The California Gubernatorial Recall Election – 2021

The epic battle between the Nationalists and Globalists enters a very heated phase in America’s largest state of California, with Globalist Governor Gavin Newsom facing a Recall Election on Sept. 14, 2021. After a total of 7 Recall petitions since 2019, this one succeeded in spring 2021, backed by 1.9 million signatures.  Up until recently, Big Media and Big Tech have been confident that Newsom would easily face his detractors and beat them, especially in a Blue State where Leftist/Globalists dominate, aligned with and often propped up by establishment Republicans, who are also often RINOs, i.e. Republicans in name only.  Historically too, a California Governor’s Recall Election has only succeeded once previously – in fall 2003.

But Big Media is about to be proved dead wrong, in my opinion, and there are many astrological factors showing that Governor Newsom is likely to be recalled on Sept. 14, 2021 – the official date of the Gubernatorial Recall Election. (Full disclosure: I live in southern CA for over 15 years.) This will set off a huge shock wave, and that current will reflect other shock waves happening with even larger national U.S. election issues still unresolved from Nov. 3, 2020.

We will look at various charts and factors that lend substance to this prediction.  For a start, Sept. 14, 2021 is a significant date for political turnarounds. On this day tr. Jupiter returns to the sign of sidereal Capricorn, where it remains through Nov. 20, 2021.  The JU-SA conjunction Dec. 21, 2020 at 6:20 Capricorn marked a major shift in trends that I have said for several years would be marked by an epic battle centering around the U.S. Presidential Election of Nov. 2020 and around all those opposing the Globalist agenda and its “Great Reset.” The aim was for this agenda to predominate by 2020 at the very latest. (See Klaus Schwab’s book, Covid19: The Great Reset, published July 2020.)

For over five months in 2021 – April 5 to Sept. 14 – tr. Jupiter passes through Aquarius. When it turned retrograde on June 20, 2021, reflecting back on to Capricorn, we entered the time frame in which a major showdown between the Nationalist Populists and Globalists in 2020-2021 could occur – even if Globalists thought they already won as of Jan. 20, 2021. On June 23, 2021 the California Secretary of State announced the Recall Election would take place.  Well over the requisite number of signatures had been verified, and the requisite two months for potential signature withdrawals had passed.

On the U.S. national front – by June 20, 2021 we had the deepening of the full forensic audit of the Nov. 2020 election tallies in Arizona (begun April 23rd), with 20 or more U.S. states coming in to observe the process in order to replicate it in their own states.  By July 27, 2021 Big Tech considered these forensic audits so dangerous that it removed the Twitter accounts of ALL the states conducting forensic audits.  All their accounts were removed swiftly and simultaneously!  Fortunately, there are more and more non-censored platforms where they do appear, including new ones being launched in spring/summer 2021, such as on April 19th and GTTR on July 4th.

Also, by then U.S. business entrepreneur Mike Lindell had amplified his arsenal of cyber information exposing election fraud on Nov. 3, 2020. He has the total packet captures from that election, proving definitively – he says – that the election was stolen 90% by China (an act of war), and that Donald Trump won in a landslide of at least 12 million votes.  Lindell has made several videos investigating and exposing the election fraud, and now he will present all his evidence at a Cyber Symposium Aug. 10-12, 2021 he is also sponsoring.  Politicians and journalists across the U.S. have received invitations to attend, with all hotel rooms paid for by Lindell.  He even offers $5 million to any cyber expert who can prove him wrong.

Countering all this is Leftist/Globalist Big Media and Big Tech insisting there is zero evidence of election fraud and refusing to let others speak about it.  They say all the U.S. courts rejected the Nov. 2020 election fraud cases; but in truth these courts never saw the evidence, thereby avoiding their judicial responsibilities to the citizens they serve.  In summer 2021 the Globalist Left is also ramping up the Covid vaccine and mask mandates, with Biden pushing government and many corporate employees, including all private contractors to the government to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. Weekly tests are also required.  At the same time, unlimited numbers of illegal immigrants pour across the U.S. southern border with zero health checks.  Big Media does not report this, but it does push pandemic fears about the Delta variant, backing the whole totalitarian overreach.  It is also a way to move the spotlight away from the forensic election audits and Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, while threatening the possibility of a lockdown in August.

With all these issues still festering from Nov. 2020, we see that Governor Newsom is to California what Joe Biden is to the U.S. Presidency.  He represents the force of Leftist/Globalist policies in California, with the push to allow many more illegal immigrants into the U.S. (over 2 million in 2021 at the current rate), while dismantling the legal authority of the Border Patrol and ICE.  He wants to release the majority of prisoners from prison, defund the police, and push further lockdowns and Covid vaccine mandates, along with teaching the radically divisive Critical Race Theory.

Crime and homelessness are rising exponentially as a result of such policies, especially in big Democrat-run cities all across the U.S., all this further fuelled by lawlessness and an immigrant invasion at the U.S. southern border.  The Leftist/Globalist media stands idly by while Democrat governors are increasingly forceful on these points.  Gov. Newsom echoes the same plan that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo outlined in late July 2021 as his state’s mission to ensure vaccination compliance: “(1) Get in the community; (2) Knock on doors; (3) Put in cars, drive them; and (4) Put the vaccine in their arm.”  While 99.8% of healthy people recover from Covid, vaccines are increasingly mandated.  Part of the Globalist plan was always to control the populace while pretending to protect them.  Newsom is all on board with this, and as issues get hotter up to Sept. 14th, he is vulnerable to registered CA voters who are not on board with the Globalist agenda.

In such a way we see how the all-powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Dec. 21, 2020 is still resonating and even accelerating now. This is why the last half of 2021 and the last two months in which tr. Jupiter rejoins tr. Saturn in Capricorn can be a major marker for how any trend reversal is likely to play out, preceded by Jupiter’s retrograde period June 20 to Oct. 18, 2021.

The California Recall Election: Sept. 14, 2021

The Recall vote has two questions: 1) Should Governor Newsom be recalled? 2) If so, who should replace him? If over 50% vote “yes” to question 1, then the top candidate on the list of 46 candidates wins recall.  The list includes 24 Republicans, 9 Democrats, 10 No Political Preference, 2 Green Party, and 1 Libertarian.

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

This chart is set for when tr. Moon is rising, at 15:17:08 on Sept. 14, 2021, Sacramento, CA. We do not have a time of day that is definitive for the final vote tally, as all ballots are mailed out Aug. 16, 2021.  But voters must mail in their ballots by or before Sept. 14, 2021 and the people are symbolized by the Moon.  Tr. Moon is in Sagittarius at the end of Mula nakshatra, which indicates some citizen discontent. It is also aspected by Mars, galvanizing the mind and the emotions of the people.  This is made more complex because the Moon is in a Papa Kartari yoga, hemmed in on both sides by classic malefic planets, tr. Ketu in Scorpio and tr. Saturn in Capricorn. This means the people feel boxed in and want to find a way out of their current situation.  In this case, the status quo is Governor Newsom. To change the status quo means to recall Newsom.  If the people vote over 50% to recall Governor Newsom, there is no strong contender among the Democrat candidates so it is likely to be a Republican.  We will be looking at the strongest GOP gubernatorial candidates, all three of them.

In the one previous (and successful) California Recall election on Oct. 7, 2003, tr. Moon in Aquarius was closely conjunct tr. Mars and tr. Uranus at 12 noon, opposite tr. Jupiter in Leo.  At the very least this shows the people (Moon) were both agitated and optimistic about changing the status quo, given Jupiter’s influence.  Californians recalled Gov. Gray Davis, removing him from office to elect Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On Sept. 14, 2021 tr. Jupiter has just entered late Capricorn and aspects tr. Mercury.  This shows a large amount of media coverage. Tr. Sun at 28:09 Leo is closely conjunct Gavin Newsom’s natal Ascendant at 27:49 Leo, which would normally be good for placing him in the spotlight. But unfortunately for him tr. Sun is also closely opposite tr. Neptune at 27:37 Aquarius. This creates a dissolving action to one’s leadership role, especially when combined with his natal Pluto at 27:56 Leo and natal Mars at 27:29 Scorpio. (We will discuss Newsom’s birth chart shortly.)

Governor Newsom Sworn in as Governor: Jan. 6, 2019

Source: The author noted this time of the swearing in real time as it was happening.  Sunday, Jan. 6, 2019, 11:54 am PST, Sacramento, CA.

Governor Newsom was sworn into office exactly 18 ½ hours after a partial Solar eclipse at 21:17 Sagittarius, making the Sun (leader, leadership) more vulnerable, even if Sun is Digbala (best possible angle from the Ascendant) in the 10th house, and on the Sun’s planetary day, Sunday.  Tr. Sun is conjunct Saturn (4° orb), which is very hard on the leader, and with Saturn combust, discipline does not come easily to this administration. Also, Saturn in the 10th house can bring a fall from power. Further, Sun (the leader) is at the Mrityu Bhaga degree, implying great difficulties. On the plus side, Ascendant and 10th lord Jupiter is strong and the Vargottama Ascendant lends strength and continuity.

At the moment Gavin Newsom started to repeat the Oath of Office, a protestor started chanting “I object!”  The protestor (Ben Bergquam) later specified his protest in relation to Newsom’s overall liberal treatment of criminal illegal immigrants. Note the Navamsha chart shows Mars and Saturn opposite the Ascendant, thus some visible opposition right from the start.

In his inauguration speech Newsom slammed President Trump’s immigration policies and vowed to give sanctuary to “all who seek it.”  He also vowed to release all prisoners from prison, which he did do in large part over the next two years.  Over 70,000 prisoners have been released from CA prisons under Newsom’s watch, supported by Democrats’ wanting more convicted criminals to be released from prisons, depreciated detention facilities closed, and decreased ability to enforce U.S. Immigration laws. While Newsom dances around the “defund the police” issue, he supports “re-imagining law enforcement.”

This aggressive approach to releasing criminals and granting sanctuary to illegal aliens can be seen from tr. Mars (the warrior) in the Pisces Ascendant.  Pisces is the sign of surrender and may indicate personal suffering and loss, especially including financial loss and expenditure.   Pisces and/or the 12th house can indicate hospitals or prisons.  It is further emphasized by being Vargottama, or repeated in the Navamsha (9th harmonic chart).  Newsom also supports the Guaranteed Basic Income, investing $35 million into it. Though it differs from Universal Basic Income, it is in line with it, and critics say these welfare programs create big problems getting CA residents back to work.

Mars on the Ascendant shows an aggressive approach to dealing with these issues, with Newsom forcefully surrendering California to a new flood of convicted (often dangerous) criminals as well as illegal immigrants, many of whom are repeat criminals who were previously deported. By sharp contrast, legal tax-paying CA citizens have been under strict guidelines for lockdowns plus mask and vaccine mandates.  In line with Joe Biden’s policies, Newsom has removed law enforcement’s ability to enforce federal Immigration laws.  Democrats and Globalists say this is the compassionate way to deal with immigration.  It is also Open Borders, and by design weakens national sovereignty.

Newsom swept into office with 69.1% of the vote share over Republican John Cox in Nov. 2018.  He received 38.1%.  (Cox opposes him again in the Recall Election.) This was the largest margin of victory for any Democrat governor in state history.   An early flush of confidence is shown by Ascendant lord Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant. This is reinforced by the Parivartana yoga (exchange of signs) between Mars and Jupiter.  Though very well placed in the 9th house, Jupiter’s contact with Venus in Scorpio shows a propensity for excess – as in excess spending, excessive Covid lockdown edicts, and also the infamous French Laundry dinner Nov. 6, 2020.  After trying to lie his way out of it Newsom was forced to admit that he attended a private dinner for 12 with no masks or social distancing while simultaneously imposing draconian measures on the rest of California. Many restaurants were shut down statewide, many of them forced to close permanently.

That cozy dinner between politicians and lobbyists was also expensive, starting at $450 per person. Moreover, this Napa Valley restaurant had received $2.4 million in PPP (Private Protection Program) loans, or 17 times more than the average Bay Area restaurant received during the 2020 lockdowns. From this it becomes clear that Newsom as Governor is not even-handed. He rewards businesses of friends and major donors at a different rate than to other businesses.  So this was a bad night for Newsom, especially when other guests spotted him and posted video and photos of the evening.

Tr. Moon is already weak at zero degrees and closely conjunct the eclipse axis (2 ½ ° orb), though technically in a good house for networks of friends and colleagues. Thus, the people have very little power under a Newsom administration and are subject to emotionally and mentally unstable conditions. On Sept. 14, 2021 tr. Pluto will conjoin this Moon at 00:16 Capricorn, and turns Stationary Direct at 00:09 Capricorn on Oct. 6, 2021.  This can symbolize the public turning away from Newsom by Sept. 14th. Tr. Pluto to the Moon implies a radical transformation of the public’s thinking and may apply to a number of current hot button issues, including Newsom’s threat on July 22nd that CA schools may not open if not enough school children are vaccinated. Many parents are very upset with this edict, especially as children are not at risk from Covid, and the Covid vaccine (especially the gene therapy) is not suitable for children.  This fact is confirmed by Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine and RNA transfection.

Governor Gavin Newsom

Source:  AstroDataBank. Tuesday, Oct. 10, 1967, 5:13 am PDT, San Francisco, CA. Class AA data, birth record quoted.  Ascendant: 27:49 Leo.

As mentioned previously, the major challenge to Newsom’s situation in the 2021 Recall Election is indicated by tr. Neptune at 27:37 Aquarius closely opposite his Ascendant and tr. Sun on Sept, 14, 2021. This is an orb of 12 minutes to his Ascendant, or just 12/60ths of a degree.  In close tandem to this is his natal Pluto at 27:58 Leo (not shown) and natal Mars at 27:29 Scorpio.  Thus, despite the two classic benefics and a Raja yoga (5th and 10th lords) in the Ascendant showing a charming exterior personality and many luxuries in this life, natal Pluto and Mars are telling a very different story of a more ruthlessly ambitious individual.   But tr. Neptune interacts so closely with natal Pluto, Ascendant, and Mars that there is the very real possibility of a personal implosion by way of opposition.  In such close contact to the Ascendant, Neptune can dissolve whatever plans may have been set in motion over many years. The level of personal ambition becomes irrelevant.

An interesting resonance between Newsom’s birth chart and his Jan. 6, 2019 Swearing-in is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, this one in Leo in the Ascendant. (The Swearing-in is in Scorpio in the 9th house.) When Venus and Jupiter reside in the same house, there is always the possibility of great excess, especially if there is no Saturn aspect to rein in the energies, as in both these charts. Newsom is currently in Jupiter Dasha, in the Jupiter-Ketu sub-period.  Jupiter resides in Magha nakshatra, ruled by Ketu, and Ketu is placed in the 3rd house of communications with Mercury. These planets in turn are in a Papa Kartari yoga, with classic malefic planets Sun and Mars in adjacent houses.  Thus, Newsom’s communications could in some way produce his downfall in the Recall Election.  They already have to some extent, but he has been largely protected, as all Democrat politicians are, by the Leftist/Globalist mainstream media.  Challenging him now are voices from a broader spectrum and a broader, more independent media, unafraid to question Newsom or even taunt him.  Here is a July 26, 2021 Twitter exchange between Newsom and GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA):


Disgraceful? Here’s a word — murderous. Your anti-vaccine lies are literally killing Americans. Your own supporters are following you off a cliff and into the ICU. Come clean about vaccines — they save lives.


@GavinNewsom, you know what is exhausting to the people of California? Your communist dictatorship.  Shutting down businesses, closing churches, schools and beaches is disgraceful.  Mandating vaccines against people’s will is unconscionable.  Which is why you will be recalled.

The Leading Candidates

Source:  Wikipedia:  Sunday, April 27, 1952, Los Angeles, CA.  No birth time currently available.  12 noon used. [See update on Elder’s birth time at the end of this section.]

The New Moon July 9, 2021 brought new dynamism to the USA chart and to all matters of political leadership in the U.S., especially nationally, though California is closely linked to national politics. Governor Newsom also has presidential ambitions and is the nephew of U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The New Moon at 23:52 Gemini was conjunct the USA Independence chart Sun (Kelleher chart, July 4, 1776, 6:31 pm, Philadelphia, PA).  Three days later, on July 12, 2021 black radio talk show host, author, attorney, and documentary filmmaker Larry Elder entered the Governor Recall election in California, suddenly creating a new dynamism to the race.

He was among the very last of 46 candidates to enter the race. The Secretary of State’s office even attempted to stop his candidacy by questioning a few minor redactions in over 300 pages of tax forms he submitted.  She took him off the list of candidates until Elder took the matter to court and won the case. It appeared as if the Secretary of State tried to remove the most likely candidate to beat Gavin Newsom, and on very flimsy grounds.  Initial polls even showed him at 16%, a 10 point lead over the other most serious contenders: businessman John Cox and former San Diego mayor Kevin Falconer.

Larry Elder’s radio shows have been syndicated on and off since 1993. Prior to that he owned and operated a legal executive search firm, from 1980 to 1995. He is a very dynamic speaker with a strong conviction for conservative principles and a very reasonable and convincing way of expressing his views.  Thus, he is unlikely to ever become a RINO or cave in like a RINO.  His birth chart stands out for containing three exalted planets, Sun in Aries, Moon in Taurus, and Venus in Pisces. Mercury also in Pisces is Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga.  Though debilitated, it receives correction through its contact with exalted Venus, and thus gains power over time, after some initial setbacks. Venus is not only exalted but also Vargottama, repeating in the Navamsha as an exalted planet.  It is also Atmakaraka (planet at the highest degree of celestial longitude), so gives benefit from that status as well. With Venus and Mercury opposite Saturn, there is both sweet speech and concise speech.  Saturn’s involvement forces Elder to stay on track and be organized and concise in his communications.

Even without a birth time, we can see that the Sun (one’s will power, self-confidence and leadership abilities) is in a Shubha Kartari yoga, hemmed in by two classic benefic planets (exalted Venus and waxing Moon).  This also applies to Jupiter (one’s education, philosophy, religion, ethics).  It gives a very supportive foundation in life and assures Elder of a wide network of friends and family.  However, with Jupiter in the 12th house from Moon (a Shakata yoga), he has experienced fluctuating fortunes.  This is diminished if Jupiter is in a Kendra from the Ascendant and both Moon and Jupiter are strong.

Based in Los Angeles, Larry Elder represents a very large population base – the largest in the state.  As of 2021 the county has 3.9 million, while metropolitan Los Angeles contains 13.1 million in population – America’s 2nd largest city.  So Elder already has an advantage coming from the most populous area of the state and of the country. Los Angeles county is the largest and most diverse county in the U.S., and it gained half a million people voting Republican in Nov. 2020 – another positive indicator potentially supporting a GOP candidate for governor, if not Larry Elder. (This percentage may have been even higher, given what we know so far about election fraud across 50 states in Nov. 2020.)

All three top GOP candidates share in common either a Mars-Jupiter contact or Sun-Mars-Jupiter contacts.  This combination is good for warriors, and in Elder’s case the Sun is exalted in Aries closely opposite Mars (4° orb), and within 8° from Jupiter also in Aries.  Sun is in Venus-owned Bharani nakshatra and Mars is in the Venus-owned sign of Libra, as is Moon in Venus-owned sign of Taurus.  So for Sun, Moon, and Mars there is extra benefit from the exalted Vargottama Venus, bringing with it often a theme of devotion to a cause much greater than oneself. This may be further amplified by the close Venus-Neptune opposition.  We see this with Larry Elder, who speaks with fervor, not just as a black conservative, but because he understands the extremely critical juncture at which both the nation and the state of California stand.

As with the other GOP candidates, Elder is focusing on what he considers the top issues, but he prefers to debate Newsom rather than the other GOP candidates. (So far Newsom has declined all debates.) Elder’s campaign communications director, Ying Ma says this: “[Elder] and voters across the state know that the real issues in this campaign are rampant crime, rising homelessness, out-of-control cost of living, and the dictatorial, anti-science way Newsom locked down California during the pandemic.”

Elder’s key astrological strength lies in his three exalted planets and in the power that exalted Venus lends to  natal Sun, Moon, and Mars. On Sept. 14, 2021 tr. Saturn and Jupiter will be in the 9th house from his natal Moon, and in the 10th house from natal Sun. This is auspicious.  The outer planets do not play havoc with him on that date (as with Newsom and tr. Neptune), though tr. Saturn’s aspect to natal Mars, Mercury, and Venus may spell some extra responsibilities, especially if one of them is Ascendant lord.  His key vulnerability is with the Jupiter and Saturn in 6-8 relationship. He has shifted career paths depending on where his current interests lie.  But all of this seems to be guided by his sense of profound obligation (Venus in Pisces) to better himself and the society that surrounds him. Though the same could perhaps be said of all the candidates, when Venus in Pisces is involved, it brings a deeper devotional truth to it.

[Update Aug. 15, 2021: Larry Elder’s birth certificate has just become available thanks to my colleague and friend, Steve Stuckey.  He obtained it from the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk in Norwalk, California. The birth certificate gives a birth time of 6:38 am on April 27, 1952, Los Angeles, CA.  This gives an Ascendant of 22:37 Aries and reinforces the importance of Sun, Jupiter, and Mars across the Ascendant axis and unites Ascendant lord Mars with Raja yoga planets Sun and Jupiter. This gives Jupiter Digbala status, further strengthening it.  In addition, the Ascendant is fortified by the Shubha Kartari yoga, two classic benefic planets in adjacent houses to the Ascendant.  In the Navamsha chart, both Sun and Moon are swakshetra (in their own signs) and well placed house-wise, especially the Moon in the 10th house for a politician. Further good news comes from tr. Saturn currently in Elder’s 10th house in his birth chart – a career cycle high – with 5 bindus, well above average. Tr. Jupiter in Capricorn as of Sept. 14, 2021 is at 8 bindus – spectacular!  Eight bindus is the top number that can be had in the Ashtakavarga count, and gives extraordinary results.  The only factor that shows less strength is current Dasha lord Mercury, which is in the 12th house from Aries Ascendant but in several yoga combinations with exalted Venus: Viparita Harsha Raja yoga and Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga. The latter yoga shows a planet that starts out with a disadvantage but after initial setbacks gains strength. The Viparita yoga status protects from losses.]

John Cox

Source: Wikipedia: Friday, July 15, 1955, Chicago, IL. No birth time currently available. 12 noon used.

John Cox is a California businessman who has run for political office many times previously, including in the Nov. 2018 Governor’s race against Gavin Newsom which he lost by a 31-point margin. He was supported in that race by Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, though he chose to distance himself from Trump.  (Note that Republicans currently running for office without support from Trump or vice versa do not do as well in their races.  Falconer is clearly not a Trump supporter, but Larry Elder definitely is.)

Cox put himself through college teaching tennis (showing the athleticism of Mars-Jupiter in Cancer aspected by exalted Saturn). He went on to a versatile career in both business and law (corporate law and tax planning), showing an early interest in politics from 1976, and running for numerous political offices, initially in Illinois and later in California.  He was originally a Democrat, turning GOP ca. 1987. He was raised by a Jewish mother but is now a practicing Catholic. These many changes show the changeability and adaptability in his life we can see from the four planets in versatile Gemini. There is little fixity in the birth chart, with Moon in Taurus being the only planet in a fixed sign.  So politically, Cox may not be wedded to certain fixed principles

As with Larry Elder, Cox also has three exalted planets: Moon in Taurus, Jupiter in Cancer (along with debilitated, Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga Mars in Cancer), and Saturn in Libra.  Saturn is extra strong being right on its Stationary Direct degree four days after birth.  He also has Mercury in its own sign of Gemini, along with Ketu, Venus and Sun also in Gemini.   All this Gemini influence and five planets in dual signs gives excellent communication skills.  Since two of his exalted planets are outer planets (i.e. not personal planets, as with Elder), they apply more to a whole generation than to him, though he can certainly benefit personally.

Though his natal Sun is Vargottama  (and Atmakaraka) in Gemini, it does not have the Shubha Kartari yoga that Elder has. His Moon is also a very waning, so although his communication skills are strong, he does not connect as well with the people as Elder. The testimony to this is that he has been a perennial candidate for office, including for U.S. Senate in Illinois, for California Governor – twice – and the U.S. Presidency in 2008, but he has not yet won a single race for office.  With tr. Saturn currently in the 8th house from his four planets in Gemini and opposite his natal Mars-Jupiter in Cancer, this does not look likely to change as of Sept. 2021.

Kevin Falconer

Source: Wikipedia: Tuesday, Jan. 24, ,1967, San Jose, CA.  No birth time currently available.  12 noon used.

Kevin Falconer served as Mayor of San Diego for two terms, 2014 to 2020, until he reached the term limit. Prior to that he served on the San Diego City Council from 2006 to 2014.  He presents himself as a Republican with fiscally conservative views but liberal social views.  As a centrist Republican, he aims to succeed in Leftist California, and he managed to keep homelessness more in check in San Diego than in Los Angeles and San Francisco, where it runs rampant.

Falconer declared his candidacy very early on, on Feb. 1, 2021, several months before the Recall petitions were approved and a date confirmed for the Recall Election.  Since he currently works at Pepperdine University as a consultant and guest lecturer, California’s Secretary of State did not allow him to list himself on the ballot as “retired San Diego Mayor” as he is not technically retired.  This seemingly small detail may be a problem for Falconer in the vote count if not enough voters know who he is.  Otherwise, he is generally considered a serious gubernatorial candidate, even if his polling fell well behind Larry Elder.  He and John Cox both polled at 6% as of July 21st, when the list of candidates was set at 46.  Elder, with his wider name recognition and pre-existing base, polled at 16% from the start.  And as long as Newsom is recalled, any other candidate can win with the highest percentage of the votes.

If John Cox has only one planet in a fixed sign (natal Moon), Kevin Falconer has NO planets in fixed signs in his birth chart. So as a politician he can bend with the tides of the time, and indeed he has consistently positioned himself as a Centrist Republican in Leftist California.  The question now is whether that will fly with those who want real change and not just the pretense of change while cozying up to the Globalist Left.

In common with Elder and Cox, Kevin Falconer has close interactions of Sun, Jupiter and Mars. His Sun in Capricorn opposes Jupiter exalted in Cancer, and Mars in Libra aspects the Sun through its square aspect.  Notable in Falconer’s chart are the 7 out of 9 classic Vedic planets in chara (cardinal) signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The remaining two planets, Moon and Saturn are in dual signs. Such a preponderance of planets in chara signs gives the quality of an action-packed life, with the desire to move, to act, and to take initiative. Three planets in Capricorn (Sun, Mercury, and Venus) show the willingness to take on extra responsibilities in life.  These may indeed come to Falconer this fall, with tr. Saturn due to turn Stationary Direct at 12:44 Capricorn on Oct. 11, 2021, within 2° orb of his natal Sun and 3° from natal Mercury. But it is not clear at all whether this relates to winning the Recall Election. And with tr. Saturn now in the 8th house from natal Moon in Gemini (through Jan. 18, 2023), it seems unlikely.  Nevertheless, Falconer continues to take an active role in public affairs, if not education.


Gavin Newsom looks to be in big trouble in this Recall Election.  That is seen not only from his birth chart (and the close opposition of tr. Neptune to his Ascendant), but the chart of his Swearing-in on Jan. 6, 2019 and the chart of Sept. 14, 2021 – the Recall Election itself.  Among the three leading candidates, all of them Republican, Larry Elder stands well above the others not only because of his name recognition, but because as a black conservative he provides a dynamically different answer to California’s problems than the two more establishment GOP candidates, John Cox and Kevin Falconer.  Californians need to be convinced that changing governors will be worth the risk and bring significant benefits. They are most concerned about homelessness, gas prices and the high cost of living, but due to Biden’s gag order and the silence of the complicit Globalist media many more Californians are as yet uninformed about the huge immigrant invasion at the U.S. southern border.  They need to know that with Open Borders come high crime rates, including through drug and human trafficking. By design, the Mexican cartels are currently in charge of the U.S. southern border.

Astrologically, Elder’s exalted Venus is the crowning point of a chart for which as yet we have no birth time, and thus no known Ascendant.  Nevertheless, the extent to which Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury gain strength through their connection to exalted Venus shows itself in the way Elder throws himself headlong into a debate, eager to talk with his audience and convince them that his way of looking at California’s many social, political, and economic problems is a sound and reasonable way to move forward and away from the failed policies of the Globalist/Marxist Left.  Elder is devoted to this process and has convinced many a viewer and listener along the way. So he may well convince California that he is the right person to be Governor of California, especially in a key time period when the Globalist agenda (and its proponents Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden) are being severely challenged.

[NOTE: Please see the Aug. 15, 2021 Update to Larry Elder’s chart. His birth time is now available, establishing an Ascendant of 22:37 Aries.]


Selected References


          [This article also appears in the Aug. 2021 issue of AstroLogic  magazine, an online magazine.] 

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