What Nigel Farage can Teach Americans

By Edith Hathaway © 2021

Known as “Mr. Brexit,” Nigel Farage is the one person in the UK who symbolizes the decades-long fight of UK citizens aiming to gain independence from the Globalist tyranny of the European Union.  Initially there seemed so little hope that his goals would reach fruition that he was dubbed “the patron saint of lost causes.”  He was vastly outnumbered, especially by establishment politicians and the mainstream media, notably the BBC.  They all said Globalism is here to stay, so get used to it and stop questioning the inevitable, including unlimited mass migration.  Nation-states must learn to be subservient to the New World Order and the Great Reset. Even if some of these terms came later, with slogans like “Build Back Better” – the themes were the same.  And now, with just a short respite to enjoy his Brexit victory, Farage is kept busy warning UK leaders against bowing to the Chinese Communist Party or the “Woke” Leftists who spread Marxist principles at every turn.  Meanwhile, Globalist oligarch Klaus Schwab, co-author of The Great Reset, says to the world at large: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Currently Farage is in the U.S. on his­­ 6-week “America’s Comeback tour 2021” bolstering like-minded Americans who are fighting against powerful Globalist and Communist forces pushing for control of the United States.  Having left his life as a politician in March 2021, Farage is currently a political analyst, commentator and broadcaster who had a successful career as a commodities trader before moving into politics. In 1982, at age 18, instead of pursuing a university education after six years at a prestigious private secondary school (Dulwich College), he became a commodities trader.  He spent a total of 20 years as a commodities broker and trader, starting with the London Metals Exchange and later heading his own metals brokerage firm.

His interest in politics began early. He joined the Conservative Party in 1978 at age 14 and was active in his school years, always with strong libertarian values; but he left the party in protest after the party’s leaders signed the Maastricht Treaty in Feb. 1992.  Former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990) also did not support the ratification of the treaty.  It weakened national sovereignty while tightening the ties of European nations even more to the EU and accelerating the globalization process. Many more of the former-Communist nations would soon join their ranks and enjoy the privileges of citizenship in any of the richer nation-states within the EU.

The Maastricht Treaty was a major turning point for Farage.  He then became one of the founding members of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) when it formed in Sept. 1993.  He served as leader of UKIP from 2006 to 2009, and from 2010 to 2016. Then from 2019 to 2021 he was leader of the Brexit Party.  He represented South East England as Member of the European Parliament from 1999 up to the UK’s official exit from the EU Jan. 31, 2020. Though he says he has left UK politics as he has achieved his goals, he serves as honorary President of the Reform UK Party, which has replaced the Brexit Party.

His sole aim as UKIP’s party leader was to achieve independence for the UK and he succeeded with that on June 23, 2016 when UK citizens voted for Brexit by a decisive margin (52% to 48%) – a margin of 1.3 million votes.  But it took another several years to fight off the Globalists who assumed they could overturn the mandate.  Establishment figures in government, media and elsewhere were determined to keep the U.K. in the European Union, no matter how the citizens voted.

But it was Nigel Farage’s role in politics that may have caused the final death knell to their plans for the U.K.  They did not succeed in large part due to the ongoing political will and indefatigable leadership of Brexiteer-in-Chief Nigel Farage, including his re-entry with the Brexit Party in 2019.  Now many Americans have a renewed appreciation for the man who said “no” to losing national identity and national history, who said “no” to unlimited mass migration, and “no” to being subservient to unelected officials in some distant organization, unfamiliar with the nuances of the national economy and culture to which he belongs.

Astrological Nigel Farage

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Source: AstroDatabank. Class A data: From memory.  April 3, 1964, 16:30, Farnborough, UK. Ascendant 18:05 Leo. (sidereal zodiac, Lahiri ayanamsha)

 The Ascendant at 18:05 Leo is closely conjoined by outer planets Uranus (13:14 Leo) and Pluto (18:48 Leo) – not shown here.  A Western tropical astrologer might say that is the defining feature of Farage’s chart as a galvanizing revolutionary and a stalwart game-changer.  But even without these planets, which are not included among the classical Vedic planetary line-up, we see a very strong chart of a person who has a lot of volcanic energy and a lot to say, in both a witty and candid style, always ardent and eloquent.  With the Ascendant and four planets in FIRE signs (Moon-Ketu in Sagittarius, Mercury-Jupiter in Aries), and Jupiter aspecting both the Moon and the Ascendant, we see that he will not hold back when he feels the necessity to say or do something, and he will excel at initiating projects .  All this is supported by a tremendous optimism (Jupiter’s aspect to both Moon and Ascendant). But that in itself does not give him the staying power to persist with his goals for years on end, even when his goals appear to be utterly hopeless.

That trait is shown by a strong, well-placed Saturn, and we do have that here.  Natal Saturn is in its own sign of Aquarius in the 7th house, a placement that gives it Digbala (best possible angular house from the Ascendant).  At the same time, Saturn in an angular house in its own sign or exalted gives a Shasha Maha Purusha yoga.  This is the Great Soul yoga, with special distinction for Saturn and all its traits, such as being disciplined, hardworking, practical and trustworthy.  The latter is further reinforced by Jupiter’s 9th house position, and its repeat in the Navamsha 9th house (in Taurus), again aspecting the Ascendant and this time another luminary – the Sun, in this case in Capricorn.

Farage’s chart falls just short of achieving a Kala Sarpa yoga, when all the Vedic classical planets fall between Rahu and Ketu. (Kala Sarpa = Time-Snake and indicates a dramatic if not somewhat fated lifetime.)  Natal Moon at 3:08 Sagittarius is 10 degrees earlier than Ketu, and thus disqualifies the chart from having a full-fledged Kala Sarpa yoga.  However, it is clear that with Rahu-Ketu-Moon falling across the 5-11 House axis Farage could be very involved in 5th house matters (speculation/love affairs/children).  He spent 20 years in the metals commodities business and has four children: two sons, b. 1989 and 1991 and two daughters, b. 2000 and 2005, each set of children from two successive marriages: 1988-1997; 1999-2016.

His second marriage encompassed all his years as leader of the UKIP Party, as well as 17 (out of 21) years as Member of the European Parliament. This was from 1999 up to the UK’s official exit from the EU Jan. 31, 2020.  We can see that the political life and constant travel was disruptive to his marital and family life, though most of 1999 was in his auspicious Moon-Jupiter period, and thus expansive in many positive ways, including the start of his 2nd marriage and many years as Member of the European Parliament. But Mars is Kuja Dosha in both the birth and Navamsha charts, giving marital difficulties and/or impediment to marriage unless one marries someone who also has Kuja Dosha.

Confirmation in the Navamsha chart

Natal Sun is not ideally placed in the 8th house of the birth chart, as it can bring accident-proneness or long-term illnesses, and he did suffer a nearly fatal airplane crash on May 6, 2010.  But the Sun’s position improves in the Navamsha chart. It goes to Capricorn in the 5th house, and with natal Jupiter aspecting the Ascendant, there is a lot of protection of the physical body.  Though he was injured, he recovered from his injuries. In both D-1 and D-9 Mars is closely impacting the Sun, a conjunction in the Rashi (birth chart) and a Mars aspect to the Sun in the Navamsha.  This ignites Farage’s physical and mental energy. The tendency to run hot is shown by this Sun-Mars combination, and in Pisces in the 8th house it can give intuitive abilities.  This is amplified by Navamsha Moon in the 8th house in Aries.  Moon in the 8th house can bring emotional turbulence and suffering, but it can also confer excellent intuition and the ability to understand others more deeply on an emotional level.  For a metals trader or a politician, this can give certain obvious advantages in assessing the public pulse.  And with Navamsha Moon in Mars-ruled Aries aspected by Mars, which also aspects Navamsha Sun, it is confirmed that Farage will move quickly to say what he wants when he wants, whether the topic is politics or money.

With the galvanic energy I have described here, in addition to Uranus and Pluto on the Ascendant, it would be easy for a person with this chart to lose favor with the public, especially for such a well-known public figure who is central to a major controversy, this one known for years as “Euroskepticism.”  But Farage is helped by yet another Maha Purusha yoga in the chart, a Malavya Maha Purusha yoga: Venus in its own sign of Taurus in the 10th house.  This confers many advantages in addition to being an Amala yoga: a classic benefic in the 10th house. As the Malavya yoga, Venus in its own sign of Taurus is outstanding in giving career success and status.  Amala = spotless, and gives an excellent reputation.  The Amala yoga is repeated with a different planet in the Navamsha chart, this time with Mercury in Gemini, once again a Maha Purusha yoga, the Bhadra Maha Purusha yoga – giving Mercury well above average powers.  Nigel Farage is known as an excellent speaker, raconteur and writer who has shown a consistent capacity to persuade the public of the merits of an issue, well before it has become accepted by a broader public.  So with this amount of fiery energy, stabilized by a strong Saturn, he was able to persist through many discouraging years, even when he was known for some time as “the patron saint of lost causes.” 

Offsetting all these positives is the Nirbhagya yoga, when the 9th lord is situated in one of the Dusthana houses (Houses 6, 8, or 12). It takes away some of the good fortune in the life that the 9th house of Bhagya (fortune) typically confers.  In this case 9th lord Mars goes to the 8th house, and this had several effects. It cut short his higher education (he chose not to attend university at age 18), and also reflects Mars as lord of the 4th house of education and home life.  He has had to travel a great deal during his political and married life. The Nirbhagya yoga is repeated in the Navamsha chart, where 9th lord Venus is situated in the 6th house.  The 9th house also refers to the father, and though Farage grew up in a prosperous household, his stockbroker father was an alcoholic who left the family when Nigel was age five.  He subsequently lost his seat on the Stock Exchange, gave up drinking two years later and went into the antiques business.  His marriage to Nigel’s mother ended in divorce by 1971 and she remarried.  The Nirbhagya yoga can indicate this kind of volatility.

Natal Moon is also in Mula nakshatra, ruled by Nritti, Goddess of Destruction, especially of the ego. The Sade Sati periods (tr. Saturn in House 1, 2 and 3 from natal Moon) would exaggerate and/or exacerbate any 5th house concerns and bring extra responsibilities.  The most recent Sade Sati (Oct. 27, 2017 to Jan. 18, 2023) has kept Farage far busier than he expected, including after he retired from the UKIP leadership in 2016.  But his presence was still needed on the political stage to insure that Brexit would actually happen after so many delays, especially in 2019.

2016: UK’s Brexit Vote and the U.S. Presidential Election

There is an important link between the UK’s Brexit vote on June 23, 2016 and the U.S. Presidential Election on Nov. 8, 2016.  We also see a link between events in 1992 and 2020-2021, with the return of Saturn to Capricorn after a full Saturn orbital cycle.  But also, prior to a major Jupiter-Saturn conjunction we can see changes in the 4 to 7-year time span leading up to the conjunction.  These occurred in a major way in both the U.K. and the U.S.  Nigel Farage was among the few who saw the connection right away and boldly predicted a Trump victory, soon forging a friendship and a strong alliance with the U.S. President.  Like Farage, President Donald Trump is a Nationalist/Populist who comes from a business perspective and could see the real damage a Globalist reality was bringing to the world. He was the first U.S. president in 30 years to break the trend of Globalists in the White House, whether Republican or Democrat, and this was truly shocking to their carefully laid out plans.  Nor was Trump a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The plans of the Globalists were in the works for many decades, if not since at least 1921 with the formation of the Council on ForeignRelations (CFR). But they were becoming more obvious to the public in 1992 with both the Maastricht Treaty in Europe and the United Nations’ Agenda 21.  The incorporation of the CFR occurred July 29, 1921, just six weeks prior to the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Sept. 9, 1921 in a sidereal EARTH sign, thus providing a harbinger for the definitive kickoff of the current EARTH period. This is when the JU-SA conjunctions occur predominantly in EARTH signs.

The history of the CFR is a chronicle of a century-long war against national sovereignty, and an unremitting effort to build an all-powerful world government, which CFR globalists have frequently referred to as their “New World Order.”… The CFR Deep State… has been building and concentrating its power for a century, patiently penetrating and corrupting all of our foundational institutions…. They have been the primary moving force behind virtually every destructive policy that has been undermining America on all fronts, while simultaneously aiding our enemies….[It] has a corporate membership that includes global giants of Big Business, Big Banking, Big Tech, Big Data, Big Media, and Big Pharma. In short, the CFR has unparalleled reach and clout….   With the COVID and climate-change “crises,” the Council and its globalist allies are pushing the Great Reset to wipe out the middle classes all over the world to concentrate all power — political and economic — in their hands..    Alex Newman, May 30, 2021

The dangers from fascism during the EARTH period increased enormously due to the increased power of Saturn in EARTH signs, notably Capricorn, and the weakening of Jupiter in EARTH signs, notably Capricorn, where it is debilitated.  Saturn in Capricorn can bring enormous success in business, while Jupiter’s proper reign over religion, education, the law, and journalism suffers. Jupiter also rules over the nation-state.  Increasingly in the years leading up to Dec. 2020 we have seen the weakening of all these arenas, including the blatant destruction of Christian churches all across Europe and the U.S., and the “Islamification” of much of Europe after the mass migrations to Europe from the Middle East and Africa from 2015 onward.

UK citizens became far more open to Brexit after being forced by EU bureaucrats to open their borders, just as the Biden administration is now forcing the U.S. Southern border to be open, and with almost no mainstream coverage of such a major event.  U.S. Border officials are saying “it went from an emergency to a crisis to an invasion.”  But then we have known since at least 1992 that Joe Biden was a staunch Globalist.  He wrote an op-ed in 1992 for the Wall Street Journal entitled “How I Learned to Love the New World Order.” In it he proposed to “breathe life into the U.N. Charter” by providing it with permanent military forces, among other things.  And now a full Saturn cycle later we see Joe Biden apparently not objecting to the disastrous “Defund the Police” policy in so many Democrat-run cities.  Among the worst of them is Portland, OR, which now has a crime rate increase of 800%.

These themes are highlighted most especially in the 60 years starting in Feb. 1961 (with JU-SA Vargottama in Capricorn), though coming to a huge trend change by Dec. 2020, according to my predictions from 2019.  Part of this dynamic is that the conflicting ideologies have to be played out on a large enough stage for people to see what is really going on.  In Dec. 2020 the JU-SA conjunction at 6:20 Capricorn moves to the second Navamsha, with Jupiter no longer debilitated in Aquarius, and a chance to increase its strength. I have also said that the major trend change would not come without an enormous battle, and that the battle would center around the Nov. 2020 U.S. Election.  That battle is still being waged six months later, but as Sun Tzu says in his book The Art of War, ca. 600 B.C.:

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting… To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” 

 China has perfected this by infiltrating our universities, stealing our technologies, and flooding our southern borders with fentanyl and other life-threatening opioids. Fentanyl killed George Floyd, for instance, not the policeman’s actions, according to the coroner’s report.  No need to use bombs or other weapons. Just weaken the enemy by other means – stealing their elections, spreading Marxist philosophy wherever possible and lionizing China and its history and culture over the American history and culture.

 In that regard, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been relentless in its war on the U.S. and other nations, but especially the U.S., and this with the full cooperation of non-Chinese Globalists all around the world, including many Americans as well as the all-powerful Council on Foreign Relations.  This is why they needed a China-compliant U.S. President to replace Donald Trump, and they have that in Joe Biden.  President Trump was simply too effective in opposing China and had to be removed.  To that end the CCP is over 60% responsible for the massive election fraud that occurred in Nov. 2020.  The proof of all this is laid out in many verified reports that the corrupt Big Media prefers to censor as mere “conspiracy theory.” Here is one such reference.

But this may soon change, as Election Integrity warriors fight on to expose the massive election fraud that took place on an unprecedented historical scale in each of the 50 states. After months of stonewalling, progress is finally being made in various U.S. states to perform forensic audits of the actual ballots and voting machines from Nov. 2020.  This is all part of the larger battle that I said was coming but did not know exactly what form it would take or how long it would take to resolve.  But in many countries citizens are now beginning to fight back against the tyranny of Globalism, including the extended Lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates.  The success of the U.S. in winning this battle is – as Nigel Farage and others say – pivotal for citizens winning their freedom throughout the world.  To this end, the fact that President Trump is resuming his large outdoor rallies in June 2021 is another factor for accelerating the exposure of election fraud.  It has to come out so loud and clear that no amount of censorship by Big Media and Big Tech is going to silence it any longer.

Eclipses always mark periods of greater intensity, along with planetary stations.  Tr. Saturn turned Stationary Retrograde on May 23, 2021 and Jupiter does the same on June 20, 2021. The Saturn station could impact Joe Biden quite negatively (aspecting his Ascendant lord in the 12th house) along with the May 26, 2021 Total Lunar eclipse on his Ascendant.  A second eclipse occurs June 10, 2021.

 Saturn, the Truth-Teller

We have spoken of the importance of the 1992 to 2020-2021 time span because in 28-29 years it marks the return of Saturn to Capricorn, where it was transiting for several years up to Oct. 16, 1993.  The UKIP party was founded in Sept. 1993 in Britain to counter the Globalist Maastricht Treaty.  A Saturn return within 28-29 years always brings a time of truth and reckoning for an individual, a group, or a project begun that many years earlier.

The Maastricht Treaty was signed in Feb. 1992, just four months prior to the infamous Agenda 21 in June 1992 at the United Nations’ Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was since updated with the Agenda 2030 and promised even more radical Globalist measures that insured the weakening of all nation-states and the destruction of the middle class and small businesses.  The U.S. was certainly the biggest target the Globalists intended to weaken on every front by 2020.

Just as the European Union had plans to globalize Europe, the United Nations had plans to globalize all nations of the world, even if these intentions may not have been conveyed as boldly and clearly early on.  But 2020 was always a target date, and by 2015 the U.N. started pushing its Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration which essentially attempted to dictate unlimited mass migration worldwide.  And as if to put the plan into direct action as soon as possible, the mass migrations to Europe from the Middle East and Africa began that same year and with devastating effects on most of the nations impacted by mass migration enforced by EU mandates.

At such a significant turning point when Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party are pushing to gain complete control in the U.S., the arrival of Britain’s Nigel Farage for his­­ 6-week “America’s Comeback tour 2021” is a welcome relief to many Nationalist/Populists.  Among other current crises, they do not want to give up U.S. national sovereignty to Joe Biden and the Open Borders Globalists, who have more or less opened wide the U.S. southern border.  Just since Jan. 2021 the U.S. is flooded with 700,000 more immigrants, i.e. over 140,000 per month, since the actual count is undoubtedly far higher. Tens of thousands of immigrants are being dropped into various states, some of which (like Tennessee) had officially refused to take the immigrants.  With the Globalist Big Media not covering this, Farage’s video coverage matters a lot.  It is sometimes said that our current World War III is truly an Information War.   (See Nigel Farage Investigates : Crisis at the U.S. [Southern] Border.)

And as this is a major Information War, it is taking time for the truth to come out, even if many people already knew it months ago.  But one thing is for sure, they were not dependent on Big Media or Big Tech “news” to learn what was actually happening.  Unfortunately part of Jupiter’s demise in EARTH signs has turned once reputable journalism into blatant propaganda and fabricated stories.  Rabid censorship in this era seems so ironic in an age of surveillance, instant digitalized information and total retrieval of information from alternate sources. So no matter how much censorship is inflicted on the public, the information can still be found somewhere else. Then the race is on to debunk actual facts and truths by teams of fact-checkers hired to serve as a buttress against any information coming out that conflicts with the official narrative.  This is exactly how it operates in a dictatorship such as Communist China, where censorship is the norm.

One might ask: How could propaganda do so well in these times? Perhaps because people want to believe the narrative they have invested in. And from the other side, the Globalists are desperate to maintain control.  But all this is about to change, and people with the refreshing combination of honesty, courage, and bravery will make it happen.  Nigel Farage’s presence in the U.S. at this time is a harbinger of what is needed by patriotic citizens everywhere if the tides of Globalism are to be reversed once and for all. We should expect to see this in the year following the pivotal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of Dec. 2020.  It needs to come very soon.  Otherwise the extent of willful weakening and destruction of a great nation-state is all too rapidly increasing.


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