Astrology and the Individual: An Astrologer Looks at the Rise of Marxism & Postmodernism

In natal astrology and the study of the birth chart of an individual, astrologers develop a deep understanding that we are looking at the specific destiny of an individual, and that that individual will have a destiny that is not going to be equal to all others in respect to abilities, health, wealth, status, education, marriage, or relationships.  Nor do we invent that a planet or zodiacal sign suddenly has new meaning and/or gender assignment because we reject previous traditional knowledge on the subject, as in Postmodernism, which rejects previous universalist ideas of objective reality, morality, truth, human nature, reason, science, language, and social progress.  Postmodernism rejects Marxism and Christianity, among others in a long list of what it considers failed meta-narratives. But what may unite Marxism and Postmodernism is an ever expanding list of grievances, even if not the same exact list.

Some Western astrologers (usually non-Vedic tropicalists) believe that with enough self-awareness, will power and optimism, you can radically alter ANY destiny.  These astrologers are perhaps the most susceptible to Postmodernism and Marxism.  And to some extent it is true that you can minimize your greatest weaknesses and maximize your greatest strengths – especially if you can recognize what they are.  This also has the effect of minimizing what could have been a harsher impact from one’s karmic destiny. Even so, each person will have his or her own specific destiny with their own very specific timing. This cannot be altered or erased by an ideology decreeing that everyone is (or should be) equal in abilities, health, wealth, status, education, marriage, and relationships.

Further, in Vedic astrology, we say that the Law of Karma is at play, and that there is a sequence of past lives that greatly determines who you are in this life and exactly when the good or bad karmas are most likely to bear fruit. This is not random, though it may seem absolutely random without understanding this context.  That timing can be seen from the Vedic chart and is considered divine knowledge, coming from enlightened beings with a superhuman ability to access the divine wisdom of the cosmos. That concept in and of itself would be rejected by Postmodernists and Marxists. In any case, Marxists are atheists and they do not believe in a divine source of anything. 

The ancient Vedic sages understood about destructive forces, but they had to be balanced out with those that served also to create and preserve, as with the three Vedic deities: Brahma, the Creator, Vishnu, the Preserver, and Shiva, the Destroyer.  Similar forces play out in the cosmologies of many advanced civilizations.  In the Vedic philosophical view, the human soul is viewed as eternal and indestructible, living in a timeless reality on the one hand, but in a time-bound reality on the other, when incarnated in a physical body.

Astrology views the sanctity of the individual, with a destiny that can be assessed starting from the first breath of earthly life. In direct contrast to this view, it cannot be overemphasized how much Marxism (called variously Neo-Marxism and Cultural Marxism) values the collective over the individual.  In this ideology the major focus is on the Oppressor versus the Oppressed.  You are in one group or the other group, with no exceptions. There is no real win-win situation, as the search is always on to find and redefine the victim and the victimizer.  One group is pitted against another continuously and without resolution.  Very quickly there is uncivilized behavior, followed sooner or later by atrocities and genocidal behavior. 

If the individual questions a decision of the collective (which can easily devolve into a mob-like mentality), he or she can be ostracized, fired from their job, jailed, or even executed in short order.  Such is the bloodstained history of Marxism and Communism around the world.  And as Leftists in the U.S. and elsewhere are increasingly pushing for socialism, we know where this leads.  Vladimir Lenin told us some 100 years ago: “The goal of Socialism is Communism.”

The Effect of Marxism in the West 

In fall 2020 we stand poised at a juncture in American politics where a philosophy and a Constitution that supports the individual, the rights of the individual, and personal sovereignty is being directly opposed by a Marxist philosophy that says it is not acceptable for one person to have wealth and privilege, a good education, housing, and other attendant benefits if others do not also have access to the same level of wealth, privilege, education, housing, etc. This philosophy negates the importance of the individual and replaces it with the flattening, equalizing influence of Cultural Marxism.  Despite this utopian rhetoric, the collective becomes totally superior to the individual, who is generally seen as replaceable.  Reinforced by the Postmodernists, who reject so many aspects of tradition, culture, and patriotism, the sky is the limit for the combined chaos as this latest revolution against the U.S. and liberal democracy gallops along, with the full support of its allies in the mainstream corporate media. 

The foundation of the United States as a Constitutional Republic was forged in an era of predominantly Judeo-Christian beliefs. Those beliefs permeate the U.S. Constitution and form its bedrock: belief in the divinity of the individual soul, and the right of the individual to live in peace and happiness in a free society, with the rights of freedom of assembly, freedom to worship, and freedom of speech. Yes, women did not yet have full rights and slavery existed across the Southern states. But this was outlawed after a fierce and decimating Civil War, 1861-65.

As we see, in the early 21st century there are many potent forces trying to push the United States away from its founding principles and towards a Marxist reality. The Marxist influence has increased in power since the early 1960s and in fact began seriously permeating the U.S. educational system from the 1930s onward with the influence of figures from the Frankfurt School from Germany.  Always careful to reframe their language so as not to appear as radical as they actually were, these Far Leftists gradually took control of U.S. (and Canadian) universities. And with that control, the former practice of open debate and free speech has become greatly endangered.

Now U.S. colleges, universities, along with social and print media have become intolerant of opposing views. There is only ONE correct view, and nothing else is tolerated or considered worthy of attention. This ugly state of affairs has been destroying civilized discourse and free speech on college campuses and elsewhere, and is only reaching greater extremes in 2020.  It is as if all sectors of society understand at some level that late 2020 marks a major turning point, and many people are unwilling to admit the consequences if their side should lose.

The 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions are major flash points throughout recorded history for socio-economic-political matters.  So naturally astrologers have their eyes on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Dec. 21, 2020. I have been calling it a “reversal of trends” from the previous 60 years, and I have defined this reversal as highlighting the huge battle between Globalists and Nationalists.  Nor is this the same Nationalism that came to be feared during World Wars I and II, but a Nationalism that seeks to protect the culture and traditions of any given nation-state from being swallowed up by Globalism and its utopian vision of a One World Government.  The increasingly blatant edicts of Globalist organizations, such as the U.N.’s mandate of unlimited mass immigration, make it increasingly clear what is their vision for the rest of humanity. That vision is revealed in part in the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.  They are dead serious.     

The Battle Royale in 2020

Agenda 21 was established at the U.N.’s “Earth Summit,” held in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, and supported by 100s of world leaders and all U.S. Presidents since that time, both Republican and Democrat.  Donald Trump is the first American president to reject this huge Marxist/Globalist project, and the first American president to turn back the tide of Globalism on so many levels, including the tightening of U.S. policy towards China. This has major implications for the reversal of trends I have predicted as of 2020, with Trump and the Nationalists winning the war over the Marxists and Globalists. This was foreshadowed since 2016 with the U.S. election of President Trump and the UK’s passage of Brexit. 

Therefore, a Trump victory in 2020 is not just a victory for the Republican Party in the U.S., but a victory for Nationalism over Globalism worldwide, and a major victory for personal and national sovereignty – which face grave dangers in 2020.  Of course Trump’s opponents are certain that he himself is the only real source of “grave danger.” The Trump-hating mass media have not stopped putting out this message for four or more years. Even veteran American journalist Ted Koppel admitted publicly in late Aug. 2020 that “Trump is not mistaken in his perception that the media is out to get him.”  This is supported by the Media Research Company, reporting that at least 92 to 95% of mass media reporting on Donald Trump is negative.  What they should also report is how mass media has been complicit in the attempted coup on the Trump presidency. 

The year 2020 is the Saturn return of the first Earth Summit, or a time of reckoning for Agenda 21.  Will it succeed? Or will it crash and burn?  I have written previously about this do-or-die moment for the UN’s fulfillment of its Agenda 21 dream.  There are many indicators this Marxist dream will not be fulfilled, despite the fanatical push to make it a reality worldwide, with many nations and international organizations heavily invested in it.  The JU-SA conjunction of Dec. 2020 occurs in the same six-month time frame, and as we approach it we hear ever stronger voices opposing this Globalist/Marxist threat. Unquestionably President Trump is the loudest voice, representing the interests of the U.S.

In synch with the EARTH period and the first JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn in Feb. 1961, Globalism first came into recognized prominence from the early 1960s and gained increasing power over the next 60 years. Globalists work well together with Marxists. Their shared goal is to weaken the nation-state through various means:

      • Create chaos and breakdown in society so you can mold it to your ideology.
      • Remove the police and other sources of stability, law and order in the nation-state. This can also involve removing national borders and security.
      • Weaken the family and religious practices, with a preference for less conventional sexual orientations over heterosexual norms, even justifying pedophilia. 

There is a blatant anti-Christian bias, instead favoring Islam – since Sharia law technically supersedes the laws of any nation in which Muslims reside.  This helps to justify tearing apart the U.S. Constitution and diminishing loyalty to the nation-state and its flag.  Note the increased number of flag burnings by Leftist rioters, the refusal to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, or include the phrase “one nation under God” in the Pledge.  At a press conference on July 7, 2020 Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a Muslim, called for the “dismantling of the U.S. economy and political system.”  

To achieve their ends the Globalists and the Leftist radicals rely on their close allies in the mass media, who are skilled in the manipulation of language and history. This includes news stories that fast become the “official” history, even if they are factually baseless.  George Orwell famously wrote about this in his 1949 novel 1984. He describes how you can turn anything upside down by controlling the language and the news.  He calls this language “Newspeak” and gives some examples: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”  

With its blatant propaganda machine, our current mass media works in much the same way.  For 2 ½ years they tell us that President Trump colluded with Russia and should be removed from office.  Even after the claim is proven to be baseless (after a $48 million investigation), they continue to repeat it.  They also tell us repeatedly that only “peaceful protestors” are ravaging America’s cities with their riots, looting, and arson.  Even when you can see with your own eyes video footage of all the riots, looting and arson, these trained propagandists try to convince you otherwise, just as George Orwell warned us. 

The riots are never mentioned during the Democratic National Convention in mid-Aug. 2020, since these are all Democrat-run cities, with Democratic politicians choosing to defund and disempower the police, while supporting the “protestors.” Mainstream media pundits also studiously avoid the subject, except to blame President Trump whenever possible, including for most U.S. deaths from Covid-19.  We are also told that historical monuments and statues are being vandalized and torn down only because “Anti-racism protestors need to express their anger.” 

The early 1960s coincided with the first JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn in Feb. 1961, and the start of the core of the EARTH period when the JU-SA conjunctions would dominate in sidereal EARTH signs for 120 years, with only one exception (in May 2000).  We have seen how the mass media has continually descended from its elevated position as “the Fourth Estate” and this comes astrologically from the fact that Jupiter is weakened, especially in the period from 1961 to 2020, but even earlier on from the start of the EARTH period in Sept. 1921.  The arenas of life ruled by Jupiter (the nation-state, education, law, religion, journalism, and publishing) are especially weakened from 1961 to 2020, but start to experience some turnaround from 2020 onward.  

Astrologically, this is because the 2020 conjunction carries a lot of weight within the core 120-year EARTH cycle. (I describe this in a previous article.)  In the seminal JU-SA conjunction in Feb. 1961, Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn and further weakened in the Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) with Saturn. The conjunction is further accentuated because it is Vargottama in Capricorn, i.e. repeats in Capricorn in the Navamsha and other sub-charts.  However, even if in 2020 the JU-SA conjunction repeats in the same nakshatra (Uttara Ashadha), it is just past the Vargottama sector, recurring now in Aquarius Navamsha, not Capricorn Navamsha. The importance of this is that the various significations of Jupiter, including as the nation-state and journalism, finally have a chance to regenerate, despite the huge efforts by prevailing Globalists to destroy the world’s most powerful nation-state, the United States.  Meanwhile, we see that journalism with integrity is being reborn elsewhere, but not in the corporate media.  Filling this void, independent media and citizen journalists are taking up real investigative journalism with passion, though currently they suffer from serious censorship and de-platforming by media overlords. 

Often we see a resonance from the previous 60-year cycle.  Some of the radical Leftists from the 1960s have even re-surfaced as important figures today, notably as co-founders and major voices of Black Lives Matter (established in July 2013). These include Assata Shakur (aka Joanna Chesimard) and Susan Rosenberg.  Both women were arrested and imprisoned for violent crimes (murder, bombings, armed robberies) in the 1960s and 1970s.  The three BLM co-founders have admitted they are “trained Marxists,” and BLM radicals work closely with known militant groups such as Antifa.  Antifa, in turn is amply funded by Globalist George Soros, and BLM is closely aligned with the Democratic Party.  Donations to BLM are funneled through ActBlue, giving a direct cash flow to the Democratic Party. So donations to BLM greatly benefit Democrats, notably since late May 2020 and the George Floyd protests.  Perhaps for this reason, the mostly Leftist corporate media refuses to criticize BLM at any level or even investigate their actual goals, which upon closer inspection are far more Marxist than pro-Black.  One of their major goals is to defund and eliminate the police, which 81% of blacks do not support.

Even if George Floyd died tragically while in police custody, the data on police killings does not support reducing or abolishing law enforcement.  Author Heather McDonald says there is no actual pandemic of police violence against unarmed black people. In fact, the number of unarmed black shooting victims has decreased 63% from 2015, when databases indicated 7,300 black homicide victims per year. Of that total only 14 unarmed victims died in fatal police shootings, or 0.2%.  (Source: Heather McDonald, author of The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe, 2016.) 

However, the “official narrative” refuses to go away quietly.  Black Lives Matter and the corporate Leftist media place the death of George Floyd and others squarely on the shoulders of U.S. police and their brutality towards blacks.  This was the catalyst for months of continuous riots and mayhem that have ravaged many U.S. cities that were just starting to recover from the Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Meanwhile, it is not too great a leap to say that the Chinese Communist Party (favored by Leftists, Marxists and Globalists) was greatly implicated in Floyd’s death, probably far more so than the U.S. police in this case.  Prior to his death, Floyd ingested a lethal dose of fentanyl, which explains his sudden inability to breathe while in police custody.  While resisting arrest and well before Officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes, Floyd said multiple times “I can’t breathe!” Police body cam footage shows him requesting to lie down, while later autopsy and toxicology reports show no bruises, broken bones or ribs as a result of Chauvin’s actions.

China currently controls the Mexican drug cartels, who in turn are chiefly responsible for smuggling large shipments of fentanyl into the U.S.  Even in small doses, fentanyl is up to 100 times stronger than heroin or morphine. Since 2011 it has created an opioid scourge across the U.S. and Canada that peaked in 2017 and again in 2019.  As an illegal street drug, fentanyl is cheaper and stronger than heroin and is currently made in China and Mexico. But it was first invented in 1960 by Dr. Paul Janssen (1926-2003), a brilliant and prolific Belgian medical researcher.  For 60 years it has been used and sold as a legitimate prescription pain-killer in small doses and in controlled patches.  Attractive to drug traffickers for many reasons, including its fast-acting qualities, a dose of 2 to 3 mg. is lethal in very short order.  George Floyd took at least 2 mg. just prior to his death.

The Trump administration has been very effective in fighting drug and human trafficking.  They continue to complete a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, and to implement tighter border security and immigration policies. Democrats fiercely oppose these policies, and accuse Trump and his supporters of racism and xenophobia. In retaliation they have created many Sanctuary Cities and States, where illegal immigrants can come and receive free health care, housing and many other benefits courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Not surprisingly, China favors the Democrats and the Globalists, who welcomed them into the World Trade Organization (WTO), thus helping them to build a far stronger economy, and enabling them to infiltrate the U.S. with multiple schemes. By stealing U.S. technology and paying off U.S. politicians, professors, and technicians, they aimed at weakening the nation from within while benefiting China. Because of Globalist policies, millions of American workers have seen their jobs shipped off to China and elsewhere. President Trump has already turned that around, as he promised to do in 2015 and 2016, and this greatly upsets China and the Globalists, who had set the momentum in favor of China and the Communists.

Though our major focus here is on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions and their cycles, the Mars-Ketu conjunctions in Sagittarius are also important components in punctuating the likelihood of explosive events that are difficult to decipher due to the magnitude of propaganda that accompanies them. This is especially true of 9-11 and of events in 2020, beginning with the “Coronavirus Pandemic” and then quickly catapulting into other major events that have had some disastrous and destabilizing results, especially financially. These include the worldwide Lockdowns and the Black Lives Matter riots across the U.S., which American mass media calls “protests.” Some BLM protests also occurred in Western Europe. 

We have discussed how the corporate mass media has devolved during the EARTH period, in part due to Jupiter’s weakness in Capricorn. In addition, corporate consolidation increased in the EARTH period due to Saturn’s business and organizational strengths. The U.S. media alone was centralized from 100s of major media companies in the 1950s to 53 of them by 1983 (controlling 90% of the media outlets), to 25 of them by 1992, then just SIX corporate media conglomerates by 2000 (controlling 90% of the media outlets).  This is still true in 2020:  Just SIX major media outlets dominate over what the public reads, sees, hears in the U.S. and elsewhere. In descending order of wealth they are: Comcast, Disney, Time Warner, News Corp., National Amusements, and Sony. (Total: $430 billion as of Jan. 30, 2020).  The social media giants have a similar monopoly: Google/Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.  

In Europe, the BBC has a huge monopoly over “the news.”  It broadcasts in 50 languages and has a weekly audience of 500 million people.  Though U.S. media outlets have a huge reach, some consider the BBC “the world’s premiere propagandist.”  All this is exacerbated any time we have a MA-KE conjunction in Sagittarius.  Also, despite the enormous amount of information now available, we are currently blocked from accessing strategically important information because Elite Powers know how to block it from the public.  Further, they know how to influence and manipulate the public at every turn. Rights to an individual’s privacy have never been more challenged as during this Digital Age, and with it, constant surveillance.

Such a totalitarian control over information fortunately is balanced by independent media and citizen journalists, though they still fight a David-and-Goliath type of battle as of 2020. This needs to be rectified by U.S. Anti-trust laws and by properly addressing the censorship role played by U.S. social media giants.  Americans do not expect them to have the same totalitarian control that China exerts over its people, but because they can do it technologically, and have been doing it since at least 2000, the wheels of justice have not yet caught up with them. However, there is a greater possibility of that happening after Dec. 2020.

This current U.S.-China collision and the Marxist momentum affect not only the English-speaking Western world, but also most of the rest of the world.  The larger question is whether the values of a liberal democracy can be preserved in the face of this vehement Marxist rejection of Western civilization. It is reaching a fever pitch in 2020, and the Chinese Communist Party continues to play a large role, with their controlling influence across so many nations and international organizations, including the U.N. and the WHO.

Oddly, but not untypical of previous eras on the precipice of a great divide, many people willingly (if unknowingly) participate in the potential destruction of a civilization.  This occurs all too often because people are ignorant of history, too easily influenced by propaganda, or both. This is powerfully reinforced over the last several decades by the dominant Marxist indoctrination in both U.S and Canadian universities.  

More on Marxist Ideology & the Astrological View

With this current Marxist ideology, individualism and objectivity are considered racist, White Supremacist values.  Needless to say, the astrologer does not read your chart based on your race or ethnicity, even if your national and cultural traditions are taken into consideration.  But with this current Marxist ideology, you are even a racist and a White Supremacist by virtue of having white skin. 

Ironically, of course, this is a very racist concept in and of itself. It demands the re-writing of history in Marxist terms, ignoring the unfolding of events that actually occurred. This is because the Postmodernists and Marxists want to write and rewrite their own history, devoid of any understanding of what came before.

By contrast, the awareness and consciousness of Time dominates astrology, and in so many ways it is inextricable from a consciousness of History.  British author, historian, and university professor Tony Judt (1948-2010) warned about “a perverse contemporary insistence on not understanding the context of our present dilemmas, at home and abroad… on seeking actively to forget rather than to remember, to deny continuity and to proclaim novelty on every possible occasion.”  Judt indicated that without an awareness of history, citizens operate without “the dimension of time.”  (Source: television interview with Charlie Rose, June 6, 2008)

The Black Lives Matter movement is very eager to institute reparations for black and brown people, to be paid by all white people, regardless of whether they or their ancestors were slave-owners or slave traders.  But slavery began in the Western world in 1441 when a Portuguese explorer/trader first purchased black African slaves from a black African slave trader.  Nor was this the first instance of slavery or serfdom, which has existed throughout recorded history.

To show both the Marxist and Postmodernist influence on the Black Lives Matter movement, we know that BLM wants to defund and eliminate Law Enforcement and prisons, but that is just the beginning.  They also want to defund science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in U.S. schools and universities. Math has been called “racist,” and a clear product of oppression, imperialism and colonization.  

The Super-Drama of 2020

In fall 2019 I predicted that Trump will succeed in being re-elected U.S. President. But the process is still fraught with danger because the Globalists, aided and abetted by Marxists, are determined to seize back their power. We can already see this from their maniacal efforts to remove Trump from office or from reaching the presidency at all starting as early as 2015 onward. A similar Globalist push has been afoot in Europe, trying to prevent the UK from leaving the European Union.

Astrologically I attribute the heightened intensity of 2020 to the profound impact of the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in sidereal Capricorn on Dec. 21, 2020, within hours of the exact Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  It marks the end of a 60-yr. cycle (from Feb. 18, 1961) and the midpoint of the core of the EARTH period ending in March 2080. (See graph further above.)  

This upcoming conjunction coincides closely with the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election and Inauguration, and has already been preceded by the impact of Covid-19, the Lockdowns worldwide, and non-stop rioting, looting and arson of major U.S. cities for over three months.  These are not random events, in my view, including that President Trump was dealing with a Senate Impeachment trial (Jan. 16-Feb. 5, 2020) and an historic U.S.-China trade deal (signed Jan. 15, 2020), just as the virus was starting to spread from Wuhan, China to the rest of the world.  To magnify all this turbulence with propaganda, we had the Mars-Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius in late Feb. 2020.  (See table further above.)

The JU-SA conjunctions occur every 20 years, but the power of this particular conjunction is one that accounts for a “tipping point” for civilization in many respects.  My Dec. 2019 article describes why this is true historically and astrologically. 

Such a sequence promises an extremely important and pivotal American presidency.  Some call it “The Second American Revolution.” I would concur with that assessment, in part because of the relentless and powerful opposition that Donald Trump faces now and has continued to face since 2015, including from the corporate mass media.  I have also previously identified it as a major battle between the Globalists and the Nationalists.   And by Nationalism here we refer to a civic nationalism which unites its citizens rather than an ethnocentric nationalism which divides them into many separate groups.

Notable also is that Trump has proposed to make major changes with the all-powerful Federal Reserve Bank (the financial keystone of the Globalists and their long-held power), and he has already begun the process. If he succeeds, this insures that the U.S. will be stronger and more stable financially than ever.  President John F. Kennedy tried to reform the Federal Reserve Bank in the early 1960s and may have been assassinated because of it.  The Federal Reserve Act was signed by Pres. Woodrow Wilson Dec. 23, 1913 and fully implemented by Nov. 1914, just seven years before the start of the EARTH period in Sept. 1921, and the last year Woodrow Wilson was in office, 1913-1921. The Federal Reserve Bank enabled bankers on a global level to exert control over the United States from 1914 onward.  They wielded tremendous influence over both World Wars and on and on from there, though unseen and unknown to most of the public.

Since the early 1960s the Globalists have increased their influence around the world, and along with it their war on national sovereignty, often couched in innocuous-sounding terms such as “multilateralism.” This includes the founding of the European Union and the goal of One World Government.  Among leading Globalist organizations are the Council on Foreign Relations, the Atlantic Council, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Bank, and the United Nations.  Individuals such as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and George Soros have fought tirelessly for Globalism, all the while building up China’s powers over the decades. We have discussed how this was to the detriment of the U.S., with American technology and intellectual property stolen in staggering amounts, while American politicians, academics and elites received ongoing rich financial rewards from the Chinese Communist Party. Some of them are now being caught and arrested for their treasonous acts.

Former U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles (1953-59) always made it clear, including in his 1950 book War or Peace, that he intended for the United Nations to become a global government.  This plan did not move forward as rapidly as he had hoped, but got rejuvenated with the Earth Summit in June 1992 and its Agenda 21, as well as the subsequent Agenda 2030.  By 2020, the United States and all nations were supposed to buckle under a more Marxist regime with the overriding theme of a One World Government. 

The JU-SA conjunctions of both 1961 and 2020 are in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra, meaning “the Later Victor” and “the Unstoppable Victory.” This to me is further evidence to why I have predicted that the Nationalist and anti-Globalist forces are likely to win. The Globalists appeared to have the winning hand for decades right up to at least 2015, just prior to the UK’s vote for Brexit in June 2016 and prior to the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President in Nov. 2016.  These two events were not at all part of the Globalist plan, and therefore had to be eradicated somehow.  We know how hard the Globalists have been working to do that, even with outright criminal and treasonous actions to try to remove President Trump from office, yet not succeeding.

As we approach the 60-year mark from that seminal 1961 conjunction, we start to see who is the final winner, and how many previous major projects of the Globalists are getting cancelled or diminished.  The U.S. is the major lynchpin holding back the rest of the world from being overcome by Globalist/Marxist forces and ideologies, including China.  For decades Americans were told that Globalism was in their best interest, when it was not.  Referring to the millions of jobs that had been lost to China and elsewhere, former President Obama said: “They’re never coming back.” What he did not say was that he had no plans to bring them back.  But the Globalist plot to wage endless wars and transfer America’s wealth out of the country has now been exposed.

“[For] decades, while Washington politicians built a global system, American wages stagnated, our great cities and industries were hollowed out, entire communities were devastated and our manufacturing plants were shipped off to China.  That’s what happened when Washington stopped being the capital of the United States and started being the capital of the world.”

Richard Grenell, Former Acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany. From his speech at the Republican National Convention, Aug. 26, 2020.


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