The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election: A Contemporary Morality Play – Part 2

In my studies of American presidential elections held within a few months of the JU-SA conjunctions, notably when both the election and inauguration occurs close to the conjunction date, I have observed that that president is elevated and becomes more important in U.S. history, whether deserved or not.  They play a major role historically.  Here is from my book, In Search of Destiny, 2012, p. 40:

“The JU-SA conjunction should fall at most within several months of either 1) the Presidential Election – Tuesday following the first Monday in November) or 2) the Presidential Inauguration – Jan. 20 every four years since 1937. (From 1793 to 1933 the Inauguration occurred on March 4.) The closer the proximity of either of these events to the JU-SA conjunction, the more effective in giving authority (real or mythical) to that Presidency. If both events are close, all is confirmed.”

In 2020, we have both the November election and the January inauguration closely straddling the date of the JU-SA conjunction on Dec. 21, 2020, which is amplified in importance exponentially because of the other factors listed in Part 1. This is guaranteed to usher in a very important and powerful presidency.  This president’s policies will be likely to have a great deal of sway over the upcoming decades, notably the next 60 years remaining in the core of the EARTH period.

In my 2012 book, In Search of Destiny (p. 40) and elsewhere, I have referred to a 160-year time frame, from fall 1940 through fall 2100. It was a time table for U.S. elections that I observed working perfectly from 1940 through 2008, with 28-year cycles starting in 1940 and again in 1980 that allowed one to predict the outcome of U.S. Presidential Elections by one of the two major political parties, the Democrats or the Republicans.

However, since 2012 I have revised my opinion on how this cycle might play out after 2008.   I started to consider that this 28-yr Election cycle may start to break down after 2008 since both of the previous 28-yr cycles began from the start of triple conjunctions (i.e. the JU-SA conjunctions occurring three times in the same sign). That phenomenon does not recur until Sept. 2238 with a triple conjunction in Gemini, and that is another 218 years from 2020!   Therefore, I have recalibrated my previous prediction from 2012 that Democrats would have the prevailing number of years in the White House starting from the 28-yr cycle from Nov. 2020.  That is no longer a given in this system that worked so well up to 2008.

With all this in mind, let us return to the players in our Morality Play, and see which of our presidential contenders has the most strength and auspicious timing to fulfill the major indicators of such a powerful presidency starting from Jan. 2021.  So far, given my prediction that Globalism is waning and Nationalism is rising, this is reflected in the actual physical and mental weakness shown by the Democratic Presidential candidate himself.  Somehow the Democratic Party (the Globalists) have managed to nominate a candidate who appears to be suffering from major cognitive deficiencies, so much so that his handlers keep his campaign and media appearances to the barest minimum.  Tr. Saturn (the planet of Truth) turns Stationary Direct closely opposite his Dasha lord Jupiter on Sept. 29, 2020, and that should be a defining moment of his campaign. The first debate with President Trump is scheduled for that  same night.

                                         Joe Biden

Brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Joe Biden was born Nov. 20, 1942, 8:30 am EST, Scranton, PA.  His chart has 10:08 Scorpio rising with Ascendant lord Mars in the 12th house of hidden things or residence abroad. This house placement of the Ascendant lord is not usually auspicious for high visibility and achieving high office unless other factors intervene, such as excellent placement of the 10th house lord and/or planets from the Moon as Ascendant.

Natal Sun (10th lord) is well placed in the Ascendant, though it suffers somewhat from combust Venus within one degree. Sun and Venus are planetary enemies and Venus is 12th house lord in exchange with Ascendant lord Mars, a Parivartana yoga.  This describes a tendency for activities in 12th house locations, either in foreign countries or hidden from the public.  This Mars is showing definite signs of weakness during election year 2020, when we have one major presidential candidate, Biden, retreating to the basement of his home for much of the time, perhaps impacted by tr. Saturn’s aspect. But watch for the role of Chorus (mass media) here, making it seem perfectly normal, even after the Covid peaks.

In addition, Biden’s public popularity and visibility is helped by several factors: 1) the Gajakesari yoga (Moon and Jupiter in mutual quadrant houses), 2) Rahu in the 10th house, and 3) a high bindu count in the 10th house, at 35 bindus.

His long career in the U.S. Senate began in Nov. 1972 when he was elected as Senator from Delaware, 1973 to 2009, re-elected six times and resigning in 2009 to serve as Vice President to President Barack Obama.  His first victory to the U.S. Senate came in his Moon-Mars Dasha – with those two natal planets in opposition in the birth chart and in mutual quadrants in the Navamsha chart.

But clearly the planet that has helped Biden the most in his 47-year long career in politics is the exalted Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th house.  It aspects his Scorpio Ascendant, Sun and Venus and his 5th house. This Jupiter is also Vargottama (repeats in the Navamsha chart in the same sign), strengthening the role of Jupiter, especially as it is well placed by house and sign, both in the birth chart and the Navamsha chart. This Jupiter is retrograde, but close to its Stationary Retrograde point, giving it extra power.  It turned retrograde just six days before his birth at 2:10 Cancer. Even so, there is some weakness with this Jupiter, since an exalted planet when retrograde can be greatly diminished. Here is from Saravali, Kalyana Varma, Chapter 5 (RETROGRESSION IN EXALTATION), Verse 14:

“If a planet is retrograde while in exaltation, it produces no effect (i.e. nothing good will happen). This is the view held by some. Even if it is in exaltation by its entry in retrograde motion from the next sign, (for example, Jupiter entering Cancer from Leo), the effect is same, for it takes unduly long time in such traversion.”

An exalted planet can also bring arrogance, if not properly tamed and spiritualized.  Further, Jupiter’s sign ruler (the Moon) is placed in the 6th house, creating a Nirbhagya yoga. This yoga removes some good fortune in the life.

But overall, we know that the 16-year Jupiter Dasha is still likely to be the most powerful planetary period of his lifetime, if not the most eventful in bringing him greater career success and visibility than in previous years. This Dasha runs from Sept. 22, 2006 to Sept. 22, 2022.  It brought him to the Vice Presidency for eight years, 2009-2017, and covers the period when he ran for the presidency twice, having run previously in 1988 and 2008. His first presidential campaign in 1988 was not auspicious, coming at the end of his Mars Dasha, with natal Mars in his 12th house and one of his weakest ranked planets. He suspended his campaign after only 3 ½ months when news broke of instances of plagiarism and exaggeration of his academic achievements.

As we approach Election Day 2020 we see that Biden is in the last sub-period of his Jupiter Dasha, the Jupiter-Rahu period.  Though it is still the Dasha of an exalted planet, it is the very end of Jupiter Dasha and considered a transitional period. If he were closer to the start of the next period it would be more favorable. But the next Dasha (Saturn Dasha) is not as strong as his Jupiter Dasha and no doubt marks the end of his political career, even if natal Saturn is Digbala (best possible angular house position).

Also, tr. Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct in the 3rd house from his Ascendant – not spectacular, though in the 10th house from natal Moon. A Lunar eclipse on May 26, 2021 at 11:16 Scorpio falls close to his Ascendant at 10:08 Scorpio.  This is several months after the inauguration and nearly seven months after the election.  Ideally, there should be more prominent action to this chart in fall 2020 if he were to win, and there is some probability that other issues could mar the end of his Jupiter Dasha, given some of the notable negative factors around this exalted Jupiter.  All things combined, it still tends to draw attention to him.

Chorus (Leftist mainstream news) does not cover Obamagate, since their focus is on pursuing negative news on Trump and not Obama or Biden. But there is a lot of evidence that has come out that Joe Biden was very involved in the planning and execution of this operation.  If he gets caught for his participation in Obamagate (entrapping General Michael Flynn, pushing the investigation and illegal spying on Trump and his team with the ultimate aim of removing Trump from office) plus his dealings in Ukraine and China (enriching himself and family members from billion-dollar business deals, especially with China, quid pro quo) – then he is really in bad shape at the end of his Jupiter Dasha.  All these factors point to continued high visibility in Jupiter Dasha though with potentially problematic results. This is typical of the last Dasha sub-period, especially when Rahu is involved, as here. The last sub-period of Jupiter Dasha is Jupiter-Rahu.

With Chorus (Leftist mainstream media) continuing to protect all things Leftist and run by Democrats, and attacking all things related to Trump, the public could get very confused about who is actually the protector of Civilization here. Clearly Biden, the Globalist, is extremely dependent on the kindness and generosity of Chorus to get him through this election season. Most followers of Chorus never heard of Obamagate, or if they did, it was debunked.  Instead they are focused on investigations of Trump, whatever they may be. Media coverage runs between 92% and 95% negative on Trump since 2016. The media campaign coverage is even worse. It has been 150 times more positive on Biden as opposed to Trump, even though Trump has received far more coverage.

“…Viewers heard 150 times more negative comments about Trump than Biden. That’s not news reporting — that’s a negative advertising campaign in action…. [It is] the most biased presidential campaign coverage in modern media history.” (source: MRC analysis, Aug. 17, 2020)

Is there any doubt that Chorus represents the Globalists?  He or she is under instruction to defeat the Nationalists, i.e. President Trump, and make him look bad.  THAT is another reason why this election is so dramatic, turbulent, and potentially dangerous. It is also why the players in this allegory are not always how they appear.  Chorus is supposed to report in a neutral fashion on what happens in the play, but Chorus is not doing that and has not done so for decades, especially with President Trump in office.  The Globalists have been making big money for decades. They do not want their modus operandi interfered with by people they cannot control, such as the current U.S. President, whom they have tried relentlessly to remove from office, and they are still trying to remove him.

             Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris was born Oct. 20, 1964 at 9:38 pm PDT, Oakland, CA.  We will touch on her chart briefly, since she is the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, and Biden has already shown so many indications of senility that we need to know how her prospects look.  Since we do not have complete birth information for GOP Vice President Mike Pence, we will not be discussing his chart.

Harris has a Gemini Ascendant, which falls in the 8th house (of death and major transitions) from Biden’s Scorpio Ascendant. This is not the best of connections, aside from which both of them have Mercury-Mars contacts that can make them either quick witted or loose lipped.  With Rahu in the Ascendant Harris has a lot of magnetism and charisma.  Rahu in this placement draws people to you, so is useful for a politician. Her Ascendant lord (Mercury) is well placed in the 5th house in Libra, though is too close to the Sun to give extraordinary mental powers.   Also, this Mercury is closely opposite a Full Moon in Aries, so there is some mental/emotional unsteadiness here making it difficult for her to display a kind of consistency that voters would look for in a candidate for high office.  Even so, a Full Moon is a position that can work well for a public person, as it tends to draw more attention to them, depending on where in the chart this is located.

Harris’s Moon is just 17 minutes (of clock time) short of the exact Full Moon at 4:27 Aries in Ashwini nakshatra. This is a nakshatra that evokes headstrong energy and lots of desire and impatience to initiate projects of various kinds, especially networking with large groups of people (Moon in the 11th house).  This natal Moon just got galvanized further on Sept. 9, 2020 with a Mars Stationary Retrograde at 4:00 Aries, very close to her Moon and right on her Full Moon axis: Sun-Mercury in Libra opposite Moon in Aries. Her natal Sun in turn is aspected by debilitated Mars in Cancer, galvanizing the Sun (though making pregnancy difficult). Harris has two debilitated planets: Sun and Mars, but each gets correction (Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga).  Moon and Mars exchange signs (Parivartana yoga), and Sun and Venus also exchange signs. Moon and Mars are each in financial houses, making this also a full-fledged Dhana yoga of wealth.

Harris can be a fiery, aggressive speaker, with Mars in the 2nd house of speech fuelled by the Moon’s energy due to the Parivartana yoga between Moon and Mars.  This can be effective but also potentially dangerous for a public figure, as she has not only Mars in the 2nd house of speech but both mental planets (Moon and Mercury) influenced by Mars, the warrior.  This together with the Sun-Moon-Mercury combination gives some wavering mental and emotional qualities that are further amped up by the Mars aspect.  We see how this plays out in so many instances. She was a fervent supporter of the Anti-lynching bill, which coincided with the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax in Chicago. (She is a good friend of Smollett.) As Attorney General of California, she also is accused of mandating harsh actions towards criminals, including marijuana offenders, while jokingly admitting that she herself had enjoyed smoking the weed.

We have discussed how Kamala Harris has promised publicly that the riots in many U.S. cities will go on and should go on through the Nov. election and beyond.  She said this in late June 2020. So there is no doubt she is a staunch advocate of the party of Grievance Politics, and she seems to be promising that this is a better way to preserve civilization, making whites pay reparations, making them admit that their guilt is endless, and rewriting U.S. history to focus on slavery and the injustices that black people have suffered under white people, thus The 1619 Project which is projected to be taught in the schools and promoted everywhere. But will the American voter buy this version of civilization from a Cultural Marxist/Globalist?  The changes she and her party are mandating speak more of Anarchy to many people, especially those tired of seeing the violence and rioting in the streets, the toppling of historic statues and defacement of buildings and monuments.

So does Kamala Harris have a chance to make her dream come true for Democrats and Globalists to take the White House? For me, several astrological factors make it look unlikely that she ascends to the highest or next highest office.  With tr. Saturn in the 8th house from her Ascendant up through Jan. 2023 she is in the midst of Ashtama Shani, which usually brings losses of various sorts. With natal Jupiter (ruler of her 10th house of career and status) located in the 12th house of loss, including from current Dasha lord Rahu, this speaks more of a change of profession or loss of status than an advancement to greater power.

On a positive note, she has the classic physical planets spread out over six houses (a Daama yoga), indicating a widespread influence and many fortuitous personal and professional connections. (Donald Trump has this same yoga.)  And she has a strong 5th house, especially from the Moon.  So she can continue to do well as a legislator, especially during the 18-yr Rahu Dasha up through July 21, 2030.  She is a hard worker (Saturn aspect to natal Moon), but the major flaw that keeps her from attaining highest office is her mental/emotional inconsistency. This is confirmed by an 8th house Navamsha Moon opposite Venus-Sun-Saturn in Scorpio.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born Friday, June 14, 1946, 10:54 am EDT, Queen’s Village, New York.  He has a Leo Ascendant with 9th lord Mars in the Ascendant, giving him a Raja yoga right up front and the chart of a warrior.  Like Kamala Harris, Donald Trump has a Full Moon chart, though his is far more powerful, with Sun and Moon both Digbala (best possible angular house).  They repeat across the 4-10 House axis in the Navamsha, but in reverse house positions, Moon in the 10th house, which is also excellent for public visibility. Also, he was born less than four hours before a Total Lunar eclipse at 29:58 Scorpio, and with Sun and Moon both tightly contacting Rahu and Ketu (the eclipse axis).

To be born so close to a Total eclipse is to inherit a very dramatic and intense destiny, one that often brings great responsibilities, especially if the Sun or Ascendant lord is in the 10th house of status and career. In this case the natal Sun IS in the 10th house and Sun is also Trump’s Ascendant lord. This brings a doubly strong leadership role in whatever endeavors he takes on.  Fortunately for him as well, benefic Jupiter closely aspects this Sun.  Jupiter is the one planet in Vedic astrology that is given the ability to bless and protect. And unless it is severely afflicted, this is what it does.

So this is a very dramatic chart, one that is guaranteed to reflect a very dramatic and very public life time.  This is certainly what we have going on now. Since all classical Vedic planets are on the Eastern side of the chart, he must generate a great deal of action himself, and learn to be self-sufficient in many ways.  Mars in the Ascendant can also be brash, as Trump has been characterized, and it gives Kuja Dosha (affliction to marriage).  So he experienced marital turbulence, and has had three marriages to date. The third and last marriage to Melania Trump was in a more benign Dasha sub-period favoring greater stability in his marriage.

With Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Donald Trump, all three of them have natal Mars aspecting or connecting somehow with natal Moon. (V.P. Mike Pence does not have this combination.) This gives a heated mind and temperament, not surprising in the political arena!  But what separates Trump from the Democratic candidates is that his Mercury is not contacting his Moon. This is an important advantage, because when Moon and Mercury are too closely intertwined, as with Biden and Harris, it is more difficult for them to separate their emotions from rational thought.  Both are considered mental planets, governing how the mind works.

Trump’s natal Mercury is 16 degrees ahead of the Sun in its own sign of Gemini and well placed in the 11th house of friendships and of finance.  This gives him one of his many Dhana yogas of wealth, along with Jupiter (5th lord) in his 2nd house of income and of speech. Both planetary positions give him strong communication skills, but everything in the chart is further amplified by a nearly Stationary Direct Jupiter in his 2nd house of speech. This Jupiter is President Trump’s current Dasha lord, and he entered this 16-year Dasha on Nov. 16, 2016, just 8 days after being elected U.S. President.

The Drama of Jupiter and the Upcoming December Eclipse

Often the rival candidates give us something to chew on astrologically that sets them apart but also provides a stunning parallel.  One such factor this time is that both Biden and Trump are in Jupiter Dasha, so Jupiter as Dasha lord becomes extremely important.  And in each case, with both Biden and Trump, the Dasha lord is a planet that is close to its Stationary point, conferring a great deal of power.  In Trump’s case, tr. Jupiter turned Stationary Direct the same day as his birth at 24:20.6 Virgo. His natal Jupiter is retrograde, but about to turn direct at the exact same degree. This occurs in his 2nd house, disposited by a strong Mercury in Gemini in the 11th house.

In Biden’s case, tr. Jupiter turned Stationary Retrograde six days before his birth at 2:10 Cancer. His natal Jupiter is at 2:38 Cancer.  This is far more problematic, as we discussed previously, because according to classic Vedic rules, an exalted planet when retrograde can become very weak. In this case, when we examine Biden’s life, especially his 16-year Jupiter Dasha (from Sept. 22, 2006), we have to say that his Jupiter Dasha has brought him a lot of success and also promised a lot more – perhaps more than it can currently deliver. That is my opinion.  And it is striking that each of these presidential candidates has this same planet near a Stationary degree and that both are current Dasha lords.

However, Biden’s Dasha lord Jupiter represents the end of a planetary period (with just two years left up to Sept. 22, 2022), whereas Trump has another 12+ years of his Jupiter Dasha (up to Nov. 16, 2032). Even more important is that Biden’s Jupiter, though exalted, Vargottama, and in a good house (the 9th house), it suffers as an exalted planet by being retrograde.  Trump’s Jupiter, conversely is about to go direct, and even if retrograde it does not suffer the same stigma since it is not in the sign of its exaltation.

We note also that tr. Jupiter in the heavens goes Stationary Direct on Sept. 12, 2020 at 23:15 Sagittarius (8:41 pm EDT).  This should be a date of some significance for each candidate, prior to the Saturn Stationary Direct on Sept. 29, 2020, the scheduled date for their first debate.  Jupiter is very strong in Sagittarius, its own sign.  From there and up through Nov. 21, 2020, tr. Jupiter aspects Trump’s Leo Ascendant, his natal Mars in Leo, and Mercury in Gemini.  This is protective for Trump and covers the Election period, with Election Day Nov. 3, 2020.  For Biden tr. Jupiter is not in an angular or trinal house, so is not as pivotal.  But from Sagittarius tr. Jupiter does aspect his natal Rahu in Leo and natal Moon in Aries, placed in the 6th house. This Moon is not well placed for a 9th lord, creating a Nirbhagya yoga, as mentioned previously.

Speaking of Biden’s Rahu, we note that at 6:39 Leo, it is closely contacting Trump’s Ascendant at 6:51 Leo, with natal Mars at 3:40 Leo. From this, we can see that Biden intends to do a lot of damage to Trump during this campaign, but so far it is mostly the Globalists and their minions, including Chorus, who have been inflicting whatever damage they can do to Trump.  They have even hired over 1200 lawyers in expectation that if there is a question of Trump’s victory, they will contest it no matter what.  Hillary Clinton has even instructed Biden publicly not to concede under any circumstances. Does this sound like Anarchy?  I believe it does.  The Globalists are not trying to hide it while claiming to restore Civilization.

So just comparing these Dasha lords alone gives one a lot of reason to see why President Trump is likely to get elected over Biden, and why his challenger wants to take over Trump’s position but probably does not have the mental or physical capacity to do so at this point – despite the large number of Globalist forces standing behind him, with Chorus hovering nearby and omnipresent, as always.

Another important factor in assessing election chances is that we do not see any dramatic timing for Biden in the upcoming months, whereas Trump has the eclipse axis returning to its natal position as of Sept. 23, 2020 (after 18 years). Many pundits consider these the exalted sign positions: Rahu in Taurus, Ketu in Scorpio, making them even more effective. There is a Solar eclipse at 28:59 Scorpio (mean node) on Dec. 14, 2020. This repeats the Total Lunar eclipse that occurred at 29:58 Scorpio some four hours after Trump’s time of birth, and that is significant.  The potential for danger is certainly there with this event, and may reflect the extent to which his Globalist enemies do not want Nationalism to win out, and will stop at nothing to try to remove this president. This has been true since Trump first declared his candidacy in June 2015.

But given the protection of Dasha lord Jupiter, the strength of all his natal planets, and the protective Shubha Kartari yoga to his Leo Ascendant (classic benefic planets in adjacent houses), I think that Trump has the personal strength and resilience to handle this gargantuan battle.  It is clear that with Mars well placed in his Ascendant and Sun in the 10th house, Trump has a rare level of self-confidence, strength and resiliency that even enjoys a good fight.  But he may not have bargained on the extent of this one: a real Battle Royale.

Election Day 2020

This U.S. Presidential Election Day chart is set for the exact moment when tr. Mercury turns Stationary Direct on Tues. Nov. 3, 2020, Washington, D.C. at 12: 50 pm EST.  I would normally use 12 noon as a kind of average for the day, as it gives us a sense of where the planets are when presumably most people are voting, but perhaps not all – as many states, especially Democratic-run states have opted for Mail-in voting due to concerns about Covid-19, though it is well past its peak.

To have a Mercury Station on Election Day is very powerful, and I think it could well be a positive sign of things working more smoothly than expected that day, even if the previous three weeks of Mercury Retrograde (from Oct. 13, 2020, EDT) could be confusing and turbulent regarding exchange of information and early voting.  On Election Day, three planets are either on the SD degree (Mercury) or within one degree of their station (Mars and Saturn). Tr. Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius, also Vargottama (repeating in the same sign in Navamsha), and Mercury and Venus are in a mutual sign exchange (a Parivartana yoga), serving to correct Sun’s debilitation in Libra and Venus’s debilitation in Virgo. Only tr. Moon in Taurus close to Rahu shows the emotional frenzy on Election Day, as so much information has circulated that “Trump will not concede when he loses” – which is really a projection of what Hillary Clinton said in 2016, only now she is insisting that Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances.

On the one hand it is good to have the physical planets spread out over six houses (a Daama yoga),  but it is of concern that tr. Moon is more isolated, with the exception of being on the eclipse axis.  It will be stronger each time it is in angular houses, but in the meantime, the public (Moon) could be in a lot emotional tension over whether this election will happen smoothly and correctly.

But the positive factors are planets in their own signs: Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, tr. Moon exalted in Taurus, and Mercury and Venus in mutual exchange. These factors help to keep things more under control, even with tr. Uranus closely opposite the Sun (3 degree orb by Election Day, with Sun separating from Uranus). Also, tr. Jupiter is approaching tr. Pluto in late Sagittarius, and this should be a force for good that judicially employs its power to enforce Law and Order.

Mercury turns Stationary Retrograde at 17:31 Libra on Oct. 13, 2020 (9:06 pm EDT). Therefore, for the several weeks leading up to Election Day itself there could be some confusion and turbulence, and this seems related to several factors: the mail-in ballots, early voting, and the huge tension over whether the election will be fair. The Democrats have already run “War Games” in which they acted out numerous ways in which they win, no matter how it goes – even if Trump wins in a landslide on Election night.  If this seems crazy, do not kid yourself with Orwellian platitudes. This is Anarchy showing itself, even if the Democrats and Globalists want to keep assuring voters that they are the ones who will save Civilization from Trump.  Their narrative in this Morality Play is that Trump alone represents Anarchy, as do all his supporters, even though they have not been rioting in cities across America since late May. It is the Leftist/Marxist Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Inauguration Day

The U.S. Presidential Inauguration chart is set for Jan. 20th following the election of the new president in early November every four years.  The new president is sworn in at 12 noon on that day.  This upcoming inauguration will occur on a Wednesday, ruled by the planet Mercury, which is strong at the top of the sky and 18 degrees ahead of the Sun by celestial longitude.

On Inauguration Day 2021 there are four classical Vedic planets in Capricorn, in this order: Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury. In addition, Pluto is early in the sign and entered Capricorn Dec. 30, 2020, after 15 years in sidereal Sagittarius. It has not transited Capricorn since it left the sign in Jan. 1792!  There are also two classic Vedic planets in Aries: Moon and Mars, with outer planet Uranus also in Aries, within 4’ orb to Mars, and exactly on its Stationary Direct degree at 12:35 Aries.  Tr. Mars-Uranus so closely together and with the Moon in Aries on the Ascendant indicates that the Inauguration event may well have to deal with some rebel and/or potentially hostile forces.  This is not surprising given that the Democratic Party is vying for the role of Civilization but more often showing their true face as Anarchy.  Their leaders have been plotting the overthrow of Trump for some five years.

Venus in Sagittarius is the only physical planet NOT in one of these Chara, or action-oriented signs. So obviously this is a very action-oriented presidency.  Rahu and Ketu (the lunar nodes) encompass all these planets, creating a Kala Sarpa yoga (a Time-Snake yoga), which typically denotes a very strong destiny, with dramatic intensity.  Rahu and Ketu run across the financial axis: Houses 2 and 8. This indicates some major action and perhaps changes in the monetary and/or economic life of the nation. The number of planets clustered in the house of the President in the 10th house indicates VERY strong leadership by this president. And with this particular combination of planets, so soon after the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Dec. 2020, it is reinforced by tr. Sun very close to that JU-SA conjunction degree.

I believe the reason we see such a powerful and forceful planetary combination at this time is because it is necessitated by the forces of Anarchy and outright treason that have led up to it.  Because Chorus conveys the exact opposite – that it is Donald Trump who must be eliminated – many citizens may be confused, angry and/or belligerent until they stop listening to Chorus and its propaganda. Again, this may be the reason why Moon, Mars and Uranus are prominent on the Ascendant of the Inauguration chart. But they are not in power, the President is, and he is the Sun in this chart, strongly positioned, Digbala (best angular house position), and closely surrounded by his advisors and Vice President (Jupiter), communications staff (Mercury) and loyal staff (Saturn), even if there are antagonisms from time to time: Sun and Saturn are not planetary friends.

Also, in the larger context that I’ve been writing about for some time, this election and this inauguration represents a monumental victory, not just of a Democrat over a Republican or vice versa, but of Civilization over Anarchy, and simultaneously of the defeat of Globalism by civic Nationalism. Globalism has shown the treasonous face of Anarchy, though it tried to hide it for ever so long.  Now its aims and efforts are no longer hidden from the American people, and this is why this Inauguration chart is so powerful.

Capricorn is a sign of structure and organization, and this presidency will be well-fortified to run the country with an iron hand, if necessary, at least at the outset, given all the opposition, reinforced by Chorus.  The president’s detractors have been taught to believe that Trump is Hitler and that he is evil, despite no concrete evidence to prove their daily Marxist indoctrination points.  However, he is white-skinned, and now Anarchy tells us that to be white is to be forever-racist and even sub-human. His repentance will never end, no matter how many reparations he (or any white people) pays.  This is the philosophy that has taken hold of Anarchy in 2020 and probably years before this.

Adding to this potent planetary combination is a Sankhya Shula yoga. This occurs when all classic Vedic planets, excluding Rahu and Ketu, are located in only three houses or zodiacal signs. (Whole sign houses are used here.)  A person with this yoga has a very intense and dramatic life, and when added to these other combinations, we want to know what houses the combinations occur in.  Since they occur in all strong and favorable houses (Houses 1, 9, and 10), they denote an extremely powerful and effective leader.

Since I have predicted that Nationalism wins over Globalism, reversing a rising. trend of some 60 years, then it follows that of the two presidential candidates President Trump has the most auspicious timing and destiny both in the lead-up to the election and on Inauguration Day.  If it is turbulent, then Trump’s chart shows his ability to deal with turbulence and triumph over it. Also, he should be described in the Inauguration chart (Sun), along with his Vice President (Jupiter). To me, it is President Trump who is described here and not Joe Biden.  Thus, as I said, civic Nationalism should triumph over the long run of Globalism in 2020 and for many decades to come.


(See also Part 1 of this article.)

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