Catherine Engelbrecht – Founder of True the Vote

Catherine Engelbrecht is prominent in the news recently because of the documentary 2000 Mules, which made its international debut on May 2, 2022.  It was her organization True the Vote (founded Nov. 30, 2009) – partnering with election investigation analyst Gregg Phillips – that provided the source material for this important exposé on election fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.  Working together since 2013, in 2021 Engelbrecht and Phillips purchased over $2 million worth of geospatial cell phone data and surveillance video footage. Prior to that they had large numbers of witness testimonies of vote fraud arriving on the TTV Hot lines. They also heard directly from whistleblowers acting as ballot mules (i.e. traffickers) in the 2020 election.

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Engelbrecht and Phillips saw many indications that massive vote fraud had occurred in the Nov. 2020 election and they set out to prove it in ways that had to be definitive and with absolutely no loopholes.  As Engelbrecht kept saying: “We can’t be wrong.” They chose their methodology and set very specific parameters within five of the Swing States: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona.  (TTV has ongoing election research projects in many other states as well, notably Texas and Nevada.) In the process they hired over a dozen workers who put in 16-hour days for over 15 months.

Their investigation involved the painstaking tracking of 10 trillion cell phone pings and studying millions of minutes of surveillance footage. From this they were able to conclude that at least 5 million ballots were trafficked during the 2020 election. This equals 7% of all U.S. ballots and thus very likely swung the results.  In spring 2021 conclusive results began to appear and some months later filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was approached about taking this public.

As shown in the film 2000 Mules, their work presents definitive proof of Democrat election fraud and a stolen presidential election in 2020.  Though critics have tried to debunk the film, the fact is that cell phone pings are regularly used by law enforcement, cell phone companies, and many others including Uber, and this data is supported by surveillance video footage.  Moreover, during their investigation, they uncovered an even larger and very serious situation that dwarfs what 2000 Mules shows us.  One of these is a multinational deal involving billions of dollars, because the next question that arises is: Who is paying for such an extensive operation?  Engelbrecht and Phillips (b. Oct. 13, 1960) plan to make this public later in the year.

Birth chart of Catherine Engelbrecht

Source: lists Marriage & Divorce records and gives her birth date as Jan. 13, 1970, Fort Bend County.  Other sources list Richmond, TX as the birth place and it is located in Fort Bend County.  Birth name: Catherine Renee Hopkins.  Engelbrecht is the surname of her 2nd husband, whom she married Sept. 24, 1994.  Since her email contact is given at the website for True the Vote, I wrote to her requesting birth data.  She replied that she would send it, but after searching for her birth certificate she was unable to find it.  However, she wrote the following: “All I have to go on is a story that was told to me about my grandparents coming to visit. The circumstances would suggest I was born in the afternoon.”  Using this information in the rectification process, as given below, I zeroed in on a probable time of 3:55 pm, or at least in the probable range of 3:53 to 4:07 pm, giving a Sagittarius Navamsha Ascendant.  In the birth chart Gemini Ascendant runs for over 2 hours, from 3:24:09 to 5:38:41 pm on Jan. 13, 1970, Richmond, TX.

A brief review of how to read a South Indian chart.

The case for Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant fits very well for Catherine Engelbrecht. It can bring the obsession to make knowledge accessible to others.  Gemini Ascendant bestows the versatility and adaptability she has shown throughout her life to date, also the leadership qualities, since it places natal Moon in the 10th house of maximum visibility. This also assures success financially and in public speaking, in part due to Moon’s ownership of the 2nd house of financial income and speech from Gemini Ascendant.  This Moon position tends to give leadership abilities and is often found in the charts of politicians.

The predominance of planets in dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) gives versatility and adaptability, while the AIR sign Ascendant makes her naturally oriented to dealing with commerce, education, and a lot of communications with others.  Not only is the likely Ascendant in Gemini, but Moon is in Pisces and three planets are in late Sagittarius: Venus, Mercury, and Sun. These three planets are all Vargottama (repeating in the Navamsha chart), which strengthens their qualities, even if Venus and Mercury are both severely combust, i.e. very close to the Sun.  There is an interesting caveat, however, in that Mercury and Venus often travel close to the Sun and when they are within just one or two degrees of the Sun in celestial longitude they can gain in brilliance and personal magnetism.  The only danger might be burnout.

Mercury is especially important as Ascendant lord (of Gemini), and is favored not only by its Vargottama status but by repeating in a Kendra (angular) house in the Navamsha chart, giving it more power.  Mercury-Venus gives sweet speech and a lot of speech, as Jupiter (planet of abundance) is implicated due to its sign exchange with Venus, a Parivartana yoga.  We see this confirmed in the Navamsha chart, which we will check shortly.

She was born in Mercury-Sun Dasha, which is auspicious as it is also a Jaimini Raja yoga: planets at the highest degrees of celestial longitude in the chart are closely connected, in this case both in the birth chart and the Navamsha.  That distinguishes a person during their lifetime, and tends to promote important partnerships and alliances, since Sun and Mercury are in the 7th house of partnerships in the birth chart.  Coincidentally, she entered Sun-Mercury Dasha Jan. 13 through Nov. 20, 2011.  This would have to be a seminal period for her personally and in terms of partnerships, though also made more difficult by the coinciding Saturn transit in Virgo, as we will discuss shortly.

Natal Mercury is further characterized by its retrograde status, which gives the tendency to review matters more thoroughly than most others – to reassess and recalibrate repeatedly by going over information multiple times.  This is especially true in the case of Catherine Engelbrecht and True the Vote, notably with the most recent research involved in investigating the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.  Of course this trait can also be beneficial for any kind of leadership position, as long as it is not afflicted.  We see that Engelbrecht was previously a founder and board member of her local church, officer of her local Parent-Teachers organization (two children with her husband Bryan Engelbrecht), and President of Engelbrecht Manufacturing Company, a high precision oilfield machine shop that she and her husband started in March 1995.  She stepped away from that position ca. 2010 after her work with True the Vote became more consuming.

Gemini Ascendant in this case also places all but one of the physical planets (Saturn) in either trinal or angular houses. This is very auspicious, especially since Saturn tends to do well in the 11th house.  The Gemini Ascendant also gives her two beneficial Parivartana yogas (mutual exchange of sign lords).  One of these is between the 9th and 11th houses and creates a Dhana yoga of wealth.  The second one is between the 5th and 7th houses: Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius.  Since the exchange involves two favorable houses, a trinal house (House 5) and an angular house (House 7), there is the natural mingling of the two great classic benefic planets along with the natural auspiciousness of planets in a trinal house, ruled by Lakshmi, goddess of wealth and abundance, and planets in a Kendra (angular) house, ruled by Vishnu, the Preserver and god of existence and sustenance.

She was married twice (Feb. 1990 and Sept. 1994) and has two children with her second husband. Three planets in the 7th house show the possibility of more than one marriage or business partnership, and the connection between Houses 5 and 7 with two classic benefic planets give the possibility of children.  With the dual sign Ascendant, notably Gemini, there can be difficulty in deciding on life choices such as partners and/or career, as there are so many interests and so many choices.  Meanwhile Jupiter opposite Saturn is one of the premier signatures of the entrepreneur, which she definitely is.

Another important yoga in the chart is the Durudhara yoga, when the Moon is surrounded by planets in adjacent houses from itself, i.e. Houses 2 and 12 from the Moon.  It gives many associations and benefits from them. (Sun, Rahu and Ketu are excluded from this consideration.)  This is generally a very fortunate yoga, even if the surrounding planets are classic malefic planets, as in this case.  The latter brings a Papakartari yoga, and is not so fortunate.  It occurs when classic malefic planets (Sun, Mars, Saturn) are in adjacent houses from any house or planet.  It tends to block the action from that house or planet, requiring greater effort to counteract the malefic influences.  One has to break free or somehow extricate oneself from certain constrictive circumstances. Since Moon is the mind and the heart, one has to train the mind to rise above many situations in public life which inevitably impact one’s family and private life (also the Moon).  Further, since it is the 10th house of career and public status, the same principles apply.

Catherine Engelbrecht – Timing

As we come to the 10-year Moon Dasha for the 3:55 pm chart (March 27, 2013 to March 28, 2023), we will see that it has brought Engelbrecht increasingly into public visibility through her work as Founder and President of True the Vote (since Nov. 30, 2009) and fighting for election integrity.  It has also brought its share of agony and persecution in terms of her being incessantly harassed by the IRS and several other government agencies soon after she applied for tax-exempt status for True the Vote in early 2010.  The Papakartari yoga to the Moon plays a role in this, as does the fortunate Durudhara yoga, since the Moon is more emphasized during its own Dasha.  This yoga connects Engelbrecht to a lot of people and the Papakartari yoga causes the constriction from which she must extricate herself. It is most clearly defined during the Moon Dasha and would be unlikely to occur again, at least never to this extent. The karmic fruits can be read from the planetary positions, the unfolding of the Dasha (planetary period) sequence, and planetary transits.

However, these issues started in the Sun-Saturn period (Jan. 31, 2010 to Jan. 13, 2011) of the 6-year Sun Dasha.  Sun and Saturn are planetary enemies, and when they are in opposition, as in the Navamsha chart (coming up shortly), there is a destiny to deal with some confrontation with authority figures.  Further, Saturn’s transit through Virgo from Sept. 10, 2010 for several years was also especially challenging, even continuing through Libra (to Nov. 3, 2014), being Ashtama Shani – tr. Saturn in the 8th house from the Moon.

With Moon in Pisces or a Pisces planetary emphasis one can be obsessively committed to one cause above all others, and the person may be willing to sacrifice a lot for that one cause.  Combine this with the Gemini tendency to obsess about making information accessible. All this likely comes to center stage during the 10-year Moon Dasha, but also Sun is a karaka (significator) for leadership. Thus, the 6-year Sun Dasha could bring in some larger leadership roles starting in late March 2007.  If this time table is off, of course, the time of birth may be slightly off.  But it is interesting to note that Engelbrecht formed a business partnership with Gregg Phillips in 2013 (start of her Moon Dasha), and the scope of True the Vote may have expanded exponentially from that time.

To recap on the Saturn transit during her Sun-Saturn period, we note that when Saturn transits through Virgo it is especially challenging for this chart since it opposes the natal Moon in Pisces and also aspects the Gemini Ascendant.  So it pushes the individual to the limit, emotionally, mentally and physically. Nor does it help the career or status, as Saturn transiting in the 4th house is in the lowest sector of the career cycle.  The highest sector of the career cycle is tr. Saturn in the 10th house.  There is minimum visibility in the 4th house (the midnight house) and Saturn’s transit through this house often makes it difficult for people to get a job or get recognized for what they do.

In Engelbrecht’s case she was recognized, but not in an advantageous way.  One could rightly say she was victimized. Shortly after applying for tax-exempt status for True the Vote in early 2010, she was pursued relentlessly by the Obama administration. They came after her and many others they were accused of targeting as political enemies.  They weaponized the IRS under Lois Lerner, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).  Even Rep. Elijah Cummings, then head of the powerful House Oversight Committee came after her with lengthy investigations.  Only very minor infractions were ever found; yet she was fined repeatedly, and racked up nearly $2 million in legal fees over some 9 years.

Her True the Vote organization has taken a non-partisan position that fairer, more transparent elections benefit all citizens and strengthen the nation.  But Democrats disagree. They tend to equate investigating election integrity with voter intimidation. They object strongly to the use of Voter IDs or cleaning up outdated voter rolls – all pivotal factors underlying fraud and vote tampering, as TTV’s U.S. investigations have uncovered, not to mention problems at the polling stations, mail-in ballots, and ballot drop boxes funded by domestic and foreign players in 2020 and perhaps earlier.  The huge influx of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexico border clearly illustrates this Democrat (and Globalist) agenda currently facilitated by the Biden regime.  U.S. citizenship and/or sovereignty are matters that are even more severely compromised, let alone the need for Voter IDs.

In spite of this David and Goliath situation, Engelbrecht persisted and fought back for 9+ years. And on June 6, 2019 she won an important legal case against the IRS and Lois Lerner, with a $2 million settlement in favor of Engelbrecht and True the Vote.  Tr. Mercury that day was in Mercury-ruled Gemini ca. 9 degrees (close to her 7:12 Gemini Ascendant at 3:55 pm) conjoining Mars and Rahu opposite Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius: the warrior is dominant!  Tr. Mars-Rahu mirrors her natal Mars-Rahu in Aquarius in the 9th house. Rahu magnifies whatever planet it is near.  In this case Rahu magnifies Mars – the warrior, as well as Mercury – the  communicator, and in AIR signs the strength of her communications is crucial.  She has to make a very strong case in her public pronouncements and is very likely to do so. Meanwhile, the Venus-Mercury factor keeps the speech very civilized, or “sweet” to some degree.

On June 6, 2019 tr. Jupiter was in Scorpio aspecting both her 2nd and 10th houses, refurbishing her finances by paying the $2 million in legal fees she had incurred and vindicating her in terms of career and reputation.  She was in Moon-Mercury-Venus period (May 9 through Aug. 3, 2019).  Reading the chart clockwise from Moon in Pisces (i.e. Dasha Lagna, or Ascendant of the Dasha lord) Mercury and Venus are two classic benefics in the 10th house. Add to this the underlying interplay of another benefic – Jupiter, given the Parivartana yoga between Jupiter in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius.   The timing was right, and it was a great victory after a long fight. 

The case for Sagittarius Navamsha Ascendant

The planetary positions in the Navamsha chart with Sagittarius Ascendant make a lot of sense, especially given the lengthy legal battles described above.  It gives her a Sankhya Shoola Yoga, with all physical planets in only three houses, in this case Houses 1, 2, and 7: the self, one’s money and/or speech, and one’s relationship with marriage or business partners or also open enemies.   Vargottama Sun, Mercury and Venus repeat in Sagittarius, but this time in the Navamsha Ascendant.  Given that Ascendant lord Mercury (from the birth chart) and natal Sun are strong and angular in both charts, this gives good physical health and stamina over the life time.

Sun opposite Saturn indicates the tendency to have conflict with authority figures, as noted earlier, and we see this here with Navamsha Sun in Sagittarius opposite Navamsha Saturn in Gemini.  Mars and Saturn in Gemini in the 7th house signify the political enemies and the battles that she was destined to fight in this life.  Since Rahu is Saturn-like, her Mars-Rahu in Aquarius in the birth chart presents a similar pattern and is reinforced in the Navamsha, though showing more of a battleground in the Navamsha. Thus, she is destined to deal with it.  The pattern of Rahu magnifying Mars, the warrior in the birth chart is echoed by Mars being planetary lord of the day of birth. (The Mars planetary day runs from sunrise Tuesday to sunrise Wednesday.)  Mind you, Mars is a planetary enemy of Ascendant lord Mercury. Even so, Engelbrecht is well equipped to deal with battles that require her to speak clearly and well and present information that is part of her most potent weaponry.   We see this also through Mars in AIR signs in both birth and Navamsha charts.

Navamsha Moon is in the 2nd house (of speech and finances) with debilitated Jupiter in Capricorn.  However, this combination corrects Jupiter’s debilitation over time and makes it a Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga.  Such a planet gains strength over time, as with natal Saturn debilitated in Aries.  Moon-Jupiter in the 2nd house of the Navamsha chart also benefits her speech and her finances, as we saw in 2019 with the major win in the $2 million lawsuit against the IRS. Moon conjoining Jupiter (or in an angular house from Moon) forms a Gaja Kesari yoga, making one popular with one’s friends and one’s public – despite the opponents she faces.  Notice that the real battles began when tr. Saturn came into the 7th house (of partners and open enemies) from natal Moon.  Or as astrologer K.N. Rao was fond of asking: “Is it marital or is it martial?”

Physical and spiritual strength

People who show great courage often have deep religious or spiritual foundations and practices. This must be fortified through discipline.  In this case there is also the ability to adapt and adjust (dual sign ascendant and prominent planets in dual signs), as well as innate good health and stamina and a strong work ethic.  The latter comes from Saturn’s aspect to the birth chart Ascendant and the Navamsha Ascendant as well as through Navamsha Moon in Capricorn. (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.) Also, as previously noted, the Gemini Ascendant bestows some very favorable planetary positions and yogas, including yogas of wealth, enabling Engelbrecht to surmount great odds and make progress, also giving her enough financial resources to sustain herself through tough times.

Engelbrecht’s religious faith and belief enable her to handle the brunt of life’s burdens, enabling her to understand that her role is important and she has to stay committed to it over the long haul.  We can examine this arena from the condition of the Moon, also Jupiter and the 9th house and its lord: Saturn.  Jupiter is well placed in a trinal house in a Parivartana yoga with Venus, while 9th lord Saturn is very close to its Stationary degree of 8:37 Aries, lending power and strength.  In the Navamsha chart 9th lord Sun is in the Sagittarius Ascendant conjoining Mercury and Venus (10th and 11th lords). Meanwhile the mind and heart remain optimistic through Jupiter connections to the Moon in both the birth and Navamsha charts.

Natal Saturn is debilitated in Aries, but achieving correction in several ways, thus a Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga.  So her religious faith and belief grows stronger over time, especially when she faces major life obstacles.   Saturn is in a Parivartana yoga with Mars (exchange of sign lords, also giving wealth).  Further correction to the debilitation comes from Saturn’s exaltation lord Venus in an angular house from natal Moon.

If this is the correct chart, her patriotism could also be said to connect closely with the USA chart Ascendant at 8:59 (Kelleher chart) and its four planets in Gemini.  Her Ascendant in the 7 to 9 degree area of Gemini seems most likely and also puts the Ardra nakshatra rising.  Ardra is the tear drop and brings one close to suffering of some sort in this life, but that suffering can also enrich, enoble and raise up the life destiny for a higher purpose.  Sometimes it is precisely through that suffering that the person sees how they must proceed, no matter what.  So for this purpose, the Election Integrity movement and the fight to save America from the tyranny of vote fraud has found an indefatigable warrior and a staunch ally in Catherine Engelbrecht.

Future prospects in the aftermath of 2000 Mules

Tr. Jupiter entered Pisces and Engelbrecht’s 10th house on April 13, 2022 and it remains there through April 22, 2023.  This is highly auspicious for her career, her status, and all that she is trying to achieve with True the Vote.  This is because Jupiter owns Pisces and benefits the individual as well as elevating her spirits, with Moon also situated in Pisces.  Within a few weeks of this Jupiter entry into Pisces was the international launch of the documentary film 2000 Mules on May 2nd.  The movie has done extremely well despite being shut down and ignored on Leftist mainstream media and social media. Also, in line with Engelbrecht’s tendency to draw detractors and admirers, the same day of the film’s debut was the unprecedented leaking of a U.S. Supreme Court memo by Justice Alito essentially overturning the 1973 abortion case of Roe vs. Wade.  This caused a major fracas on the Left and immediately took over the news cycles, as it was no doubt intended to do on THE DAY of the 2000 Mules debut at Donald Trump’s estate, Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach, Florida.

We see that with the 3:55 pm chart Engelbrecht is in the last year of the 10-year Moon Dasha.  If this is accurate, she is completing a very important mission, and we should expect to see more of it come to fruition and completion prior to the end of the Dasha on March 28, 2023.

On Jan. 18, 2023 tr. Saturn re-enters Aquarius, where it will remain for the most part through March 30, 2025.  Tr. Saturn generally does well in the 9th, 10th and 11th houses, even with debilitated Saturn in her 11th house.  In any event, tr. Saturn in the 10th house is at the top of the career cycle and she is likely to remain in the public eye.

Meanwhile her upcoming Dashas are Mars (for 7 years, from late March 2023) and Rahu (for 18 years from late March 2030). This Dasha sequence keeps the warrior/communicator theme front and center.  These are generally auspicious and action-oriented periods as each of these planets is  placed well in both the birth chart and the Navamsha chart.  As a reminder, a planet in an angular or trinal house has more power to take action and make change. The ability to adapt and adjust to new circumstances is always present here, given that the Navamsha chart has five planets plus a dual sign ascendant compared to four planets plus a dual sign ascendant in the birth chart.

With the Sagittarius Navamsha Ascendant this point is confirmed and enhanced. And the combination of these factors tends to indicate that Catherine Engelbrecht not only survives the slings and arrows of controversy but finds ways to triumph over her detractors and help to solve the election problems she set out to solve in 2009.  Note too that Jupiter rules over the law and elections, and it was an entire Jupiter cycle of 12 years before her efforts with True the Vote came into national prominence through the movie 2000 Mules.  (This was of course due to her work with Gregg Phillips investigating the Nov. 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.)

Tr. Jupiter was in Capricorn from Nov. 21, 2020 to Nov. 21, 2021.  Within that time was the powerful Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn that occurred on Dec. 21, 2020.  Previously, tr. Jupiter was in Capricorn Dec. 10, 2008 through Dec. 20, 2009.  Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, and when tenanting this sign Jupiter reflects the potential weaknesses in all things Jupiterian, including nation-states and their legal processes.  It is perhaps all the easier to exploit them at that time, and thus no accident that True the Vote was founded to look at these issues with Jupiter transiting through Capricorn. TTV also did some of its most important election investigation work in 2021 during the subsequent transit of Jupiter in Capricorn.

And now, with tr. Jupiter in its own sign of Pisces and tr. Saturn in its own sign of either Capricorn or Aquarius for another year, it is a hopeful sign when the planets of Dharma (Jupiter) and Karma (Saturn) are each in strong placements of ownership.  Great efforts are being made by Catherine Engelbrecht and others to correct the egregious wrongs of election fraud that have gone on for far too long in the U.S.  It is a powerful and instructive turning point now to be looking at films like 2000 Mules and asking ourselves deeper questions about what makes people commit fraud.  What makes them want to deliberately weaken a nation-state? What makes them happy to remove or taint one of the most sacred rites of a Constitutional Republic: the right to vote?  Finally, why are private citizens having to investigate large coordinated criminal enterprises that the FBI and Dept. of Justice should be investigating? Here is Gregg Phillips speaking for both of them on May 28, 2022 on Fox Metro News:

“We have a few issues coming up that are more explosive than the (2000) Mules, that are more likely to divide this country even further. Catherine and I spend a lot of time every single day really not just praying through it, but thinking through, how do we actually do this? Because once these come out, there’s one in particular. It’s a multinational deal. It involves billions of dollars. There is irrefutable evidence.”


UPDATE March 7, 2023:      Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips have been relentlessly active in exposing election fraud in U.S. elections, despite the opposition and persecution they have endured. In the process they are exposing the vast extent to which the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) is waging war on America’s elections. This is in addition to the CCP’s already heavy infiltration into American politics, media, academia, banks, and businesses.

Engelbrecht and Phillips were arrested and held in solitary confinement at a Federal Detention Facility for nine days from Oct. 31 to Nov. 8, 2022. This was in part to silence them prior to the U.S. Mid-term Elections Nov. 8, 2022, but also on legal process grounds for not revealing their confidential FBI source in a lawsuit against  Konnech.  Konnech is a small election software company based in Michigan that does business with many U.S. states and counties. Previously, Konnech’s founder, Eugene Yu, was arrested in Los Angeles on Oct. 5, 2022 on suspicion of storing U.S. poll workers’ data in China. Yu was charged in Los Angeles “with the extradictable crime of Embezzlement of Public Funds.”  True the Vote was instrumental in Yu’s arrest. They claimed they saw evidence of Konnech’s data on servers in China and a whole CCP operation in U.S. elections.

Currently the duo of Engelbrecht and Phillips have several high stakes lawsuits going on which are intended to break what they claim is a U.S. election system riddled with election crimes. This involves the CCP, but also the cooperation of many U.S. nationals. Meanwhile, note that Engelbrecht enters her 7-year Mars Dasha on March 28, 2023.  Here is news coverage from March 1, 2023:

UPDATE April 21, 2023:     Charges have been dropped as of Wed, April 19, 2023 against True the Vote for alleged defamation and hacking of Konnech computers.  This occurred almost six months after Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips were imprisoned for nine days in fall 2022 for these alleged crimes.  On Monday, April 17, 2023 they launched their new website Open.Ink, laying out all the evidence they have compiled against Konnech plus the huge extent to which the Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated the U.S. Elections.  As per usual, mainstream Leftist media is not yet covering these important events. They continue to maintain the 2020 and 2022 U.S. elections were secure.

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[This article also appears in the Spring Equinox – March 2023 issue of The CVA Journal,  from The Council of Vedic Astrology, also available online.]

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