Brett Kavanaugh and the Run-up to the Last Close Pluto Station opposite the USA Sun (3° orb)

by Edith Hathaway © 2018

“If you vote no – you’re legitimizing the most despicable thing I have ever seen in my time in politics,” said a furious Senator Lindsay Graham to Republican colleagues at Brett Kavanaugh’s Judicial Committee hearing Sept. 27, 2018, also dubbed the Sexual Assault Hearing.  On their side, Democrats decided the hearing was also despicable, but for totally different reasons.  Some of this was echoed in the T-shirts of battling supporters outside the Dirksen Senate Office building that morning, with a much admired anti-Kavanaugh T-shirt reading “Men are Trash” and a pro-Kavanaugh T-shirt reading “I Stand with Brett.” 

The Pluto Station on Sept. 30, 2018 had already shown its hand during the Supreme Court nomination process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who was expected to be voted in on Sept. 13, 2018 until sudden new accusations of sexual improprieties arose, throwing the entire constitutionally mandated process into chaos. [i] How could this be protected in the future?  By Sept. 28, 2018, the 21-member Judiciary Committee voted to move the nomination to a full Senate vote, but with the proviso of a further one-week delay to allow for one more “supplemental” FBI probe of Kavanaugh to investigate the latest as yet unproven charges of sexual assault against him.  Democrat strategists are already using this as an excuse to extend the probe indefinitely, much like the Trump-Russia probe has been extended for over two years, with as yet no substantial proof of any Trump-Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

It is very important to understand the savage power and fury unleashed by a Pluto Station, especially if it stands in close opposition (3° orb) to the Sun of a natal or national chart. In a national chart the Sun is the president, and Pluto represents a host of unknown, often unidentifiable entities, many of whom are connected with intelligence agencies, with a large media complex as longstanding and willing accomplices.  I call it the Deep State, and I have written about this at some length in my 2017 article Deep State vs. Head of State.

An opposition is a confrontation, as you would expect, though Pluto uses many covert means of operating, with its natural habitat being underground.  Aside from working persistently through stealth, Pluto also has great wealth, and with its powers of depth perception – makes great use of psychological manipulation.  Further, Pluto demands to get what it wants by whatever means, and when in opposition it moves into full attack mode.  With the Station on Sept. 30, 2018 we have the 3rd and last of such close Pluto oppositions to the USA Sun during Trump’s first term in office. Since the Deep State did not defeat Trump with the first two Pluto stations in 2017, as he proved stronger than expected, they are all the more determined to do so now.

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Source:  This USA chart was rectified by Vedic astrologer James Kelleher. July 4, 1776, 18:30 LMT, Philadelphia, PA.  The Pluto Stationary Direct degree is shown for Sept. 30, 2018. [I have used this chart since Sept. 2001.]

From the time he became a presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been the target of the Deep State.  Although he was duly and fairly elected President, the Deep State has tried to delegitimize and destroy him along with any stated goals of his administration. This includes his choice of Supreme Court Justice.[ii]  So in a very real sense, Brett Kavanaugh is also on the receiving end of Pluto’s wrath at not getting what it wants, just as President Trump is. Thus, Kavanaugh was probably right when during the Sept. 27th hearing he said that his opponents wanted to “re-litigate the election of 2016.”  In the process they have threatened him and his family and tried to destroy the entirety of a remarkably good reputation built up over decades. They want to end his impending chance of becoming the next Supreme Court Justice, and asked him to resign even before the Sept. 27th hearing.  They want to deny any Supreme Court nominee chosen by Trump.  Of course in 2016 the Republicans did the same to Obama’s S.C. nominee Merrick Garland.  But they did not try to ruin his reputation in the process, though they did deny him a hearing.

From Sept. 13th onward, after sexual allegations were made public against the Supreme Court nominee, a firestorm of major Kavanaugh character assassination swept rapidly across liberal Leftist mainstream media (MSM) and without any corroborating evidence.  He was instantly presumed guilty of terrible crimes, including gang rape.  Democrat Senator Cory Booker publicly called the nominee “evil” – and called those who supported him “complicit with evil.”  He praised Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford for her “brilliance, shining light onto this, speaking [her] truth… nothing more than heroic.” Legions of Leftists joined the chorus, riding on the momentum of the newly influential #MeToo movement, and arriving to scream in the faces of key senators on the Judicial Committee. Many militant feminists expressed unilateral support for all sexual assault victims, and likened the Supreme Court nominee to convicted sexual predators Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein.  Kavanaugh singled out the accusation of being condemned as “evil.”  It became part of his directed battle cry against his Democratic opposition and what he called “a calculated and orchestrated political hit” from the time he was nominated.

Remember that Pluto’s involvement in planetary pictures always involves themes around sex and money, and that can include aggressive behavior towards women.  Money comes from the mineral wealth found underground, where Pluto lives; and in the mythical origins around Pluto, he forcibly abducts Persephone, daughter of Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest.  He takes her down to his home in the Underworld, where she becomes queen of his realm, leaving Demeter grief-stricken. With Pluto’s prowess for psychological manipulation, notice when Pluto is opposite the USA Sun how allegations of sexual assault are used in an era of heightened awareness of violence against women. Some of these allegations have rightfully brought down some powerful men in our society, and brought much needed attention to this issue. But now such allegations are immediately treated as fact by those on the Left, and as a part of the perceived new righteousness in believing the survivor’s story no matter what – even if she or he lacks proof or corroborating witnesses, which is how our justice system is supposed to work.[iii]

It is a perfect set-up to bring down those about to assume high levels of power, such as Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  And though Democrats paint Republicans as misogynists, ironically President Trump and his administration have worked very effectively over two years to arrest and convict human trafficking rings that victimize women and children.  This is an enormous national and international problem which Trump has been tackling forcefully, in part through confiscating funds of abusers.  This topic has been grossly under-reported in the MSM, which is not surprising since it works hand in hand with the Deep State.  Instead, their continued focus is on women’s claims of sexual assault against Trump, and now – Brett Kavanaugh.  This double standard is certainly polarizing, given that Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims got absolutely no traction from Democrat legislators or the MSM.

With Pluto passing through the last portion of sidereal Sagittarius, it rips through media landscapes of all kinds, shouting strong and at times outrageous statements, exposing blatant lies and censorship, and also running for cover, all of which Pluto is capable of doing.  Media coverage from the Left to the Right after the Senate Committee hearings on Sept. 27th could not have differed more starkly.  The Left praised Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford for her courage, decency and honesty, calling her “heroic.” (She had wished to remain anonymous, but her name was leaked to the media. Senator Feinstein suppressed this information for over 6 weeks during the nomination process.)  Frank Bruni highlighted Ford’s “riveting, persuasive testimony.” (NY Times).  Republicans were seen as stumbling badly, notably Kavanaugh, whom they saw as missing the mark and failing in his attempt to defend himself.  Richard Wolff’s headline read: “Brett Kavanaugh’s Credibility Has Not Survived This Devastating Hearing.” (The Guardian).  Those on the Right, however, viewed Kavanaugh’s 45-minute opening statement as “historic,” “powerful” and “riveting.”  While they agreed it was important to listen to Ford, the accuser, they could not find any fulcrum from which she could legitimately accuse Kavanaugh, other than if you just decided to believe her statements as his assault victim, without any supporting witnesses or corroborating evidence.  None of her four witnesses who signed sworn statements supported her allegations against Kavanaugh.

The Pluto Station (Stationary Direct) on Sept. 30, 2018 at 24:38 Sagittarius in the zodiacal sign of the judiciary signals a pivotal and dramatic moment in the arena of legal and media matters, almost as if a wild animal has been let loose into an already divided nation.  Pluto’s Station makes a powerful statement (as all planetary stations do), in this case infusing legal and media issues with its raw and often rogue-like energy that sears with a vengeance through multiple matters of public concern.  We see how it has made a mockery of “due process,” not to mention “civil discourse,” while degrading centuries-old standards of justice.  In recent days Republican Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were forced to leave a restaurant in Washington, D.C. where they were assaulted by a mob of political activists and sexual assault survivors chanting over and over: “We believe survivors!  We believe survivors!” The mob followed this up with more threats, since Cruz supports Kavanaugh’s nomination and is on the Judiciary Committee.

Meanwhile, the Left complains that Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Ford has been threatened and cannot live at her home, but then so have Republican legislators and Trump supporters been threatened publicly by Representative Maxine Waters and many other Leftist activists following Waters’ edict to opt for guerilla warfare. They consider it acceptable as long as those on the Right are targeted and threatened.  They have “doxxed” many Republican legislators, i.e. made their private contact information public, rendering them all the more vulnerable to in-person assaults by Leftist activists, especially for the anti-Kavanaugh campaign.  Civil discourse has been declared over – which is remarkable in a supposedly civil society.  But those on the Left claim the problem is all on the Right, and that President Trump started it all.

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Source: Wikipedia. Feb. 12, 1965, Washington, D.C. No birth time available. 12 noon used.

Kavanaugh graduated from Yale Law School in 1990, and has had a public career in the law up to the present.  Pres. George W. Bush appointed him to the District of Columbia’s Court of Appeals on May 30, 2006.  Controversy about that nomination delayed his appointment for 3 years until a settlement was reached between Democrats and Republicans.  In 2004 he married Ashley Jean Estes and has two daughters.  On July 9, 2018 Pres. Trump nominated him to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh’s appearance at the Sexual Allegations Hearing Thursday Sept. 27th was much more forceful than his television appearance with his wife three days earlier. With over 20 million viewers watching, he came out swinging in his own defense, and it is said that President Trump encouraged him to do so. (The Right was happy about that; the Left was not.)  We can see that the Venus-Mercury combination in Capricorn tends to make him speak carefully and well (VE +ME = sweet speech).  The Sun-Saturn combination in Aquarius gives a seriousness of purpose and an independent mind, well served as a legal mind by Sun and Moon both in sidereal AIR signs.

However, it is the Nadi yoga between Sun and Mars that shows the real fight Kavanaugh is capable of and that emerged at the Sept. 27th hearing.  Sun is in Mars-ruled Dhanistha nakshatra and Mars is in Sun-ruled Uttara Phalguni nakshatra.  This is a potent yoga that unites the energies of Sun and Mars, giving Kavanaugh strong physical energy and the ability to be aggressive and fight for his rights when needed. No doubt he has shown this quality in the past as a lawyer, a law professor, and a judge, and of course he was an athlete all through secondary schools and college, playing football and basketball.  He is still active in sports, and coaches his daughters’ basketball team.

While many of his opponents considered his presentation Sept. 27th as “angry” and not showing a suitable temperament for a Supreme Court Justice, it is clear from his chart that most of the time he is quite measured and well-spoken in how he communicates, and indeed the American Bar Association has given him a “well qualified” rating, as do all the people who know him for decades.  If Taurus is the correct Ascendant, and there is a good chance it is, the planetary positions show he has high public status and well more than average success in his career. It puts 9th lord Saturn in the 10th house in its own sign – a powerful indicator of career success.  Kavanaugh should be somewhere in his 16-year Mercury Dasha (planetary period), which is excellent career-wise.  Mercury is well positioned in the chart, and does very well when in contact with its planetary friend Venus.  The sign lord of Venus and Mercury is in its own sign of Aquarius, further fortifying the two planets.  (Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius.)

Transiting Jupiter and Saturn are currently aspecting both Kavanaugh’s natal Sun and Moon.  This has been in place from Oct. 26, 2017 through Oct. 12, 2018. When both the Dharma and Karma planets (Jupiter and Saturn)  aspect his Sun and Moon, Kavanaugh is getting some extra attention in the world that should be auspicious, though simultaneously bringing extra responsibilities and at times burdens.  The expansion comes from Jupiter, the burdens and responsibilities from Saturn.  From this perspective, he has high chances of being voted into the Supreme Court prior to Oct. 12, 2018, which is one week after the Judiciary Committee has said a one-week “supplemental” FBI investigation will end.  But due to the larger picture, the harassment he receives does not end abruptly, though it should subside the more time elapses from the Pluto Station Sept. 30, 2018.

The previous station of Jupiter on July 10, 2018 was the day following his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court by Pres. Trump. This is highly auspicious, especially as Jupiter rules over the courts and judges.  The previous station of Saturn was on Sept. 6, 2018 at 8:26 Sagittarius, widely opposite his Moon and aspecting his Sun.  Exact orbs are not known due to the unknown birth time.

A typical indication of a fall from grace is Saturn in the 10th house from the Ascendant or Moon, but we do not see that here – either natally or by transit.  Saturn will be transiting through higher and higher houses in the chart from the Moon as Ascendant, which can give public success and prominence.  Also, Sun with Saturn in Aquarius shows someone who is likely to deal with controversies, as indeed lawyers and judges do. He has already experienced public controversy in his first nomination to the District of Columbia’s Court of Appeals, which took three years, from 2003 to 2006, until a settlement was reached between Democrats and Republicans.

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Source:  Texas Birth Registry. Nov. 4, 1974, Lubbock, TX. Birth time unknown. 12 noon used.  Also:   Please note that Wikipedia previously listed the birth data incorrectly as April 11, 1974, Abilene, TX.  They have since corrected the birth date but not the birth place, which is Lubbock, TX. (Data and source notes courtesy of Steve Stuckey.)

Ashley Kavanaugh has been a public official from 1996 through 2005, when she served as Assistant and Personal Secretary to George W. Bush while he was Governor of Texas and U.S. President.  She married Brett Kavanaugh in 2004 and they have two daughters.

The first thing to note about Ashley Kavanaugh’s chart is that not only do 6 planets out of 9 fall in sidereal AIR signs, but all her physical classical planets are in just 3 houses of the chart. (Rahu and Ketu are excluded.)  Such a planetary combination is called a Sankhya Shoola Yoga, and bestows a lot of intensity to the life, and an extremely concentrated focus in certain areas  connected to communications and business, if not also government, since Saturn is conjunct the Moon.  When the planets transit through the houses she feels the impact more intensely than most people, as the majority of her planets would be involved continuously.  From the Moon in Gemini (also shared by her husband Brett), the planets fall in highly favorable houses: Houses 5 and 9, both trinal houses.

Moon with Saturn is extremely serious and conscientious, but is lightened by receiving Jupiter’s aspect from Aquarius.  She is fortunate that natal Jupiter aspects both natal Sun and Moon, and indeed all the physical planets in her chart. (In classical Vedic astrology, only Jupiter can form a trine, so this is pivotal.)  Her Jupiter contacts her husband’s Sun in Aquarius, while his Jupiter in Aries contacts her 4 planets in Libra – an excellent indication of mutual support, benefit and compatibility, in case that were in any doubt.

Her stellium in Libra shows a deep devotion towards the marriage, amplified by her sense of personal and public obligation (Moon-Saturn) . The Libra stellium is given further power by the very close contact of Venus to the Sun, as Venus is the sign lord of Libra.  Though technically combust, when Venus is this close to the Sun (27’ orb, or less than ½ a degree) it creates brilliance, great charm, beauty, and grace. Western tropical astrologers call it cazimi – “as if in the heart of the Sun,” and they translate it identically.  The Sun here could also be translated as powerful men to whom she is closely connected.  This has been true for at least half her life to date.

With tr. Jupiter and Venus both currently in Libra, at least through Oct. 12, 2018 – there is a huge expansion of her public exposure, but also the enormous pressure of tr. Saturn opposite natal Moon-Saturn.  However, she is well used to Saturn’s influence, so this is not as challenging for her as for some people. She is a naturally responsible public figure used to public pressures of all kinds.  Her chart further reflects what I have said about the chances of her husband’s nomination being secured by or before tr. Jupiter leaves the sign of Libra on Oct. 12, 2018.  If this date is not met, then there may be further delay in his nomination process until tr. Venus turns Stationary Direct at 1°10’ Libra on Nov. 16, 2018 – which is after the Mid-term election Nov. 6, 2018.

Tr. Venus turns Stationary Retrograde on Oct. 5, 2018 at 16°14 Libra.  This is close to her Sun-Venus combination in Libra.  As Venus approaches the SR point on Oct. 5th, it will be very powerful in her loaded Libra house, which being 5th house from her Moon is promising.  For Brett Kavanaugh, the Venus and Jupiter action in Libra is in the 9th house (of high courts and the law) from his Sun-Saturn in Aquarius.  That too is very promising, with the only wobble being that the Venus Stationary Retrograde may push this process out to Nov. 16, 2018. But it looks more logical that the final decision comes prior to Jupiter’s exit from Libra. Here is why.

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Source: Television news on the night of the nomination at the White House, at the moment of the start of the announcement. July 9, 2018, 9:06 pm EDT, Washington, D.C. (Data courtesy of Steve Stuckey)

The strongest and by far most positive factor in this nomination chart is Jupiter in Libra in the 10th house. It is very close to its Stationary Direct degree the following day at 19°14’ Libra (within 1’ or 1/60th of a degree from the SD degree).  Since Jupiter rules over lawyers, judges, and the judiciary branch of government, this is highly auspicious for the successful nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

However, the complexity of this nomination process shows immediately with the Mars-Ketu combination in the Capricorn Ascendant.  It hints of the explosive force this particular nomination would unleash, more than most in recent memory. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, and together Mars and Ketu form one of the most innovative, yet forceful planetary combinations that exist.  Note also how many points in this chart are close to upcoming planetary stations, which as we have seen, are powerful points of resonance for actions by each of those planets. Then you also factor in the upcoming eclipses. All these punctuate almost every component in the chart.  Here is a quick summary:

  • Jupiter is 1’orb from its SD degree on July 10, 2018.
  • The Ascendant is within 1°of the Mars SD degree on Aug. 27, 2018.
  • Saturn is within 2 ½° of its SD Sept. 6, 2018.
  • Ketu is within 2° of the Total Solar eclipse of July 27, 2018.
  • Mars is within 3 1/2° “                                                         ”
  • Sun is within 2 ½° of the Solar eclipse July 12, 2018.
  • Pluto (not shown, at 25°57’ Sagittarius) is within 2°19’ orb opposite the Sun, retrograding back to its SD degree on Sept. 30, 2018 at 24°38’ Sagittarius. (see opening chart)

The nomination occurred on a Monday evening (a Moon-ruled day) just three days before the solar eclipse July 12, 2018.  The Moon’s upcoming aspects are both favorable: a trine to Mars and a sextile to Mercury, using Tajika aspects. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and in Rohini nakshatra, which often incurs jealousy from others. This comes from the Vedic myths of the Puranas concerning Rohini, who was the most favored among all 27 wives that Soma (as a man) visited over the course of a month.  Moon’s sign lord Venus is at 5°49’  Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus, which Vivian Robson describes as “many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs.” (The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, ©1923, 2017)  Given that Venus is the dispositor of the 10th house, where Jupiter resides, this would seem to refer to the sexual assault allegations that have been launched against Kavanaugh, most of them by people unknown to him.

All of this together would be enough to explain a dramatic and more extensive nomination process than his predecessor.  In addition, we observe tr. Pluto’s close opposition to the nomination chart Sun (more covert opposition to the President, who nominated Kavanaugh), and the 10th lord Venus in the 8th house conjunct Regulus, as mentioned.

The New Moon on Oct. 8, 2018 at 21°41’ Virgo conjoins Saturn near the top of the Kelleher USA chart, so this is a good indication for Trump’s successful completion of his chosen nominee. The New Moon also falls in the 9th house of the nomination chart, which can be seen as a new beginning for the judiciary (9th house).  Then on Oct. 12, 2018 tr. Jupiter exits the sign of Libra, which looks like the end of the time frame in which Kavanaugh should successfully proceed to the Supreme Court.

The one-week “supplemental” FBI investigation is due to be completed on Fri. Oct. 5, 2018 – the same day that Venus turns Stationary Retrograde. If the Venus SR causes problems to the nomination process, then there should be finality to the situation by Nov. 16, 2018 at the latest.  This is when Venus turns Direct at 1°10’ Libra.  This would be 10 days after the Mid-term election and not as favorable for the Republicans.  But at the Mid-term election Nov. 6, 2018, the most highly positive factor for Trump is tr. Jupiter within 1°20’ of the exact 4th house cusp in his birth chart (6°55’ Scorpio).   That is a good sign, and tends to hint that Kavanaugh will be on the Supreme Court bench by or before the Mid-term election.  Again, tr. Jupiter’s exit from Libra also gives a strong signal that the nomination process has reached a conclusion, and it should be favorable to Kavanaugh.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was publicly announced by President Trump on July 9, 2018. Then as of July 23, 2018, Pluto’s transit opposite the USA Sun (22°38’ Gemini) first came within a 3° orb, signaling that Trump’s choice of nominee would start to encounter some serious opposition. Senator Diane Feinstein received a letter July 30, 2018 from Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford, but did not reveal it to the Judiciary Committee or the nominee until Sept. 13th, when a vote was imminent. Yet in early August she was advising Ford on lawyers, and Democrats and their allies were reaching out to a number of Kavanaugh’s high school and college friends to get some opposition research. The Pluto opposition within a close orb runs through Dec. 5, 2018, with tr. Pluto separating from the opposition (2° orb) on Sept. 30, 2018 at the time of the Pluto Stationary Direct.

After the announcement July 9, 2018, tr. Jupiter  went SD July 10th.  Mars went SD Aug. 27th, and Saturn went SD Sept. 6th.  Not until all of these planets had gone Stationary Direct did we have some real momentum on the Kavanaugh nomination, which was almost complete and ready for a vote on Sept. 13, 2018.  Unfortunately, there was still the Pluto SD Sept. 30th that had to be taken into consideration. And though not a classic Vedic planet, its close opposition to the USA Sun is of historic importance, especially the LAST of the Stations in opposition the USA Sun (3° orb) while tr. Pluto passes through sidereal Sagittarius, and the 3rd and last opposition during Trump’s first term in office.  This is momentous, and in part contributes to our understanding why there is such a battle over this Supreme Court nominee, even if Kavanaugh was an overwhelming favorite of the GOP leadership and received an excellent recommendation from the American Bar Association.

Kavanaugh has been in high-profile public positions for decades, and has been a Judge of the 6th District Court since 2006.  If tr. Jupiter remains the lead indicator, he should move to the Supreme Court by or before Oct. 12, 2018.  If for any reason Venus becomes the lead indicator as of the Venus Station Oct. 5, 2018, he should succeed by or before Nov. 16, 2018, when Venus turns Direct.  There are also positive planetary indicators from the natal charts of Brett and Ashley Kavanaugh, including the fact that both have birth Moons in Gemini close to the Sun-Venus-Jupiter combination in Gemini in the USA national chart.


[i] A planetary Station – either Stationary Retrograde or Stationary Direct – occurs when a planet appears to be standing still and slowly changing direction, from the point of view of the earth, prior to resuming its movement in relation to earth’s orbital path and movement. The Stationary point and degree are very powerful for the affairs affected by that planet in that zodiacal sign, here using the sidereal zodiac, Lahiri ayanamsha.

[ii] Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee was Neil Gorsuch. He was nominated Jan. 31, 2017 and confirmed April 7, 2017, 13 days prior to a Pluto Station. But those two months of his nomination process did not match the eventfulness of summer 2018 in terms of planetary stations and a total eclipse conjunct an exalted Mars.

[iii] Soon after tr. Pluto entered sidereal Sagittarius (Feb. 8, 2005), Julian Assange founded Wikileaks (Oct. 4, 2006). His arrest and imprisonment from Dec. 2010 onward began with a charge of sexual assault, even though the alleged victims in Sweden initiated relations with him and never wished to press charges, which were eventually dropped years ago.  Assange remains virtually imprisoned at the Ecuadorian Embassy (London, UK). His Internet access was removed in 2018. Clearly sexual assault charges were used as a means of entrapment for someone seriously challenging Deep State power. Otherwise, they would have had to arrest Assange for doing exactly what The New York Times, The Guardian, and other newspapers have done – publish classified documents that were sent to them but obtained by others.



[This article also appears in the Oct. 2018 issue of AstroLogic magazine, an on-line magazine.]

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