History Hangs in the Balance: Dec. 2020

By Edith Hathaway © 2020

It was always going to be a time of intense drama the closer we got to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Dec. 21, 2020.  I have been saying for well over a year that the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election on Nov. 3, 2020 would be a major focus of that drama.  With both the election and the Jan. 20th U.S. Presidential inauguration so closely straddling the important planetary conjunction, this also typically magnifies the significance of a national leader taking power at this time. This reality is further reflected in the Inauguration chart set for 12 noon Washington, D.C. when the President takes the oath of office. (See my analysis of the 2021 Inauguration chart here.)

In addition to highlighting a cluster of key U.S. national events, the upcoming conjunction also comes at a pivotal point in a 120-year cycle in which all the JU-SA conjunctions are in sidereal EARTH signs, with one anomaly in May 2000.  (see graph below)  This confirms that the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is of major historical importance both nationally and globally.  The JU-SA conjunction at 6:20 Capricorn (sidereal zodiac) on Dec. 21, 2020 occurs just 7 ½ hours after the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, and is closely preceded by two eclipses Nov. 30th and Dec. 14th, 2020. This further highlights the enormous drama of fall/winter 2020 and its impact for decades to follow. See:  Jupiter-Saturn 2020: The Tipping Point – Edith Hathaway

The focus of my research on this topic since at least early 2019 was to determine whether key dominant trends would continue from the previous 60 years, or whether they would be reversed at the fulcrum of the cycle in Dec. 2020.  After examining previous larger cycles of JU-SA conjunctions alongside this one, I have concluded that the dominant trends would be reversed in 2020, and also that this reversal could be seen more clearly as of 2016.   I also defined the dominant trends as Globalism vs. Nationalism, the latter in turn defined as more nationalist/ populist and more civic-oriented than ethnocentric.  Globalism in this case is not just about nations being interconnected, but about a highly centralized corporate-aligned power elite having extensive control over nations and their citizens, with national and personal sovereignty largely eliminated in favor of a communist/ socialist ideology.

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is a key battleground not just for Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. In the larger scheme of things, it is a collision between competing trends that are fighting it out – namely Leftist/Globalists vs. Nationalist/Populists.  Joe Biden and the Democrats have been fighting to keep the Globalist agenda dominant, including the goals of the ominous Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. See:  UN 2030 Agenda Continues The Plan To Take Over 1 2 Of The World With 1 Move – YouTube 

Agenda 2030 was announced in 2015, but the Globalists lost major momentum during the four years of the Trump presidency and they will be gone forever if Biden does not win in 2020.  President Trump, on the other hand, is fighting both for U.S. national sovereignty and against the tyranny of the Globalists and their endless wars. Uniting under the aegis of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum, the Globalists intend to remake the world according to their socialist/communist ideals. But when receiving this silver-tongued propaganda, many do not grasp that aside from the elite cabal running the show, the public will be asked to give up their wealth, their property, their civil rights, and live on minimal government handouts.  In this context, the Covid-19 Lockdowns begin to look increasingly like dry runs for the larger plans of the Globalists.

Such ideals require weaker nation-states and compliant, obedient citizens. President Trump is a major obstacle, with his nationalist/populist ideals of a strong nation-state within a community of strong nation-states.  Since the U.S. is THE strongest nation-state, it must be brought under the Globalists’ control for their plans to work.  Joe Biden has already been compromised by China, receiving over $1 billion in payments while Vice President, 2009-2017.  So he is well under their control. Conversely, the Globalists see Trump and his movement as a force that must be brought down, no matter what nefarious methods are used.

For over four years the Globalists have tried every possible means to destroy candidate, then President Trump, with the complicity of the Globalist/Leftist mass media.  The vast extent of the 2020 election vote fraud shows yet again that they are prepared to go to extreme criminal measures to achieve that goal.  Their mantra is that the extensive evidence of vote fraud provided by thousands of citizens, legislators, poll workers, meta data experts and lawyers is “baseless.”  But such complicity in perpetrating this crime is treasonous and dividing the populace. It sets up a national and societal crisis.

A National and Societal Crisis

The current period between the election and the Jan. 20th Inauguration is dangerously vulnerable, given that the Nov. 3rd election has been heavily contested from the outset, especially in six battleground states, while the Leftist/Globalist mainstream media quickly declared Joe Biden the President-Elect, even if that is not for the media to decide – neither legally nor electorally. The 2020 election is still being disputed in the courts and legislatures due to the massive amount of vote fraud that has been found.  Six battleground states are being contested by President Trump’s team of lawyers as well as numerous lawyers and citizens acting independently. But the latest information from lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood indicates that vote fraud occurred in many states. The overall findings of 100s of experts and witnesses show votes consistently stolen from Trump and assigned to Biden. On Nov. 27, 2020 Sidney Powell reported this: “There were at least 10 million fraudulent votes for Joe Biden, with at least 7 million votes taken from Trump, and several million dead people voting.” (Source: Newsmax)

Below is a closing statement from a 9-page affidavit by Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, a cyber security engineer and investigator, and a 30-year veteran of numerous U.S. Defense Intelligence agencies.  His affidavit was included with lawyer Sidney Powell’s 104-page complaint to a Georgia court, submitted Nov. 25, 2020:

“I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states, resulting in a hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden. These alterations were the result of systemic and widespread exploitable vulnerabilities in DVS, Scytl/SOE Software and Smartmatic systems that enabled operators to achieve the desired results. In my view, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.”

[DVS=Dominion Voting Systems; Scytl = the server to these systems,  with final control over election vote counting, and based in more than one foreign country as of Nov. 2020; SOE Software = leading election management software, 100% owned by Scytl. Dominion voting machines were used in 30 U.S. states, including all of the swing states. Dominion received a $600 million cash infusion from China in the year leading up to Nov. 2020.]

Meanwhile, Leftist/Globalist mass media is mainly concerned with when President Trump will concede, and who Biden picks for his Cabinet and transition team. Through all of November 2020 they have refused to acknowledge the massive election fraud that has occurred, much (but not all) of it evident after the polls closed on Election night when Trump had a commanding lead in most states.  In the early morning hours of Nov. 4th the vote counting was abruptly halted across five battleground states: PA, WI, AZ, NV and GA.  We will look at that chart shortly, as we have close to an exact time recorded.

At the same time Globalists everywhere are pressing forward with their agenda to lockdown many countries and states, using Covid-19 as an excuse to accelerate this agenda, which can be described by Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset.”  Schwab is the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, which together with the United Nations aims to do a total social and economic transformation of society.  WEF’s annual meetings are held in Davos, Switzerland.  Schwab’s focus is totally on economic challenges, economic imperatives and economic benefits for the ruling capitalist class. He longs for “a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identities.” But look closer and it is a very dystopian world for most of us.

Many Democrats and Leftists may be unaware of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, but politicians, corporate and national leaders on board with it (including Joe Biden) have been aggressively accelerating their pitch to sell this to their nations and to the rest of the world, Canada and New Zealand’s Prime Ministers among them. They have slogans like “Build Back Better” and “The Future You Want.” Canada’s P.M. Justin Trudeau even announced recently how much Covid-19 has helped to accelerate “the Great Reset.” Of course it did. It quickly removed civil liberties and impoverished the people, just as prescribed – in short order.  All this was spelled out and planned well in advance, including at the Event 201 in New York City in Oct. 2019 – a live simulation plan for a pandemic exactly like Covid-19.

The Vote Count Stops

Source:  Wed. Nov. 4, 2020, 2:30 am EST, Washington, D.C. From pp. 5-6 of Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia’s affidavit, Nov. 25, 2020 filed in lawyer Sidney Powell’s complaint in a Georgia court Nov. 25, 2020.  Affidavit of Dr Navid Keshavarz-Nia Phd | Defense Intelligence Agency | National Security Agency (scribd.com)

 “[At] approximately 2:30 AM EST, TV broadcasts reported that PA, WI, AZ, NV and GA have decided to cease vote counting operations and will continue the following day. The unanimous decision to intentionally stop counting by all 5 battleground states is highly unusual, possibly unprecedented [yes, it was] and demonstrates prior coordination by election officials in battleground states. There would be no legitimate reason battleground states need to pre-coordinate election activities and stop on-going adjudication processes. However, [it] is equally puzzling that the vote counting did not stop, as reported. In fact, it continued behind closed doors in early hours of November 4, 2020. This activity is highly unusual and demonstrates collusion to achieve desired results without being monitored by watchers.”

This chart is calculated using Washington, D.C., given that the presidency is based there, as is the seat of the Federal government.  However, even using New York City as a news media hub, the Ascendant remains in Leo at 29:54 of the sign.

With the Ascendant at 27:21 Leo, we note the number of planetary positions also at 27 or 28 degrees of the sign: Ketu, Jupiter, Rahu and Moon.  With this many late-sign factors (six factors, including Pluto at 28:34 Sagittarius), the indication is that this action to stop the vote count is among the last within a project that includes many moving parts.  The Ascendant lord of this chart is the Sun, which is debilitated in Libra with no correction.  Sun is in the 3rd house of information matters and local travel and is aspected by a very strong Mars in the 8th house.  This shows urgency and some carelessness, factors which led to the ubiquitous vote thieves being caught.  They tried too desperately to make up the superior margin of Trump votes, which by midnight on Election night were close to the threshold of 270 electoral votes.  So they made massive vote dumps that suddenly showed huge percentage gains for Biden and almost nothing for Trump. This was inconsistent with the whole voting picture and a mathematical impossibility. Subsequent vote fraud investigation even revealed that 100s of thousands more votes were counted in many states than there were actual registered voters.

So we know this operation is inherently weak with such a weak Ascendant lord symbolizing the project leadership. The Sun is in the sign of Libra, whose sign lord Venus in turn is debilitated with no correction (Neecha), further weakening the Sun. Even so, the operation makes certain temporary headway because tr. Jupiter lends its protective aspect to the Ascendant from the 5th house.   In fact we could say that tr. Jupiter’s exact aspect to this Ascendant facilitates the ability of the vote fraud to be expedited and accepted quickly as “normal” activity – at least in the short term, especially by the perpetrators’ many allies in Big Media and Social Media (also Jupiter), as well as by corrupt judges and politicians.

While the Leftist/Globalist mainstream media blasts the very idea of vote fraud, their allies in Social Media have done everything possible to censor and silence any talk of election vote fraud, including the abundant specific evidence, affidavits, and hearings happening around the country. They cover only court cases which are “thrown out,” as if there is no further legal process to follow.  That is incorrect. Big Media is silencing these people and conducting economic warfare against them.

In the Nov. 4th chart above tr. Moon is very late in Taurus (28:37 Taurus), a sign owned by debilitated Venus. With tr. Moon not due to aspect any other planet in the chart, there is not much further for this project to go – the project symbolized here by the action of stopping the vote count – a highly irregular action on Election night, and historically a red flag for vote fraud.  It shows the experts that the perpetrators needed to produce more ballots to catch up with the winning candidate, who at that point on Election night was President Trump. He was well ahead of Biden in a massive landslide victory.

But some problems or even treachery can be detected in this chart with tr. Moon so close to opposite the degree of the upcoming Solar eclipse Dec. 14, 2020 at 29:43 Scorpio (within 1:06 orb). As such, this Moon is already indicating that something occurring at this moment on Nov. 4th will have great relevance at the time of the upcoming December Solar eclipse – which occurs on the same exact day the Electoral College meets in their respective states to vote for the U.S. President!

So we see some bookends here which should at the very least expose to the larger public the massive vote fraud that the Leftist mainstream media refuses to discuss, going along with their Kabuki theatre that Joe Biden has won because Associated Press says so.

These eclipse degrees are highly significant for the ongoing 2020 Election dispute, since President Trump was born just under four hours prior to a Total Lunar eclipse at 29:58 Scorpio.  His 4th house Moon is at 28:05 Scorpio, conjunct Ketu at 27:39 Scorpio. His 10th house Sun is at 29:49 Taurus, conjunct Rahu at 27:39 Taurus. In previous discussions of Trump’s chart I have said that being born at a Total eclipse gives enormous drama and importance to the life, depending on where the eclipse planets are situated. In Trump’s case it involves his Leo Ascendant lord (the Sun) in the 10th house of status and career, Digbala, and his Moon also Digbala in the 4th house of real estate and family matters. (Digbala is the best possible angular house from the Ascendant for that planet.)  This 10th house Sun gives a very public life – ongoing.

President Trump’s Full Moon chart so close to the Total Lunar eclipse at birth is much more dialed into the Dec. 2020 eclipses than the planetary positions of Joe Biden. Further, since he was born at a Total eclipse, another eclipse now repeating those eclipse patterns at birth shows a very dramatic and potentially dangerous time for President Trump, but not necessarily a disastrous one.  The danger is clear from the tr. Moon early morning on Nov. 4, 2020 and its close proximity to the eclipse degree on Dec. 14, 2020.  Even so, President Trump is featured in this combination, not former V.P. Joe Biden, even if Biden’s natal Saturn (at 16:53 Taurus) is 2 ½ degrees ahead of the Lunar eclipse degree Nov. 30, 2020.  And since we know the Inauguraton chart shows a very powerful president, these factors coalesce to indicate a Trump 2nd term.

In fact, what we learn by Nov. 28, 2020 (24 days after the Vote count mysteriously stopped in five battleground states) is that the collective stoppage of vote counting is one of the last actions of an apparently carefully planned and coordinated massive vote fraud and attempted coup, one which depended on numerous perpetrators inside and outside the U.S., since foreign actors were involved. Servers were used outside the U.S. (in Frankfurt, Germany and elsewhere) to control vote software designed to steal elections. These servers were accessed not only by enemy operatives from China, Iran, and Russia, but traitorous CIA operatives working against their own country. They were all orchestrating the U.S. election for a Biden win.

In mid-Nov. 2020 five CIA operatives were involved in a firefight to defend the incriminating servers in Frankfurt, Germany, and one of them was killed by U.S. Army Special Forces units seeking to obtain the servers. See news link:  Situation Update – Nov. 27th – DoD vs. CIA firefight in Frankfurt as covert war against the deep state RAGES across the globe | SGT Report   Additional server farms in Barcelona, Spain and Toronto, Canada were also raided.  The fact that Christopher Miller replaced Secretary of Defense Mark Esper as of Nov. 9, 2020 – this is thought to be a major factor in President Trump’s ability to clear the way for U.S. military to pursue criminal election operations run by both American citizens and foreigners – a major coup attempt against not just President Trump but the U.S. as a sovereign nation-state.  Obviously this is yet to be resolved, and it is another way to understand the enormity of the danger surrounding the U.S. as a Constitutional Republic.

The Globalist elites running the Social Media companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter) are heavily invested in controlling the people’s voices along only ONE narrative.  It is also economic warfare when they demonetize and de-platform these people.  The Chinese Communist Party uses much the same totalitarian tactics. They have been involved in the 2020 U.S. election in many ways, including “tabulating” votes from a distance (through Dominion Voting machines) and through providing large numbers of fake ballots.  Link here to the video conversation in Chinese during which large numbers of blank U.S. election ballots are ordered from China.

Sidney Powell Steps into the Ring

Source: https://www.mylife.com/sidney-powell/e682909270386  Sunday, May 1, 1955, Durham, NC.  No birth time available.  Moon Ascendant used.  (Thanks to Vedic astrologer Steve Stuckey for researching this birth data.)

Sidney Powell is a giant in the field of law, with a long track record as a fierce advocate for her clients, including in some nationally known cases, most recently as attorney for General Michael Flynn.   She is a former federal prosecutor and author of several books, most recently Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, 2018. She currently works independently on some major criminal cases related to the 2020 U.S. Election, and is a pivotal force in exposing the massive vote fraud that took place with the 2020 U.S. Election. She also works closely with Georgia attorney, Lin Wood, the famed defamation lawyer.   Powell and Wood are working on legal cases parallel to those being adjudicated by Trump’s Legal Team that includes Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. They are handling the civil cases whereas Powell’s cases are probably leading to criminal lawsuits. Many other lawsuits are being filed across the country by lawyers and citizens on this election.

Giving Powell a birth time of 14:15 for a Moon Ascendant, we see how the strength of her chart reflects her stature in her chosen field. She has Mars in the 10th house from the Moon in Leo, aspecting the Moon.   Mars is ideally placed in the 10th house, where it gives maximum strength and authority, especially as a warrior.  This saves the Moon from being Kema Druma, i.e. an isolated Moon, though in many of her legal battles it seems Powell has had to stand alone. In this current legal battle, the Globalists are trying to thwart her at every turn, jamming her phone lines and Internet connections and generally trying to prevent her from exposing very powerful and damning information that could bring down some high-level people and organizations.  Big Media mostly ignored her 1 ½ hour press conference with the Trump team in Washington, D.C., Nov. 19, 2020. They focused instead on the announcement that Powell was working separately (and separately funded) from the Trump team. Big Media wanted to make it look like more Trump lawyers were jumping ship, whereas Powell is completely aligned with their goals.

Powell is focused, fearless and undeterred by relentless foes – which now include enemies of President Trump and the Leftist/Globalists who want to take him down and install Joe Biden as president. The massive vote fraud does not matter to them, since it does not exist, they say.  Powell has called out the Social Media companies for shutting down free speech, and noted that the Department of Justice has “adopted a position of willful blindness to this massive corruption across the country.”  She should know. She wrote a book about it and has worked in the DOJ herself.

Powell has three exalted planets in her chart: Sun, Venus and Saturn.  Her Jupiter in Gemini is Vargottama, giving it extra strength.  With Jupiter and Saturn both in the AIR element, she is at one with her choice of career, especially in a field that requires an active and acute mind and intellect. Her Sun is opposite natal Saturn, showing that she has the destiny to challenge authority figures or in this case whole organizations such as the U.S. Dept. of Justice!  At the same time, she has Sun, Moon and Mercury in FIRE signs, so she has firepower and courage, with the ability to initiate and persist. And with natal Moon’s sign and nakshatra lords both exalted she is likely to succeed.  Moon is showing us her mind and her will power.

Powell’s tr. Jupiter in Sagittarius has 8 bindus, which gives EXCELLENT results – way above average, especially for a lawyer, whose profession is within Jupiter’s realm. (Bindu counts run from 0 to 8.  Her Jupiter has 8 bindus in Sagittarius using Gemini, Cancer or Leo Ascendant.) Based on her Moon Ascendant in Leo, I predicted that she would come out with some major announcement by Nov. 19, 2020 while tr. Jupiter was still in Sagittarius. (It moved into Capricorn the following day.) Sure enough, on Thursday (Jupiter’s planetary day), Nov. 19, 2020 Trump’s legal team joined Sidney Powell in Washington, D.C. to present their first big press conference regarding vote fraud.  Powell had been coming out with many shorter announcements since the Election, but this was her first joint press conference in coordination with senior leaders of Trump’s legal team on the Election fraud. You can see the entire press conference here.  Jenna Ellis called it “an opening statement,” though many details were given.  Powell was featured, along with Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, joined in turn by three other members of Trump’s top legal team.  These events also reflect Powell’s natal Rahu at 5:47 Sagittarius, close to the Galactic Center and within three degrees of the Kelleher USA Ascendant at 8:59 Sagittarius.

Powell spoke of a “massive attack on the integrity of the voting system….” She said: “They have trashed the right to vote…. and there is no doubt about it. This is a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize it.” She spoke of “the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China” in our election.

Since then she has confirmed that the Dominion software used was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent U.S. 2020 election as well as others before that.   Big Media ignored most of her major points in the press conference, as well as those of Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis.  However, independent media ran with it, seeing what an epic press conference it was. It may have even paved the way for a series of hearings in several battleground states, during which multiple witnesses to vote fraud in U.S. Election 2020 present their testimonies, at times questioned by Rudy Giuliani.

Electoral and vote fraud occurs on so many levels, but all are covered within the hearings and of course in the court cases.  Here are the Top 10 Proofs of Fraud: (Source: everylegalvote.com)

      • Stopping the Count
      • Mail-in Ballot
      • No Witnesses Allowed
      • Too Many Voters (more ballots counted than sent out or more than the total no. of registered voters)
      • Changing the Vote
      • Imbalanced Votes
      • Dead People Voting
      • Ballot Mishandling
      • Statistical Analysis
      • Media Fraud

Does all this mean that Sidney Powell is successful in her court cases? Well, we know that despite being ignored and called a “Conspiracy Theorist” by Big Media, Powell is on solid ground, based on her astrological chart and the timing to Nov. 2020.  In addition to the points already covered, her Daama yoga (physical planets spread out over six houses) assures her of wealth and the ability to attain fame and prosperity, depending on the lifetime Dasha sequence.  (Daama = wreath)

Tr. Jupiter in Sagittarius at 8 bindus has also served to elevate Powell and bring her success.  Its last day in the sign was the day of that press conference Nov. 19, 2020. And though we cannot say for certain whether she will prevail with her Election fraud cases, all the indications are positive, judging from all the astrological factors that we know of from her birth chart and from the above average bindu count of both tr. Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn (at 5 bindus).  That lays some very promising ground for her for the upcoming JU-SA conjunction Dec. 21, 2020 in sidereal Capricorn.

The Solar Eclipse: Dec. 14, 2020

The upcoming Solar eclipse contains five planets in Scorpio (Venus, Ketu, Mercury, Sun, and Moon), two in Capricorn (Jupiter and Saturn) and one in Pisces (Mars).  The two planets in Capricorn are close to the JU-SA conjunction degree (6:20 Capricorn) on Dec. 21, 2020, giving them extra power.  When all physical planets occupy only three houses, this is a Shoola yoga, one of the Sankhya yogas.  Shoola is a spike, or a thorn in one’s side. When this yoga is present there is great intensity around certain key issues, and we know that Trump has been a thorn in the side of Leftists.  In this case, the chart set for Washington, D.C. shows all physical planets between Houses 2, 10 and 12, with the preponderance of planets in House 10 in Scorpio.

Though former Vice President Joe Biden’s Ascendant is Scorpio, President Trump’s Sun-Rahu in Taurus opposite Moon-Ketu in Scorpio fall very close to the exact eclipse degree, which in turn repeats the degree of the Total Lunar eclipse not quite four hours after his birth, as mentioned previously.  This is arresting, especially with the eclipse occurring in the 10th house at the top of the sky on Dec. 14th.  You could argue that this is Trump’s 4th house and Biden’s Ascendant, but the fact remains that the eclipse more closely impacts Trump’s chart and he is already the incumbent, which also applies to the Sun in the 10th house locally, with many planets surrounding the Sun. Also, six planets are in a FIXED sign (Scorpio), which may indicate we stay with the same president – the incumbent.

In any case, the Solar eclipse on Dec. 14, 2020 fills the bill for completing the drama leading up to the Electoral College count scheduled to be completed in each state on the same day as the eclipse.  Given the magnitude of the battle being fought essentially on many fronts all around the world for this U.S. election, with strong pressure from China and Iran, it may be that the battle continues up to the Inauguration itself on Jan. 20, 2021, even if a Presidential winner is declared on Dec. 14th.

Or more likely, the battle takes a different form, especially if a Trump victory is confirmed on Dec. 14th, based on the overwhelming evidence that would have been produced in courts and legislatures between Nov. 19th and Dec. 14th, and perhaps even going to the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Supreme Court.  If either of the latter two outcomes arises, Trump is assured of being re-elected, as I have predicted previously.  But for this major reversal of trends to occur between Globalism and the rise of Nationalist/Populism as I have predicted in Dec. 2020, the Leftist/Globalists may well plan to fight to the death.  There is a great deal of money and power at stake for them, whereas for the U.S. it is about preserving personal and national sovereignty within a Constitutional Republic.  This may include some major event or a series of riots and chaos with which the Leftist/Globalists hope to rock the boat back in their direction.

However, they do not have Law and Order on their side, because if all the evidence is as solid and extensive as it appears up to now (though systematically ignored by Big Media), there is no way that Biden becomes president. The Globalists had planned to MAKE IT HAPPEN, since Biden was unlikely to win any other way. But this is an outright coup, and it has always been an ongoing coup against President Trump by the Leftist/Globalists.  Nothing has changed, except that time has run out and the stakes have become much higher.

A major problem is that each side is living in very different realities, thanks to the non-stop propaganda of the Leftist/Globalist mass media. The non-Leftist world is labeled neatly as “Conspiracy Theorists.” (See Wikipedia for the endless examples of people or ideas described this way, always by a Leftist.)

Though the JU-SA conjunction is the major news of December 2020 and a major marker in a 120-year cycle, even so the Solar eclipse of Dec. 14th spells a key turning point prior to the conjunction and the Winter Solstice.  We may know the result of the election by then, but it may not stop the turbulence, especially on the part of the Left. They have demonstrated for many months that they step aside when anarchists like Antifa take to the streets and attack people, buildings, and historical monuments.

The BLM/Antifa riots and protests we have seen since late May 2020 may just be a prelude to that is coming in Dec. 2020 and Jan. 2021, though with the full power of the Presidency, Trump should be able to oppose it and contain it.  This would be one giant step toward regaining peace, prosperity and renewed civility, though the Inauguration chart shows that people are still in an actively rebellious stage.  To date, the Left has shown the most violence and willingness to tolerate violence to make their points. So as before, I continue to see this Inauguration chart describing a strong president such as President Trump, and not Vice President Biden, whom many would not expect to be able to carry on for very long in the presidency, whether for a few months or at most half his term in office.   Many suspect that Biden is only a puppet. If so, that is simply not the person described in the chart of Jan. 20, 2021 at 12 noon when the U.S. President takes the oath of office.



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