the Chinese Communist Party and the Globalists.

So to review, Mars is the warrior and by far the strongest planet in the 2021 Inauguration chart. Placed in the Aries Ascendant, Mars is in Ashwini nakshatra close to tr. Moon and tr. Uranus. In an angular house strong in its own sign (or exalted), Mars gains status as a Maha Purusha Ruchaka Raja yoga.  Because of this, it becomes a stronger determining factor in the life of an individual or in this case of an administration.

In mundane astrology Mars rules over the police, the military, and the weapons of war.  We have already noted how this correlates to the over 26,000 National Guard troops present in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day and beyond.  Their deployment was allegedly ordered by the Pentagon, not the President or the U.S. Senate, and certainly not the D.C. Mayor.  When the head of the Reserve units said there would be “a peaceful transition to military power,” it seems to relate to some very surprising events. This includes some overt gestures showing a deliberate dishonoring of the new president-elect, or a sign that the military does not recognize Joe Biden as president.  This is very significant.

First of all, Biden is the first president in modern U.S. history not to fly to the Inauguration in a military plane.  It was not offered to him.  Also, as Biden’s motorcade left the Capitol after the Inauguration, there were rows and rows of military lining the streets who did not salute him, as would be expected in military protocol. Instead they all turned their backs on him and the motorcade. This was captured on video, though Leftist mainstream media is quick to assure us this is perfectly normal. They said they have to turn their backs to survey the crowds for threats – except there were no crowds anywhere.

Further, it is reported that Trump still possesses the nuclear codes (the “nuclear football” briefcase), but that former V.P. Mike Pence no longer has access to them. This is usually transferred to the new president at the Inauguration, except that Trump did not attend the event.  This in itself was totally unprecedented, and Democrat politicians have been obsessed with impeaching Trump and destroying his ability to gain any public platform in the future.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was reported to make a number of inquiries about the nuclear codes, expressing concern that Trump might still be in possession of them. We will cover more about this strong Mars in a moment.

The Weak Saturn (Presidency)

Another major astrological factor in this 2021 Inauguration chart is the 10th house lord (Saturn) in Capricorn, which is combust the Sun within 3°05’ orb. This has not happened in the entire period since Jan. 1937, when U.S. Presidential Inaugurations started to be held on Jan. 20th rather than March 4th or more rarely in April (except if on a Sunday, when it was moved to the following day).

Moving the date to Jan. 20th in Washington, D.C. gives a sidereal Aries Ascendant and a Capricorn 10th house: the house of the presidency.  The only exception was in Jan. 1945, when the U.S. was on War Time. This pushed the Ascendant in Washington, D.C. back to sidereal Pisces, with Jupiter ruling both the Ascendant and the 10th house.  Tr. Sun (the president) was in the 11th house, no longer Digbala (best possible angle) in the 10th house.  Since Jupiter symbolizes the Vice President and was very strong in that chart, it became pivotal for Vice President Harry Truman and quickly elevated his role.  Roosevelt lived only three months into his 4th term.

Other than the exception of the Jan. 1945 Inauguration, the Saturn factor has remained important because the 10th house rules the presidency and the strength of the presidency.  Saturn is also the sign lord of the Sun in Capricorn, the U.S. President.  For this reason Saturn’s placement is extremely important in gauging the power and potential longevity of the presidency.  The strength of the Vice President can be seen from Jupiter’s placement, as discussed, Jupiter being the traditional advisor to the king in the Vedic planetary cabinet.

Tr. Saturn in Capricorn

Since 1937, tr. Saturn has been in Capricorn only twice previously when a U.S. President was sworn in: 1) due to the death of a president and 2) at the usual scheduled Inauguration date and time.  Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as President just two hours after the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. The Ascendant at the time of the assassination was Capricorn.  Tr. Saturn and Moon (grieving citizens) were both in Capricorn, and tr. Sun was in Scorpio, along with three other planets in Scorpio (Mercury, Venus and Mars), with retrograde Jupiter in Pisces – obviously a very intense and dramatic chart.  All seven physical planets were in only three houses of the chart, a Sankhya Shoola yoga.

Two hours later the Ascendant had moved to Pisces, with a Sagittarius 10th house, both ruled by Jupiter, the same as on Jan. 20, 1945 with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Lyndon Johnson was sworn in with Jupiter (the advisor/Vice President) in the Ascendant. Jupiter is Digbala (best possible angle) in the Ascendant and Hamsa Raja yoga, one of the distinguished Maha Purusha Raja yogas.  This gave Johnson a great deal of power, with Jupiter ruling both the 1st and 10th houses.

The next transit of Saturn in Capricorn came with the inauguration of Bill Clinton on Jan. 20, 1993.  But tr. Saturn was 18 degrees ahead of the Sun in the 10th house, and out of the 15 degree combustion range for Saturn.  Though this created some problems for Clinton (with Sun and Saturn as planetary enemies), the Sun had protection from a trinal aspect from Jupiter in Virgo, as did the 10th house of the presidency.  Saturn benefited by being out of combustion range, strong in its own sign and receiving a Jupiter aspect.  Since it is in its own sign in an angle of the chart, Saturn also becomes one of the distinguished Maha Purusha Raja yogas: a Shasha Raja yoga.  This Saturn strengthens the presidency.

U.S. Presidential Inauguration 2021

This brings us back to the Inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021.  Like most U.S. Presidential Inaugurations after 1933 (with the exception of Jan. 1945, as discussed), the Ascendant is Aries and the 10th house is Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. We especially want to know the status of Saturn in the chart in order to know the strength of the presidency itself.  It is easy to overlook because at 12 noon the Sun is already strong in the 10th house, and the Sun is the President or the leader of a country.

  A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Source notes:  The outer planets not shown in this chart are Uranus (12°35’ Aries), Neptune (24°47’ Aquarius) and Pluto (0°41’ Capricorn). Tr. Uranus turned Stationary Direct on Jan. 14, 2021 at 12°34’ Aries. The U.S. Constitution states that a 4-year presidential term ends at 11:59:59 am on Jan. 20th.  Thus, 12 noon EST is used here for the start of the new administration, though Joe Biden actually finished taking the Oath of Office at 11:49 am EST on Jan. 20, 2021, according to live television footage. However, even this point is potentially debatable. Film experts have discerned problems with film continuity, indicating that various parts of the Inauguration ceremony were pre-recorded, including Biden’s Inauguration speech. CGI effects were also allegedly used. (CGI = computer generated imagery)   Further, some observers in Spain reported receiving Inauguration video footage at 7 am in Spain, i.e. 1:00 am EST on Jan. 20, 2021.  This included the Inauguration speech.  Though over 26,000 National Guardsmen were on the perimeters, press corps video footage shows only ca. 100 people in attendance, making it more possible to use CGI effects.

We have seen how Saturn in an angular house in its own sign or exalted gains status as one of the Maha Purusha Raja yogas: a Shasha Raja yoga.  But unlike tr. Saturn in Capricorn in the Jan. 1993 Inauguration chart, this Jan. 2021 Saturn is severely afflicted, diminishing the typical benefits of the yoga.  This Saturn is severely combust the Sun, within 3°05’ degrees.  And though Saturn is ahead of the Sun, tr. Sun will quickly catch up with Saturn in a few days. Also, Sun and Saturn are planetary enemies. So not only is the 10th house weakened by a combust house lord, the president (Sun) is personally weakened by having its house and sign lord in such a state of tight combustion. This undermines the entire foundation of this presidency.

Those of us who predicted a Trump presidency in 2021 understood that in his first administration Trump was surrounded by detractors and political enemies who tried relentlessly for over four years to bring him down.   So this planetary combination did not seem so far-fetched.  Further, with a Trump victory it made sense that his detractors would be at the gates: Mars, Moon and Uranus closely together in the Aries Ascendant.  We might expect to see Antifa and BLM rioters and agents provocateurs. They have been amply funded by Globalists such as George Soros, and supported and bailed out consistently by Leftists including Kamala Harris during the many months of rioting that caused over $2 billion in damages across the nation.

But now with the Biden Presidency, we see a very different set of circumstances and we see how this is now playing out.  Instead of the BLM/Antifa thugs at the gates there was an overwhelming presence of U.S. military.  This is far more fitting for a very strong Mars in its own sign of Aries, together with Moon and Uranus at 1’ orb from Stationary Direct on the Ascendant.  Some say the military is there to protect Biden, but that is not what the chart seems to indicate, especially if they are choosing not to recognize him and if the Pentagon is not responding to Biden’s requests or allowing him to enter the Pentagon, as some have reported.  How is this possible if Biden is the Commander-in-chief?

A Strong Mars (Military) & Weak Saturn (Presidency)

In summary, the 2021 U.S. Inauguration chart shows both Jupiter and Saturn closely combust in Capricorn.  And with Saturn as 10th house lord, the presidency itself is greatly weakened, as are the currently installed President (Sun) and Vice-President (Jupiter).  In addition to his obvious security vulnerabilities, Joe Biden appears to be suffering from serious cognitive decline.  The Leftist mainstream media has suppressed all this as much as possible prior to the Election and Inauguration.  Though he is known to be gaffe-prone, perhaps this also accounts for Joe Biden bragging about election fraud in summer 2020 and why there was no need for him to campaign.

“We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”  [He also mentions that this was done previously for the Obama administration, in which he served as Vice President.]

The U.S. military is also well aware of the extensive vote fraud that just occurred. They know about the domestic and foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and it is their Constitutional duty to do something about it. This alone may explain why the military (Mars) is so strong in this chart compared to the new president and vice president.

As of late Jan. 2021 we do not know for sure why so many military are still in D.C, though some observers have speculated that the Pentagon has chosen to run with the Democrats’ Jan. 6th “Capitol Insurrection” narrative as reason to beef up security on a permanent basis all around the Capitol, including with proposed permanent fencing.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration plans to open up the national borders and allow unlimited mass migration.  They want to let everyone into the country, but keep the people away from Congress and the President.

The over 26,000 National Guardsmen present on Inauguration Day completely dwarfed the size of the actual Inauguration attendees, who numbered only around 100.  The rest of the Capitol city was basically a ghost town.  With Uranus SD so close to Mars and Moon, we can also see that this military is not going to do what is expected, since Uranus brings surprises and revolutions.  Mars and Uranus are 5/60ths of a degree apart, and both very close to the exact Stationary Direct degree of Uranus, further strengthening the planetary combination, with the support of the Moon (the citizens).  This could be read as subversive unless you consider additional factors.

For example, the U.S. military knows about the massive vote fraud that occurred in Nov. 2020 and how it ushered in a set of illegitimate office-holders.  They have extensive and detailed electronic evidence of vote fraud and cyber warfare. They know it was perpetrated by both foreign and domestic actors, and they now know which countries were involved, working together with domestic actors: UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Vatican, and Canada, along with hostile nations such as China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran, but most notably China.

The military knows that Trump won by a massive landslide on Election night. Trump has said he won more than 79 million votes, and at least 11 million more than Joe Biden.  But in fact, raw data from the Dominion servers seized at CIA headquarters in Germany shows that on Election night Trump won all but a half a dozen U.S. states: Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Illinois, New York, and a couple of states in New England.  Trump’s Electoral vote total showed a huge victory – 410 Electoral votes compared to 128 Electoral votes for Biden. An image of this was shown briefly on OAN (One America News), with most states bright red for GOP wins. But in the hours and days following Election night, millions of votes were flipped from Trump to Biden.

Unfortunately also, information about the vote fraud has been suppressed and denied vehemently by the Leftist mainstream media. Big Tech and Big Media now censor, de-monetize or de-platform anyone who even discusses vote fraud. This is a Communist-style approach which the Left seems comfortable to embrace, as long as it is not their side being censored, de-monetized or de-platformed.

However, those who are educated on this matter and have examined the depth and breadth of the evidence understand that the military cannot support an illegitimate president and vice president. They are constitutionally bound to protect the U.S. Republic from what they call a “criminal insurrection.” It is not as if every legal viable route to expose the vote fraud was not explored and used.

But the courts, the politicians and legislators failed the citizens and refused to examine the evidence in multiple cases. The evidence was never rejected on its “merits.”  It was simply never examined, including at the U.S. Supreme Court and in the joint session of Congress. So in this instance, since every branch of government has failed to do its job to protect the nation – only the military is left to correct an egregious wrong: the stealing of a presidential election by both foreign and domestic operatives.  Click here for more specific details about the election fraud.

On Sept. 12, 2018 President Trump signed Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.  Trump knew the Democrats were planning to cheat in the 2020 election, and he established a situation where if all else failed (as it did), the military alone would be left to protect the Republic from foreign and domestic enemies.  Nor can any successive president change the Executive Order.

We have covered a few indications that the military (Mars) may be in control and that Biden (Saturn and Sun) may lack full presidential powers: The Pentagon is not cooperating with the Biden administration, and Biden is allegedly not in possession of the nuclear codes. Further, Pentagon officials (Mars) announced on Jan. 25th that Lt. General Charles Flynn, brother of General Michael Flynn is now appointed head of the U.S. Army Pacific forces.  General Mike Flynn and his family are very close to former President Donald Trump.  If Biden (Saturn and the Sun)  were really in command of the military it is highly unlikely he would appoint Flynn.  Lastly, though Biden has signed 40 Executive Orders in his first 11 days in office (an extraordinary number for a new president), none of them are connected to the military.   All these factors seem to coincide with what is known of Trump’s EO 13848.

When we look at all this we can review the astrological highlights with greater understanding: 1) the strength of Mars in the Inauguration chart, 2) the unprecedented weakness shown in the new presidency itself (a very weak Saturn that also rules over the Sun), plus 3) overt signs that China expects a lot for its efforts and expense to win the presidency for Biden.  They might also expect to gain access to the nuclear codes. All these factors help to explain why the military (Mars) would have grave concerns about handing over power and legitimacy to a president who stole the election.  Furthermore, they are constitutionally bound to take action.

Considering the fraudulent election results, Biden’s close ties to China and being compromised by them, his presidency could be highly dangerous for United States national security.  This would not change with a Harris Presidency, if Biden were to step down.  Jupiter is the Vice President, and Jupiter in Capricorn is also combust as well as debilitated in the Jan. 20, 2021 chart. It receives some correction for the debilitation, but this comes from a very weakened Saturn.   So it is not as if the Vice President provides a corrective for Biden’s weaknesses, as many Democrats have assumed.

What does appear to be the corrective here is the power of Mars in this Inauguration chart, but mainly for the citizens (Moon) and not the presidency (Sun). And since the U.S. military may not be under the control of the newly installed President, according to Trump’s 2018 E.O. and other orders, this could spell a very short time in office for the Biden-Harris administration.  An illegitimate office-holder should not be honored or tolerated in any case.  The U.S. has come under attack, and many millions of citizens know this, inside and outside the U.S.

The Jan. 6th so-called “Capitol insurrection” was a staged event that pales in comparison to the truly criminal insurrection that took place with the largest vote theft in world history. The event on Jan. 6th was intended to shift the focus away from the vote theft and prevent the public examination of evidence from seven states with dueling electoral votes and major vote irregularities.  All this was also scheduled for Jan. 6th.

Now it remains to see how and when the U.S. military will right the wrongs of the Nov. 2020 U.S. Election, which is actually the crux of a much larger battle for control of the world.  An operation was allegedly going to happen on Inauguration Day but got postponed at the eleventh hour due to high level threats.  Any next move is unlikely to be telegraphed widely in advance.  But astrologically it should occur no more than a few months after the powerful JU-SA conjunction on Dec. 21, 2020.  Other planetary clues for the near future would be the Kala Sarpa yoga (Snake-Time) from Feb. 6 to Feb. 20, 2021, with extra intensity Feb. 9 and 10, 2021.


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