The 2024 U.S. Presidential Election

By Edith Hathaway © 2024

The presumed Democrat presidential nominee for the 2024 election is Joe Biden, who – with Scorpio Ascendant – currently has Saturn transiting through his 4th house.  This is the lowest point in the chart for Saturn’s orbital cycle around the Sun, as seen from the Ascendant.  It is not ideal for public success and visibility.  From Aquarius, tr. Saturn aspects Biden’s Moon and Ascendant.  (Trump did win the 2016 election with tr. Saturn in the 4th house from his Leo Ascendant, but there were other planetary factors at play which we will discuss shortly.)

Since Biden is some 3 ½ years older than Trump, the transit of Saturn in his 4th house could prove to be his undoing, as it is clear to most people he is suffering from dementia and only gets through the most challenging situations (such as the State of the Union address) with a very strong cocktail of drugs.  Saturn transits through sidereal Aquarius from Jan. 17, 2023 to March 30, 2025.  It will be at 18:21 Aquarius at noon on Election Day 2024 and close to its Stationary Direct degree of 18:29 on Nov. 15, 2024.  This gives Saturn a lot of power in a chart.

Brief review of How to Read a North and South Indian chart.

Tr. Saturn aspecting the Ascendant can work you very hard, and/or cause some health problems, especially if there are some underlying conditions.  Biden has had several brain aneurysms over the years, and with natal Moon in Aries in the 6th house of health matters, Saturn’s aspect to his Moon could be detrimental to brain and memory function (Moon), and Aries rules the head.

In fact, both candidates have Moon in a Mars-ruled sign and with natal Mars aspecting the Moon: head-strong. Both of them also have tr. Saturn aspecting natal Moon until March 30, 2025. But as of May 2, 2024 tr. Jupiter will enter Taurus and aspect Trump’s Moon in Scorpio, and this should relieve some stress. Trump does not have a history of brain aneurysms. However, on the campaign trail he is working extremely hard and with the added pressure of numerous lawsuits and the possibility of losing his business empire to lawfare being conducted by his political opponents. THAT is serious Saturn pressure, but it gets alleviated somewhat after May 2, 2024, as discussed.  Also, Jupiter is an excellent planet for a Leo Ascendant person (the one Nadi Yogakaraka) and is his current Dasha lord.

For Biden, another important factor is that he is currently in his 19-year Saturn Dasha, which gives yet more attention to the transit of Saturn, since it is now his Dasha lord. His Saturn Dasha began Sept. 22, 2022, and he will be in Saturn-Saturn period up through Sept. 25, 2025.  Further, Biden was in the last sub-period of the 16-year Jupiter Dasha when he entered the Presidency: Jupiter-Rahu period.  Normally that does not give much carryover when you start a major endeavor at the tail end of a planetary period.  His Saturn Dasha is also not as favorable for him as Jupiter Dasha, though it is well placed, being Digbala (best possible angle from the Ascendant) in the 7th house.

But Jupiter is a more favorable planet for Scorpio Ascendant, being a Nadi Yogakaraka, along with Sun and Moon, and brings better results.  Biden’s natal Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the 9th house, the house of Bhagya (good fortune).  His Jupiter is also Vargottama (repeats in many divisional charts) and very close to its Stationary Retrograde degree at 2:10 Cancer, giving it yet more power.  So this Jupiter can bring him many benefits and advantages in life.

From the 9th house, natal Jupiter aspects Biden’s Scorpio Ascendant and provides a Gaja Kesari yoga, the Moon and Jupiter being in kendras (angles) from each other. This yoga gives one popularity.  In the Navamsha  chart his exalted Jupiter is in the 10th house of career and status, further enhancing Jupiter’s ability to advance his career during Jupiter Dasha.

However, as an exalted planet Jupiter’s retrograde status brings some weakness, especially being so close to the station. It could explain some of Biden’s arrogance, and being caught several times for plagiarism, both in law school and in campaign speeches. It was the main reason for the failure of his 1988 run for the U.S. Presidency. His very combust Venus in Scorpio could have also played a role, as he was somewhat blind to his own ambitions. Combustion is very strong when a planet is within 5 degrees of the Sun. His Venus is within 1 degree of the Sun, and vulnerable because its sign lord Mars and nakshatra lord Moon are both in Dusthana  (difficult) houses, Houses 12 and 6, respectively.  Combustion within one degree can bring some brilliance, but it is weakened here by the relative positions of the sign and nakshatra lords, even if in Parivartana yoga (mutual sign exchange) with Mars in Libra.

Biden resigned from his campaign Sept. 27, 1987 in his Mars-Venus period, highlighting his combust Venus in the Ascendant and his Parivartana yoga between Venus and Mars.  Close Venus-Mars contacts are not only sexual but can be very ambitious.  Tr. Saturn at the time was in his Scorpio Ascendant aspecting tr. Mars at 29:20 Leo in this 10th house, not allowing him to get away with the lies. Tr. Saturn in Scorpio is also in the 8th house from his Moon in Aries, Ashtama Shani, and often associated with a loss of some kind.  Even so, Biden has some protective Viparita Raja yogas that protect him from financial losses, in this case, the lords of Houses 6 and 8 (Mars and Mercury) are both in the 12th house from the Ascendant.

Currently tr. Saturn aspects his Ascendant and there are Congressional hearings now presenting all the receipts showing the 100s of millions of dollars in payments he and his family received from Chinese Communist Party officials over the years starting in 2017, arranged most often via his son Hunter Biden. The payments were specifically to have access to Joe Biden. Previously, in 2016, he had announced that he would be running for President in 2020.

When tr. Saturn was in Scorpio in his Ascendant in 1987, Biden got off lightly with a mere campaign resignation. But this time tr. Saturn is at the lowest point in the career cycle in his 4th house and he is also in Saturn Dasha.  So in a contentious or competitive situation this does not look good for him, especially during tr. Saturn in Aquarius (Jan. 17, 2023 to March 30, 2025).  Meanwhile, Democrats and the Leftist mainstream media are doing all they can to make sure no one is taking these accusations seriously, and Biden is not expected to do much campaigning, as in 2020.

Clearly the Jupiter Dasha was going to bring Biden his greatest career success and visibility. It ran for 16 years starting from Sept. 22, 2006.  For most of 2008 tr. Jupiter was in Sagittarius aspecting his 10th house of career and status, while tr. Saturn was at the top of the career cycle in his 10th house, having entered Leo July 16, 2007 through Sept. 10, 2009. This led shortly into the time frame when he was chosen as Barack Obama’s Vice President in Aug. 2008, and that administration ran for 8 years from Jan. 20, 2009.  For all we know, Obama may still be calling the shots. He still resides in Washington, D.C., which is very unusual for a former president.

Comparing Trump’s natal Jupiter to Biden’s, Trump’s Jupiter was still retrograde at birth but turned Stationary Direct within hours of his birth at the same degree.  So it would not be considered tainted.  Also, it has the advantage of strongly placed sign and nakshatra lords.  Sign lord Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini in the 11th house (a Dhana yoga of wealth), and nakshatra lord Mars is strongly placed in Leo in the Ascendant. There is an interesting symmetry here of how Trump was just starting his Jupiter Dasha in Nov. 2016, when he won the Presidency, and Biden was just finishing his Jupiter Dasha in 2020.

Brief review of How to Read a North and South Indian chart.

As mentioned earlier, we did see Donald Trump win the U.S. Presidency on Nov. 8, 2016 when tr. Saturn was at 21:06 Scorpio in his 4th house. It conjoined his natal Moon-Ketu in Scorpio and opposed his Sun-Rahu in Taurus.  From the 4th house tr. Saturn also aspects the Ascendant, where Trump has natal Mars at 3:40 Leo, just over 3 degrees from his Ascendant at 6:51 Leo. We know that Trump faced a lot of opposition during his Presidency, though even so he succeeded in bringing an unprecedented level of peace and prosperity until 2020, when the Covid crisis suddenly broke, shutting down the U.S. and much of the world.

The difference with Trump in 2016 from what Biden is experiencing now in 2024 is that Trump was not in Saturn Dasha, as Biden is from Sept. 2022 onward.  During the Dasha of Saturn, Saturn’s transits will be more impactful.  This is true of any Dasha lord, but Saturn’s transits last longer than any of the 9 classical Vedic planets that have a Dasha period.

Trump entered his 16-year Jupiter Dasha on Nov. 16, 2016, and this was exactly 8 days after the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Day. For much of the campaign period he was at the tail end of his Rahu Dasha, which can be upending and often is.  But some key factors are that Trump’s Jupiter is exactly on its Stationary degree at 24:20 Virgo, because the Stationary Direct of Jupiter happened on the day of his birth!  And though Jupiter is not in an angular or trinal house from his Leo Ascendant, it is in a trinal house (5th house) from his natal Sun in Taurus.

Jupiter gives Trump a powerful Dhana (wealth-producing) yoga both from the natal Ascendant and Moon. The strength of this Jupiter (at 24:20 Virgo), including as Dasha lord will be tested in a big way by the Total Solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 at 25:12 Pisces, less than 1 degree orb opposite his Jupiter in the 2nd house of financial income.  He is dealing with court cases currently that threaten to take down his entire business empire, even though it has been shown that none of the banks or businesses he dealt with suffered any losses on his account. He is being punished by his political enemies who aim to destroy him.  This is bringing many voters to his side as they witness the totally corrupt two-tiered system of justice in the U.S.  An eclipse does not guarantee a negative outcome, but it usually brings some major drama, more so with a Total eclipse, and of course the 2nd house is also the house of speech. So that arena could be impacted by the eclipse. The eclipse occurs in Trump’s 8th house, another financial house, which includes tax matters and also of matters that are hidden from the public.

Timing-wise, whatever happens as a result of the Solar eclipse April 8, 2024, he will be helped greatly by 1) tr. Jupiter’s entry into Taurus  in his 10th house May 2, 2024 for over a year, and 2) the start of his Jupiter-Venus sub-period Sept. 28, 2024 through May 30, 2027.  Natal Jupiter and Venus straddle his Ascendant and provide a very protective Shubha Kartari yoga.  This sub-period emphasizes and activates that yoga.  Tr. Jupiter in Taurus aspects his natal Jupiter, which is another positive factor.

Trump has a powerful Full Moon chart, with Sun and Moon at the two highest degrees of celestial longitude. This produces a Jaimini Raja yoga across the angular 4th-10th house axis, with Sun Digbala (best possible angle) in the 10th house and Moon Digbala in the 4th house. Natal Moon is also Neecha Bhanga, i.e. debilitated but corrected by Mars in the 10th house from Moon and thus also aspecting the Moon.  As 9th lord from Leo Ascendant and placed in the Leo Ascendant, Mars achieves Raja yoga (kingmaker) status. It owns both trinal and angular houses.  All these show a person destined for a long and powerful public life in a leadership position, with Sun and Mars also giving enormous vitality and drive.

As mentioned earlier, natal Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Virgo provide a protective Shubha Kartari yoga to Trump’s Ascendant.  This occurs when two classic benefic planets (Venus and Jupiter here) occupy houses either side of the Ascendant or whatever house. But when it is the Ascendant that is hemmed in by classic benefic planets, this is very protective for the person, especially physically, as the Ascendant describes the physical body, its strength and vitality, as does the Sun and Mars. In this case Sun is also Ascendant lord, and with Sun Digbala  at the top of the sky, self-confidence is also very high. Mars is in the Ascendant and is protected by the Shubha Kartari yoga, while Trump’s natal Sun in the 10th house of status and career receives the powerful Jupiter aspect. We know it is powerful because of being exactly on the Stationary Direct degree.

All of this is relevant to the upcoming 2024 Election because Trump will be in his Jupiter-Venus sub-period from Sept. 28, 2024 to May 30, 2027.  This amplifies the Shubha Kartari yoga and helps protect him from the many dangers he faces as the Nationalist/Populist candidate at a time when the opposing Marxist/Globalist forces are fiercely determined to defeat the Nationalists. They have tried everything since 2015 to stop him, but without success: impeachments, indictments, lawfare, trying to bankrupt him, taking him off the ballot – all of these tactics based on fabricated premises, or for items that a Democrat would get a complete pass on. One example among many is Joe Biden having classified documents in multiple locations, none of them secured.  Nor was he entitled to them as Senator or Vice President (when he took them), and yet he was not indicted. Special Counsel Robert Hur thought Biden was too weak, unfocused and elderly to stand trial. (But okay to be president?)  However, the transcripts of the 5-hour interview with Robert Hur turn out to reveal a great deal more senility than the Special Counsel let on.

Trump has classified documents he took as President, which is legally allowed for a U.S. President.  They were in a locked room at Mar-a-Lago.  Even so,  in August 2022 a very public raid was conducted on Mar-a-Lago to check every room and closet in his Florida residence, along with subsequent court cases and yet more lawfare over several years.  There was no Russian collusion in Trump’s 2016 victory, and no conclusive evidence was ever found after 2 ½ years of hearings and Congressional investigations, though mainstream journalists still refer to his “Russia collusion” and being “a rapist.” None of this was ever proven.  But such legal and financial persecution is justified from his political enemies because the Globalists will stop at nothing.  Please see my previous article describing the background to this larger, longer-term war between competing trends over the last 100+ years and accelerating over the last 60 years: The Long View of 2024.        

We have to remember too, that when natal Mars is in the Ascendant, it can produce quite a warrior, as Trump obviously is, as well as competitive situations that may come to test that warrior as part of his destiny.  Sir Winston Churchill also had Mars in the Ascendant, but in Virgo.  He loved a good fight, much as Trump is said to relish having to fight off his enemies, though this current episode with lawfare and indictments has exceeded anything he has ever known or anything that has ever been done to any President in American history.  Here are some quotes from Churchill that evoke how a person with Mars in the Ascendant may relish a good fight:

“Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” Winston Churchill, The Malakand Field Force, 1898

Politics are almost as exciting as war, and quite as dangerous. In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times.”   Winston Churchill, 1920

With his Scorpio Ascendant, Biden’s Ascendant lord is Mars, which is in his 12th house.  This would be a disadvantage except that this Mars in Libra exchanges signs with Venus in Scorpio: a Parivartana yoga, and an energetic flow between the planets. Venus-Mars mutual contacts can be very sexual and also very ambitious.

So his Mars at times acts like it is in the Ascendant.  But it can get confused by a multitude of aspects. From the Scorpio Ascendant, it is acting as if closely combust the Sun, as Venus is, and receiving aspects from Jupiter and Saturn. From Libra, Mars is conjoined Mercury opposite Moon.  Mercury and Mars are not planetary friends, and can make him careless or too rapid in his speech. Lately it is not so much speed as a sequence of complete non-sequiturs and errors, with general indications of dementia. Biden’s handlers plus the obedient mainstream media de-emphasize these things as quickly as possible, while jumping on anything Trump says that could possibly be construed as dangerously like a dictator, often taking it out of context.  In short, we have a campaign period in 2024 which has a lot of craziness attached to it, similar to the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes (1837).

There are also some ominous themes, with public threats of assassination from people on the Left.  No one is objecting to this so far, while a person on the Right making such a threat about Biden would likely be fined or imprisoned.   Lawfare has gotten out of hand, reminding us once again how a weakened Jupiter in Capricorn in the EARTH period causes problems for a solid and stable society that adheres to a set of laws, but then suddenly those laws do not apply. Or they only apply to certain people who are in favor.  Those out of favor will be punished, causing chaos and an utter break-down of a society, if not a civilization.

We see this being severely tested in the years surrounding 2020, not only with U.S. election theft.  After the Canadian truckers protest in 2022, the Canadian government seized bank accounts of those who even donated to the Truckers Convoy.  Suddenly Constitutional protections were abandoned, and this is happening all too often in supposed democracies, almost as if the Covid emergency measures gave new leeway to break Constitutional protections.

After the corrupt elections of 2020 and 2022 in the U.S., there are American citizens devoting their lives to correcting our election system, especially since voting machines and mail-in ballots have proven themselves all too vulnerable to fraud, and voter rolls are too often not updated, with many ballots counted of dead people or those living out-of-state.  Proof of these fraudulent acts have taken several years to make it through the (reluctant/often corrupt) courts, but they are beginning to see the light of day, including potentially at the U.S. Supreme Court. Conclusive information is just being revealed about the complete vulnerability of the Dominion voting machines. This threatens cyber security for those insisting on free and fair elections, while protecting those who obviously want to control election outcomes.  Globalists like Klaus Schwab brag about how we do not need to concern ourselves about elections.  He and Yuval Harari are key spokesmen for the Globalists and for the World Economic Forum:

We won’t need to have elections in the future, because AI [Artificial Intelligence] will be able to predict the outcomes.”  Klaus Schwab, Founder & Chairman, World Economic Forum, Jan. 2017

“There are no gods, no nations, no money and no human rights,   except in our collective imagination…. Homo sapiens has no natural rights, just as spiders, hyenas and chimpanzees have no natural rights.”  Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, 2015.

The USA (Kelleher) chart is currently going through the Rahu-Mercury period: Sept. 9, 2023 to March 29, 2026 (over 2 ½ years).  This sub-period echoes the propagandist nature that can be excessive in the extreme, but in general makes the U.S. very good at publicizing and spreading its culture and message.   At the present these characteristics are front and center for reasons I have touched on.  Mercury and Rahu are situated in the 8th house of the USA chart in Cancer. This is a house of hidden matters, and where sex and scandal thrive.  Mercury is overly emotional in a WATER sign, and generally Rahu exaggerates whatever it touches.  This shows the propensity for the U.S. to use public relations as a major tool.

And since the Globalists are in charge of mainstream media and Hollywood, among other institutions, they present Trump constantly as a dangerous dictator who will destroy democracy. Meanwhile, the administration that IS actually destroying democracy right now is presented as “normalizing” our democracy – except that the country has been rapidly deteriorating under the current administration, including with over 12 million illegal immigrants streaming in by plane, boat, bus, or on foot since Jan. 2021.  All this is either hidden (8th house), or when it is exposed it is explained away as something good or necessary.  Many corporations love the cheap, slave labor that illegal immigrants provide. Currently Tyson Foods is firing 10s of 1000s of American workers and hiring illegals.

Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State under Obama, is quoted in 2013 in her speech to a group of bankers: “I dream that our hemisphere will be borderless.” An Open Border and an unlimited mass migration policy were strongly promoted by U.S. President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2015, and solidified in the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration in 2018.  The U.S. State Department’s current website reads like instructions from the United Nations.

Another thing to note about the USA chart above is that the upcoming Total Solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 is in the 4th house of the USA chart closely opposite Saturn in the 10th house.  The 4th house (residences, infrastructure) could show how overrun the U.S. is with illegal immigrants, while any planet in the 10th house of a national chart can be viewed as the national leader. The eclipse degree is 25:12 Pisces and the USA Saturn is at 24:04 Virgo, closely opposite the upcoming Total eclipse.  With Biden’s visibly fragile health, this could indicate some developments in his health, or his inability to carry out his duties.

It is well known that the Democrats are doing everything possible to avoid appointing Vice President Kamala Harris to take over the Presidency, since she is even more deeply unpopular than Biden.  However, with now millions of illegals pouring into the country swearing allegiance to Biden, since he invited them to come here, we have a new problem looming of not only public safety and security with so many unvetted illegals pouring into the country, but so many legal citizens increasingly disturbed and angry to have their public buildings, grounds, schools and jobs taken over by illegals, who are also receiving cell phones and rather ample credit cards from the government to get them started.  Needless to say, all this is getting out of hand.   Donald Trump has vowed to do mass deportations if and when he is elected, and Biden meanwhile is losing legal constituents who are angry with him for creating this untenable situation.  The problem is worse in Sanctuary states and cities, but the question arising for those fed up with Democrat, Uniparty (and Globalist) policies is how soon will Democrats start using illegals to fill the ballot boxes with votes for Democrat candidates?

What we see from most of these charts is that they tend to favor Trump, and we have already seen that from their individual birth charts. On Election Day in the U.S., Nov. 5, 2024, the planets are in a very positive position for Trump, especially with tr. Jupiter at 25:53 Taurus (all as of 12 noon EST),  conjoined his natal Sun-Rahu in his 10th house of career visibility opposite tr. Venus at 28:33 Scorpio, closely conjoining his natal Moon-Ketu in Scorpio in the 4th house. This Jupiter on Election Day is close to its Stationary Retrograde degree at 27:09 Taurus, and thus very powerful. Tr. Saturn too is close to its Stationary Direct degree at 18:29 Aquarius. With tr. Jupiter in his 10th house and tr. Venus in his 4th house, both conjoining his natal Sun and Moon, respectively, we are reminded that Trump is also in his Jupiter-Venus sub-period from Sept. 28, 2024 to May 30, 2027, as noted earlier.  This re-emphasizes his protective Shubha Kartari yoga, when two classic benefic planets straddle the Ascendant (or Moon).  Such a yoga is highly important when you have a presidential candidate against whom so much animosity is directed, yet his voter base is growing by leaps and bounds as citizens become committed to his Nationalist/Populist policies over the Marxist/Globalist policies which keep failing the citizens but benefit the Global elites.

Another telling factor indicating a possible move for Trump is that the Jupiter and Saturn transits from May 2, 2024 up to March 30, 2025 combine with both planets aspecting his 4th house of real estate, home, and family. When both the Dharma and Karma planets, Jupiter and Saturn respectively, aspect the same house, the affairs of that house receive a lot more attention and have a chance to manifest.

Corroborating the above factors is a very close Uranus transit to Trump’s Midheaven, within 15’ orb.  Outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not shown on these charts, but on Election Day tr. Uranus is at 1:30 Taurus, and his Midheaven (also not shown on these charts) is 1:15 Taurus.  The Midheaven can be analyzed similar to a 10th house cusp as a career indicator and flagpole very visible to the public, thus indicating a sudden shift in direction.  I would interpret that as Trump potentially taking power at a rather radical moment in American history (all the factors are building up to that!) and a sudden change in direction needed, or unusually innovative methods needed as a leader. One could argue that he could be forced to change direction away from aiming for the presidency, but tr. Jupiter closely conjoining his Ascendant lord Sun appears to be too positively indicating he wins the election.

While Biden has the tr. Jupiter in his 7th house and tr. Venus and Mercury in his 1st house on Election Day, it is not as decisive as Trump’s combination. Also, Biden is now out of his most favorable life-time Dasha (his Jupiter Dasha), which ended Sept. 22, 2022.  Also, as of March 30, 2025 he enters his Sade Sati, with tr. Saturn in Houses 12, 1, and 2 from natal Moon.  Since his natal Moon is in the 6th house, this could spell illness.  It often indicates heavier responsibilities, and some may assume that because of that that Biden wins the presidency, but again, there are not as many overwhelming factors as with Trump, and interestingly, the tr. Uranus on Election Day is opposite Biden’s natal Sun at 4:30 Scorpio and Venus at 5:29 Scorpio, but not as close an orb.

Lastly, we will examine the chart of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration 2025. The date and time is well established, according to The U.S. Constitution. What is arresting this year is that tr. Pluto is now within one degree of the Inauguration Sun in the 10th house of leadership, Sun also being a significator of leader or President. Tr. Pluto is at 7:28 Capricorn conjoining the Inauguration Sun (the leader) in the 10th house.  The President will have enormous tasks in front of him, especially in both 2025 and 2026, and will be required to take rather sweeping measures. Trump has vowed to do mass deportations, which would be a huge operation, with over 12 million illegals having entered the U.S. just since Biden took office, and with a deliberate plan to do this, as the U.N.’s Global Compact of 2018 had directed.  President Obama helped to create that policy back in 2015.

Tr. Pluto will turn retrograde in early May 2025 and then turns Stationary Direct at 7:09 Capricorn on Oct. 14, 2025. In fall 2026, tr. Pluto will return to within 2 degrees of the Inauguration Sun, which is also very close to the degree of the USA chart natal Pluto at 6:49 Capricorn.  Therefore, it looks like the next U.S. Presidency is most tested, including financially, in 2025 and 2026 (coinciding with Pluto’s first-ever return to the USA 2nd house of financial income from Dec. 30, 2020).  This coincides with the sub-periods of Rahu-Mercury and Rahu-Ketu in the USA chart. Positioned along the financial 2-8 house axis of financial income and collective income, there is yet more corroboration of major developments in the U.S.  Whoever wins the presidency will have to deal with this, along with the staggering national debt.  I have mentioned the U.S. Federal Reserve chart, which from May 2, 2024 to March 30, 2025 will have both tr. Jupiter in Taurus and tr. Saturn in Aquarius.

Coincidentally, these two placements show both planets at zero bindus in those signs in the Ashtakavarga rankings.  This means they perform very badly there and do not cooperate.  The U.S. Federal Reserve should be under exceptional stress during those 11 months when both planets are in these signs. Tr. Saturn has already been in Aquarius since Jan. 17, 2023. So this is just further emphasizing perhaps even some kind of financial emergency for the Fed, or even at the most radical – their removal.  The Fed, established in Dec. 1913 was never really a bank, or really federal, as G. Edward Griffin explains in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve. It is another one of the major Globalist organizations from its inception, and since I have predicted the Globalists will be defeated, it is possible they too will experience some kind of defeat or reduction in power.

Softening some of this, however, is a Jupiter aspect to the Sun and the 10th house of the Inauguration chart.  Since Jupiter is the advisor in the Planetary Cabinet, I have often read Jupiter as the Vice President in the Inauguration charts.  We do not yet know Trump’s choice of V.P., but it is bound to be a very supportive and loyal person, with tr. Jupiter aspecting the Sun here.  He or she is probably strong in their own right, as the 9th house lord Jupiter is well placed in the 2nd house of income and speech.  (This does not seem to describe V.P. Kamala Harris, however.)  Jupiter’s aspect to the Sun also helps offset the tr. Mars opposition aspect to the Sun in the Inauguration chart.

Of great concern, of course are the many challenges the U.S. faces well before Election Day, given the dramatic nature of this year, including the Total Solar eclipse doubling as the Vedic New Year chart, and the Solar Maximum cycle peaking in 2024.  Within two months of this eclipse will be the World Health Organization (WHO) meetings in Geneva to complete their plans for a “Pandemic Treaty” they seek to make legally binding for all nations.  This would destroy national sovereignty even more than the WHO did in March 2020 when it claimed world authority to get all nations to mandate lockdowns and vaccines.  The disastrous results of this policy are still reverberating, but the Globalists want control, and this is the central theme of the 2024 U.S. Election.  Will the American electorate understand the real choices being offered, or will they buy the propaganda? My astrological deliberations lead me to think that the citizens will somehow choose the Nationalist/Populist candidate (Donald Trump) and not Joe Biden, the candidate who is currently delivering the policies of the Globalists, most visibly – the unlimited mass migration.


Please see my article: The Long View of 2024 and my interview for  Amata Giovale’s  Youtube channel, released March 23, 2024. ( My host is interpreter Ana Valentina Lanza.)     

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