Matthew Perry – A Lifelong Battle with Saturn (Part 1)

By Edith Hathaway © 2023

On Saturday afternoon Oct. 28, 2023, the 54-yr. old American actor, Matthew Perry, died suddenly of an apparent drowning or heat stroke in his jacuzzi in Pacific Palisades, CA.  His death occurred very close to the time of the exact Lunar eclipse at 1:24 pm Pacific time at 10:57 Aries (sidereal zodiac).  The eclipse in turn was within a few degrees of a very pivotal planetary pattern in his chart, natal Saturn debilitated in Aries opposite natal Moon in Libra, as we shall soon discuss.

That same morning he had played one hour of pickle ball, though was scheduled to play for two hours and retired early. He sent his assistant out on an errand and was found unconscious just before 4:00 pm.  The official cause of death is still deferred, pending detailed autopsy and toxicology reports.

A heart attack was ruled out, as it would have been immediately apparent, but no foul play is suspected, and neither fentanyl nor methamphetamine were found in his system.  But prescription drugs were found on the property, including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs and a drug for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), though it is not yet known if they played a part in his death.  With still no toxicology report well over a month after his death, questions arise about the long delay in revealing the cause of death, especially for a celebrity figure with a decades-long history of battling prescription drug and alcohol abuse.  His body was weakened and damaged from all of it, including 15 stints in rehab (from 1997 onward), over 65 detox treatments and 14 surgeries. A recent surgery in July 2018 (at age 49) due to opioid abuse put him in a coma for two weeks after his colon burst, and he nearly died. This was followed by five months in the hospital, soon after which he relapsed once again into his addictive pattern.  His weight fluctuated between 128 and 225 pounds, heavier if drinking, skinnier if on pills.

Perry attended at least 6,000 AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings, saw a therapist twice a week for 30 years, and spent upwards of $9 million on his recovery process. He said his most recent period of sobriety began in early 2021, though he had often made that claim and then relapsed into the gravitational pull of his addictions. In an October 2022 interview with GQ magazine, he was asked how long since he had slipped, and he replied: “I’m going to keep that to myself…. It’s been a little while.” So he was no longer citing early 2021 as the major marker of his sobriety.

Perry became increasingly adamant about wanting to help other addicts. He opened his own treatment center for two years, actively supported drug courts, and wrote about his life-long addiction issues, starting with alcohol at age 14, drinking everyday by age 18.  His book, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing was published Nov. 1, 2022.  He said his addiction was always about “wanting to feel like a normal person” – i.e. self-confident, worthy, loveable and not full of fears.  Added to this was an obsession to be famous, assuming that would obliterate his inner demons.  He recounts how in 1994, just three weeks before landing his life-changing role as Chandler Bing in the new television series Friends, he knelt down and prayed: “God, you can do whatever you want to me. Just please make me famous.”

When word spread of his demise in late Oct. 2023 there was an immediate outpouring of grief, as if many people around the world had lost their best friend or a close family member.  Coincidentally, Perry’s greatest success was with the breakout comedy series Friends, which became a cultural phenomenon and was seen in over 100 countries.  It aired for 236 episodes over 10 seasons, from Sept. 22, 1994 to May 6, 2004.  During the last two seasons each of the six lead actors made $1 million per episode. The Grand Finale episode was filmed in two parts Jan. 16 and 24, 2004 and aired May 6, 2004.  Many Gala Finale screenings were held around the world, with 30-second ads going for $2 million.

The Friends story featured six young actors, three men and three women, all in their 20s and all living and working together in New York City.  At 24, Perry was the youngest member of the cast, all of whom shot to mega-stardom when the show became an instant hit.  Among them, Jennifer Anniston later became the best known in feature films. All six actors were in all 236 episodes over those ten years, though Perry’s addiction issues often posed a threat to that continuity.

Matthew Perry acted in 14 feature films between 1988 and 2009, and in numerous television shows and/or series between 1979 and 2021, some of which he also wrote and co-produced.  He also appeared in several theatre productions, two of which he wrote.  He received several major awards during his acting career and was nominated numerous times. Of all the actors on Friends, he alone sat in on some writers’ meetings and is credited with many ideas for its plot and dialogue.

The Astrology of Matthew Perry

The Ascendant of this chart is Cancer – a WATER sign closely associated with the family, the mother, the nation, and tribal loyalties.  For Cancer Ascendant, the mother often looms large, through her presence or her absence.  Her influence is critical.  Ascendant lord Moon is Digbala (best possible angular house) in the 4th house from the Ascendant.  He describes his mother as a beauty queen who became a journalist, and worked for some years as Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s Press Secretary before moving on to television journalism.   Also, it should be noted that the core cast of Friends considered each other as “family.”

A brief review of how to read a South Indian chart.

Birth data: Tuesday, August 19, 1969, 4:47 am EDT, North Adams, MA, USA.  Long. 73W07 Lat. 42N42, Lahiri ayanamsha -23:25:00. Class AA data from AstroDatabank: Birth certificate quoted by astrologer Frances McEvoy.  B.C. gives the birthplace as North Adams, MA while Matthew Perry and his parents usually referred to his birthplace as Williamstown, MA – a more well-known town just west of North Adams.

For Cancer Ascendant, since the Moon is the ruler of the chart, as such it rules over the physical body.  Since Moon also rules over the emotions, the mind, and the happiness of the heart, for a Cancer Ascendant person, the emotional and mental state is inextricable from the physical health.  Many would say that is always true, but it is especially true for the person with this Ascendant chart.

In the astrology of the East, notably Vedic astrology, primary importance is given to the Moon as the main factor showing the ability to be happy and to be mentally and emotionally balanced, the mind being the consciousness, the receiver of Divine light and wisdom, just as the Moon receives the light of the Sun.  If the Moon is well situated in the chart, and/or receives an aspect from benefic, optimistic Jupiter – that can bring a generally cheerful attitude toward life.  In the case of Cancer Ascendant, the disposition of the Moon in the chart is all the more crucial to both physical and mental well-being.

Natal Moon here is in Libra in Swati nakshatra, giving him an independent spirit and a need to forge his own path in life.  This Moon is in a sign owned by Venus, which in turn is not well placed in the 12th house of loss.  It is also the house of Moksha, or spiritual liberation, but not easy when the sign lord is in one of the more difficult houses: Houses 6, 8, and 12, also called Dushtana houses.  (The exception is if the planet also owns one of the Dusthana houses.)  Further, the lord of Swati nakshatra is Rahu, placed in House 8, another Dushtana house. Offsetting this slightly is the Durudhara yoga, with planets in adjacent houses to the Moon, one a classical benefic (Jupiter) and one a classical malefic (Mars.) This shows he gets good support from others in life, but the Moon-Saturn opposition has a diminishing effect on all of that.

A Challenging Natal Saturn

This is because Saturn’s effect on the Moon is extremely challenging, given that this is a very powerful and afflicted Saturn in the 10th house of career and status.  His natal Saturn is Neecha (debilitated) in Aries, and has no cancellation or correction for the debilitation. A planet can behave very badly in its debilitation sign, and Saturn (the elder and the wise man) does not like having to move at the pace of Mars (a young active person) and ruler of Aries.  Saturn is unlikely to have an easy time dispensing its wisdom and discipline to the mind of this person.

Though Mars in turn is well placed in Scorpio in the 5th house from the Ascendant, it is in the 8th house from the 10th house.  That is, one’s professional success and status come at a heavy price.  Also, Saturn is in Bharani nakshatra, owned by Venus.  Venus, as mentioned, is in the 12th house from the Cancer Ascendant.  While a 12th house Venus can be good for pleasures of the bed, its house ownership and significations do not generally prosper, as there is a sense of loss.

In addition, Venus is aspected by both Saturn and Mars, which can be separative for love matters.  Meanwhile Mars is probably the strongest planet in the chart.  This is fitting – as it rules both the 10th house of status and career, and the 5th house of creativity and the arts. But Saturn is very close to being the second strongest planet, and Saturn had the greatest impact on his Moon.  Perry had far less interest in his education than in a career that could make him rich and most of all – famous.  He also followed in the footsteps of his biological father, John Bennet Perry, and he lived with him in Hollywood from the age of 15.  His father was a successful Hollywood actor and model.

Perry’s mother and stepfather were also successful and well-known in Canada.  In 1981 his mother wed Dateline NBC Correspondent Keith Morrison. She had been dating him since 1980, and it was around the same time (at age 10) that Matthew Perry was beginning to show some signs of bad behavior – perhaps due to the perceived loss of his mother (Moon) to another man.  We know that the mother has major importance for the Cancer Ascendant person.

The fact that his physical body was able to withstand the onslaught of his addiction for several decades is a testimony to a strong Sun in Leo (its own sign) and Mars in Scorpio (its own sign).  Sun is in the 2nd house of speech, along with Mercury and Ketu later in the sign. The Sun gives fire to the speech, especially in a FIRE sign, and Mercury-Ketu quickened his speech and gave it some unusual and original twists. Perry was highly regarded for his comic sense of timing as an actor.

Since the 2nd house also pertains to the intake of food and drink, these planets  contributed to giving him some issues in that arena.  The 2nd house is also the house of income, and he earned large sums and spent large sums in quick succession, since Mercury rules the 12th house of expenses and/or losses.  Further, the Sun has a great deal to do with self-confidence and will power.  Since Ketu can eclipse the Sun, the Nadi yoga between Sun and Ketu would not bode well for self-confidence, even with the Sun in its own sign.  (In a Nadi yoga, there is a nakshatra lord exchange between Sun and Ketu.)  This describes in part the ongoing use of drugs and/or alcohol as a way to boost his self-confidence.

Natal Mars is very strong in the 2nd house from his Libra Moon, firing up his speech and along with it his increasingly uncontrollable appetite for alcohol and/or drugs. But it is good financially, and his Navamsha chart is also excellent for his financial well-being, and contains numerous Dhana yogas for wealth.

Saturn opposite the Moon

Adding to Saturn’s malevolence in this chart is the fact that it is within one minute of arc from its exact Stationary Retrograde degree, which occurred two days after his date of birth at 15:31 Aries.  Saturn is a planet of Truth, Karma and Reality.  It rules over Time and Discipline, including Self-discipline.  When Saturn aspects the Moon, or Moon is in a sign ruled by Saturn, especially Capricorn, typically there is tremendous self-discipline and a sense of duty in life.

But if Saturn is poorly configured, as in this case, not having any correction to its debilitation, and made worse by being close to its Stationary degree, it can depress the person and constantly make them feel like there is something they could or should be doing to make themselves more acceptable or likeable.  The person can constantly berate themselves for not doing better. Coincidentally, before he died the next project Perry was planning to do was called “Unworthy.”

Further, his character in Friends – Chandler Bing – was the one who always had the sarcastic take on life.  His character had a high-paying job but it was not rewarding.  Also, Chandler was perpetually unlucky in love. In one episode, as his date is walking out on him, he pleads with her: “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!” This gets a big laugh from the audience, but the issue keeps getting reinforced for years – until the end of Season 7, when Chandler Bing marries, though just hours before the wedding ceremony he panics and goes into hiding.  Even as fodder for a comedy series, it seemed to carry over into the actor’s private life, with the two roles often merging and perhaps contributing to keeping him stuck in his addictions in his personal life and general lack of success in the romantic sphere.  His lively sense of humor was a convenient shield against life’s ups and downs, while not fully masking the self-sabotage.

The Moon-Saturn opposition is so close that it repeats in the Navamsha chart, this time in Fixed signs, Moon in Aquarius, Saturn in Leo.  Third house Navamsha Moon highlights Perry’s proclivities and abilities as a writer, but the fixity of the pattern unfortunately tends to lock him into a tendency to always be very hard on himself.  When this became intolerable, as it often did, each time it led him to then reward himself with his drug of choice.

Navamsha Moon has no planets in adjacent houses, though it does get modified by having planets in all the angles from itself.  This is a Kema Druma Bhanga Moon, which means that the person tends to feel lack of support, even when they are surrounded by supportive friends and/or family.  Even so, they tend to think they have to be self-sufficient.  This contrasts with the Durudhara yoga in his birth chart, and shows that he starts out with a lot of support but somehow never feels he has enough of it, and/or perhaps isolates himself from people to some extent.

There is no aspect from optimistic Jupiter to the Moon in either birth chart or Navamsha chart.  Meanwhile, Mars-Ketu in the Navamsha Ascendant gives him Kuja Dosha, i.e. difficulties in partnerships and/or finding a suitable marital partner.  (This can be muted if the partner also has Kuja Dosha.)  On a positive note, however, this Mars in Sagittarius is in a mutual exchange with Jupiter in Aries (a Parivartana yoga), giving him a lot of creative talent in the arts, as well as blessing him financially with another Dhana yoga of financial abundance.  Though he lacked stability in romantic relationships, and tended to break things off before the other person might do it, he was financially and creatively successful.

Perry had an ongoing need to make jokes. This served him well as an actor in comedies such as Friends.  Prior to this, teachers would warn him he would never be successful in life if he kept joking around.  In Sept. 2022 he told People magazine that he had been mostly sober since 2001 “with about 60 or 70 little mishaps over the years.” This attitude raises doubts about his complete sobriety from early 2021, as he claimed on his book tours in 2022-2023.  In his numerous interviews to promote his 2022 book and wanting to help other addicts, Perry says the most powerful thing that was said to him in all his 6,000 AA meetings and multiple rehab stints was that since drug addiction is a disease, “it’s not your fault!”

Many people might wonder why it took so many years and so many thousands of therapy sessions and endless rehab visits for this message to penetrate and yield results.  But an astrologer looks to this particular Saturn-Moon combination, unalleviated and powerfully angular in the chart, thus highly visible and public for all to see.  Saturn opposite Moon forces the person to constantly face harsh realities about the life they are experiencing, especially emotionally.  By his own accounts, even in the midst of a highly successful 10-year comedy series, Perry says he was in agony every time one of his lines did not get a laugh.  He also says he did not remember at least three full seasons but he won an award the 9th season when he was sober.

Early Life and Childhood

Since this natal Saturn is within two days of its exact station, it means that for the first couple months of his life, a slow-moving afflicted Saturn was hovering opposite his Ascendant lord Moon.  The Moon in turn rules over the stomach, and for Cancer Ascendant the whole physical body as well as the emotions and the sense of being connected to others.

In his interviews, Perry describes how he was a very colicky baby who cried all the time, and how at 30 days old the doctor recommended he be given phenobarbitol – a serious barbiturate – and daily for the next 30 days.  So he was seriously drugged and he claims that this very heavy medication so early in life had a lifelong effect on his sleep, which was never good. Perhaps it also pertained to his sense of needing drugs since age 14 to feel “normal.”

Another important factor was that in the first several months of life, his parents were not living in harmony.  They split up when he was six months old.  His father moved to California where he remarried in 1981 and had a daughter in 1986.  His Canadian-born mother moved back to Ontario, Canada, taking Matthew with her.  Starting at age 5, he was sent to see his father periodically, flying alone as “an unaccompanied minor,” an experience which haunted him for some years.

After his mother married her second husband Keith Morrison in 1981, together they had four more children, from 1981 to 1989.  Perry had five half-siblings in all and one step-sibling, counting Morrison’s son from a previous marriage.  When she was Press Secretary for Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Perry’s mother had an exceptionally busy and public life. Perry speaks of longing to get his mother’s full attention, and how – early in life he learned to do that generally through his dry sense of humor and making jokes to make people laugh.  As noted earlier, there were behavior issues starting at around age 10 when his mother started dating her second husband.  Perhaps once again it was the unwieldy Saturn-Moon connection, making any sense of the loss of the mother unbearable, even though – according to her own statements – she was devoted to her son Matthew.

“I had had a solid training at home; whenever there was tension, or I needed attention, I’d honed my skills at delivering a killer line,” Perry wrote in his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing. “If I was performing well, everything was safe, and I was being taken care of. I might have been an unaccompanied minor, but when I got laughs, there was a whole audience — my mother, my siblings, the Murray brothers, kids in school — who would stand and applaud me.”   Today, Oct. 29, 2023 

In spite of becoming an outwardly very successful person, Perry suffered incessantly from inner doubts and insecurities, unsure whether he was loveable.  Not everyone suffers like Perry did just because natal Saturn aspects their natal Moon in both the birth and Navamsha charts.  But in this case his natal Saturn is very afflicted, and thus it badly afflicts his Moon.

Moon is also the happiness of the heart.  Saturn’s aspect to the Moon can make one more subdued and cautious, at the very least. But in this case it did not give him much peace. In later years he spoke often about having “a disease” (i.e. his addiction).  During a television appearance on BBC Newsnight in Dec. 2013 Perry argued with another panelist (Peter Hitchens) about whether he had any choice over how to deal with his addiction.  When confronted by Hitchens that he “could choose” which path to take, he countered rather acerbically that having the ability to choose freely was Hitchen’s “ideology.”  In retrospect, this was a haunting exchange. (We discuss this more in Part 2 of this article.)  It seems to confirm how Perry felt he often had no choice but to succumb to the disease.  A quick fix would delay the horrible reality of what he was actually feeling.

In Vedic astrology the third, or middle finger is ruled by Saturn.  The right hand is the solar hand, while the left hand is the lunar hand. As another potent symbol of Perry’s afflicted Saturn, we know that when he was a child the top of his right middle finger was accidentally severed.  This occurred when his grandfather closed the car door on his hand – an incident later used as a comic device in one of the Friends’ episodes, altered to focus on a severed toe during a cooking scene.

Saturn Dasha and Beyond

Natal Saturn in the 10th house can bring a fall from great heights career-wise, if other factors converge.  By transit, paradoxically, Saturn in the 10th house can bring the peak of visibility and career success.  As it happened, Perry’s greatest career success began in the 19-year Saturn Dasha with the 10-year long Friends television comedy series. But with the ongoing success of the show also came a rapid increase in his issues with drugs and alcohol.  His death on Oct. 28, 2023 came close to the Saturn return of the debut of Friends on Sept. 22, 1994.  Saturn’s orbit around the Sun is 29 ½ years, so the 28 to 29 year mark from the start of anything is critical, since Saturn rules over Truth, Karma, and Reality. He published his book 28 years later (Nov. 1, 2022), and died 29 years later (Oct. 28, 2023) on a Saturday, Saturn’s planetary day, when tr. Saturn was within 1/60th of a degree from turning Stationary Direct at 6:20 Aquarius Nov. 4, 2023.  So Saturn is speaking loudly here.

On the debut night of the show, both Dharma and Karma planets, respectively, tr. Jupiter and tr. Saturn were both aspecting Perry’s 10th house of career and status (Aries).  In fact, 7 out of 9 planets were all impacting the sign of Aries, a FIRE sign and chara (active).  It is an excellent chart for the start of such a venture, and we can see by the three benefic planets in the 7th house from the Aries Ascendant and Moon in Ashwini nakshatra (the very first nakshatra) that this is going to be a highly successful event.  The 7th house shows the widespread audience this series would have, continuing to be shown and watched all over the world even now.  Yet another favorable factor was the trinal (harmonious) relationship between tr. Jupiter and Saturn, both in AIR signs, which are closely associated with communications. Lastly, the 11th house (of friends and financial gains) is very strong in both birth chart and Navamsha chart.  In the birth chart it has 37 bindus, which is way above average.

Similarly, when Perry’s memoir was published Nov. 1, 2022 (Friends, Lovers, and the Big, Terrible Thing), the majority of planets were again across the Aries-Libra axis: in ascending order, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Ketu in Libra, Rahu in Aries, while Moon and Saturn were both in Capricorn. Tr. Saturn was aspecting all four transiting planets in Libra, as well as Perry’s natal Moon in Libra and his Cancer Ascendant.  This was a more serious occasion, and one on which he made it clear he wanted to be taken seriously as a drug reformer and activist, no longer as a comedic actor, though that was the reason for his fame and celebrity since 1994. With tr. Jupiter in Pisces and tr. Saturn in Capricorn in Nov. 2022 on his publication date, both Dharma and Karma planets aspected his Cancer Ascendant rather than his 10th house of status and career, as in Sept. 1994 with the debut of Friends.  Attention was on him personally, just as he clearly intended with his memoir.

One might predict that Perry’s ongoing emotional or mental issues from his close Moon-Saturn opposition would surface during the major or minor periods of either of these planets, especially the Saturn Dasha, when added responsibilities could bring added fears.  Moon Dasha did not occur in his lifetime, but we note that he was in Rahu-Moon Dasha at 5 years old when he first flew from East coast Canada to West coast USA to visit his father. He wore a sign that read: “Unaccompanied Minor.” Rahu is Saturn-like, and this time frame apparently caused him some trauma, as it did when he was 10 years old and his mother hooked up with her second husband. The latter coincided with tr. Rahu in his Cancer Ascendant and tr. Saturn in Leo in his 2nd house, conjoining his natal Sun, Mercury, and Ketu.  Sun and Saturn are planetary enemies, so this can bring a challenge to the ego and the self-confidence.















The 19-year Saturn Dasha began June 3, 1993. He first read for the part in Friends during summer 1994, shortly before final casting was being completed. His first rehab was in 1997, followed by several others during the 10-year run of the show.   The most difficult sub-period of his Saturn Dasha was bound to be Saturn-Moon and it started May 7, 2004 – exactly one day after the Grand Finale of Friends aired worldwide on May 6, 1994.  This was the end of a long run with a very close-knit team of actors, writers and directors, and the immediate aftermath of the show’s finale could have been very depressing for Perry.

He was born in Rahu-Mercury Dasha and died in Mercury-Rahu Dasha.  Often the repeat of the birth Dasha and sub-period in reverse order can have significance and can act like bookends, as here. It is not guaranteed to cause one’s death, but it will serve to re-emphasize major life issues.  In this case, we can say that Perry was extra vulnerable regarding his addiction issues in Mercury-Rahu period: Nov. 30, 2021 up to June 19, 2024. This is because of the house placements of Mercury and Rahu in both the birth chart and in the Navamsha.  Thus, though he once again proudly announced his sobriety from early 2021, prior to publishing his book Nov. 1, 2022, it is very likely that he had relapsed again prior to his death.  Tr. Saturn closely opposite his natal Sun would be an added pressure to the already existing natal Saturn-Moon opposition.

In July 2018 during the last month of his Mercury-Venus period Perry suffered a perforated colon.  It burst and he was in a coma for two weeks and in the hospital for the next five months. Most of this health crisis occurred during Mercury-Sun period, and we note both planets in the 2nd house of his birth chart and on the eclipse axis.  He had to wear a colostomy bag for the next year, and there were many mishaps with broken bags.  While in the hospital, initially he did not want to learn the details of his condition for fear it had been his fault.  But it was his heavy use of painkillers (up to 55 Vicodin per day) that caused his health crisis, whereas previously his psychiatrists were telling him that he was just seeking attention.

Mercury Dasha could be treacherous health-wise for several reasons in this case.  Mercury is ruler of the 12th house placed in the 2nd house. As such it is a potentially death-causing Maraka planet.  In the Navamsha chart Mercury is ruler of the 7th and 10th houses and placed in the 12th house of loss.  Venus is not well placed in the 6th house for love matters, though it is in its own sign of Taurus.

As mentioned, the Moon rules over the stomach and digestive issues.  The bowels are associated with Scorpio, where Aries-lord Mars is located, in the 8th house from natal Saturn and the 10th house.  This health crisis should have killed him, and doctors told his parents he had a 2% chance of surviving it.  And yet he did survive, but still did not yet quit the drugs and alcohol.  He called his dealer shortly after returning from the hospital and later excused it as “a necessity.”

From 2018 to 2021 he dated literary agent Molly Hurwitz. When he proposed to her in fall 2020 he later says he was high on a prescription drug at the time and motivated by being afraid to be alone during the Covid lockdowns.  In June 2021 Perry announced his engagement to Molly Hurwitz was broken.  One month earlier, in May 2021, the much awaited Friends reunion took place.  It was delayed for one year due to the Covid lockdowns, and each actor was paid $2 million for the project.

Perry announced he was sober as of early 2021.  But this claim was made many times and perhaps was still not true as of fall 2023 at the time of his death. Tr. Saturn was in the 8th house from his Cancer Ascendant, and pivotally, the Lunar eclipse was within a few degrees of his Saturn-Moon axis within a few hours of his passing on Oct. 28, 2023.  It was a Saturday, Saturn’s planetary day (from sunrise Saturday to sunrise Sunday), and as noted, a full 29-year Saturn cycle since the debut of the Friends series, for which Perry is best known.  A full Saturn cycle marks a major completion of a task or project.  It is often a time of karmic reckoning of the seeds planted 29 years earlier.  And Saturn was by far the strongest and most significant planet in the life and birth chart of Matthew Perry.  Saturn’s impact on his natal Moon describes the essence of his life.


[SEE Matthew Perry and Tucker Carlson: Two Approaches to Addiction (Part 2).]

UPDATE: DEC. 15, 2023:  (Finally the cause of Perry’s death is revealed.  Autopsy notes “acute effects of ketamine,” as well as drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine. The drugs had to be prescribed or were obtained illicitly, notably the ketamine.)

UPDATE: DEC. 16, 2023:    Dec. 16, 2023     (Alex Berenson discusses Perry’s addictive habits and how it reflects on drug use and “the profound American addiction to drugs.”)

UPDATE: JAN. 12, 2023:  (This segment starts at 52:00 and runs 10 minutes. Megyn Kelly discusses new allegations that indicate, among other things, that Perry was not clean in his last 19 months, as he claimed.)


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