The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Campaign

by Edith Hathaway © 2015

News as Entertainment

The mainstream media plays a larger than ever role in the unfolding of the 2016 American presidential campaign, accurately reflecting the infotainment world that corporate media now produces, more so since the early 1980s, when greater and greater consolidation of media ownership occurred across the world, and for example, the United States went from 50 major media companies owning 90% of all U.S. media outlets in 1983, to six major media companies owning 90% of all U.S. media in 2015. Seeking profitability above all, big media made deep budget cuts for investigative journalism and fact-checking, with more focus on speed and flash.

This in turn reflects the astrological reality of the EARTH era (Feb. 1961 to April 2199), when the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions predominate in sidereal earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and the affairs ruled by Saturn dominate over those ruled by Jupiter. During this era we have already seen the increasing dominance of corporations (Saturn) over nation-states (Jupiter).

The effect has been to create virtual oligarchies around the world, so that by 2015 the richest 1% now own 50% of the world’s wealth, according to Credit Suisse, with even more extreme inequality in the U.S. From 1980 onward, the financial inequality gap began to skyrocket; and by 2015 the top 0.1% of Americans has nearly the same wealth as the bottom 90%.

At certain junctures within this longer EARTH era, we can also expect to see the citizens of nation-states fight back against corporate dominance. For this we examine other segments of the JU-SA cycle. Currently we make note of the recent and upcoming JU-SA squares, Aug. 3, 2015, and in 2016: March 23 and May 26. These are the last major JU-SA configurations prior to the next JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020 in Capricorn. We will look at the May 2016 chart to see what occurs in various sectors, including journalism and journalists (Jupiter), whose vulnerability next to Saturn in the EARTH period tends to render them largely corporatized – thus not really doing the job of the 4th Estate but becoming more of a propaganda machine for the corporate media.

As Jupiter represents journalists and journalism, its relative weakness during EARTH dominant periods greatly reduces the power of journalists to document wars and conflicts and keep the balance of power between citizens and their government. Journalists, for their part, are increasingly swayed by access to power rather than by holding accountable those in positions of power. The results are potentially far more lethal for the entire world, compared to wars in previous eras. Citizens have to be increasingly diligent about their sources of information. Otherwise, they are pawns in the hands of the most moneyed and powerful. They have to learn how to make the new technology increase their individual rights, and this is a challenge in the EARTH period.
Edith Hathaway, In Search of Destiny: Biography, History & Culture As Told Through Vedic Astrology, 2012, p. 38.

Looking through the lens of the corporate media at the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election campaign, we can therefore expect coverage that mostly focuses on news as entertainment and soap opera, while distracting the public from more pressing corporate goals, such as less taxation and regulation for corporations and more restrictions on workers’ rights and unions, which have already diminished considerably in the EARTH era to date. Perpetual wars are extremely lucrative for the large armaments industries; thus the corporate media likes hawkish candidates. Accordingly, the average citizen has to be persuaded that these things are in his or her best interest – when usually they are not – and various hot button issues are raised to create distraction from the real inequities that occur when corporations and wealthy individuals are given unlimited power to influence elections and affect ongoing policy matters, as with the infamous “Citizens United” U.S. Supreme Court decision Jan. 21, 2010. So-called “dark money” – though potentially traceable – often goes unreported, or at the very most under-reported. This keeps the plutocracy in power, does little to change issues of inequality, and preys on the fears, emotions, arrogance and ignorance of citizens who may assume the news they get is factually correct and not propaganda.

So far in 2015 the U.S. corporate media has mostly pandered to entertainment values over serious coverage, with horse-race types of analysis, and very little real criticism of hate speech. In the current election campaign, this promotes increased violence against Muslims and any immigrants, especially those who are non-Christian. It also promotes the unprecedented near- exclusion of the most serious and authentic reform candidate in either party: Democrat Bernie Sanders. The media does not ignore Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, who poll far lower than Sanders. Sanders, meanwhile, is also the only Democratic candidate who consistently leads in national polls against Donald Trump, well above match-ups with Hillary Clinton.

Though Bernie Sanders has consistently drawn the largest and most enthusiastic crowds of any candidate, often outdoing Donald Trump, this fact is seldom mentioned on corporate media. It has to be THE starkest reminder that in 2015 democracy is not truly being served by the media elite. Even if Sanders is an anti-establishment candidate, he has clearly struck a chord with a wide swath of citizens from all around the U.S. and that reality should be reflected on mainstream media, especially television. Instead, there is mostly a news blackout – making Sanders’ campaign points about a “rigged system” even more poignant, and making the Internet and independent media all the more crucial for their success.

What Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump DO have in common is that not only do they both regularly attract between 20 to 30% of primary voter support, they are both anti-establishment candidates for their respective party bureaucracies, who seem to want anyone but Trump as the Republican candidate, and no one but Clinton as the Democratic candidate. For their part, Republican candidates refer only to Clinton as a possible contender in Nov. 2016, and never to Sanders. These will be important factors in the upcoming JU-SA square in May 2016, to be discussed shortly.

U.S. corporate media loves Donald Trump as a media celebrity or anyone like him who can bring in the best ratings and appear very confident of the “facts,” even if their “facts” prove to be questionable at best. He is their favorite candidate because he increases their profitability, regardless of his integrity or his outrageous xenophobic statements about Mexicans, Muslims, and immigrants, even when he responded to the San Bernadino, California attacks by advocating that all Muslims be banned from entering the United States. In spite of this, Trump has remained the Republican frontrunner, and he gets more television network coverage than the entire field of Democratic candidates, with 234 minutes of air time in 2015 compared to 226 minutes for the entire Democratic field (Tyndall Report). Bernie Sanders was covered for 10 minutes of that time, and on ABC News he was covered for 30 seconds, compared to Trump’s 81 minutes. Even Vice President Joe Biden, who never entered the race and finally decided not to run, got far more coverage, with 56 minutes on all major networks for the year to date.

Donald Trump

Trump’s most recent high-level praise has come from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who calls him “a very colorful and talented man,” saying also that “[Trump] is leading in the presidential debates.” Trump in turn praises Putin as “a leader.”

SOURCE:,_Donald AstroDataBank gives 10:54 am EDT as Class AA birth time and Jamaica, NY as birth place (Long. 73W48, Lat. 40N41). Astrologer Joni Patry uses Queen’s Village, NY (Long. 73W48, Lat. 40N44), which has a very minor change of latitude.

Astrologically, Trump has one of the most powerful birth charts among all the candidates, showing his prominence as front-runner in the crowded Republican field, and the one Republican candidate likely to dominate through the primaries. He has Leo Ascendant (the most royal of the fire signs), with Mars close to rising, giving him youthful vitality andassertiveness. Since Mars is also lord of the 9th house and placed in the Ascendant, this creates a Raja (king-maker) yoga for success and good fortune. His Ascendant plus five planets in fixed signs give him loyalty, constancy, and a tendency to remain stuck on a set way of doing things.

The Leo Ascendant person often has an innate sense of being special, feeling they have inherited a unique position in life and thus may be driven to seek a leadership position or seek recognition for their talents, which often lie in the performing arts. The extent to which this is true (and in what arena of life) depends on the sign and house position of the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo Ascendant. In this case, Trump’s Sun is Digbala (best possible angular position) in the 10th house, at the top of the sky, giving the most light and the most heat. The Sun in turn receives a benefic aspect from its great planetary friend, Jupiter – which, when placed in the 2nd house of income, is excellent for the financial fortunes of the Leo Ascendant person and is a Dhana yoga (yoga of wealth). Another Dhana yoga is created by Mercury (2nd lord) in the 11th house of financial gains. All planets are spread out over six houses, bringing an expansive life.

Magha nakshatra rises, meaning “the throne room,” and further emphasizing a sense of royal and often patriarchal power, with the father usually a significant figure in the life. Further amplifying the Leo Ascendant and chart characteristics, Trump also has a Full Moon chart, with Sun and Rahu (north lunar node) in Taurus at the top of the sky (i.e. 10th house of career and status) opposite Moon and Ketu (south lunar node) in Scorpio in the 4th house (of physical residence and real estate, among other things). A Full Moon across Houses 4 and 10 describes a person who is not only comfortable in the limelight, but seeks it, especially with Sun in the 10th house. This would be clear once he reached his 6-year Sun Dasha (planetary period) in mid-November 1975. Prior to that date he had 27 years of Dashas featuring planets that were more in the background, especially Venus in the 12th house of his birth chart. From 1975 onward the Dasha sequence pushed him more into the spotlight for several decades.

Add to this that Donald Trump was born at the time of a Total Lunar eclipse. This brings even more drama and a sense of fatedness to the life. Moon is Digbala in the 4th house, its best angular house position. However, Moon in Scorpio is debilitated, though in this case also a Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. That is, the planetary combination (with, in this case, Mars in the Ascendant) corrects and qualifies the yoga as a Raja yoga after some initial setbacks, probably appearing strongly in his 10-year Moon Dasha, Nov. 1981 to Nov. 1991. His natal Moon is at 28:05 Scorpio, and within 1/2 degree to the eclipse axis at 29:38 Scorpio. This is by far the most treacherous segment of Scorpio (the last 3:20 of Scorpio), and cannot usually be trusted. It is also highly unpredictable, just as he is. But being born so close to a Total eclipse, there is a fateful quality to his life, and it is likely to play out when both the transits and current Vimshottari Dasha (the most important Dasha system) coincide to create maximum intensity.

Whether that means a win or a loss for him in the upcoming Presidential campaign and election, we will consider the timing factors to his birth chart. He declared his candidacy in mid-June 2015, and by mid-July 2015 the fortunate Jupiter entered his Leo Ascendant (July 14, 2015 to Aug. 12, 2016), marking also a Jupiter return to the chart of his latest media project, the TV reality show “The Apprentice” and later “The Celebrity Apprentice” – which he created, produced and hosted for 14 seasons. Its debut was Jan. 8, 2004, 8:30 pm EST, Manhattan, NY, and gave him tremendous training as a television media presence. Astrologically we note that Leo rises in the debut chart (not shown here), echoing Trump’s natal Leo Ascendant, also with transiting Jupiter in Leo in the Ascendant. The debut chart also has a mutual exchange (Parivartana yoga) between Jupiter in Leo and Sun in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of Dharma, and its on-average 11.9 year cycle is significant, especially when it returns to the zodiacal sign where it resided at the time of an important venture. Tr. Jupiter entered Leo July 14, 2015 and runs through Aug. 12, 2016.

As a planet of Dharma, Jupiter’s return to the chart of an individual, an event, etc. marks a meaningful turning point in the development of the entity, in this case the maximum media exposure of Donald Trump, far beyond anything he enjoyed as a media celebrity on “The Apprentice” and its sequel “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Tr. Jupiter in Leo is excellent for a Leo Ascendant person and expands the life. At the same time, tr. Saturn in Scorpio (Nov. 2, 2014 to Jan. 27, 2017) is opposite his natal Sun. This shows a more major confrontation, true for whenever Sun opposes Saturn. But Trump is especially favored while tr. Jupiter is in Leo, up to Aug. 12, 2016. This covers the primary season and the Republican Convention July 18-21, 2016.

Currently Trump is in the 18-year Rahu Dasha, which is typically a period that enhances one’s worldly desires and power, more so in Trump’s case with Rahu and Mars in angular houses from both Moon and Ascendant. But towards the end of the Dasha, in Rahu-Mars period, there is usually some major loss. John F. Kennedy entered the presidency during his Rahu-Mars period (Aug. 20, 1960 to Aug. 28, 1961), while Trump is in his Rahu-Mars period Oct. 29, 2015 to Nov. 16, 2016. From Nov. 2015, notably after the terrorist attacks in Paris (Nov. 13) and San Bernadino, CA (Dec. 2) his rhetoric became even more controversial, this time in his anti- Muslim bias. Coincidentally, violent anti-Muslim incidents and hate crimes increased rapidly across a country already known for gun violence, but also where mass shootings have been perpetrated not by Muslims but by mostly white males – either mentally unstable and/or racist. In any case, what is arresting is that his Rahu-Mars period, along with his 18-year Rahu Dasha ends on Nov. 16, 2016, exactly 8 days after the next U.S. Presidential Election on Nov. 8, 2016.

Trump’s Jupiter Dasha starts Nov. 16, 2016, and Jupiter is not nearly as powerful for him as Rahu, partly because it is a retrograde benefic planet and not situated in an angular house from the Ascendant or Moon. In addition, we have said there is typically some loss at the end of Rahu Dasha, and he is much closer to the end of the Dasha than John F. Kennedy was when he ran for president, and had his presidential term cut short by assassination in Nov. 1963. Therefore, as seemingly unbeatable as Trump looks in late Dec. 2015, he has just entered a far more vulnerable period, and may even be in some personal danger with both transiting Mars and Saturn in Scorpio aspecting five of his planets (including Ascendant) for six months of 2016: Feb. 20 to June 17; July 12 to Sept. 17, 2016. This is galvanizing for him, but also endangers him, especially given his inflammatory rhetoric and his prominence as a presidential candidate. There is some protection from tr. Jupiter in the Ascendant, but once it exits Leo Aug. 12, 2016, only tr. Rahu in Leo remains in his natal Ascendant contacting natal Mars, both aspected by tr. Saturn. Being at the tail end of Rahu-Mars period, with the natal imprint of a Total Lunar eclipse at 29 degrees Scorpio, this planetary picture does not look like an election victory, but more like a dramatic fall or a dramatic ending of some kind. And the more he courts danger with his rhetoric, the more hazardous it becomes for him. If Trump is nominated, and there is good reason to believe he will prevail as Republican nominee, including astrologically, his most dangerous months are August and September 2016, but October into mid-November 2016 also cannot be ruled out.

Hillary Clinton

SOURCE:,_Hillary AstroDataBank gives a DD (Dirty Data) rating to birth times close to 8:00 am or 8:00 pm CST, though several of the Source Notes at Astro- DataBank also support a time around 8 am CST. I used my rectified time of 7:56 am CST for the extensive work I did on the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, for which I predicted Obama’s win 10 months in advance of the election.

For previous coverage on Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate for the 2016 U.S. Election: clues/#more-59

In my election coverage above from May 2015 we have already noted her strong Libra Ascendant, with Sun, Venus and Mercury retrograde in Libra, and the various Raja and Dhana yogas for status and financial prosperity. We have discussed the strength of her 20-year Venus Dasha, from March 1995 to March 15, 2015, along with the relative strength of her current 6- year Sun Dasha, March 15, 2015 to March 15, 2021, and its various sub-periods in 2016. Her two debilitated planets (Sun and Mars) are both Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga, receiving correction and gaining strength from initial disadvantages. She enters Sun-Mars period Jan. 2, 2016 to May 9, 2016. Coinciding with this period is transiting Mars in Scorpio in her 2nd house, for six months during 2016: Feb. 20 – June 17; July 12 – Sept. 17. Since Mars receives zero (out of 8) bindus when it transits this house in her chart, it behaves badly, and can create conflict and/or weakness. And it is noteworthy that she had tr. Mars in Gemini (also at zero bindus) from Sept. 16, 2007 to April 27, 2008. During this time she lost the primary race to Barack Obama; and in that instance as well as this one, she was the Democratic frontrunner and the more well-known of the two candidates.

In May 2015, I listed three possibilities that could come for Clinton from tr. Mars in Scorpio, bearing in mind all the potential significators for Mars as well as the 2nd house: 1) Her own health and physical stamina could take a downturn. 2) Her husband Bill Clinton’s health and/or political well-being could take a downturn, adversely affecting Hillary. Or 3) Her opponent could suffer a downturn, and I suggested this latter was unlikely – given the precedents. In addition, I would now add that given that the 2nd house is a house of speech, it is possible that Clinton’s communications or speech could cause her big problems in the upcoming campaign and election period. As with Trump, she has a planet in the last few degrees of a water sign (natal Saturn in the 10th house at 28:11 Cancer), called Gandanta, and though not as dangerous as the juncture of Scorpio and Sagittarius, the last 3:20 of all water signs are considered potentially dangerous and critical, as both the sign and the nakshatra end at the end of the water signs.

Given that I have rectified Clinton’s Ascendant degree to 27:50 Libra, her exact 10th house cusp (27:50 Cancer) indicating career and status would be very close to this natal Saturn at 28:11 Cancer, and potentially symbolizing a fall from power. Whether this is before or after taking office is further refined by the transits and Dasha. At the time when she could be nominated for President and/or elected, she will be in Sun-Rahu period: May 9, 2016 to April 2, 2017.

Hillary Clinton has a Sun-Rahu Nadi yoga, in which Sun is situated in Swati nakshatra, owned by Rahu, and Rahu is situated in Krittika nakshatra, owned by the Sun. In the planetary cabinet, the Sun is the leader, the father, the dominant one; Rahu is the foreigner, exotic, manipulative desiring worldly benefits. Rahu is a non-physical planet, representing the (lunar) eclipse. It is snake-like, unpredictable, and considered Saturn-like. Sun and Saturn are planetary enemies. Thus, the light of the Sun and the darkness and shadow side of Saturn and Rahu have their energies intertwined in some way, perhaps because these people must deal very closely with both the powers of darkness and light in the world. In fact, all three candidates we are focused on here have Sun-Rahu combinations: Donald Trump has Sun and Rahu in Taurus in the 10th house; Bernie Sanders has Sun-Rahu in Leo in the 3rd house (my rectified chart).

To look further into how the Sun and Rahu are working together in the chart, we examine the placement by zodiacal sign and house of the nakshatra lord. And is it a friend of that Ascendant chart? Donald Trump’s natal Sun and Rahu are both placed in Taurus in Mars-ruled nakshatras, and Mars is well placed, if not super-aggressive in his Leo Ascendant. Mars is also Raja yogakaraka for Leo Ascendant, ruling both trinal and angular houses. Bernie Sanders’ natal Sun and Rahu are both placed in Leo. His Sun is in Venus-ruled Purva Phalguni nakshatra, while Venus is debilitated in Virgo, but gains strength and elevation through Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga. Venus at 28:42 Virgo is within close range of being opposite the maximum degree of  deepest exaltation. Given my Gemini rectified Ascendant, this is excellent, as Venus is the best planet for Gemini Ascendant and is Nadi yogakaraka. His Rahu is in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra, ruled by the Sun, which is well-placed in its own sign of Leo.

Hillary Clinton’s Sun is in Libra in Swati nakshatra (ruled by Rahu), with Rahu in Taurus in the 8th house in Sun-ruled Krittika nakshatra. This gives her a Nadi yoga, a mutual exchange of nakshatra lords, and it highlights this combination, especially during its planetary period sub- period. This occurs May 9, 2016 to April 2, 2017. A Nadi yoga is perhaps even a stronger link than a mutual contact within the same sign. And though that may seem odd, it is because Nadi Jyotisha considers the nakshatra lords to have great power. Thus, we might expect to see a big change for her during her Sun-Rahu period due to Rahu’s position in the 8th house (of major transitions) from the Sun in the Libra Ascendant. However, first indications should come from Feb. 20, 2016 onward, when tr. Mars enters Scorpio and operates at zero bindus in the Clinton birth chart.

Given that the two frontrunners, Trump and Clinton both face potential big downturns in 2016, what can we learn from the Jupiter-Saturn cycle?

Jupiter-Saturn Square – 2016

JU-SA.trump.square.2016The second and last Jupiter-Saturn square prior to the next JU-SA conjunction (Dec. 2020) occurs May 26, 2016, with Jupiter at 19:36 Leo and Saturn retrograde at 19:36 Scorpio. It is the last major configuration between Jupiter and Saturn prior to the JU-SA conjunction in Dec. 2020 in sidereal Capricorn. The JU-SA square should be an important indicator of larger events in 2016, especially as it occurs 5 ½ months prior to the U.S. Presidential Election, though typically JU-SA conjunctions and oppositions tend to be the most major markers within the 20-year cycle. Given that the chart is set for Washington, D.C., this chart should yield some clues. The first thing to notice is the dominant fixed sign emphasis of the planets, with 7 planets in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), along with Taurus Ascendant. We might assume initially that the fixed sign emphasis would tend to keep the status quo, either favoring the continuation of a Democrat in the White House, or assuring the continued front-runner status of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. Since the chart is set for Washington, D.C., it does apply to both the current president and the next president.

In this context, it is helpful to look back at the JU-SA square Nov. 10, 1995 (Jupiter at 24:17 Scorpio, Saturn at 24:17 Aquarius) prior to the JU-SA conjunction in May 2000. It was one year prior to a U.S. Presidential election, and gave Bill Clinton a 2nd term, though ironically he began his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky in Nov. 1995 (to March 1997), and this would nearly bring down his presidency in his 2nd term. In the Nov. 1995 chart, Saturn in Aquarius aspects Jupiter in Scorpio, the latter conjoined with Venus and Mars in the 6th house of litigation. Saturn in the 9th house shines its light of truth on a sex scandal, and volumes of information were written on it, part of an expensive and long drawn-out attempt to bring down Clinton. Jupiter as 10th lord represented Bill Clinton, mired in legal proceedings during his 2nd term but in the end mostly vindicated, though weakened.

With the upcoming JU-SA square in May 2016, the many planets in fixed signs may be important as indicators of Democratic Party continuity in the White House, though there is no incumbent this time, as in 1996. But the focus should again be on Jupiter and Saturn and their mutual contacts. Jupiter in Leo is in a placement of royalty, but conjoined with Rahu and aspected by Saturn, the royal seat is threatened by Rahu (the foreigner, the outsider) and constricted or even blocked by Saturn. America’s political royalty include families named Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush and Clinton. It follows that political royalty such as Bush or Clinton could well be defeated in 2016, along with other self-proclaimed heir-apparent types such as Donald Trump.

One could also argue that Trump IS the outsider to politics, and in many ways he is, with no political experience at the local, state or federal level. But he is a wealthy real estate tycoon who represents the plutocracy, and thus no real outsider to corporate America. He is also a savvy user of media, notably television, and not likely to support tax or regulation measures that would diminish his considerable wealth. The current runner-up to Trump is Ted Cruz, who is only an outsider in the sense of having been born in Canada. His parents moved to the States when he was a child. Hillary Clinton’s runner-up for many months is Bernie Sanders, who is more of an outsider to the corporate-ruled status quo than any other candidate, though a long- term politician, first locally, 1981-88, then nationally in the U.S. House, elected in Nov. 1990, and later in the U.S. Senate, elected in 2006. He has a long and consistent track record of fighting for the public good vs. corporate welfare, and he is the only presidential candidate who is not supported by major Super PACS (Political Action Committees). Super PACS emerged as key factors in the 2012 election, and show the ongoing impact of the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision in Jan. 2010, which more or less allows corporations and wealthy individuals to buy elections.

This JU-SA square chart, if it has some importance, may well indicate a political upset in 2016. Looking at this chart, one has to consider whether the larger citizenry (at whom mass media is aimed) will revolt against what it is being programmed to do, i.e. support the interests of the large corporations in solidifying their financial gains and profits. This is where royalty’s invincibility may break down – but, and this is crucial, it needs a more informed public to know and acknowledge these realities. Independent media may play a part in this, as we shall see.

In this JU-SA square chart of May 2016, reading the 10th lord Saturn as the current president, it is situated in the 7th house where it is strong (Digbala, best angular house), though not comfortable in a water sign (Scorpio here) or in a sign ruled by Mars. Saturn faces battles at home (contacting Mars) and confrontations on many fronts (Sun opposite Saturn). The next president could be read from the 10th from the 10th house, counting clockwise from 10th lord Saturn in Scorpio. That would be Jupiter in Leo, situated with Rahu on the eclipse axis. Jupiter gains strength in an angle of the chart aspecting the 10th house of status from the Taurus Ascendant.

Jupiter also gains strength by being in the sign of a great good planetary friend (Sun), which is in turn placed in the Ascendant. Further, Jupiter is in Purva Phalguni nakshatra, ruled by Venus, lord of the Ascendant. From the 4th house of the chart Jupiter aspects the 10th house, implying that the incoming president is coming from a more lowly position, one which would not have expected to lead to the presidency. With Rahu, we have to see something more unusual about this candidate, something outside the predictable, rehearsed candidate. Jupiter-Rahu may also apply to the combination of the incoming President and Vice President, something unusual or exotic about the combination, and not the expected royalty (Leo). Since Jupiter also signifies journalists and journalism, we may also see some breakthrough of independent or unconventional media, with this factor becoming more important in this period, 2016-2020.

At the 3rd and most recent Democratic candidates’ debate, Hillary Clinton was asked by the ABC News moderator if “corporate America loves her.” She replied that “everyone should.” And of course, she has long had many close ties to Wall Street and many big campaign donors from that sector. We have discussed how corporate media loves Donald Trump, but also Hillary Clinton, despite having moved her rhetoric to the left to match Bernie Sanders’ reform appeal to voters. As of late 2015, Trump and Clinton remain the clear frontrunners; but the candidates eliciting the greatest enthusiasm from big crowds are Trump and Sanders.

This JU-SA square chart may indicate that somehow – perhaps through non-corporate independent media, social media and sheer word of mouth – a candidate such as Sanders will break through the sound barriers carefully erected by the mainstream corporate media – understandably so, since he challenges their desire to be under-reported, under-regulated and under-taxed. Martin O’Malley does as well, but he is polling only at 4%.

Citizens need to be informed of how corporations seek to influence elections through large contributions to politicians, lobbyists, think tanks and others. In such an atmosphere, how to predict the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election becomes as much about assessing the charts of individual candidates as assessing the larger cycles to examine the potential for continuity or an upset, given the prevalent theme of corporate control. Though largely supported by Republican politicians, it is not confined to them, as Democratic politicians and candidates from both parties are by no means immune to corporate giveaways. But for the party establishment – the real upset candidates would be Trump vs. Sanders.

Bernie Sanders

SOURCE:,_Bernie AstroDataBank gives Class A data: Sept. 8, 1941, 12:27 pm EWT, Brooklyn, NY, King’s county. But this is contradicted by Source Notes indicating uncertainty about this birth time, and there are no other verified sources.  [UPDATE Feb. 2016:  AstroDataBank has since revised this rating to Class X, Data with no time of birth. Though equivalent, EWT has been revised to EDT.] Using all data except hour and minute, I have rectified his birth time to 1:05 am EWT, based on numerous factors, including his character, interests, timing of life events and how they coordinate, especially with his Vimshottari Dasha periods.

To cover just a few points on my rectification, here is some biographical information: Sanders ran for political office several times, but finally had his first success in March 1981, when he was elected Mayor of Burlington, Vermont and held office from April 6, 1981 to April 1989, being re- elected three times. He met his future (and current wife) during the mayoral campaign and they married in late May 1988 after a 7-year relationship. Prior to that, he had a short marriage, 1964-66, and in 1969 a son, Levi Sanders, by Susan Mott. He remains close to his son, his three stepchildren (by Jane O’Meara) and seven grandchildren. Sanders entered national politics in Nov. 1990 when he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, from Vermont. He served there for 16 years, and then in 2006 was elected to the U.S. Senate, again from Vermont, and re-elected in 2012. He announced his intention to run for the presidency on April 30, 2015 (on the Capitol lawn, Washington, D.C.), and he began his official campaign launch from Burlington, VT on May 26, 2015.

Gemini is a dual air sign, and given Sanders’ versatility, his mental acuity, and his changing partnership situation up to his early 40s, this is an appropriate Ascendant for him. Ascendant lord Mercury is exalted in Virgo in the 4th house, alongside Venus in Virgo. This shows high intelligence and a good education, while Mars in Aries aspecting the 2nd house shows his energetic style of speaking, his good health and physical and mental vitality, also the tendency to have relatively little income for some years, or have expenses which swallow up whatever income he makes. This is because two classical malefic planets (Mars and Saturn) both aspect the 2nd house of financial income. Mars strong in the 11th house in its own sign also indicates the strong and benefic influence of his older brother, Larry.

For his entire life he has been passionate about themes of social and financial justice; and though Sun in the 10th house (as for Donald Trump) is the best position for leadership, Moon in the 10th house is also beneficial for a successful politician, especially one who is emotionally connected to the citizens he serves. Thus, natal Moon in the 10th house in the compassionate sign of Pisces is appropriate here, with his major passion in life towards a career of public service and in politics. On Dec. 14, 1980 he entered Sun-Moon period, up through Oct. 20, 1981, and marking the period when he had his first major political success winning the election for Mayor of Burlington, VT, Vermont’s largest city, and met Jane O’Meara, whom he married in 1988 after a 7-year relationship. The Sun and Moon are the two major luminaries, and symbolic of king and queen, husband and wife.

The Sun is a planet of leadership, which while strong in Leo, is not as strong in the 3rd house for a politician as Moon is in the 10th house. Thus, as he grew into his political power, he also moved into the 10-year Moon Dasha (Aug. 27, 1986 to Aug. 27, 1996), and during Moon-Jupiter period he won a seat in the U.S. Congress in Nov. 1990.  With a Gemini birth Ascendant, his political career also received a considerable boost from the triple Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Virgo in his 4th house in 1980-1981 (impacting the 10th house of career), and from the series of three Jupiter-Saturn oppositions in Gemini/Sagittarius from Sept. 1989 to July 1990.

As with Donald Trump, Sanders is also in the 18-year Rahu Dasha, which began for him Aug. 27, 2003 and gave him momentum to run for the U.S. Senate in 2006, during Rahu-Jupiter period. Rahu is in the 3rd house of the birth chart with natal Sun in Leo, and in the 10th house of the Navamsha chart in Sagittarius. The Dasha lord moving to the 10th house in the Navamsha chart is excellent for attaining a worldly or leadership position during that Dasha.

With this birth time of 1:05 am, he is currently in Rahu-Venus period from March 16, 2015 through March 16, 2018, covering the entire presidential campaign period up to the election and beyond. Venus is the best planet for Gemini Ascendant, and the Navamsha positions of Mercury in Pisces opposite Venus and Jupiter in Virgo strongly correlate with the disadvantages Sanders experienced for many years, earning a lower income and running for office (unsuccessfully) several times before finally succeeding in March 1981 at the age of 39. Both Mercury and Venus have Neecha Bhanga Raja yogas in the Navamsha chart, and Venus in both birth chart and Navamsha chart, emphasizing the theme of early setbacks followed by elevated status, especially in Venus major or sub-periods. Venus is further amplified by its Vargottama position, i.e. situated in the same sign in both birth chart and Navamsha chart.

Sanders grew up in a family for whom money was a constant struggle. He developed a deep understanding of the economic issues along with an ability to address them in the political arena, as shown by his Moon in Pisces opposite Mercury and Venus in Virgo, and as discussed previously. If the economy worsens into 2016, which is likely, Clinton will have to prove that her policies as the establishment candidate overwhelmingly supported by Wall Street will be more effective than those proposed by Bernie Sanders, at least in the initial contest for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president. Sanders and Clinton currently differ a lot on how they would fix Wall Street. Among other things, Sanders would reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, which was repealed by President Bill Clinton in Nov. 1999, paving the way for the big 2008 meltdown.

The vulnerability in the charts of both frontrunners for 2016, combined with indications from the Jupiter-Saturn square chart (May 2016) shows there is still room for another candidate such as Bernie Sanders, and that corporate control over elections and so many facets of life may well be challenged in 2016. If so, this should be apparent from late February, if not by early April 2016.



[This article appears in the Jan. 2016 issue of Astrologic magazine, an on-line magazine.]

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