The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election: A Contemporary Morality Play – Part 1

Election year 2020, more so than any election year in at least 60 years, is marked by overriding themes so huge that they almost dwarf the presidential candidates themselves, who become more like allegorical figures out of a Medieval Morality Play.  But this is a Contemporary Morality Play with very high stakes politically, economically and socially.  For this reason I have concentrated on those larger themes to date in making my election predictions.   In Oct. 2019 at a public lecture in Dallas I first predicted that Donald Trump would be re-elected President of the United States.  Though no opposing candidate had yet been chosen, I made my case, and I still stand by it.

My 2019 prediction reflects on the major impact of 2020 as a key turning point in several major cycles within the larger and smaller Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycles.  In two previous articles on this topic (click here and here), I focused on these themes and identified at least two major and competing trends coming to their final round of battle in 2020, especially the closer we come to the JU-SA conjunction Dec. 21, 2020: Nationalism versus Globalism.  I describe why the previous dominant trend (Globalism) is waning in the last years of the 2000s, and how its antithesis (Nationalism) has gained increasing strength since 2016 and will dominate decisively over Globalism as of 2020. This in turn could be the trend in place for the upcoming 60 years.  The outcome of this colossal collision is closely connected to the U.S. Election.  And since it occurs so close to the Dec. 21, 2020 JU-SA conjunction, it becomes THE battleground where the opposing forces meet.

Before moving to the charts of the candidates – the allegorical players in this Contemporary Morality Play – we will see that what has happened during the previous eight months leading up to the Nov. 2020 election is exactly what I predicted in Dec. 2019:  “Many arenas of life are sweeping to a tipping point in Dec. 2020.  As we approach this tipping point, the excesses or weaknesses of any ideology become more obvious, as if they are ready to either explode or break.”

The historian and scholar Victor Davis Hanson seems to agree with my take on this upcoming U.S. Presidential election, when he says:  “This election I don’t think is any longer about Trump’s tweets versus Biden’s senility, or about Progressivism versus Conservatism.  It’s about Civilization versus Anarchy.” (source: Hanson’s lecture at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, Sept. 3, 2020)

He further describes “the radical hijacking of the Democratic Party.” Could this be the role played by Anarchy?  If so, it fits right into my idea of a Morality Play, and how it is all the more important to know how each candidate (allegorical player) represents the two major forces competing for dominance. Are they coming from strength or weakness?  If from weakness, watch for some desperate measures to be taken, while strength is an obvious positive sign for winners.  We will discuss more about how this is happening, but back now to reviewing the players of Nationalism vs. Globalism.

Nationalism vs. Globalism

The concept of Nationalism is better known and more widely understood, though also at times maligned.  Under the leadership of President Trump in the U.S., the focus is on a civic nationalism uniting all peoples of one nation, rather than an ethnocultural nationalism, which divides people along racial or ethnic lines.  Civic Nationalism celebrates being a proud citizen (not just a resident) of a country, with major loyalty to that country, its prevailing language, history, traditions, and culture – no matter how diverse.  Securing national borders is considered a vital part of having a nation at all, and citizens are protected under the laws and/or Constitution of that nation.

Globalism is the concept that all nations should be working together towards a One World Government, with individual nations and their concerns minimized and overruled by Globalist organizations such as the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  Their Globalist aims sound noble enough, but they are not necessarily spelled out clearly to the public at the outset. More often they are presented as benefiting individual nations economically and protecting them from attacking or invading each other.

Among the most visible Globalist entities is the United Nations (including the World Health Organization – the WHO, which is a specialized agency of the U.N.). The underlying plan was always to make the U.N. a focal point for disseminating international law and governance over nation-states, even militarily.  All nations would be subservient to it, and among other things, the history, culture and traditions of individual nations would be subject to Globalist policies above all, some of which have become quite bold and brazen. They include eliminating all national boundaries and making mass immigration both legal and mandatory.  In general, Globalists favor Communist China over the U.S. and they are strongly linked with Marxists and a Marxist/Postmodernist approach.  Together they aim to diminish the power of the nation-state, weaken its national pride and identity, including its history, culture, and traditions.  They want to rewrite and reform all that, replacing it with their own ideology.

The majority of Globalists tend to be Leftists, with some exceptions, while the majority of Nationalists tend to be on the Right, with a few exceptions.  And since the U.S. is the strongest nation-state, and one that Globalists want to topple and bring in line, we see how this has played out in recent months across many American cities.  Rioters (amplified by professionally trained agitators) are tearing down and vandalizing many historical statues and monuments. They are looting, vandalizing and burning down businesses large and small, and generally adding to the economic ruin in so many cities already suffering from months of Covid-19 Lockdowns.  By far the majority of these cities are run by Democrats.

This is further exacerbated by Democratic Party policies that favor lenience to the rioters, looters, and arsonists (release with no bail), as well as defunding Law Enforcement, including both police and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).  The reason for the riots was supposed to be pro-black and in support of Black Lives Matter, but ongoing violence and extensive property damage does not do that.  It greatly damages many black and minority-owned businesses and neighborhoods, only serving to increase the number of blacks who oppose these Democratic policies. The violence is worsened exponentially by policies favoring criminal behavior over the maintenance of law and order.

This issue alone may account for why Trump wins this election. Historically, riots in an election year are closely followed by voters turning Conservative and choosing the candidate who stands for law and order: the Republican candidate. Meanwhile, Democrats and their allies in the Leftist mainstream media keep trying to tell us that President Trump has caused all the violence and should not be re-elected.  The Democrats have a most vociferous Chorus (mass media) that keeps throwing its support to their master in the play: Anarchy.  But they aim to convince the audience that THEY truly represent Civilization, and not Anarchy.

This is not easy, as Globalists also want Open Borders, and this can bring a lot of chaos and anarchy. And like most Globalist policies, Open Borders have brought major job losses to American workers and lowered wages for the working class.  So in short order the rioters have facilitated many of the Globalists’ goals, because the more a national economy is crushed, the more vulnerable it is to Globalist predators who rush in and pick up the spoils at bargain prices.

In Aug. 2020 Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko reported that the IMF and the World Bank offered him a bribe if he would impose Covid restrictions.  They offered him $940 million USD in Covid relief aid if he carried out the following measures on his people (source: Belarusian Telegraph Agency):

  • impose “extreme lockdown on his people”
  • force them to wear face masks
  • impose very strict curfews
  • impose a police state
  • crash the economy

President Lukashenko refused the loan offer, which he called a “bribe.” He placed the needs of his people above those of the IMF and the World Bank, who have been spending billions of dollars to bail out failing airline companies, while forcing them to enact similar strict policies, such as mandatory masks for all customers, including small children.  The infrastructures of other nations remain ripe targets for these rapacious agents of Globalism.

The Presidential Candidates: The Players

Given all that, we can understand that each of the U.S. presidential candidates strongly represents one of these two major competing themes and ideologies, either Nationalism or Globalism, and each one wants to show that they are Civilization, and not Anarchy.   Their ability to convince the audience is pivotal.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden represents Globalism. And though he may try to soft-pedal the Socialist Agenda that the Far Left of his party demands, it is clear that however he may try to minimize it, Democrats intend to implement it if they gain the White House in 2020.  The Biden-Sanders Unity platform spells it out, and it is a radical Leftist/Marxist platform. It includes serious plans to arrange for reparations to black people, presumably from all white people, along with ripping up many portions of the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments.

Democrats want to rewrite U.S. history and base it on when African slaves first arrived in Virgina in 1619.  Called The 1619 Project, it teaches a Cultural Marxist version of American history. Further, the Left promotes the Critical Race Theory, in which all white people are considered fundamentally racist and worse (“sub-human demons,” according to one popular CRT trainer). CRT says this is true since white people have the most privileges and benefits in a white racist society whose institutions primarily benefit white people. Therefore the very idea of opportunity and reward by actual merit (i.e. a student or a job applicant gets the position by his or her qualifications alone) is also racist.  But CRT says no person of color can possibly be racist.

Though Biden is being presented to the public as a centrist candidate, his chosen candidate for Vice President – Senator Kamala Harris – is clearly more radical.  She is in favor of the riots continuing across many American cities, ongoing since George Floyd’s death on May 25th, 2020. She also supports releasing rioters from any possible criminal charges, as do most Democratic Governors and Mayors to date.  Prior to early Sept. 2020 Biden has said almost nothing to condemn the riots.  Meanwhile, in a late night interview with Stephen Colbert in June 2020, Harris, not yet the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee, let it slip out that the riots all across American cities are planned to continue all the way up to the November election and beyond.  She was smiling throughout her statements on all this.  Could this be Anarchy speaking?  And the smile is to convince us that she and Joe Biden represent Civilization.  Or maybe Biden is even the front man for promoting Civilization 

President Trump’s civic nationalism aims to unite many diverse ethnic and racial groups under one national, patriotic unity.  He too will try to convey that he represents Civilization, or at least the preservation of Western civilization.  But one of the many ways Globalists attack Nationalists is to associate them closely with Germany during both world wars, especially Hitler’s Germany during World War II.  This criticism, if successful, makes one vulnerable in claiming the role of Civilization.

On Nov. 11, 2018 in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.  With more than 60 world leaders present, including U.S. President Trump and Russian President Putin, Macron urged other nations to reject “the selfishness of nations only looking after their own interests.”  He also said that “patriotism is exactly the opposite of nationalism.”  Spoken like a true Globalist, Macron was chiding the U.S. and Russia in particular for wanting to protect their national interests.  This kind of Orwellian language is truly shameless, as nothing is actually what it says it is and is often its complete opposite: “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.”  (from George Orwell’s 1949 novel, 1984) It is clear from this that Globalists want to appear far nobler in their aims than Nationalists.  But can they succeed in convincing everyone that this is true?  They will need to show their superiority as the keepers of Civilization.  Whoever gets this role has to show this superiority.

The 2020 Extravaganza

When we take this allegory and place it in a larger time frame, we can confirm the magnitude and importance of our Morality play.  By 2020 we are coming close to several major markers: 1) the 100-year mark from the start of the EARTH period in Sept. 1921 (with Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions predominating in sidereal EARTH signs), and 2) the 60-year mark (and half-way point) from the start of the core of the EARTH period. This core period lasts for 120 years from Feb. 1961 to March 2080. During this time the JU-SA conjunctions remain exclusively in EARTH signs, with only one anomaly in May 2000 (in late Aries).

In previous articles I have discussed the importance of this fulcrum point in the 120-yr cycle, and how we can gauge whether major trends get reversed or remain in place from this time onward.  In this case, due to the power of the 2020 conjunction and comparing it to other core cycles in other elements, I have determined that Globalism, though dominant up to at least 2015, will wane in the face of rising Nationalism. In our Morality play, Joe Biden plays the part of the Globalist, very friendly to China and the Cultural Marxists, while Donald Trump plays the part of the Nationalist, consistently loyal to Nationalist principles, upholding the U.S. Constitution as the founders envisioned it, and resisting and reversing the actions and policies of previous Globalist U.S. presidents since 1992.

(To continue, see Part 2.)

Copyright © 2020  by Edith Hathaway. All rights reserved.