Election 2016 Update : Oct. 28, 2016

  • By Edith Hathaway © 2016


In Dec. 2015 I predicted that the Democrats would keep the White House in 2016 and that the likely Republican nominee was Donald Trump, out of a field of 17 GOP nominees.  (Click here for the article.)  I also noted that due to the timing to Trump’s birth chart, especially being at the tail end of his 18-year Rahu Dasha (a Vedic planetary period), and losing the protection of transiting Jupiter in sidereal Leo from Aug. 12, 2016, his chances of reaching the presidency would diminish noticeably from that time onward. My prediction that the Democratic candidate would win the presidency was based on several astrological techniques – most of them from mundane astrology, i.e. cyclical charts and graphs of planets that show important shorter and longer term trends and are not dependent on birth data of the individual candidates.

Among these mundane techniques is the Jupiter-Saturn square chart, which occurs every 20 years and is the most significant JU-SA cyclical chart prior to the Nov. 2016 election. For the past 140 years this chart has indicated that when there is a JU-SA square in a U.S. Presidential Election year and it occurs in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius – sidereal zodiac), the incumbent candidate or the candidate from the incumbent party prevails. Fixity denotes continuity. Based on this chart, in Dec. 2015 I predicted a Democrat would win the White House in Nov. 2016. I discuss the phenomenon further in my article published late March 2016, covering historical precedents over a 100-year period: 1916 to 2016.

Another powerful predictive tool from mundane astrology comes from my original research. It features the larger cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, planets of Dharma and Karma, respectively. These two planets predominate in one of the four elements (FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER) an average of 243 years during the 1000-yr period, 1400 to 2400. Of special relevance to this current election is the EARTH period, when the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions predominate in EARTH signs: 1921-2199. The EARTH influence becomes especially strong from Feb. 18, 1961, when the FIRE to EARTH Mutation period (1901-1961) is completed and the EARTH period kicks in with greater force. Using the sidereal zodiac, along with a specifically Vedic principle, Graha Yuddha, or Planetary War, we see that Saturn must dominate over Jupiter during the EARTH period, especially from Feb. 1961, as mentioned.  See my article on Graha Yuddha.

From Feb. 1961 onward, we have seen corporations and corporate conglomerates (Saturn) dominate over nation-states (Jupiter) with increasing rapidity, in fact becoming even richer than many nation-states combined. This and further details on what specific resources Saturn rules over in turn greatly influences who gets elected as U.S. President. My 1000-year chart (1400 to 2400), and the EARTH period within it shows us the true essence of our times, aligning with one of my favorite definitions of politics as “the authoritative allocation of resources.” In the EARTH period, the successful candidate for president must be closely aligned with the corporations and with the goals of militarism combined with technology. That candidate is Hillary Clinton.

This is true whether or not the people actually choose Hillary Clinton, because though Saturn is democracy, it can also be interpreted as “looking like a democracy.” Unlike what the corporate media tells us, many citizens, along with vote fraud lawyers and experts have attested to the massive amount of vote fraud and theft they believe took place all across the U.S. during the 2016 Democratic Primaries, all of it favoring Clinton. Over 12 states were awarded to Clinton they say should have gone to Sanders. Hillary Clinton says that “17 intelligence agencies” have verified that Russia is interfering with U.S. elections and hacked the DNC emails. But there is insufficient evidence to prove that Putin or the Russian government had anything to do with it, according to Global Research in Canada and various other agencies and experts.

Even so, the liberal corporate media keeps repeating the message, as do other media, along with Clinton and her many surrogates, including President Obama. Though federal authorities still have no definitive evidence of this, the charge was first introduced with the release of hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails on July 22, 2016. The Clinton campaign and Democratic Party operatives chose to shift immediate attention on to blaming Russian hackers and away from the content of the embarrassing emails, which revealed a long-established collusion between the DNC and the Clinton campaign to destroy any political opponent of Hillary Clinton, whether Democrat or Republican.

This overriding factor of increasing corporate dominance from the EARTH period outweighs any possibility of an insurgent anti-corporate candidate within the Democratic Party – something I had originally predicted in late 2015 and into spring 2016 due to the May 2016 JU-SA square chart. That chart indicated not only dissension within the Democratic Party but the likely rise of an insurgent candidate (Bernie Sanders). In fact, of course, vote fraud experts and lawyers say there is “indisputable evidence” that Sanders won the Democratic primaries.  For more documentation,  see my June 27, 2016 article.

But the entire subject has been ignored by the liberal elite media, which focuses instead on the dire necessity of defeating Donald Trump, the GOP candidate. They say his treatment of women, his unpredictable nature, racism and bigotry all make him a highly dangerous candidate – one supported by white nationalists and the Gun lobby (the NRA). This focus on Trump’s deficits tends to exclude any serious critiques of Clinton’s track record or revelations from the hacked emails, including those of Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta. Some of these more suppressed and clandestine components can be seen in the 2017 Inauguration chart. And from the larger JU-SA conjunction cycle, the EARTH period (1921-2199, but especially from 1961), we note that journalism and journalists (Jupiter) are greatly weakened in their purpose and mission due to overriding corporate interests (Saturn), while investigative journalists are typically cut from the payrolls or punished in other ways. In such a vacuum, computer hackers, whistleblowers and a wide range of citizen activists present themselves.


In the midst of the uncertainty around political campaigns and elections, one thing we know for sure is the time and date of Inauguration day – when the new U.S. President officially takes office. Astrologers can work with that as a predictive model. The U.S. Presidential Inauguration is set for 12 noon on Jan. 20th every four years following the November election or on Jan. 21st if the 20th falls on a Sunday. Since 1801 it has been held at various locations in Washington, D.C., after it became the U.S. federal capitol on June 11, 1800. Prior to the inauguration, the Presidential Election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

From 1793 to 1933, these inaugurations were held on March 4th, or March 5th if the 4th occurred on a Sunday. The inauguration of America’s first president (George Washington) occurred on April 30, 1789, though his term in office began officially on March 4, 1789. Astrologers do not always agree on what location or what time on Election Day a chart should be constructed for some meaningful astrological forecasting regarding that election. But by law, we know the next president is effectively in power as of 12 noon on Inauguration day. This holds true even if there is some delay and the President actually takes the Oath of Office after 12 noon that day.

Inauguration charts are instructive in telling us something about the effectiveness of the president and/or his administration; also about his relationship with his or her Vice President, as represented by Jupiter, and traditionally the advisor or counselor to the King and Queen in what is known as “the Planetary Cabinet.” The President is represented by the Sun, which is always at the top of the sky in House 10 on Jan. 20th in Washington, D.C., and in Abhijhit nakshatra – from the Sanskrit meaning “victorious,” “conqueror” and “the one who cannot be defeated.” This gives a lot of power to a leader inaugurated with Sun in Abhijhit and also Digbala, i.e. the best possible angle for the Sun at the top of the sky. Abhijhit nakshatra runs from 06° 40′ to 10° 53′ 20 in sidereal Capricorn. The Ascendant on Jan. 20th at Washington, D.C. is always sidereal Aries – for Eastern Standard Time.

If there is danger to the life of the president, we usually see a Mars aspect to the Sun. If Mars is conjoined the Sun in Capricorn, this can bring strength to the presidency, as Sun and Mars are both Digbala in the 10th house, i.e. in the best angular house for each planet. Further, Mars is exalted in Capricorn. If Saturn (10th lord in the Aries Ascendant chart) is in Gemini, Leo, or Sagittarius, it is in House 6, 8, or 12 from the house it rules regarding the presidency. The same holds true if in House 6, 8 or 12 from the Sun in Capricorn. This does not bode well for the president due to health or military matters (House 6 from the Sun: Franklin Roosevelt, 1945); due to covert activities (House 8 from Capricorn: Barack Obama, 2009) that are used to undermine the presidency or that the President himself conducts that may weaken public trust and may contradict what he or she promised as a candidate; or there are covert actions or cadres of power behind the president’s back that can undermine the presidency (House 12 from Capricorn: John F. Kennedy, 1961).

If Jupiter and Saturn are in a harmonious trinal or sextile relationship to each other by whole sign houses, this should indicate that the President is working easily with Congress to get through his or her legislative actions. This is also true if Jupiter and Saturn are in conjunction, i.e. in the same zodiacal sign. By contrast, if Jupiter and Saturn are in 6-8 house relationship, there is difficulty in dealing with one or probably both houses of Congress, and the opposing parties do not deal well with each other. (This occurs when the two planets are 6 or 8 houses from each other.) President Obama had this configuration at both his first and second inaugurations in 2009 and 2013, and both his terms have been marked by legislative gridlock. There is tension between the Dharma and Karma planets, Jupiter and Saturn, respectively. And these are the major timer planets that we use to study socio-political, cultural, and economic patterns.


The chart of the upcoming 2017 inauguration is a remarkably good chart, especially considering all the drama and controversy that has made 2015-2016 such a tumultuous presidential campaign season. The two major candidates, Clinton and Trump, are the most disliked in history, while the most popular U.S. politician is Bernie Sanders – the person many believe actually won the Democratic Primaries. But rather than contesting the results, Sanders endorsed Clinton July 12, 2016.   http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/39858-focus-bernie-sanders-is-the-most-popular-politician-in-America


A brief review on how to read the North and South Indian charts.

This is a Friday, ruled by Day lord Venus, a day that should also see Hillary Clinton inaugurated as U.S. President. The most fortunate part of the chart is the Veena yoga, Veena meaning lute in Sanskrit, this lute having seven strings. The yoga occurs when all the physical planets are spread out over seven different houses. In the chart of an individual it indicates wealth, influence spread across the world, and knowledge in many areas. The person has many interests and many skills. Similarly, for the chart of an inauguration, this should indicate many of the same things for the presidency that begins at this moment.

The planets are in a continuous formation from House 6 to House 12, narrowly missing the far more fortuitous sequence when planets are continuously occupying Houses 7 to House 1, known as a Chatra yoga, meaning “a king’s crown” (Dr. K.S. Charak) or “a parasol or umbrella, particularly as a mark of royalty” (Ernst Wilhelm). Nevertheless, the favorable features here include Jupiter’s trinal aspect to the Sun (the president, or leader). Jupiter is the Vice President. When Jupiter resides in an EARTH sign it bodes well for the president (Sun in Capricorn), who receives solid support from the Vice President without undue interference.

Both major political parties (Jupiter and Saturn) work harmoniously together, as there is a sextile between them. Though this is not a classic Vedic aspect, we can include it through the Tajika system. Indeed, it is important here, as not only is the sextile close to exact by degree, but Jupiter is Vargottama (strong, repeating in the same sign in the Navamsha chart), and Saturn is gandanta in Scorpio. The latter is far less fortunate, in that the last 03° 20′ of water signs, notably Scorpio, are considered treacherous. It means that whatever you see is not necessarily what lies under the surface. The positive news is that the 10th lord (Saturn) aspects its own house and has complete control over the affairs of the presidency. The bad news is that there is something deeply deceitful about the presidency and/or the president as an individual.

The other negative news is that Mars aspects the Moon from its 8th house aspect. This implies some covert aggression against the citizens (Moon), though Moon is situated in a good house, an angular house in Libra, ruled by Venus in Aquarius. This Mars can also symbolize covert aggression on the people via surveillance and the militarization of the police. It can also symbolize overseas wars (12th house = foreign residence) and/or military action of which the people are largely ignorant. (The 8th and 12th houses contain that which is hidden from view.) This may imply the drone wars conducted by the U.S. in many countries across the Middle East.

Clinton’s hawkish track record is well known, and the likelihood of her continuing more wars and foreign aggression is supported by Mars opposite Jupiter across Houses 6-12, and even more so by the Nadi yoga between the two planets. Mars is in Purva Bhadra nakshatra ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in Chitra nakshatra, ruled by Mars. This Nadi yoga creates a strong merging of the Mars-Jupiter energies, which though planetary friends, promotes war or aggressive actions in the name of patriotism. However, Mars is relatively weak, at 00° 16′ Pisces, i.e. zero degrees of the zodiacal sign – a factor to be considered. Jupiter in Virgo is in a Parivartana yoga (mutual exchange of signs) with Mercury in Sagittarius. As this is between Houses 6 and 9, we can expect to see increasing cooperation between the military (6th house) and information technologies (Mercury in the 9th house). Shared information between the government and the private sector (AT & T, Facebook, Google, et. al.) has already emerged as a major concern for citizens’ privacy rights and for investigative journalists unable to protect their sources.

Other than these negatives, there are some important favorable factors in the chart that can help the president inaugurated in Jan. 2017: 1) no Mars aspect to the Sun, potentially endangering the life of the president; 2) only harmonious aspects between Jupiter and Saturn, enabling legislators from both parties to work together better than in the previous administration; and 3) a harmonious relationship between Jupiter and Sun (Vice President and President, respectively).


The U.S. Presidential Inauguration of 1945 was unusual in the modern era because it occurred during war time; thus, the time zone is not Eastern Standard Time, as per usual, but Eastern War Time (equivalent to Daylight Savings Time), i.e. Zone +4. This pushes the Ascendant back to late Pisces and the 10th house to Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter.inauguration_1945

Though the Sun remains in Abhijhit nakshatra, it is no longer in its Digbala position in the 10th house. The Sun (the President) moves to the 11th house from the Ascendant, which while generally good for a classic malefic planet, is not as strong as when Sun is Digbala in the 10th house. The lord of the 10th house (Sagittarius) is now Jupiter, who is also the Vice President. If this Jupiter is also reasonably strong, it means that the Vice President is then or soon will be in greater power than the person who is inaugurated as president on Jan. 20th. And indeed, after only 93 days in office President Franklin Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945. This was his 4th presidential term, and the longest-ever of any U.S. President. Congress passed the 22nd Amendment in 1947, and presidential term limits of two 4-year terms became law as of Feb. 1951. A special provision allows an individual to serve as president for up to 10 years.

In office since March 1933 (the last of the March 4th inaugurations), President Roosevelt was to have three different Vice Presidents. Henry Wallace, U.S. Vice President 1941-45, was replaced by Harry Truman for the 1944 election run. Roosevelt barely knew Truman, but his closest advisors, including his personal physicians saw his health rapidly deteriorating – a fact hidden from the public since at least 1940. They wanted to select a V.P. they could envision carrying the presidency more effectively than Wallace, who was not well liked among Democrats, and FDR had forced him on to the ticket in 1940.

Since FDR was loath to delegate authority to others, he passed on very little crucial information to his successor. Up to the time of his death April 12, 1945 Roosevelt met with Truman only 8 times from July 1944 (when Truman was nominated), and usually with other legislative leaders present. Truman had no knowledge of the atomic bomb project, for instance. As he wrote in his diary, “I was handicapped by lack of knowledge of both foreign and domestic affairs—due principally to Mr. Roosevelt’s inability to pass on responsibility.” Even so, note the power of Jupiter in this chart, ruling the 10th house, angular in the 7th house aspecting the Ascendant and the Sun, and located in Sun-owned Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. The Sun meanwhile, is in its own nakshatra, Uttara Ashadha (“the later victor”); thus everything reflects back to the presidency. Even with communications V.P. Truman is favored, as Jupiter in Virgo is in a Parivartana yoga (mutual sign exchange) with Mercury in Sagittarius in the 10th house.

In this chart for Jan. 20, 1945 the wartime focus is clear: Mercury, Mars and Ketu are in the 10th house of greatest visibility opposite Saturn and Rahu in the 4th house. Mars is Digbala (best possible angle for Mars), so has extra power. Four out of five of these planets are classic malefic planets, and when Mars and Saturn are in mutual aspect with Rahu and Ketu, war-like aggression is confirmed. All communications (Mercury) are centered around this topic, as the U.S. was still deeply involved in World War II, and President Roosevelt would soon go to the Yalta Conference in the Crimea (Feb. 4-11, 1945) to meet with two other Allied leaders, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Russian Premier Joseph Stalin. They were to discuss plans for how to reorganize post-war Europe.

Though Roosevelt was gravely ill with a diseased and enlarged heart, possible oxygen deficiency in the blood, and more, this was kept largely hidden from the public by his private physicians, who had advised him not to run in 1940 due to his ill health. Saturn is in Gemini in the 6th house (of health and military matters) from the Sun in Capricorn, reflecting this fact. In the Navamsha chart, Sun in Pisces is aspected by two classical malefic planets, Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Aquarius, though it is protected slightly by a Shubha Kartari yoga. Likewise, Venus and Moon straddle the Ascendant of the 1945 Inauguration chart, giving some protection to the U.S. in the midst of a major world war. In his book, The Final Battle: The Last Months of Franklin Roosevelt, 2016, Joseph Lelyveld discusses the worsening health of FDR and covers the difficult matter of replacing Vice President Henry Wallace. http://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/how-f-d-r-s-death-changed-the-vice-presidency


The Inauguration of John F. Kennedy on Friday, Jan. 20, 1961 was a very pivotal inauguration in that it occurred exactly one month prior to the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction Feb. 18, 1961 at 1:52 Capricorn. This conjunction was seminal as the first JU-SA conjunction in EARTH (sidereal zodiac) following the EARTH to FIRE Mutation period (1901-1961), setting the stage for the rest of the EARTH period up to 2199. A president inaugurated close to the JU-SA conjunction is likely to gain stature in historical terms, whether deserved or undeserved. On the negative side for this particular president, house lord Saturn is in the 12th house from the house it owns relative to the presidency (10th house). Thus, some kind of covert activity, some cadre of power working behind his back can threaten the presidency, even if the official Warren report on Kennedy’s assassination said the perpetrator was a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, a Russian sympathizer.inauguration_1961

On the positive side, with both Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th house from the Aries Ascendant, it gives them a lot of power as a Raja yoga conjoining the 9th and 10th lords. An angular house is connected with the Vedic deity Vishnu, the Preserver of the universe, and a trinal house is connected with Vishnu’s consort Lakshmi (prosperity). With Jupiter assigned to the Vice President, once again we see major power awarded to the Vice President, in this case Lyndon Baines Johnson, himself a former contender for the 1960 presidency, and a seasoned politician with 12 years in the House of Representatives (1937-1949), 12 years in the Senate (1949-1961), much of that time as either Majority or Minority Leader. For this reason, he had expected to beat Kennedy handily in the Democratic Primaries, but Johnson underestimated the full effects of Kennedy’s good looks and charisma. The decision to put Johnson on the ticket as V.P. was highly contentious among Kennedy’s inner circle, but highly praised by Joe Kennedy, the candidate’s father, who told his sons it was “the smartest thing they had ever done.” With Johnson, they could win Texas and much more of the South.

At exactly 12 noon on Inauguration day 1961, tr. Mars retrograde is making a close 8th house aspect to the Sun in Capricorn. As discussed, a Mars aspect to the Sun in an inauguration chart is dangerous for the physical safety of the President. Combined with Saturn in the 12th house from the 10th house of the presidency (counting only clockwise), this was bad news for this president. And as we know, his presidency was cut short by an assassin’s bullet Nov. 22, 1963. The Moon in the Inaugural chart, at 29:58 Aquarius is about to leave the sign and house within 2 minutes of orb, or within three minutes of clock time, at 12:03 pm EST. It then enters the 12th house of loss and hidden activities. This implies that Kennedy’s administration will be left unfinished and unresolved, but due to the major strength of Jupiter in the chart, the Vice President has longer term power.

Jupiter (the Vice President) is not making any contact or aspect to the Sun (the President) in this chart, though there is an aspect from Jupiter to the Sun in the Navamsha chart. Nevertheless, we would deduce from this chart that the connection between President Kennedy and his Vice President, Lyndon Johnson is almost negligible, though may possibly get better given the Navamsha.

With five planets in either Sagittarius or Aquarius, we see the high idealism with which the Kennedy administration began, inspiring both Americans and millions of others across the world. Those ideals, in the end, would be carried out by Johnson, who, as Kennedy’s successor and president from Nov. 1963 to Jan. 1969 passed more progressive legislation than any previous president, and expanded federal power to an unprecedented degree. The 9th house placement of Jupiter is strong, and is further fortified by being in its own sign.


Several notable planetary events surrounded this inauguration. It occurred between two out of three JU-SA conjunctions in Virgo (Dec. 31, 1980, March 4, 1981 and July 23, 1981), the second set of triple conjunctions to occur in one century – a relative rarity. The triple conjunctions over a 1000-year period (1400 to 2400) are otherwise 257 years apart from each other. Secondly, a Full Moon eclipse occurred the morning of the inauguration at 2:39 am EST at 6:34 Cancer (Mean node), just 9 hours 21 minutes prior to the 12 noon time of the scheduled Inauguration. Thus the Sun and Moon of the Inauguration chart are very close to the eclipse axis, Moon within 5 degrees of it and Sun within half a degree opposite the eclipse point.


ECLIPSES: Lunar eclipse (annular) at 6:34 Cancer (Mean node) on Jan. 20, 1981 at 2:39 am EST, Washington, D.C. Solar eclipse (annular) at 22:26 Capricorn (Mean node) Feb. 4, 1981 at 5:14 pm EST, Washington, D.C.

As with Kennedy in 1961, Reagan took office close to a JU-SA conjunction, assuring him of a major place in history, whether deserved or undeserved. Though Kennedy’s inauguration marked the start of the EARTH period, following the end of the FIRE to EARTH Mutation period, the 1981 inauguration was also eventful, coinciding closely with a Lunar eclipse plus two out of three JU-SA conjunctions in Virgo. The triple JU-SA conjunctions in Virgo marked the start of the Information Age, just as the Triple conjunctions in FIRE (1940-41) marked the start of the Atomic Age. At the time of the 1981 Inauguration, Jupiter and Saturn were approaching the second of three conjunctions, and were within 35′ of arc of each other; thus, a Graha Yuddha (Planetary War). This gives Saturn victory over Jupiter. Since Jupiter is the Vice President and the chief advisor to the president, he or she is disempowered here in the Reagan presidency. And though in a harmonious trinal position to four planets in the 10th house (incl. Sun., the President), Jupiter has almost no power, including to protect the president physically. We know now that George H.W. Bush was “the accidental vice president.” He was chosen literally at the last minute, when negotiations broke down with former President Gerald Ford, 1974-1977. This happened one night at 11:35 pm during the Republican Convention, and Reagan was expected to announce his V.P. choice that night around midnight.

Ford was insisting on Henry Kissinger at the State Dept. and Alan Greenspan at the Treasury Dept., plus veto power over other appointments, almost a kind of “co-presidency” – as some journalists expressed it. All these pre-conditions did not go over with Reagan, but he had few other choices. Bush’s name had been proposed earlier on, but no serious vetting had occurred for any of the V.P. candidates, just two phone calls to close Bush associates from Reagan’s close ally, Richard V. Allen, to determine whether Bush would fully support Reagan’s platform. When the answer was affirmative both times, and Ford was no longer an option, Reagan phoned Bush at 11:38 pm and broached the subject. Shortly after midnight he walked on to the convention stage, and after first praising Gerald Ford, he announced his choice of George H.W. Bush as Vice President.

This chart reflects the leadership of Ronald Reagan and his administration. He survived an assassination attempt on March 30, 1981 and into the latter part of his 1st term and much of his 2nd term was reported to be in the early stages of dementia prior to the Alzheimer’s disease that was announced in 1994, though probably was in effect several years earlier. He died on June 5, 2004, after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. This loss of mental power is shown by the eclipses both on Inauguration day and two weeks later, impacting the Sun (the president) with the Sun-Ketu contact. Since 10th lord Saturn is in a trinal house to the Sun in Capricorn (and the 10th house of the presidency), this too helped Reagan to survive the assassin’s bullet and remain President, as did Jupiter’s protective aspect to the 10th house.

Exalted Mars Digbala (best possible angular house for Mars) enabled Reagan to project a strong position throughout his administration, despite the substantial rumors that he had arranged with Iran to delay the release of some 52 American hostages held by Muslim militants until after the Nov. 1980 election. They had been held since Nov. 4, 1979, and were not released until just after Reagan’s 20-minute inaugural speech – highly suspicious timing to many, while others were impressed with Reagan’s seemingly strong command over foreign affairs, including as Commander-in-Chief, supported by his V.P. George H.W. Bush, a former CIA operative who was said to be involved in the hostage negotiations. Bush is indicated by Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th house and loser in the Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) to Saturn. The 9th lord is not well situated in the 6th house, a Nirbhagya yoga, diminishing his fortunes under Reagan and reflecting the more lowly position to which Bush as V.P. was relegated in the Reagan administration. Most of his duties as V.P. involved attending public ceremonies and State Funerals with his wife Barbara. This provided ongoing material for comedians of the era.



The 2000 election was extremely controversial, and dragged on until Dec. 12, 2000, when the U.S. Supreme Court intervened in the matter and declared the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling requiring a statewide recount of ballots unconstitutional. This dramatic turn of events then assured the election of George W. Bush, who was only able to win with the 25 Electoral College votes from Florida, even if Gore received 543,895 more popular votes than Bush. Obviously a large sector of the public (Moon) was not happy with these election results, as reflected by Moon situated in the 8th house of the 2001 Inauguration chart. There is also the Papa Kartari yoga to the Moon in the 8th house, with classic malefic planets Mars and Ketu on houses either side of it. This means the people feel restricted and repressed by the results of this election, and unable to extricate themselves from a choice made not by the people but by the U.S. Supreme Court, who appeared to intervene on Bush’s behalf. But since this is a Neecha Bangha Raja yoga Moon, the situation for the debilitated Moon (the public) gets better over time, especially as they are swept into the events of Sept. 11, 2001, followed soon by the invasion of Afghanistan in Oct. 2001 and the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Either way, this watery Moon in Scorpio is emotional and upset much of the time.

Mars is in an angular house and aspects the Sun, Ascendant and Jupiter and Saturn. This is an impactful Mars and indicates the nation has open enemies, as does the President. Mars is almost exactly on the Descendant and repeats in the Navamsha chart in the 7th house. The George W. Bush administration declared a War on Terrorism from Sept. 2001 onward, and had previously been reported to desire “regime change” in at least seven Middle Eastern countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, from Jan. 2001 onward. This was a policy strongly favored by Vice President Dick Cheney (Jupiter in Taurus in the 2nd house). Jupiter is below the horizon but powerfully situated with 10th lord Saturn. Cheney was said to be “the power behind the throne” of the Bush administration, and for most of the Bush years worked in close cooperation with the President. Jupiter and Saturn are both in Sun-ruled Krittika nakshatra, the same nakshatra where the previous JU-SA conjunction occurred May 28, 2000. Krittika nakshatra is ruled by the deity Agni, God of fire, and Krittika denotes “cutting” and “the razor.” Its symbols include a flame, a razor, an axe or sharp-edged weapons, and it has strong warrior connotations. Its shakti or purpose is to burn or purify.


Several factors in the 10th house of this chart enabled me to predict Barack Obama well in advance of the 2008 election, including the close conjunction of Sun and Mercury, within 06′ of each other. This describes a brilliant and eloquent speaker, known traits of Barack Obama. Further, the inter-relations between Sun and Jupiter in the 2009 Inauguration chart are once again very informative. The fact that Jupiter was within three degrees of the Sun in the 2009 Inauguration chart enabled me to predict correctly that Barack Obama and his V.P. Joe Biden would be the likely pair, and not the Republican candidates, John McCain and Sarah Palin. inauguration_2009

Throughout the two Obama administrations from 2009, Obama and Biden have maintained an exceptionally close relationship, even sharing family vacations together. For Obama, Biden has always been a close and trusted advisor. This is Jupiter (the advisor) very close to the Sun and in this case combust, i.e. so close that Jupiter cannot be seen from the earth with the naked eye. Similarly, Biden was overshadowed by Obama, but since Sun and Jupiter are close planetary friends and in Sun-ruled Uttara Ashadha nakshatra, this closeness worked to the advantage of both men. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, but corrected through Saturn being in an angular house to the Moon, thus Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga, and getting stronger over time.

We note that Jupiter and Saturn are in 6-8 house relationship, reflecting the lack of cooperation between both major parties during Obama’s first administration and continuing into his 2nd administration. Also note that Saturn is in the 8th house from the 10th house, which it rules, also the Sun in Capricorn. This, in confluence with the Parivartana yoga (mutual sign exchange) between planetary enemies Sun and Saturn indicates that the President may conduct some covert activities, and may not be the person he presented himself to be during his presidential campaign. He may also be cooperating with his presumed political enemies in ways that are hidden from the public.

In the Aries Ascendant chart, Moon in the 8th house will always be in its sign of debilitation in Scorpio. As with the 2001 Inauguration chart, the public (Moon) and/or women (also Moon) are disappointed or upset over the election results culminating in this inauguration. With Obama, though many people were very happy and excited about the election of the first African-American president, many Republicans were equally distraught, especially those with a strong racist point of view, some of whom were essentially White Nationalists. This is a constituency of the Right wing of the Republican Party that has become more prominent in the years of the Obama presidency, blaming him for many of their problems. In an attempt to discredit and diminish Obama, some claimed he even lacked the legitimacy to be president. The so-called “birther movement” doubted Obama’s U.S. citizenship despite lack of proof to the contrary. The 2016 GOP nominee Donald Trump has been strongly supported by this movement. He was recently forced to acknowledge that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, according to the birth certificate he produced.

Among Democrats, in Jan. 2009 many supporters of Hillary Clinton were also not happy that Obama had defeated Clinton in the primaries. But there is some reprieve in both charts. Moon becomes Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga if either Venus or Mars, ruler of exaltation and debilitation sign, respectively, are in kendras (angular houses) from either Moon or Ascendant. This corrects and qualifies the yoga after some initial setbacks. In the 2001 Inauguration chart, Mars is opposite the Ascendant of the chart. In the 2009 chart, Venus is in Aquarius, in a Kendra from Moon in Scorpio. So in each case, the country moves on, and the presidency holds, whatever the turbulence and/or achievements of those administrations.


The 2021 Inauguration occurs one month after the JU-SA conjunction at 06° 20′ Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. There is a lot of power in this chart, with Moon and Mars in the Aries Ascendant and four planets in the 10th house, including Jupiter and Saturn, and Sun within 02’of the exact JU-SA conjunction degree. This gives the president inaugurated on this day a substantial place in history, whether deserved or undeserved. Congress appears to work closely together and cooperates with the President, who may have tight reins over both houses of Congress and/or the connections to do so. Moon-Mars in the Aries Ascendant indicates that a militaristic stance continues, and that the people (Moon) have to embrace it in one form or another.

As with the elections of 1960, 1980, and 2000, there is the strong possibility of deep contention over election results in 2020, especially as more and more election fraud and theft has been documented in U.S. elections since 1988.


Based on my 160-yr predictive model, 1940-2100, I have previously predicted that the Democrats will dominate the White House for the next 28 years starting from 2020, with an 8-year break at the 12 year mark (2032). This is when Jupiter completes one orbit around the Sun from the year 2020.  If Hillary Clinton is inaugurated in 2017, as expected, then either she or her Democratic successor will carry on in 2020, again winning the White House for the Democrats. Due to the pervading trends of the EARTH period and its militaristic, corporatist influence we will probably see the two major political parties becoming more and more alike, and less and less willing to tolerate any third party competition. The duopoly of the Democrats and Republicans seems likely to prevail in the United States at least through 2100.



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[This article also appears in the Nov. 2016 issue of Astrologic magazine, an on-line magazine.] 

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