Freedom vs. Tyranny: The Epic Battle of our Time Accelerates

In summer 2021 it becomes clearer that the epic battle between the Nationalists and the Globalists is also a battle between Freedom and Tyranny. In the process, we find out more about who is on each side of the battle.  The Globalists are Marxists, Transhumanists and Technocrats and they do not tolerate debate or the free exchange of ideas, so they employ censorship and demand conformity and compliance. They are ever more intent on imposing lockdowns worldwide, along with forced Covid vaccinations for all people, including babies and children. Military enforced lockdowns are already happening in Sydney, Australia, while protests against lockdowns and forced vaccinations have erupted in cities throughout the world, escalating from mid-July 2021 onwards. They are happening in London, Paris (and cities all across France), Madrid, Berlin, Rome, Athens, Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto and Montreal.  Protests have begun more slowly in the U.S., from Charlotte, North Carolina to New York City and elsewhere.  Big Media wants to minimize or ignore all this.  They are Globalists.

Starting in July 2021 millions of people in France are in the streets protesting oppressive rules compelling health workers to get COVID-19 shots and all French citizens to have a health pass for many daily activities.  In August 2021 the Australian province of Victoria – with a population of 7 million people – has locked down for the 6th time due to just 8 cases of the virus.  Australia also has strict border controls, with no one allowed into the country and no internal domestic travel permitted between Australian states. In Pakistan’s Punjab province (with a population of over 100 million people), SIM cards are blocked for unvaccinated people, disabling use of cell phones.  For  government employees who are unvaccinated, their salaries are being withheld starting in July 2021.

Why is all this coming to a head in summer 2021? With governments taking increasingly tyrannical actions and citizens reaching their breaking point, we have the astrological framework of the last dance between Jupiter and Saturn in sidereal Capricorn.  This has an important resonance with the JU-SA conjunction of Dec. 2020, which was and is a tipping point in the larger 120-year core period of the EARTH cycle: Feb. 1961 to March 2080 (when JU-SA conjunctions predominate in sidereal EARTH signs).  And to have a real tipping point, actions and events must be larger-than-life so you don’t miss them.

We entered this latest powerful transitional period from the time tr. Jupiter turned Stationary Retrograde June 20, 2021, reflecting back on to Capricorn, and lasting 5 months up to Nov. 20, 2021 when tr. Jupiter finally exits out of Capricorn.

Tr. Jupiter spends five months in Aquarius in spring and summer 2021: April 5 to Sept. 14, 20. But from the time it is Stationary Retrograde on June 20, 2021, and especially when it re-joins tr. Saturn in Capricorn Sept. 14 to Nov. 20, 2021, this is a very key time period in which the showdown comes for the trend change away from Globalism and towards National Populism.  In this battle the Globalists will bring out all their ammunition; and their plan to gain political control over the world population becomes clearer each day.

The Last Dance of Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn

In the night sky from Aug. 1, 2021 onward we can see Jupiter and Saturn approaching each other at a distance of 19 degrees.  By Sept. 1st the distance between them is 17 ½ degrees, and during most of Oct. 2021 they hover within a range close to 15 ½ degrees.  By the time tr. Jupiter exits Capricorn Nov. 20, 2021 the separation is 16 degrees.  With both planets making stations in October (tr. Saturn on Oct. 11th and tr. Jupiter Oct. 18th), there is a very powerful confluence in the heavens where tr. Jupiter and tr. Saturn are meeting one last time in Capricorn and both planets are very strong on or near their respective Stationary Direct points.

This resonates back to the epic battle between Globalists and Nationalists I have said would come to a head in 2020 and 2021, and I have said that based on the power of the JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020, this particular conjunction has the ability to produce a major trend change regarding the most important trends of our time.  I have identified these key competing trends as Nationalism vs. Globalism.  Nationalism in its civic form protects national sovereignty, constitutional liberties, law and order, including especially immigration laws, as well as the culture, traditions and history of a country.  It protects core values of the traditional family, faith, and basic freedoms, especially as given under the U.S. Constitution. Those basic freedoms are now in danger of being removed by those who want to tear up the Constitution and create chaos and disunity on many levels of the American society.

Most advocates of Globalism are on the political Left, but the establishment Right will also go along with it.  They prefer to benefit financially from Communist China at the expense of weakening their own country, most notably the U.S. and its proud history and cultural traditions.  Globalism benefits very large corporations working in tandem with authoritarian governments or entities. It can be identified increasingly with Transhumanism, Technocrats, Communism, and Marxist ideology, as mentioned previously.  Its agenda actively promotes various “credible threats” in order to suppress the liberty of the populace and their ability to make a living or enjoy basic freedoms.  The Globalist Agenda 21 seeks to remove private property rights (except for a select group of wealthy elite), also the right of free speech and religious freedoms.

We saw this loud and clear during the Covid-19 Pandemic, when all churches were shut down while casinos, strip clubs and liquor stores were kept open as “essential services.” In California, Globalist Governor Newsom was later sued by churches and ordered to pay $1.35 million in legal fees and on charges that he discriminated against religious institutions.  Communism is at war with organized religions and/or spiritual practices.  They see the individual as soul-less and completely dispensable.  Parents are also dispensable and should not interfere with government plans for their children.  Radical depopulation plans are also seen as essential, along with the deliberate destruction of the middle class economy. (See the Klaus Schwab material on The Great Reset coming up shortly.)

The People Rise Up: Mars Gives Warrior Energy

Further, starting in summer 2021, the warrior planet Mars gets exaggerated attention when transiting through fiery Leo July 20 to Sept. 5, 2021. This coincides with the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo: July 23 to Aug. 8, 2021. In the sign of Leo tr. Mars conjoins Venus in Leo and receives an aspect from tr. Jupiter in Aquarius. When amplified by BOTH classic benefic planets, the energy of Mars can be expected to show itself in more expansive actions, either in athletic competitions or from sectors of the public who would not normally show it.  This can be equated with normal citizens and parents whose rights have been restricted way too many times.

Originally they were asked to stay in lockdown for 15 days. That was in mid-March 2020. Now here we are 17 months later, and despite all the vaccines available, vaccinated people in many locations still have to wear masks and stay locked down, with further restrictions imposed on those choosing no vaccination, as is their right under The Nuremberg code (1947): “The voluntary consent of the human subject is essential.”  Nations with minimal to no vaccinations or lockdowns – like Sweden – do not suffer from further viruses, but their example goes mostly unheeded.  And though children are not at risk from the virus, medical bureaucrats decree they must now get vaccinated.  Understandably, parents across the U.S. are loudly challenging mask and vaccine mandates for their school-age children. Others are leaving the public school system altogether to do home-schooling.

With more and more vaccinated people getting the virus, and vaccine efficacy demanding more and more “booster” shots as more “virus variants” suddenly appear, all this is turning medical bureaucrats into dictators. Though they cannot properly test the new “variant” they are quick to pronounce sweeping mandates.  Meanwhile, vaccine injuries and deaths go largely unreported in the Globalist Big Media.  As of July 31, 2021, the European Union recorded 20,525 vaccine deaths and 1.96 million serious vaccine injuries. As of July 30, 2021 in the U.S. the CDC recorded 12,193 vaccine deaths and 545,338 adverse reactions.  But a CDC whistleblower claims that U.S. vaccine deaths total at least 45,000,  with serious injuries well over 600,000 in the U.S.

“The clear historical tendency for viruses crossing over from one species to another is to evolve in a way that makes them both more infectious and less pathogenic over time. However, a universal vaccination policy deployed in the middle of a pandemic can turn this normal Darwinian taming process into a dangerous vaccine arms race. The essence of this arms race is this: The more people you vaccinate, the greater the number of vaccine-resistant mutations you are likely to get, the less durable the vaccines will become, ever more powerful vaccines will have to be developed, and individuals will be exposed to more and more risk.”   Dr. Robert Malone & Peter Navarro, The Washington Times, Aug. 5, 2021. 

To continue with Mars, the warrior planet, we see that tr. Mars conjoins tr. Sun for four straight months from July 16 to Nov. 16, 2021, with the exception of 4 days in October (Oct. 18-21, 2021). It starts July 16 to Aug. 16, 2021 when tr. Sun and Mars are both in the sign of Cancer and continues for several months, bringing potentially hotter weather (and/or wildfires) in the Northern Hemisphere and hotter tempers from people around the world.  This is especially likely when tr. Sun and Mars conjoin in the FIRE sign of Leo, Aug. 16 to Sept. 6, 2021 – with tr. Sun continuing in Leo to Sept. 16, 2021.  Tr. Sun and Mars are together in Virgo Sept. 16 to Oct. 17, 2021.

With Sun-Mars combinations we might expect to see even more fireworks worldwide, not to mention tr. Mercury and Mars conjoining in Leo Aug. 8-25, 2021 and again in Virgo from Sept. 6 to Oct. 21, 2021.  Mercury is exalted in Virgo, and retrogrades from Sept. 27 to Oct. 18, 2021.  Mercury with Mars even in EARTH sign Virgo creates fiery speech, and a lot of it from Sept. 14th onward, as Mercury and Mars in Virgo are aspected by tr. Jupiter in Capricorn.  In the U.S., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vows to “weaponize August” to push U.S. Senators to vote on the controversial Infrastructure bill (all 2700 pages of it!) before going home for the traditional 5-week recess. [Update: This bill was passed in the U.S. Senate Aug. 10, 2021 and goes next to the U.S. House of Representatives.]   Business CEO Mike Lindell is also weaponizing August during his Cyber Symposium Aug. 10-12, 2021 that focuses on the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. It will be live-streamed on We discuss this shortly.

On Oct. 9, 2021 Sun, Mercury, and Mars are all conjoined at 22 degrees of Virgo, with Mercury and Mars both combust and in Planetary War (within 1 degree of each other).  From Oct. 11-24, 2021 tr. Mars conjoins tr. Sun in Chitra nakshatra, ruled by Mars and aspected some of that time by tr. Jupiter. Jupiter has been transiting in Mars-ruled Dhanishta nakshatra since July 20, 2021.  Tr. Jupiter continues in Dhanishta nakshatra up to Jan. 2, 2022, i.e. for 5 ½ months.  Tr. Sun and Mars continue in Chitra nakshatra through Oct. 24, 2021. Four days later, from Oct. 28-31, 2021 tr. Mercury joins Mars in Chitra from late Virgo. So again we have a confluence of warrior energies with Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter.  This is further punctuated by an opposition to tr. Uranus (late Oct. to late Nov. 2021) as well as a Lunar eclipse on Nov. 19, 2021 and a Total eclipse on Dec. 4, 2021.

October 2021 already contains the powerful Stationary Direct points of both Jupiter and Saturn, as well as Mercury and Pluto SD.  (See the Planetary Event/Date list further below.)  It is a commanding month, and looks to be a culmination of the fireworks unleashed in summer 2021, especially with Jupiter and Mars both in Mars-ruled nakshatras and tr. Jupiter aspecting tr. Mercury and Mars in Virgo Sept. 6 to Oct. 21, 2021.  Combinations of Sun, Mars and Jupiter always unleash the warriors, and when Mercury is added to the picture there is a lot of fiery communication, which despite all the Globalist censorship and Cancel Culture, finds citizens fighting back on other platforms and with renewed courage to speak out against those trying to silence them.

As some are aware, the U.S. is at war with Communist China on several fronts: Economic war, Cyber war, and Information War.  Some $400 billion has recently been wiped out of U.S. pension funds due to actions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  So-called “variable interest entities” were created by the CCP and caused massive losses to U.S. pension funds, with losses expected to increase to up to $1 trillion.  This is not yet a kinetic war but these other types of wars are perhaps just as damaging.  In terms of Information warfare, the CCP controls much of U.S. mainstream media, and since 1996 has fostered exchange agreements whereby Western journalists agree to give only positive coverage to Communist China.  Meanwhile, by comparison the U.S. can be diminished as much as possible, including with drugs, human trafficking and unlimited mass migration.  This may explain why Globalist-run Big Media does not cover these topics, including the invasion at the U.S. southern border.

Citizens of the world are beginning to see the complete absence of logic or actual science for this acceleration of medical tyranny by governments across the world.  In the United States, the Globalist Left sees voter ID as an infringement of one’s rights, while proof of vaccination in order to do any activity is considered a perfectly reasonable request, even if illegal immigrants pour across the southern border with no health checks.  To reinforce this narrative we have medical bureaucrats using verbal gymnastics to explain why new “variants” of the virus are ever more dangerous – while knowledgeable medical doctors inform us that to vaccinate and lockdown the entire global population is gross medical malpractice:

“An authoritarian view of medicine doesn’t match up to the science. To triple down with authoritarianism when you don’t have evidence-based science on your side is to exponentially increase the problems of the virus.  This authoritarian messaging is making people less likely to accept vaccines. We have got to return to evidence-based science…. All the fundamental rules of clinical ethics have been thrown out the door in the interest of “scientism” that is not dependent on facts and evidence.  A Groupthink has been forced on the world by Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Media and government working in tandem and against practicing doctors.  Bad science is killing people.”    Dr. Robert Malone, July 31, 2021, interview on War Room Pandemic. (Dr. Malone invented the mRNA vaccine and RNA transfection.)

As these battles become ever more intense, threatening fundamental liberties with lockdowns and Covid passports, it is a reminder of their resonance and timing from the larger 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction cycle, especially the most recent JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020.  Since this conjunction closely coincided with the U.S. election and inauguration, I have said for several years that the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election would be the focus of a major trend change in the larger EARTH cycle (JU-SA conjunctions predominating in sidereal EARTH signs), and that that trend change after over 60 years would have to do with Globalism versus Nationalism, also known as National Populism.

Without a Trump win in the 2020 election, there would be no major world leader standing up for national sovereignty at every level and facing down against both Communist China and Globalists inside and outside the United States.  Hell-bent on establishing the Great Reset in 2020-2021, Globalists aim to weaken the one nation-state that could stand in the way of the Great Reset. One of their strongest proponents is Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum, and famous for his Communist/Globalist edict: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”  But of course this does not apply to the elites.  Every year Klaus Schwab hosts the wealthy and elite Globalists in Davos, Switzerland.  His vision for humanity is laid out in his book Covid-19: The Great Reset, published July 2020.

Schwab’s book and the whole planned onset of Covid-19 also coincides with the 28th and 29th years of the Saturn cycle from early June 1992 (a Saturn return in Capricorn). That is when we would see the success or failure of the Globalist ideology established by Agenda 21 at the United Nation’s Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.  This agenda was supported by hundreds of world leaders and by every U.S. President up to Donald Trump, who was the first to reject it and to turn back the tide of Globalism on so many levels during his presidency, 2017-2021.  By contrast, his America First programs strengthened the U.S., its culture, traditions, military, and economy, while directly countering the threats of Communist China to the U.S. and the whole world.  For this reason, Globalists vowed to crush him in Election 2020, with Communist China in the lead to defeat Trump in any manner possible.

Still in the Spotlight: the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

As of early August 2021, nine months after the Nov. 3, 2020 election, the legitimacy of the Joe Biden Presidency still continues to be seriously challenged.  Forensic audits of that election have become increasingly numerous, starting with Maricopa county, Arizona from April 23, 2021 and spreading to Georgia, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.  Over 20 more U.S. states observed the AZ forensic audits and are on track to duplicate them in their own states.

Further, business CEO Mike Lindell is presenting a Cyber Symposium Aug. 10-12, 2021 in which he says he will show definitive proof that the Nov. 2020 election was stolen 90% by China (with the help of many U.S. citizens), and in all 50 U.S. states. This constitutes an Act of War.  He is live streaming the event for 72 straight hours on and lindelltv.comstarting at 9 am CDT Aug. 10th. Over 100 world media outlets will be represented, along with delegates from all 50 U.S. states, and some 70 cyber experts.  Though Lindell had this information since Jan. 9, 2021, it has taken this long to reach a larger public. The cyber experts who captured the information tried without success to show it to the U.S. government in Nov. and Dec. 2020. They then approached Mike Lindell, CEO and founder of My Pillow, and a staunch advocate for election integrity.  As he says: “If we don’t fix what happened on Nov. 3, 2020 we don’t have a country.”

Predictably, Joe Biden represents all the policies of Globalism. He promotes unlimited mass immigration and educational programs that divide Americans by race: the Critical Race Theory. He also works in close cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  Biden has also personally received over $1.5 billion in payments from China, but the fraudulent China-friendly Big Media and Big Tech suppressed that information, being loyal Globalists themselves.

However, we see that Biden’s Ascendant lord Mars is challenged by the tr. Uranus SD on Aug. 20, 2021, and this continues to put the pressure on him up through late Nov. 2021, especially when he experiences his Mars return Oct. 21 to Dec. 4, 2021 – the day of the total Solar eclipse at 18:12 Scorpio.  Perhaps in this time frame Biden will no longer be able to skate along with strict measures for U.S. citizens while illegal immigrants continue to flood across his Open Border.

In any case, Biden’s legitimacy remains in serious question.  Developments in exposing election fraud and making the evidence increasingly public in summer/fall 2021 should play a role in the challenging transits from Uranus to his natal Mars, plus a Lunar eclipse Nov. 19th closely opposite his natal Sun (self-confidence and leadership).

Initial Arizona audit results were delivered at a hearing July 16, 2021 and were devastating for the opposition’s claims of election integrity.  They were televised nationally, but predictably – all video testimony from the AZ hearing was instantly removed from Youtube and ignored by Big Media, working hand in hand with Big Tech.  Big Tech and Big Media follow censoring instructions from the Biden White House, as we now know.  Even so, many millions of citizens around the world were watching and following on other platforms.  And now even Fox News owner, Globalist Rupert Murdoch, has finally recognized that if he is still an actual news organization he needs to cover the overwhelming evidence of massive election fraud in Nov. 2020 – a pivotal event in American history.  So finally as of mid-July 2021 he has allowed one of his prime time shows, Tucker Carlson Tonight, to cover this topic.

Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn Sets the Tone

The correlation of these events to the EARTH cycle is the imprint set in the first 60 years by the Feb. 18, 1961 JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn, along with the trend change that is due 60 years later with the JU-SA conjunction of Dec. 2020 at 6:20 Capricorn, thereby moving to Aquarius in the Navamsha (9th harmonic) chart, where Jupiter is no longer debilitated and disempowered. The 2020 conjunction is also enhanced by being at the Winter Solstice.  The 1961 conjunction at 1:52 Capricorn is Vargottama in Capricorn, i.e. it repeats in the Navamsha chart and in the process strengthens Saturn as the king of business in Capricorn while greatly diminishing Jupiter. Since Jupiter is also Vargottama in Capricorn, its debilitation is emphasized, along with losing the Planetary War with Saturn.  This has greatly weakened all the many facets of Jupiter for 60 years: the nation-state, religion, education, law and journalism.

For instance, we see that Communism has increasingly taken hold in Leftist politics, academia and journalism in the West. We see how Leftist politicians, academics and celebrities (in both sports and entertainment) justify Globalism and loyalty to Communist China (and its large cash payments) over loyalty to their own country.  Even Pope Francis has expressed increasing openness to Communist China, whose policy is to exterminate Chinese Catholics or any Chinese person expressing a religious or spiritual belief.

Communism promotes an atheistic/Marxist authoritarianism that sees the human being as dispensable.  Some of the most horrific human rights abuses can be seen in Communist China: outright cultural repression, but also mass incarceration, mass murder and rape, and forced slavery.  One of the worst examples is live organ harvesting, i.e. organs removed from live human subjects without anesthetics. But what is just becoming known is that this is also happening in the U.S. at the University of Pittsburgh and elsewhere with live fully formed infants.

The only good result at this point is the exposure of so many evils, because without ordinary citizens keeping their governments in check, as is supposed to happen under a Constitutional Republic like the United States, tyrannical and outright evil rulers and organizations can and do set horrific policies in motion.  People all around the world are being asked to open their eyes wide so that we do not descend into a soul-less, destructive civilization for the next 60 years or more.  There is an excellent chance that will not happen, but meanwhile so many arenas ruled by Jupiter – the nation-state, religion, education, law and journalism – need to be cleansed and renovated after 60+ years of abuse so we can move forward without the repressive shackles of Marxism and Communism.  The world is waiting to see what the U.S. will do, and the U.S. should be watching France, because the French do understand their entire country is being ripped away from them.  They want to stop the bleeding before it is too late.

As Jupiter and Saturn do their last slow dance together in Capricorn, we  witness the acceleration of events in summer and fall 2021. No matter how much Big Media and Big Tech try to suppress explosive information or pretend it is baseless or not happening, somehow it comes out anyway.  Since the Globalists are linked with the Chinese Communist Party, they want to stamp out religion and ethics, and along with them any moral compass that is based on any of the great religions. This includes the idea that a human being has a soul and a spirit, that each life is sacred and to be valued, that one has God-given rights such as liberty and dignity as an individual, regardless of race or creed.

In the Judeo-Christian philosophy human beings are seen to have inalienable rights and freedoms, and that these human rights come from God, not from the State, as with Communism. The State and its government are clearly assigned to carry out the work and the will of the people, not the other way around.   These Judeo-Christian values are laid out clearly in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but the Globalist/Marxist “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) makes a mockery of all of that and aims to tear up the Constitution.  CRT is aimed at pitting the races against each other in the U.S. or anywhere.  South Africa, for instance, is the prototype of a nation built on Critical Race Theory, and it has been ripped apart totally by it, as is inevitable.

Coincidentally, South Africa was born in the EARTH period after the Feb. 18, 1961 JU-SA conjunction. This tends to establish weaker nation-states, as opposed to nations born in the FIRE period (1723 to 1921), such as the U.S. and France.  The Republic of South Africa was established on May 31, 1961 with Jupiter and Saturn 7 ½ degrees apart in Capricorn.  So in 2020-2021 with  Jupiter and Saturn together again in Capricorn we see the results of pitting race against race in South Africa, and we also see Globalists try to tear apart nations like the United States and France with the same Marxist principles laid out in the destructive Critical Race Theory.  These principles are enhanced by a lawless society in which criminal anarchy gets legitimized and the justice system is co-opted. So much is at stake as we negotiate this tipping point. It promises to be very dramatic as we live through the summer and fall of 2021.

           DATES OF IMPORTANT PLANETARY EVENTS: Nov. 21,2020 to Dec. 4, 2021

Nov. 21, 2020 to April 5, 2021; Sept. 14 to Nov. 20, 2021: Tr. Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn conjoined with tr. Saturn.

Dec. 21, 2020:   Jupiter-Saturn exact conjunction at 6:20 Capricorn. Same day as the Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere.  First JU-SA conjunction in Capricorn since Feb. 18, 1961.  (Next & last JU-SA conjunction of the core EARTH period comes March 4, 2080 at 16:54 Capricorn.)

June 20, 2021: Tr. Jupiter turns SR at 8:01 Aquarius, casting its glance backwards into Capricorn.

July 10, 2021: New Moon at 23:44 Gemini (conjunct USA natal Sun at 22:38 Gemini. Mars, Venus, and Jupiter also in Gemini earlier in the sign).

Aug. 8, 2021:  New Moon at 22:04 Cancer (square tr. Uranus 20:35 Aries, opposite tr. Saturn at 15:33 Capricorn) conjunct USA Rahu at 16:51 Cancer. Rahu is current USA Dasha lord. RA-SA period: Nov. 2, 2020 to Sept. 9, 2023.

Aug. 20, 2021:  Uranus SR at 20:28 Aries opposite Joe Biden Ascendant lord Mars at 19:32 Libra in 12th house, bringing a very destabilizing influence for the current U.S. President. Tr. Uranus is within 1° orb opposite Biden’s natal Mars  for 5 months: June 5 to Nov. 6, 2021.

Sept. 7, 2021:  New Moon at 19:59 Leo.

Sept. 14, 2021: Tr. Jupiter re-enters Capricorn, re-joining tr. Saturn in Capricorn – thru Nov. 20, 2021. Russia election: Sept. 13, 2021; California Gubernatorial Recall Election to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom: Sept. 14, 2021. Canada election: Sept. 20, 2021.

Sept. 27, 2021: Tr. Mercury Retrograde thru Oct. 18, 2021. Tr. Mercury SR at 1:14 Libra; Tr. Mercury SD at 15:58 Virgo conjunct Vargottama tr. Mars at 27:51 Virgo. (USA natal Saturn at 24:24 Virgo in the 10th house) German election: Sept. 26, 2021.

Oct. 6, 2021: Tr. Pluto SD at 0:10 Capricorn. New Moon at 19:12 Virgo. (Oct. 2-3, 2021: Tr. Rahu exact opposition to Joe Biden’s Ascendant.  Biden currently in JU-RA Dasha: April 28, 2020 to Sept. 22. 2022.)

Oct.11, 2021:  Tr. Saturn SD at 12:44 Capricorn (Shravana).

Oct. 17, 2021:  Tr. Sun enters Libra (Libra Sankranti).

Oct. 18, 2021: Tr. Jupiter SD at 28:10 Capricorn (Dhanishta). Tr. Mercury SD at 15:58 Virgo. Tr. Saturn at 12:46 Capricorn, within 2’ orb of its SD degree one week earlier.  Powerful combination with 2 planetary stations the same day and another planet close to its SD degree (Saturn), plus one day after Sun enters Libra, which marks a new period and a turning point. The tr. Sun is still weak and vulnerable at Sankranti. Tr. Mercury conjunct Mars opposite Moon in Pisces. Iraq election: Oct. 18, 2021.

Nov. 4, 2021:  New Moon at 18:30 Libra (opposite tr. Uranus at 18:37 Aries, square tr. Saturn at 13:14 Capricorn,with Rahu at 8:23 Taurus opposite Joe Biden’s Ascendant at 10:08 Scorpio. New Moon is conjunct Joe Biden Ascendant lord Mars at 19:32 Libra in 12th house.  New Moon Ascendant in Washington, D.C. is 1:41 Aries, with Sun-Moon-Mercury-Mars in Libra in 7th house, Saturn in the 10th house.

Nov. 17, 2021: Tr. Mars at 18:06 Libra exactly opposite tr. Uranus at 18:06 Aries.  Both planets are square tr. Saturn at 13:53 Capricorn. Joe Biden Ascendant lord Mars is at 19:32 Libra.  Mars-Uranus can be explosive or very inventive, and extra tension comes with the mutual square to tr. Saturn.

Nov. 19, 2021:  Lunar eclipse at 3:04 Taurus (Mean node) opposite Joe Biden natal Sun at 4:30 Scorpio and natal Venus at 5:29 Scorpio in the Ascendant. More vulnerability for Biden.

Dec. 4, 2021:  Total Solar eclipse at 18:12 Scorpio (Mean node) opposite Joe Biden’s natal Saturn at 16:53 Taurus in 7th house.

[UPDATE AUG. 31, 2021: Taliban fighters entered Kabul, Afghanistan on Aug. 15th, the Afghan president fled the country, and the U.S. began its disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan. Though a U.S. withdrawal had been scheduled for May 1, 2021, Joe Biden pushed it forward to Sept. 11, 2021, giving the Taliban plenty of time to plan their moves.  Bagram airport and $86 billion worth of U.S. military equipment were inexplicably left behind to the Islamic Jihadists.  Thousands of American citizens were evacuated, but 10% of U.S. citizens were still left behind as of Aug. 31st – the date by which the Taliban demanded a complete U.S. withdrawal.  From April 2021 onward U.S. authorities focused instead on evacuating over 100,000 mostly unvetted Afghan refugees and resettling them in the U.S.  On Aug. 26, 2021 13 American military and over 100 Afghans were killed by a suicide bomber outside Bagram airport.  Note how these events dovetail with the planetary events in Aug. 2021 given above.]


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