The Fight for U.S. Election Integrity and the Constitutional Republic – Featuring Arizona and Mike Lindell


By Edith Hathaway © 2021

Several prominent American businessmen/entrepreneurs have been intensely involved in the fight to investigate and expose the massive vote fraud that occurred in the Nov. 2020 Presidential Election.  Among them notably is Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of MyPillow, and also Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock.  Each of them spoke at the Health and Freedom Conference held April 16-17, 2021 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In one of his talks at the conference Byrne pointed out that the U.S. has a total of 3006 counties; yet only six counties in six swing states determined the 2020 election results.  Each of these six counties was seriously contested both before and after being “certified” by the Secretary of State in those states, despite a large amount of evidence indicating massive vote fraud in each of those counties.

One of those counties (Maricopa County, Arizona) is finally conducting a thorough forensic audit of the votes – the first ever to occur in U.S. history.  This is despite numerous efforts by Democrats over the past six months to block the audit of all the voting machines (up to 120 of them in 8 truckloads) and all the ballots (2.1 million) in the county. This audit began on Friday morning, April 23, 2021 in Phoenix, AZ.  We may know the results as soon as three weeks, or at most up to six weeks, but a quick look at that chart shows contention from the outset.

The Maricopa County Forensic AudiT

Source:  AZ Central :   April 23, 2021, 9:00 am MST, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  The start time was scheduled for 8:00 am, but unexpected issues forced a delay.  The list of volunteer observers was missing, as the signup sheet was on Google, and when Google shut down the gmail for the Audit project, the entire list was lost.  (Some sabotage by Google?)  As of 8:45 am journalists had not yet passed the check point, though they were inside the Coliseum. Training videos for journalists began at 9:00 am MST. Ascendant: 2:35 Gemini. Gemini Ascendant starts at 8:49 am MST (thru 11:05 am), and it seems most likely that the audit did not begin prior to 8:49 am.

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Though the Arizona Senate has said that the results of the audit will not overturn the Nov. 2020 election results for U.S. President and two Arizona Senators, it is widely expected that if the results show a dramatic case of election fraud, this will very likely trigger pressure to overturn the 2020 election results in Arizona, as well as pressure many other states to investigate any major evidence of election fraud, even if the courts and/or legislators refused previously either to hear evidence or to act on the fraud presented to them by multiple witnesses and forensic experts.

Gemini rises in this Forensic audit chart starting at 8:49 am MST, Phoenix, with tr. Mars in the Ascendant in a potent Parivartana yoga with Mercury. That is, Mars is in Mercury-owned Gemini and Mercury is in Mars-owned Aries, so their planetary energies are closely intertwined.  This evokes the high energy and heated Information War that surrounds the issue of questioning the Nov. 2020 election results in general.  One cannot speak or write about it in social media without getting censored or banned; and on mainstream media – the narrative is likewise predictably governed by the Leftists and Globalists, who also consider that Free Speech is speech that strictly follows the Leftist/ Socialist/Globalist agenda – closely following the typical totalitarian model and departing radically from the 1st Amendment under The U.S. Constitution. Gross irregularities that have been found in Election 2020 are not allowed to be questioned or discussed – no matter how many citizens believe the election was fraudulent, that a fascistic coup occurred, and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

In this very Machiavellian environment, where the ends justify the means no matter what, we expect to see a prominent Mars, the warrior, to rise up and counter these forces.  Just to get to the point of a true forensic audit at all in ONE of the 50 U.S. states is a major accomplishment!  Calls for a forensic audit were passed in the AZ Senate Jan. 27, 2021, and before that many battles were fought, with many forces against those who were pushing for an audit of the Nov. 2020 U.S. Election results. During the very week of the audit legal battles continued to rage, with Democrats dispatching over 100 lawyers to AZ to stop the process from happening.

Mrigashira nakshatra rises in this chart and also contains Mars, planetary lord of the nakshatra.  Mrigashira is closely associated with the hunt, and with doubting and challenging the views or credibility of others.  It can have negative results, obviously, but in this case the Ascendant and Mars both receive the benefic aspect of Jupiter, which blesses and protects the warrior efforts of Mars.   At 9:00 am tr. Jupiter in Aquarius is applying into an exact trine to the Ascendant within an orb of 31 minutes, or half a degree– a very tight aspect. This places Jupiter and Moon together in the Navamsha Ascendant in Libra, a positive indication, though this Navamsha Ascendant is valid only for a start time between 8:49 and 9:03 am MST. In addition, tr. Jupiter is in Mars-ruled Dhanishta nakshatra, so is already working in synch with the energy of Mars in Gemini.  Jupiter is also a Raja yoga planet and gains power as the 10th house lord situated in the 9th house.

Tr. Sun at 9:34 Aries is within 26 minutes of its maximum exaltation, so this solar energy is very strong, though perhaps blasting out Mercury and Venus, which though 5 and 7 degrees ahead of the Sun, respectively, are considered combust the Sun.  They are already running hot, being in a fiery sign, and sweet, diplomatic speech (Mercury-Venus) may not be easy to achieve when you have so many parties who DO NOT want this forensic audit to take place under any circumstances.  The Sun also rules over the 3rd house of communications, and is considered strong in the 11th house.  So the strength of this Audit chart should bring some important answers to those who keep asking: What are they hiding?

Tr. Moon makes no further aspects to other planets, but gains strength from Jupiter’s aspect – both in the birth chart and in the Navamsha.  Moon in the 3rd house of the chart keeps highlighting the many ways in which the information coming out of this audit is highly emotional for many people.  Also, Moon is in Venus-ruled PurvaPhalguni nakshatra, and Venus is closely conjunct outer planet Uranus at 16:07 Aries. The involvement of Uranus brings surprises and potentially revolutionary developments, especially since Venus is the current Dasha lord.   The Dasha sequence from now up to June 26, 2021 is Venus-Jupiter-Moon.  All three of these planets are working in harmony with each other, from the 11th to the 9th to the 3rd house from the Gemini Ascendant.  This indicates that despite whatever obstacles, the forensic audit should be able to be completed and announced, especially as most planets are well placed from the Moon and/or the Ascendant, though Saturn is better placed from the Moon.

What is expected after that, especially if the result favors Trump, is that the social media and mainstream media censorship will go into overdrive.  They will probably attempt to remove those results from the public forum and/or find ways to discredit them as “conspiracy theory.”

Enter Mike Lindell, who along with his many other projects to investigate and expose election fraud from the Nov. 2020 election, has just launched his new social media platform called “Frank” or “” This was launched on Patriot’s Day, Monday, April 19, 2021.  It is designed to counter and compete with the heavy censorship of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Google – i.e. all the Leftist social media giants.  Lindell calls “the voice of free speech.”  He says it will be a true free speech platform where people can go and speak their minds without worrying about being censored.  The only restrictions are porn or using God’s name in vain.  Lindell is a committed Christian since 2009, though he says his deeper commitment came in 2017, when he developed “a relationship with God.”

So far I am unable to determine an exact time or location for the Frankspeech launch, but possibly 9:00 am for Chaska, Minnesota, Lindell’s home locale and state, where he is based and strongly committed. However, due to his efforts to investigate and expose election fraud in the Nov. 2020 election, his life has been seriously threatened.  For several months up to spring 2021 he has lived in various undisclosed locations, mostly outside his home state.  One thing we can say about the Frankspeech launch is that it shares many of the same planetary positions as the Arizona Forensic Audit chart four days later, with Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries, and all planets in the same signs except for tr. Moon, which is in late Gemini in Punarvasu nakshatra, contacting Mars also in Gemini.

Also, very notably, April 19th is Patriot’s Day, when the first official battle of the American Revolutionary War occurred in 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts – often referred to as “the shot heard around the world.”  Lindell and many others view this fight as another major historical revolution to save America from foreign influences – this time those aiming to subvert and weaken U.S. national sovereignty and the U.S. Constitutional Republic.

Mike Lindell, Lightning Rod for Our Times

The life story of Mike Lindell, now age 59, is dramatic, colorful, and inspiring.  His own autobiography is titled What are the Odds?  From Crack Addict to CEO.  It was published Dec. 27, 2019.   Lindell tells how he was able to conquer his addictions to drugs and gambling, recover from intermittent losses, including a 20-year marriage, bankruptcy, and foreclosure on his house, and later bond with candidate/later President Donald J. Trump in Aug. 2016.  Though already known nationally, his association with President Trump brought him into an even larger spotlight, with powerful new friends and new enemies.

Lindell invented a pillow in 2004 which became a very successful business by 2009, known as MyPillow, catapulting to a $300 million a year business largely due to both the product and Mike Lindell’s passionate personal commitment to it, but also to his very personal infomercials, which after they began in 2011 greatly multiplied the financial rewards he had envisioned, especially after 2014.  He eventually spent over $100 million on these infomercials, and is perhaps the single most successful purveyor of personalized infomercials in advertising history.

The relevance of Lindell’s story now in 2021 resonates with his ability to recover from major personal and financial highs and lows in a drama-filled life, but it also goes far beyond it.  It reflects his courage, determination, resourcefulness and resilience now in these demanding times, and when his life is being threatened. He had very little interest in politics until after he reached sobriety, which happened very abruptly on Jan. 16, 2009 after he had prayed to God to release him from his addiction to crack cocaine.  He woke up that morning and was suddenly free of his obsessive desire for the drug.  And he viewed it as a true miracle from God.  All this has served to make a man who has gone from a major lack of self-confidence to someone whose passion and fearlessness comes from his firm belief that God has chosen him for a powerful destiny on the world stage.

Lindell was a cocaine addict in the 1980s and 1990s up through Jan. 2009. He owned several businesses, initially a carpet cleaning business, a lunch wagon, and several local restaurants and bars before starting his MyPillow business in 2004. Prior to that he attended the University of Minnesota for just one quarter before dropping out.  While a college student he worked two jobs, and he found them more interesting than the classroom.  (Mathematics was the only academic subject that truly commanded his attention.)  He sold the bars and mortgaged his house to start MyPillow, which from its start in 2004 became official as of July 1, 2009.  Previously, in the early 2000s he got into crack cocaine and it nearly ruined him. In fact, he was nearly ruined on all levels many times, though he had been a “functioning cocaine addict” for many years, with a family and a work life.

But somehow, as he says now, God kept rescuing him from what would surely have killed off most mortals, as he survived many accidents, crashes and financial losses.  He credits all this now to “God’s plan” for him, and he speaks of his addiction as strongly related to his parents’ divorce when he was age 7 and how he suddenly had to enter a new school in a new locale.  Since he had no self-confidence, he decided not to talk to anyone as a way to avoid getting hurt or revealing that he had no self-confidence.  He says this set the stage for the drug addiction that started in his early 20s. Before that, starting in high school, he was gambling on sports events and using alcohol as a way to loosen himself up socially and overcome shyness. He would also offer to do wild feats as a way to gain credit among his school friends.  This included his jumping out of a school bus while it was moving.  Luckily he fell into a heap of snow, but was soon soundly reprimanded by the school authorities, who also informed his mother of his daredevil actions.

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Source: Wikipedia: June 28, 1961, Mankato, Minnesota, USA.  No verified birth time is currently available. The birth time shown is a speculative rectification by the author: 7:46 am, with an Ascendant of 8:40 Cancer.

Some of the eventfulness in the life of Mike Lindell in 2020 and 2021 can be seen from his birth within 4 ½ months of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on Feb. 18, 1961, along with the 2nd Saturn return to Capricorn Jan. 24, 2020 to Jan. 18, 2023 and the 5th return of Jupiter to Capricorn Nov. 21, 2020 to April 5, 2021, and again Sept. 14 to Nov. 21, 2021.  The JU-SA conjunction again in Capricorn for the first time in 60 years occurred Dec. 21, 2020, resonating closely with Lindell’s own combination of the JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn.

The age range of 58 to 60 is considered crucial in Vedic astrology, as it brings the return of both the Dharma and Karma planets, Jupiter and Saturn, respectively.  This means that at this time a person has opportunities to become more acutely aware of the purpose and meaning of his or her life.  For Lindell, whose focus since 2009 has been on building a business, recovering from addiction, helping others to recover from addiction (by forming his Lindell Recovery Network), and deepening his Christian faith, the Nov. 2020 U.S. Election was a personal call to arms .  And this was not just because he is a strong supporter of Donald Trump.  He put all his efforts into investigating that election because he knew from his mathematical abilities and his capacity to read numbers and deviations that the election statistics were not just abnormal, but statistically impossible in many cases. To Mike Lindell, this meant that the viability of the United States as a Constitutional Republic was greatly threatened, since it depends on free and fair elections, not ones in which the votes are flipped, twisted and converted digitally by outside actors not representing the will of United States citizens.

Why the Cancer Ascendant

Determining the correct Ascendant is crucial for rectification work, i.e. reconstructing the time of birth when it is unknown or uncertain.  The Cancer Ascendant is compelling in this case because it is the only Ascendant that fully explains Lindell’s addictions that lasted for several decades, also his love of family and his love of God.  Later on we will discuss Mars-Rahu in the 2nd house, and why this is a key signature for addictions.  It also signals a strong voice, especially with Mars as Raja yogakaraka, lord of the 5th and 10th houses, amplified by Rahu.  When asked by Leftist comedian Jimmy Kimmel why on earth cyber experts on vote fraud would come to the CEO of MyPillow, Lindell responded: “They came to me because I have the voice.”

His redemption from life as a drug addict had to come eventually with this chart, and we will see why when we look at the morning of Jan. 16, 2009, when God finally answered his fervent prayers to be freed of his addictions, notably to crack cocaine. He swore he would never turn to crack cocaine when it first became available in the late 1990s; but in the early 2000s he did succumb to it, and suddenly “a functioning cocaine addict” could no longer prevent its harm to his life, breaking up his marriage, ruining his finances and creating general chaos.

On Jan. 16, 2009, the most notable transit that relates to this miracle of being freed from his addiction is tr. Jupiter at 8:35 Capricorn. This is where it was that day at 9:00 am CST, Chaska, Minnesota.  And though Jupiter is the karaka for religion and spiritual matters in general, its force as the 9th house lord exactly aspecting the Ascendant (or an important point in the chart) is necessary to explain the events of that day and how they totally turned around the life of Mike Lindell. This event paved the way for what we see now in terms of a powerful individual who is fearless in his pursuit of truth, no matter how much his enemies deliver death threats and intimidation to get him to stop exposing the massive fraud in the Nov. 2020 U.S. Election.

Even more importantly, though he had zero to minimal interest in politics prior to 2016, his natural zest for life combined with the patriotism coming from his Cancer Ascendant and his Moon in Sagittarius push him further in his quest to protect the national sovereignty of the United States and save it from losing its Constitutional Republic to the Communist/Socialist agenda of the Globalists.  This he understands.  His faith (Jupiter) enables him to do that, and we see how his debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn, a Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga, is a planet that started out with disadvantages but improved over time due to the correction that Saturn provides in the chart.  This Jupiter in combination with Saturn in Capricorn is very demanding of the life path, though providing a Raja yoga in the process, since it combines the lords of a trinal and angular house: the 7th house (Saturn) and the 9th house (Jupiter), also joining the forces of Vishnu and Lakshmi respectively.  So it can bring great success after a lot of failures, as we see here.

In addition, since his personal reputation was never entirely ruined but somehow kept getting saved and/or improved periodically, the Amala yoga (classic benefic in the 10th house from Moon or Ascendant) explains how Lindell has come through all his travails and maintains a good reputation overall.  (Amala = spotless in Sanskrit) This is earned in Lindell’s chart by Venus in Aries in the 10th house, unafflicted.  It also compensates for Ascendant lord Moon placed in the 6th house, not an ideal placement, and one showing conflicts in the life along with a competitive spirit.  Also, the Amala yoga compensates somewhat for the Papakartari yoga, when two classic malefics (Sun and Mars in this case) are in houses surrounding the Ascendant.  The Papakartari yoga makes it necessary for the person to extricate themselves from an environment that is restrictive in some way.  Lindell’s restrictions were in many ways self-imposed through use of drugs and gambling, craving the rush of excitement to avoid boredom on any level. He always loved his home town of Chaska, MN and his home state of Minnesota, so his love of home, family and tradition is clear.  He was married for some 20 years (and four children) before his addictions broke up the marriage in 2007.  Since then there was one very brief marriage of six weeks (from June 2013), and a longer romantic relationship since 2014.

Ascendant lord Moon is an almost exact Full Moon, which occurred nine minutes before this rectified birth time, at 13:14 Sagittarius, in Mula nakshatra, and at the tail end of Ketu Dasha.  Ascendant lord in Mula implies that the person goes through many major life transitions.  Meanwhile, the Sun (and retrograde Mercury) are both in Ardra nakshatra, which is another very demanding nakshatra that can bring suffering in the life, along with a deeper understanding of other people’s suffering.

With both luminaries plus Mercury in dual signs (Gemini and Sagittarius), there is a lot of versatility and restlessness about the person, in spite of a leaning towards traditional family values.  So even in his lowest moments, Lindell was not into chasing women, but more into chasing drugs and/or business opportunities.  The Gemini-Sagittarius axis is also a major communication axis, so tends to make Lindell known as a communicator, even though the two things he hated most growing up were: 1) having to sit still and 2) having to talk to people.

A Full Moon combination is also a marriage axis, and though at an early age it required a lot of courage for him to speak to girls, he basically wanted to find someone to marry and have children together. (He married his first wife in 1987 and had four children. The marriage lasted ca. 20 years and they were both addicted to cocaine.  Prior to this he was in a 6 to 7 year relationship and engaged during his Sun Dasha (July 16, 1981 to July 17, 1987), but the engagement was broken off in 1985.  His marriage extended through his Moon and Mars Dashas into the early years of his Rahu Dasha, which began June 28, 2004 – the same year he invented his famous pillow, after having a vivid dream about it in 2004, and writing the MyPillow logo all over the house. In another one year he had perfected his pillow formula and patented it, and in five years the company declared its official founding date on July 1, 2009.  This would finally be Lindell’s route out of the cycles of gambling and drug addiction, and all from a dream he said came from God.

The Addictions and Losses

This addiction factor could be examined right at the start as a key to rectifying this chart as I did, because to have serious addictions usually the 2nd house from the Ascendant or Moon has to be very afflicted or contain classic malefic planets which can get out of control.  With the Cancer Ascendant, an almost exact conjunction of Mars and Rahu occurs in the 2nd house; and the 2nd house lord (Sun) is situated in the 12th house of loss. This means that earned income (2nd house) tends to go right out as either losses or expenses. These days Lindell says he gives most of his money to charity.  Both Mars and the Sun participate in the Papakartari yoga we discussed earlier, creating a sense of needing to extricate himself from his life’s circumstances, in this case his extreme shyness in childhood and adolescence deriving, he says, from his parents’ sudden separation and divorce when he was 7 years old.  He and his two sisters had a short time to gather their things before their mother took them from their family home by a lake to a trailer park two hours’ drive to the northeast of Minnesota, in Chaska.

We have discussed how Lindell’s addictions ended abruptly on Jan. 16, 2009, one of the most significant dates in his life, by his own admission. Why did this miracle not happen before Jan. 2009? Lindell was praying for it on and off in 2008, but perhaps not yet with full fervor.  One astrological reason is that tr. Saturn in Leo is ranked at zero bindus in his 2nd house of addiction matters (causing a lot of trouble for all 2nd house matters, while also shining the light of Truth on them). A planet at zero bindus behaves badly and is very uncooperative.  Tr. Saturn was transiting thru Leo (his 2nd house) from Nov. 1, 2006 to Jan. 11, 2007; and again July 16, 2007 to Sept. 10, 2009.

This Saturn transit would have brought Lindell to his knees, and by May 17, 2009 it finally turned Stationary Direct at 20:56 Leo, on its way to exiting his 2nd house in another 4 months.  Meanwhile, MyPillow lists its official founding date on July 1, 2009 and as of Jan. 16, 2009 Lindell was freed of his addictions, never to fall out of sobriety again.  In subsequent years Lindell always wears a very visible silver cross whenever he is in public, and probably also in private. He credits most of his successes since 2009 to his Christian faith and to his devotion to God.  He says if he listens to God, things always turn out right. And right now he is being directed to turn all the force and strength of his personality, plus a good deal of his resources to helping save the United States from a massively fraudulent election and all that it represents.

Other Timing Clues from the Dashas

Mike Lindell experienced his first major gambling debt in the fall of 1981 when he was 20 years old,  $12,000 in debt and unable to pay it off.  He entered his 6-year Sun Dasha on June 28, 1981 (his 20th birthday). During the Sun Dasha the affairs of the Sun – as described in the chart – are due to receive intense focus.  The Sun is lord of the 2nd house (of income), situated in the 12th house of losses and/or expenses.  In the previous sub-period, Mars-Moon, natal Moon is in the 5th house (of gambling) from Mars, and Mars closely contacting Rahu magnifies the Mars energy. (Rahu does that with any planet it aspects closely.) So the stage was set for financial losses and/or heavy expenses. All this occurred soon after the Sun Dasha began.

However, then as always he got rescued in some manner, or managed to escape severe repercussions.  Part of this comes from 12th house lord Mercury situated in its own house: a Viparita Vimala Raja yoga. This yoga occurs when the lord of a Dusthana house (6, 8, or 12) is situated in its own or another Dusthana house.  It protects against heavy losses, and we see how that has worked recently, with the big retail giants refusing to sell MyPillow products after Lindell supported Donald Trump, and even worse after he became vocal about the election fraud he investigated and confirmed took place in the Nov. 2020 U.S. Election.

What happened to counteract the predictable losses from his products no longer being sold at big chain stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond was that individual customers were alerted to his company being targeted for his personal political opinion. They supported his efforts to investigate and expose election fraud and they showed their support by buying his products en masse directly from his website. Such a show of support actually increased his profits over previous levels and compensated for the losses he had endured by exercising his First Amendment rights.  Private citizens countered the fascistic actions of the corporations, including all the Big Tech oligarchs shutting down his social media accounts, just as they have done to many Conservatives not following or agreeing with their Leftist/Socialist agenda.

We know that the Moon Dasha would be more profitable, as there are several Dhana yogas of wealth from the Moon, including Jupiter and Saturn in the 2nd house of income, i.e. lords of 1st and 2nd houses in the 2nd house.  Since Jupiter is debilitated and in Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga, it means Lindell would become prosperous after some initial setbacks.  Also, in general, reading the chart from natal Moon is an important reference point regardless of being in Moon Dasha.

The Moon Dasha runs for 10 years, in this case from June 29, 1987 to June 29, 1997.  Since this is an almost exact Full Moon, this Dasha is likely to bring marriage (as it did), though there is some conflict and/or hurdles as the Full Moon is across Houses 6-12 from the Ascendant.  Note that the addictions grew stronger in his 20s with the start of the Sun Dasha, and extended for one entire Saturn orbit around the earth: 28-29 years.  He was not free of them for that entire time. And once free – he marveled that he was still alive. He resolved to help others with their own addictions, which he has done with his Lindell Recovery Network.  Addicts of any sort can receive help there for no fee. So we see a deeply philanthropic and Christian orientation to this life, which is coming to the end of Rahu Dasha in late June 2022, and may take a different turn from purely business pursuits. We have seen this already in recent months. Lindell’s upcoming Rahu-Mars period could be quite eventful, as it is in a powerful conjunction in his 2nd house and also falls closely on the Ascendant of President Donald Trump at 6:51 Leo.

Mars forms a Dhana yoga of wealth from the Cancer Ascendant and is well situated from the Moon, as 5th lord in the 9th house – accounting for the successes and strokes of luck he did have gambling and owning several businesses before obsessing about not having a pillow that let him sleep properly.  That project began in 2004 and took about one year before he had engineered a pillow to his satisfaction.  Dasha-wise, this coincided with the start of his 18-year Rahu Dasha June 28, 2004.  Typically Rahu Dasha is one in which worldly matters come to fruition, matters such as marriage, business, or buying a home.

Ironically, in stark juxtaposition to his obsession with a pillow that would let him sleep well was his attraction to cocaine, which allowed him to stay awake for hours or days on end, eventually staying awake for 14 days straight.  This was in 2007, and at this point his cocaine-dealing friends arranged an intervention, instructing all the local dealers not to sell to him until he got some sleep. This turning point probably occurred during his Rahu-Jupiter period, as his Jupiter (9th house lord) was the key to his finding inner peace through closeness to God.

It was Lindell’s success with his personalized infomercials that put his products into the public consciousness and expanded his business exponentially.  Before that, it was his personal appearance and testimony at numerous fairs, home shows and expos that sold more of his products.  Likewise now, with his passion about election integrity and election fraud, it is his personal approach to the subject that has brought greater attention to it, even when Leftist mainstream media thought they had successfully debunked the whole idea.

Lindell’s first-ever television infomercial was aired on Oct. 7, 2011.  This was during his Rahu-Saturn period, but most helpful at the time was the transit of Jupiter in Aries in his 10th house and Venus in Libra in his 4th house, all magnifying his Amala yoga, with Venus in Aries in the 10th house. As discussed, an Amala yoga is powerful in giving one a good reputation.  Even now, as his detractors de-platform him from social media, try to ruin him for his political opinions, threaten his life, and Dominion Voting machines sues him for $1.3 billion, he is fearless, as he knows Dominion cannot prove their machines are not designed to cheat.  The mainstream media is in lockstep behind Dominion (or any Globalist force), but they did not reckon on a powerful Truth Teller like Mike Lindell.   And that is why he is such a lightning rod in these turbulent times.

His two documentaries, Absolute Proof and Absolute Interference, were released Feb. 5, 2021 and April 20, 2021 respectively. These videos support his claims of election fraud with statistics and commentary from cyber security experts.  One of his experts, General Tom McInerney calls this “the biggest cyber attack in world history” and something the US military has never seen before.  Over 66% of the attack came from the Chinese Communist Party, who also have a large ownership stake and control over the Dominion machines.

Lindell’s strategy for selling his MyPillow products has been phenomenally successful.  Likewise his efforts now to expose election fraud are critical to an epic fight for the very survival of the U.S. Constitutional Republic. He knows that if the citizens’ votes can now be bought and manipulated and if there are no longer secure national borders, there is truly nothing left of United States national sovereignty.


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 [This article also appears in the May 2021 issue of AstroLogic magazine, an on-line magazine.]

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