When most astrologers predicted Hillary Clinton as winner in 2016, using both East & Western techniques and classical rules, it did not turn out as planned.  Astrology did not work the way it normally works – at least I can say that for sure using Vedic astrology.  I think all along was the revolutionary component that had to be considered and that would shatter all the usual rules we follow, including astrological rules – such as that Trump would lose in the last sub-period of his 18-year Rahu Dasha, which is normally the case. 

From my first article on Hillary Clinton in May 2015 I had said that she would not be elected, that she had to fall from power. In my subsequent articles in Dec. 2015, a podcast in early Jan. 2016 and in my articles all through spring 2016 I said that an Anti-establishment candidate had to win the U.S. Presidency and that Hillary was due to fall from power.  When the insurgent Democratic candidate (Bernie Sanders) did not win as expected, this was puzzling – as the Anti-establishment theme was so strong.

Now we see that even without Jupiter angular or trinal in the birth chart or Navamsha of Donald Trump, his Jupiter Dasha DOES have wings for the presidency, including as an almost exact Stationary Direct planet aspecting Sun and Rahu in House 10.  And just as Hillary did not fall when expected, Trump outlasted the traditionally difficult Rahu-Mars Dasha and won the presidency. If he chooses to run again in 2020, I might reassess my prediction from my 160-year chart (1940-2100), from which I forecast 28 years of Democratic Party dominance in the White House starting in 2020.  Though this prediction model has worked perfectly up to now, I had said it might falter if only because the other two 28-year segments starting from 1940 and 1980 began with triple conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn. The next triple JU-SA conjunction is in 222 years.

predictive-model-v2-ppSOURCE: This chart is my original concept and comes from my original research, first presented in the early 2000s and included in my book In Search of Destiny, 2012, pp. 40-41. The JU-SA conjunction should fall at most within several months of either 1) the Presidential Election – Tuesday following the first Monday in November, or 2) the Presidential Inauguration Jan. 20th, from 1937 to the present. This graphic representation of the concept was first presented in Oct. 2016 at the ISAR conference in Costa Mesa, CA.  It shows how from 1940 a Democratic candidate won the U.S. Presidency and the Democratic Party dominated the White House for the next 28 years: one Saturn cycle.  That domination was vulnerable at the 12-yr mark, the end of one Jupiter cycle, at which point the opposition party took the White House for two 4-yr terms (1952-1960).  In Nov. 1980, when a Republican candidate won the presidency, that party dominated the White House for the next 28 years, broken once again by a candidate from the opposition party at the 12-year mark (1992-2000).

The Jupiter-Saturn square chart occurs every 20 years, and is the last of the important JU-SA charts prior to the JU-SA conjunction in 2020 and the last one prior to the Nov. 2016 election.  When examined over a 140-year period, the JU-SA square chart indicated that each time both planets were in sidereal fixed signs, the incumbent candidate or party won the U.S. Presidency.

ju-sa-dc-square-2016Click here for a brief review on how to read the North and South Indian charts.

In my March 2016 article, I documented many of these charts, 1916-2016.  See:  Fixed signs were in abundance in the May 2016 JU-SA square chart. Though the incumbent (Obama) could not run, a candidate from the incumbent party looked likely to win once again.

From the May 2016 JU-SA square chart I had always thought the insurgent Democratic candidate should win.  The chart also showed dissension within the party (Sun opposite Saturn), which coincided with the general anti-Establishment themes.  But once Bernie Sanders was eliminated in June 2016, Trump was the only revolutionary candidate left standing.  Tr. Mars and Saturn were together in sidereal Scorpio for most of 2016 up until Oct. 31st. Together they spell revolution.  Also, tr. Pluto, the planet of upheavals and radical change, was transiting for months opposite the USA Sun (leadership).  How could that be the anointing of the establishment darling, Hillary Clinton?  So I was never completely happy about saying Hillary would win, because I had thought and said for a full year since May 2015 it should be an “Anti-Establishment candidate.”


In mid-November 2016 President Obama made a public statement decrying “Fake News” and how it threatens democracy – especially in social media platforms such as Facebook.  Soon after, other public figures started to say we have to control and abolish it.  Under attack, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg now says he wants to eliminate “Fake News,” which is ironic considering that Facebook has so actively participated in pro-Clinton coverage, using such techniques as altering its search engine to promote Clinton in the most positive light.  (In another realm, Zuckerberg is cooperating closely with the Israeli government to censor what the Israeli government considers should be censored on Facebook.)  Prior to this, we have extensive examples of major media manipulating the news to fit a certain agenda and/or to meet government approval in advance.  Thus, fake news and official news are now strongly intermixed, and we should remember that the father of Public Relations, Edward Bernays (1891-1995) believed the manipulation of public opinion was necessary, especially in a democracy.  He created “false realities” that became “news events,” a model often copied in the EARTH era (1921-2199), when JU-SA conjunctions predominate in sidereal EARTH signs.

At times the public becomes more aware of this increasing trend, such as from July 22, 2016, just preceding the Democratic National Convention, when 20,000 hacked emails from leading Democratic National Committee (DNC) officials were released by Wikileaks. They confirmed the long-suspected collusion between the DNC, the Clinton campaign and the liberal corporate media in their efforts to sabotage and defeat fellow Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.  To redirect attention from the embarrassing emails Democratic establishment officials immediately began blaming Russia for hacking its emails and trying to influence U.S. elections.  Though many computer security experts disagreed about Russia’s role in this, and even National Security Agency (NSA) Director James Clapper said in late July 2016 there was no definitive proof of Russian involvement, those allegations continue to spread.  And now, if a journalist or media group is at all critical of U.S. foreign policy and not within the centrist U.S. duopoly viewpoint, they may be accused of being a Russian propaganda outlet.

The propensity for disinformation, propaganda and collusion with corporate media can be seen from the conjunction of Jupiter (journalism) and Rahu (planet of mischief and secret activities) that ran for 13 months up to Aug. 12, 2016.  And in general, as mentioned earlier, during the EARTH period (1921-2199) when JU-SA conjunctions predominate in EARTH signs, especially after Feb. 1961, the weakness of all things signified by Jupiter is revealed.  This includes journalism and nation-states.  Also revealed is the supremacy of all things signified by Saturn, which includes corporations, corporate conglomerates, and business interests. In this era, journalists can be more wedded to the corporate power structure, profits, and access to power rather than to doing the real job of journalism.  Consequently, information as propaganda and as a commodity thrives, paving the way to disinformation.  President-Elect Trump is especially critical of what he calls a “dishonest and corrupt” media.

With most of corporate media steering the public towards a Clinton victory, it was all the more astonishing when a wide swath of voters chose to ignore those dictates, which included months of Trump-bashing.  Pundits everywhere on Election night were clearly poised to announce Clinton as the winner.  But they were ignoring many important signals, including the actual statistics for registered voter affiliations, with 40% Independents, 32% Democrats and 28% Republicans (Gallup poll, Sept. 2016).  Independents and 3rd party votes could easily change the outcome. But statistics on party ID polls varied widely, and this should have been seen as a red flag. Typically the percentage for Democrats was increased and the percentage for Independents lowered significantly.

But in 2016 many Democrats switched to Independent status, and during the primaries most Independents supported Bernie Sanders, and a smaller number Donald Trump.  Sanders’ crowds were 100 times the size of Clinton’s, and Trump’s crowds were likewise 100 times the size of Clinton’s, though mainstream pundits continued to ignore this reality.  They also ignored the large number of Sanders supporters, including Independents and newly registered Democrats (especially the 18 to 30 age group) whose votes were suppressed or purged during the primaries.  In each case the chief benefactor was Clinton.  Extensive documentation on this can be found in my article:  On Election Day Nov. 8, 2016, many former Sanders supporters obviously did not all fall in line behind Clinton. They voted 3rd party or for Trump, or perhaps did not vote.  In any case, Trump did better with Independents than Clinton did.

Applied mathematician and Vote fraud expert Richard Charnin correctly predicted the U.S. Presidential winner in 2008, 2012 and 2016 down to the exact number of electoral votes. He thinks that Trump probably won in a landslide, given that Exit polls show that Trump did win. Even so, unless votes are counted by hand the true results will remain unknown.  For his 2016 analysis Charnin used the Party ID Gallup voter affiliation survey from Sept. 2016, and both federal statistics and state by state statistics, with special attention to changes in party ID from 2012 to 2016.  Given numerous factors, including the number of Democrats and Independents disinclined to vote for Clinton and more likely to vote for Stein or Trump, Charnin concluded that Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s 1% portion of the vote was implausible.


When Bernie Sanders failed to demand a recount of the Democratic primaries in spring 2016, even with overwhelming evidence of election fraud working against him and specifically benefiting his opponent Hillary Clinton, he was following in a line of recent Democratic predecessors who did the same when the elections of 2000 and 2004 were disputed and alleged to be stolen from presidential candidates Al Gore and John Kerry, respectively.  But Green Party candidate Jill Stein is finally stepping up to the plate, and getting a lot of flak for doing so, including from President-Elect Donald Trump and from President Obama – each with differing motivations for not wanting to question the 2016 election results.

Whether or not she was influenced by Charnin’s work, Jill Stein has to be well aware of the history of vote fraud and theft in the U.S., as her lead counsel is Bob Fitrakis. (See  Stein is currently contesting the vote in three states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  The Wisconsin recount starts Wed. Nov. 30th.  Prior to this, the Clinton campaign quietly joined forces with Stein’s recount efforts, which should cost at least $7.5 million.

Stein’s stated motivation for the recount is not to change the 2016 election results (an unlikely outcome), but to promote transparent and accurate recounts and to expose election fraud. The problem of election fraud is compounded when there is so little official acknowledgment of a real problem in U.S. elections, and when corporate media is so intimately involved with polling voters, including exit polls.  Richard Charnin and other vote fraud experts have found these to be routinely adjusted to coincide with the “official vote count” rather than the True Vote, i.e. the accurate vote count.  Many citizens appear to be shocked at the idea that there may be fraud in the U.S. election process, but this is a reality that needs to be addressed, especially with the use of electronic voting machines since 1988.

Pennsylvania may be impossible to recount properly, as the electronic voting machines currently used there have no paper trail.  They are DREs, or Direct Recording Electronic voting machines, and among the most problematic of all voting machines, known to be easily tampered with and yet still widely used.


inauguration_2017The good news is that the very fine 2017 Inauguration chart and the smoothness I predicted in the upcoming administration is now ringing even truer.  It is now reflecting a Republican election winner supported by Republican majorities in BOTH houses of Congress.  Jupiter in exact sextile to Saturn in that chart is excellent for a President cooperating with Congress and with both major political parties cooperating with each other.  This President has the power to bring people together and to interact well with nations across the world, as shown by the favorable Veena yoga, one of the best features in the chart.  (A Veena yoga occurs when the physical planets are spread out over seven consecutive houses.) For coverage of previous U.S. Presidential Inauguration charts and how they translated into reality, see

Despite the controversial, divisive, and over-long election season, we can only hope that President-Elect Trump may heal the deep wounds engendered from this campaign.  And as Richard Reich so aptly said: “What has happened in America should not be seen as a victory for hatefulness over decency. It is more accurately understood as a repudiation of the American power structure.”



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  • Published Oct. 21, 2016, this is an extended and interactive version of the lecture I delivered on “Predicting U.S. Presidential Elections” at the ISAR conference, Oct. 15, 2016.  Some of my commentary submitted Nov. 9, 2016 is at the YouTube website where my Election 2016 video is posted.


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