Tucker Carlson – Truth-Teller in a Time of Lies

By Edith Hathaway © 2023

By Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America – Tucker Carlson, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=129626715

Prime time TV host Tucker Carlson and Fox News “parted ways” suddenly and officially on Monday morning, April 24, 2023.  This set in motion an earthquake reaction across the American media landscape.  Carlson was informed just ten minutes before the brief announcement was made on Fox News.  His nightly news show Tucker Carlson Tonight had been running on Rupert Murdoch’s news outlet since its debut Nov. 16, 2016 and had reached dizzying heights of popularity for a cable news show, his audience reaching numbers greater than his competitors combined. CNN fired TV host Don Lemon the same day, but Carlson’s departure is far more consequential.  His message and his popularity were still exploding, while Lemon’s had already cratered.

Interviewer: … Isn’t that what the media tries to do though [i.e. control the narrative]?

Carlson: It’s their only purpose!  They’re not here to inform you. Really? Even on the biggest things that really matter, like the economy, and war and Covid, things that really matter, that will affect you. No!  Their job is not to inform you.  They’re working for the small group of people who actually run the world.  They’re their servants, their praetorian guard, and we should treat them with maximum contempt — because they have earned it.  (March 14, 2023)

Carlson had it exactly right, and for that he had to be stopped in his tracks. He has reportedly not been fired but effectively silenced, as he is still under contract with Fox and was negotiating a contract extension out to 2029. But as of April 24, 2023 he is locked out of his Fox emails and the ability to film his shows. Carlson’s 2-minute video rebuttal April 26th on Twitter was quickly viewed by over 18 million people, as he discussed problems in the media without mentioning Fox:  “Suddenly the United States looks like a One-Party State… but our current orthodoxies won’t last,” he said, reviewing how discussion of serious topics was increasingly suppressed in the U.S.

Though precise details have yet to be confirmed regarding Carlson’s departure from Fox, we do know that in the previous week Fox settled a defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems for $787.5 million just before the case was scheduled to go to trial.  This was the largest-ever payment by a Media company in a defamation lawsuit, and Tucker Carlson was set to testify at this trial along with others including Abby Grossberg, who had filed her own lawsuit against Fox regarding her deposition in the Dominion vs. Fox lawsuit.  An ex-senior Fox producer for Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson, Grossberg was fired by Fox in March 2023. She had complained about Carlson’s team for bullying and anti-semitism.  Some said her lawsuit was damaging to Carlson, but it later appeared to be more of a sideshow since Grossberg had never actually met Carlson.  Either way, why did Fox settle rather than going to trial?

What is clear is that the Leftist/Globalist mainstream media could no longer tolerate the Truth-telling, and the ever more piercing monologues and interviews conducted by Tucker Carlson.  It had become more important to silence Carlson (and the Populist Right) in the lead-up to the 2024 U.S. Presidential election than to lose billions of dollars in the aftermath. The company’s financial losses were surely predictable, as unhappy subscribers cancelled their Fox cable subscriptions in droves, causing a one billion dollar drop in Fox’s stock value within just one day, and this just one week after the $787.5 million payout to Dominion.

In case there was any doubt, this event with Tucker Carlson should inform the public how control of the message is worth substantially more to Leftist/Globalist mainstream media and their masters than billions of dollars in lost profits. The same scenario played out at Twitter, with profits playing a totally subsidiary role to message control and censorship – the realm of the totalitarians with their pretense of serving democracy.

Carlson was exposing uncomfortable truths about the Ukraine War, the Jan. 6 “insurrection,” and the invasion at the U.S. southern border, among other hot topics.  It was no secret that many leading voices at the Pentagon (those committed to the ongoing War Machine) were overjoyed with the news that Tucker Carlson was no longer at Fox and no longer had a big megaphone to relay truths they preferred to keep hidden.  Carlson’s many legions of followers and admirers credit him for speaking out with moral courage, fearless in the face of the increasing censorship that has had such a chilling effect on free speech throughout the U.S. and elsewhere.   It has completely knee-capped Leftist mainstream media, which, as Carlson accurately notes, is trained to speak exclusively for its corporate/Globalist masters. Witnessing all this, he gradually developed more fearlessness until he too became unacceptable to them.  Nor is he the first to be so punished.

For some time we have been discussing the theme of Globalists vs. Nationalists. The Globalists aim to control populations worldwide. To achieve this end they must significantly weaken nations and national sovereignty, in the process silencing the rights and freedoms of individual citizens.  The Globalists give lip service to supporting the individual, promising a better life – as long as they are compliant with the prescribed narrative dictated by the unelected select few.  They must not question many topics in the public sphere, including election results, the Covid vaccine, Climate Change, unlimited mass immigration, the Transgender ideology, etc., etc. – all of these with their enforced dictates to the masses.  Unfortunately, Operation Mockingbird continues on, supported by both Democrats and far too many Republicans, though Carlson had become the one exception on mainstream media. Now he too is gone, and with mainstream media ratings tanking and alternative media increasingly thriving, will we see the end of mainstream, or so-called “legacy media”?  It depends on the strength of mind of good people everywhere, or as Thomas Jefferson reportedly said: “Tyranny’s limit is what good men and women allow.”

The Astrology of Tucker Carlson

A brief review of how to read a South Indian chart.

Birth data: Friday, May 16, 1969, 10:07 am PDT, San Francisco, CA, USA, Long. 122W25, Lat. 37N47, Lahiri ayanamsha -23:25:00. Class AA data from AstroDatabank: Birth certificate in hand from Collector Viktor E.

As we examine the astrological chart of Tucker Carlson, we see that Cancer rises at a very early degree, causing it to repeat in the Navamsha chart and to be doubly important.  Cancer is a sign that symbolizes the family, the nation, patriotism and tribal loyalties. Moon is the planetary ruler of Cancer, and is well placed in the 11th house in Taurus, its sign of exaltation.  Conjoined with the Moon are the Sun, earlier in the sign, and Mercury, later in the sign.  Further strengthening the status of Ascendant lord Moon is its sign lord Venus, which in turn is exalted in the benevolent 9th house in Pisces.  With a Moon-ruled watery Ascendant, one is more likely to have an emotional, intuitive ability to connect with others.  Close nurturing family connections are extremely important, as indeed they are for Tucker Carlson.  The mother (Moon) looms very large in one’s life through her presence or absence.  Carlson’s bohemian mother left the family and moved to Paris when he was 6 years old. His father remarried 4 years later, but Carlson refuses to speak about “the totally bizarre situation” of his biological mother (1945-2011) and her abandonment of the family.

Even one exalted planet can provide some extraordinary qualities and/or circumstances, and in this chart we have two (Moon and Venus), as well as swakshetra Mars (in its own sign of Scorpio) and Neecha Bhanga Saturn in Aries, owned by Mars. (This means Saturn is debilitated but gains strength over time after some initial setbacks.)  Warrior planet Mars gets even stronger in the Navamsha.  It is exalted in Capricorn and in an angular house (the 7th house). This can also mean powerful enemies, though indeed anyone not espousing Leftist views is called “a Conspiracy Theorist” – especially those with a public platform.  But he is helped by having two classic benefic planets, Jupiter and Venus also in his Navamsha 7th house (of marriage and/or open enemies).  So for a happily married man of 32 years, this loaded 7th house appears to be his large and loyal audience instead of an endless parade of marriage partners.

A New Moon occurred 8 hrs. 41 min prior to Tucker’s birth (at 1:26 am PDT May 16, 1969 at 1:51 Taurus).  He was born in a very early phase of the waxing Moon.  If a New Moon chart is well fortified, it can give strength to the whole chart, even though the Moon’s light is still non-existent as seen from earth.  Sun-Moon is also the marriage axis, and when well placed it can give power to one’s marriage and/or to the parents, both fortified in this case.

There are 7 out of 9 planets in the nakshatras of either Sun or Mercury, emphasizing the New Moon (Sun-Moon) plus Mercury in Taurus in the 11th house (the house of networks of friends and financial gains that are considered “unearned” or easily made).  In turn, as mentioned, with sign lord Venus situated in Pisces, its sign of exaltation in the 9th house of Bhagya (good fortune), we have the makings of quite a potent combination, especially since natal Jupiter in Virgo aspects the three planets in Taurus, including exalted Moon, as well as exalted Venus in Pisces, amplifying all of them.

Jupiter and Venus can cause some surprises along the way since they are both on the Rahu-Ketu (eclipse) axis.  Jupiter is especially tightly conjoined, with an orb of only 1 degree 15 minutes from Ketu.  Note too that Jupiter-Ketu opposite Venus-Rahu straddle Houses 3-9, houses of writing and publication, respectively, also short and long distance travel, respectively. Jupiter and Venus mutual aspects tend to cause exaggerated situations in the arenas where they are located – in this case a LOT of writing and journalistic projects plus short and long distance travel. With Rahu-Ketu involved there is something unpredictable and exotic about all of it. Some of that has to do with Carlson’s unbridled optimism in the face of dire circumstances in the world, a belief that Truth and goodness will prevail through the darkness of evil and the madness of totalitarian rule.

Carlson is a very loquacious person who is highly skilled and witty in his speech and his breadth of knowledge of political topics. Nor does he hesitate to poke fun at his own need to discuss everything endlessly with anyone who is willing to debate and discuss.  Astrologically this comes from Jupiter’s aspect to Mercury.  Mercury is the planet of speech or communications and Jupiter bestows the abundance of it and gives some higher level perspective.  Jupiter’s aspect to the Sun and Moon gives him the ebullience and optimism for which he is well known, girded by foundational support from both Venus (as sign lord) and Jupiter (by aspect).

With Jupiter aspecting Mercury, as well as Sun, Moon and Venus, what adds even more potency to the combination is that not only is his natal Jupiter very close to its stationary degree at 2:41 Virgo (3’orb), but natal Mercury too is very close to its stationary degree at 18:35 Taurus (3’ orb).  Mercury is about to turn Stationary Retrograde at his birth, while Jupiter is still retrograde and about to turn Stationary Direct.  A planet close to its stationary degree adds power to the ability to manifest in a very effective way.

With the abundance of speech coming from Jupiter, the rapid fire power and wit comes from natal Mars in Scorpio opposite Sun-Moon-Mercury in Taurus.  This gives him not just fire power, but a lot of physical energy and stamina while competing in debates. It also insures that there will be those eager to debate or oppose him!  With all four planets in FIXED signs (Taurus and Scorpio), there is the stability, the continuity and loyalty.  He is known for his loyalty to his wife of 32 years, his 4 children, parents, extended family and close friends.  He has said that is what helps to keep him sane and normal in a world typically filled with highly ego-driven people.

Together the mutual aspects of Sun, Moon, and Mars form a Dhana yoga of wealth, though they are pulled down somewhat by 12th lord Mercury.  Even so, the strong Jupiter/Venus effects appear to provide countervailing forces, and obviously Carlson has done very well financially, especially during his years at Fox, where he was reported to earn between $15 and $20 million per year, among the top salaries in the industry. He also grew up in a wealthy family.

Natal Saturn is situated in the 10th house of his birth chart, which though at the top of its cycle in the birth chart and in a prominent position, is not necessarily easy because it can indicate a fall from power during the lifetime.  In Carlson’s case Saturn is in Aries, thus debilitated, though it achieves Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga status (i.e. debilitation corrected, after some initial setbacks).

The Timing Factors in his Destiny

On April 24, 2023 it was announced that Tucker Carlson and Fox News were “parting ways.” No specific details have been made public as of yet, but we know Carlson was not expecting this news as of his last show April 21st.  Astrologically, there was a stellium of planets in sidereal Aries in his 10th house of career, status, and/or visibility, showing a lot of action in this arena.  This included transiting Jupiter, Sun, Rahu (north Lunar node), Mercury and Uranus.  Tr. Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are positive factors here, with Rahu and Uranus bringing the magnifying and surprise elements, along with Mercury close to its stationary degree.  Tr. Jupiter had just entered Aries on April 22nd, Mercury had turned retrograde at 21:26 Aries on April 21st, and a Solar eclipse had occurred at 5:37 Aries April 19th. According to  CNN Business News,  the decision to oust Carlson was made Friday night April 21st by Lachlan Murdoch and senior producer Suzanne Scott.  This coincides closely with all these astrological factors, notably the Mercury Station April 21, 2023. Preceding that was a lengthy period (March 31 to May 9, 2023) in which tr. Mercury in Aries and tr. Mars in Gemini formed a Parivartana yoga, a mutual exchange of signs and of Mercury-Mars energies, promoting fierce debates and strong and aggressive speech across the world.

An eclipse in one’s 10th house can show some major changes in that arena, especially with his Dasha lord Saturn in that house at 8:38 Aries.  We pay special attention to the Dasha lord during its reign, including transiting Saturn, which in Aquarius (Jan. 17, 2023 to March 30, 2025) is in the 8th house from Carlson’s Cancer Ascendant.  This is called Ashtama Shani, and can indicate the experience of loss during Saturn’s transit to the 8th house from either natal Ascendant or natal Moon.

When we examine his planetary periods, his Vimshottari Dasha sequence, we see that Carlson entered his 19-year Saturn period 15 months prior to departing from Fox, however this occurred. His Saturn Dasha began Jan. 17, 2022, and Saturn-Saturn period runs through Jan. 20, 2025 – also the very date of the next U.S. Presidential inauguration.

In the Navamsha chart, Saturn is in Gemini conjoined with Mercury in the 12th house.  Though so many opportunities for Carlson appear to be beckoning currently, since this is an accurate chart (with birth certificate quoted), then the Navamsha chart is telling us that Carlson may choose to either have less visibility during these next two Dashas: Saturn and Mercury, respectively, up to Jan. 18, 2058, or he may move to a 12th house setting to remain visible.  This can be a pastoral setting, and we know he is in a rural setting at his residence and home studio in Woodstock, Maine. He also has a residence and home studio in Boca Grande, Florida.  From there of course he broadcasts out to the world and is extremely visible, so how to reconcile these classic definitions?!  The 12th house can also be residence abroad, which seems less likely. In any case there is greater visibility if one is in one of these settings – other 12th house settings being ashrams, hospitals or prisons.  He could also choose more privacy to start writing books, having been a journalist for decades.

During the previous 16-year Jupiter Dasha, we witnessed the explosive success of Carlson’s Jupiter-Sun period, from July 16, 2016 to May 19, 2017. This has an interesting and generally optimistic astrological signature, and it is the reverse of his birth Dasha: Sun-Jupiter, thus giving it some importance in addition to the importance it would have anyway.  In Jupiter-Sun period he started his new Prime Time show on Fox (Nov. 14, 2016).  He had been a Fox contributor since 2009, in his Jupiter-Saturn period.

From Dasha Lagna in Virgo (i.e. Dasha lord as sub-Ascendant), natal Jupiter’s aspect to Sun, Moon and Mercury in Taurus in the 9th house would have a bountiful effect, especially with the nearly stationary natal planets Jupiter and Mercury, all of them either owned or aspected by exalted Venus in Pisces!  In addition, Jupiter is in an angular house in the Navamsha chart, debilitated, but Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga – corrected by exalted Mars in Capricorn, in this case, and experiencing success after initial setbacks. Though debilitated in the Navamsha chart, Jupiter gains strength by its angular house position (7th house) conjoining Sun, Venus and exalted Mars in Capricorn.  This in turn gives strength and lifetime prominence to the Jupiter Dasha.

As some are aware, including Carlson himself, he started out more as a mainstream journalist, supporting the bogus Iraq War in 2002-03, for instance, for which he now profusely apologizes. He gradually got red-pilled and evolved towards the fierce journalistic warrior he has become – and which is now too dangerous for corporate/Globalist controlled media.  This shift seemed to occur in the years since he took the reins of his Primetime show on Fox in mid-Nov. 2016, and this of course exactly coincided with when the American political landscape became more polarized than any time perhaps since the Civil War.

Many said it was because of Donald Trump, who won the presidency in Nov. 2016. But many also understand that Trump was and still is the central player. He also remains the central target of the Globalists because he is the only political leader willing and capable of standing up against the Globalist Uniparty.  RINO Republicans have joined with most of the Left to form this Uniparty, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. being the exception on the Left.  The Republican National Committee is still far too weak, but with very few exceptions the Democrats have been united behind the Globalists and their aims to control the world populations, through Open Borders, Climate Change and enforced de-industrialization, Transgender ideology, etc.  The result is that a stronger, more nation-oriented and patriotic Republican Party base has developed under Trump to provide a true opposition to the nation-destroying Globalist Uniparty. This new base is known as MAGA, or MAGA Republicans, inspired by Trump’s initial 2016 campaign slogan: Make America Great Again.  The Globalists’ response is to attack them as “White Nationalists” or alternately “Christian Nationalists,” denigrating religion (especially Christianity) or nationhood wherever possible.

Tucker Carlson has spoken openly of his complete frustration over the collusion of the mainstream media with both U.S. political parties, bearing in mind that for much of the past few decades the Republican Party has not actually served as much of an opposition party to the Democrats, even during the Trump presidency. The thrust of the Globalists is to weaken the U.S. politically, socially, economically and militarily, especially by financing China and getting massive kickbacks to do so.  This has been the work of members of both political parties.  But Donald Trump challenged this whole program to weaken and destroy the U.S., which is why the Globalists seek to destroy him or anyone who supports him.

The warrior in Tucker comes out with the strong natal Mars in its own sign of Scorpio opposite Sun-Moon-Mercury in Taurus. He would have been learning to sharpen his debating skills during Mars-Mercury period at age 15.  He also met his future wife (Susan Andrews) at age 15 during the same period when in high school. Carlson has been fortunate in love.  Navamsha Mars is exalted in the 7th house of partnerships, so this was an auspicious meeting.  Her father was also the school’s Headmaster and later became helpful to him when applying to colleges.  They were married in 1991 during his Rahu-Jupiter period and went on to have 4 children together.  Rahu Dasha is good for establishing oneself in the world, and sub-lord Jupiter in his Navamsha 7th house would be likely to bring marriage.  As noted, with a strong natal Jupiter near its Stationary degree, any major or minor period featuring Jupiter would be likely to bring positive results.  Carlson married in an auspicious period and has been married for 32 years.

The strength of both Jupiter and the 9th house in Carlson’s chart may also account for his open support of religion and spirituality, despite his recent rejection of the Episcopal Church – perhaps showing the effect of Rahu-Ketu on this axis. Even so, Carlson supports principles of the sacredness of life and of the family, also of prayer and the urgent need for it now.  He ended his inspiring speech at The Heritage Foundation on Friday night, April 21st with a strong suggestion about prayer. This was his last and most watched speech prior to Fox’s announcement on Monday morning, April 24th, and some pundits have conjectured that that speech may have been the last straw for Rupert Murdoch, who dislikes religion or discussion of it on air.  Murdoch has become the perfect Globalist, who like the Marxists, do not support religion, the family or individual freedoms – only the illusion that people can still have them as long as they are compliant with the official narrative.

In summary, having begun life in the fortunate Sun-Jupiter period, Carlson’s Jupiter-Sun period in 2016-2017 marked a pivotal life chapter in his career success. If the Globalists are defeated over the next several years, as I have predicted, he has a good chance of remaining among the top television journalists.  His positive and optimistic qualities are dominant in his astrological chart, along with his staying power, and the public resonates with that.  His popularity is currently at an all time high.

It is only his Dasha sequence moving now into the early years of the Saturn Dasha that draws into question whether Tucker Carlson will choose to remain in the public eye.  This is somewhat in question due to the Navamsha 12th house location of both his Saturn and Mercury.  Saturn is his current Dasha lord through Jan. 17, 2041, and Mercury is the subsequent Dasha lord for the next 17 years from Jan. 2041.  Since Saturn is now his Dasha lord, and Mercury is conjoined with Saturn in the Navamsha 12th house, Carlson may prefer to curb his loquaciousness in public and funnel it into writing and/or more private and behind-the-scenes activities and projects.  This is assuming Carlson remains a resident of the U.S., as residence abroad gives more visibility when a Dasha lord is placed there.

However, another important factor for this Navamsha Saturn is that as 8th lord in the 12th house, it creates a Viparita Raja yoga, and – as Dasha lord – this Saturn could bring a sudden and unexpected rise in life during the Saturn Dasha.


UPDATE May 16, 2023: https://rumble.com/v2o4e1m-tucker-carlson-fired-apart-of-dominion-fox-settlement-okeefe-media-group-ex.html

UPDATE DEC. 11, 2023: https://www.tvinsider.com/1114345/tucker-carlson-network-set-to-launch-how-you-can-watch-it/      (Tr. Mercury is powerful, about to turn Stationary Retrograde Dec. 12, 2023, echoing the same Mercury status in Tucker Carlson’s birth chart just as he launches his major new media network.)

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