All Eyes on Canada – the Epicenter for “the Fight of our Lives”

“The main purpose [of the Globalists] is to gain full and complete control over all of us….   This involves [their] control over the completely looted financial system, … the destruction of small to middle size businesses, …  population control, or eugenics, with a massive reduction of the population … But it also requires in their view the deliberate destruction of democracy, of the rule of law, and of our constitutions through chaos, so that ultimately we will agree to losing our national and cultural identities and will instead accept a One World Government under the U.N., which is now under the full control of them and their World Economic Forum since 2019.”           ~Reiner Fuellmich, attorney. From his Opening Statement, International Criminal Grand Jury Investigation, Nuremberg 2.0 Tribunal, Feb. 7, 2022

Coincidentally, Globalist Klaus Schwab has boasted about how his World Economic Forum has “penetrated” successfully into Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s cabinet, and how “more than half of his cabinet are actually young global leaders of the World Economic Forum.”  This helps to understand how those leaders around the world who are committed to Globalist ideology – in Canada, France, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand – have used the Covid situation to create unprecedented restrictions on their people, since the decades-long plan is to weaken the nation-state, remove national border security, and minimize the rights and freedoms of citizens.

At this powerful moment in history, numerous events are coinciding that deliver a similar and cohesive message. They have all been developing over the past two years leading up to and closely following the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in early Capricorn (Dec. 21, 2020).  Since 2019 I have been saying that the power of that JU-SA conjunction would signal a major reversal of long term trends, but that such a reversal would entail a huge battle, especially when those trends are well entrenched and well funded.  I have also said that that battle is clearly between the Nationalists and the Globalists, and that the major trend shift would be away from Globalism and towards Nationalism, or whatever you want to call the reinstatement of strong nation-states that guarantee inherent rights and freedoms to their citizens. The Globalists do not hide their goals.  You can find them spelled out in the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, also in Klaus Schwab’s books, Covid-19: The Great Reset, 2020, and The Great Narrative (The Great Reset), 2021.

Currently there are international legal proceedings by international lawyers, as given above, and there are large numbers of people rising up worldwide to protest not just Covid mandates, but the rights and freedoms of all people – which are truly under siege by what Fuellmich calls “the other side” (and what we just call the Globalists).  This has been happening with large crowds since July 2021, but with the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy – something very important has exploded that now makes Canada an epicenter in what the truckers rightly call “the fight of our lives.”

Though it started as a protest against the Vax mandates effective Jan. 15, 2022 for truckers crossing the U.S.-Canada border either way, it has mushroomed into not only a large protest of over 50,000 trucks in Canada, but also a national movement that sees how basic constitutional rights in Canada have become severely eroded during Trudeau’s time in office (Prime Minister since Nov. 4, 2015, and Liberal Party leader since April 14, 2013). The problem has become worse since early 2020, when the Covid lockdowns provided Globalists like Trudeau with the opportunity to demand that citizens endure more and more draconian restrictions in the name of “Science” – a science that attorney Rainer Fuellmich outlines in detail has been flawed and fabricated from the beginning, since its purpose was never really about public health but more about political control.  Even more urgently, the data is showing an alarming number of deaths and permanent injuries from the Covid vaccines.  Nevertheless, Globalists continue to double down in many nations.

Focus on International Trade, the Law, Religion, and the Media:Who is Winning?

Tr. Venus and Mars are together in sidereal Sagittarius Jan. 16 – Feb. 26. 2022.  From Feb. 11 to Feb. 26, they are in Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) in Sagittarius, which I discussed in a previous article.  The entire Graha Yuddha lasts 30 days, but while the Venus-Mars Planetary War is in Sagittarius it magnifies the various arenas of Sagittarius and brings them into a contentious situation, often created when all other means of bringing them into resolution have failed.  These arenas include international trade, the law, religion, and the media.  In a moment we will also discuss how at the same time there is a major concentration of planets in only three signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

I have said that Venus wins over Mars most of the time, as here, and that when Mars loses it can create havoc. But what is really arresting in this case is not only the 30-day long Planetary War, an exceptionally long war, but that Mars does not seem to be played out by the Freedom Convoy truckers. Ordinarily you might assign Mars to the workers and Venus to the politicians, but you also have to assess the behavior of the players here. Who is showing the diplomacy and grace of Venus? And who is lashing out like a defeated Mars, insulting their opponents, threatening to bring in militia and saying “all options are on the table”? That is usually a nuclear threat.  But so far, since the start of their journey Jan. 23rd and their arrival in Ottawa Jan. 29th the truckers have maintained a peaceful protest in wanting their freedoms and their country back.

However, many (but not all) politicians, notably Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, have behaved badly. First he went into hiding, then he refused to meet with the truckers, then he walked out of Parliament and refused to answer questions from members of Parliament, having previously answered questions with the exact same responses, among which was: “We follow the Science” and “Mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions.” The only problem is that for two years that has not proven to be the actuality. No diplomacy here, just threats of more crackdowns, heavy fines, and imprisonment. The government tried to remove funds, fuel and food from the truckers.  But they were resilient and so far have prevailed, including when the politicians tried to make inaccessible $10 million in donated funds from GoFundMe.  A Christian organization, GiveSendGo then stepped up.

Note also that for several months, from mid-January to early April 2022, all the classic physical Vedic planets (excluding Rahu and Ketu) are clustered in just three signs. From mid-Jan. to mid-March 2022, they are in Sagittarius, Capricorn, or Aquarius.  Except for the tr. Moon, which moves signs every 2 ½ days, this clustering of planets continues to occur in just three signs up through early April, shifting in mid-March to Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces – once again all signs owned by either Jupiter (the Dharma planet) or Saturn (the Karma planet).  The Lunar nodes (eclipse axis) also make their 18-month sign shift to Aries-Libra by April 12, 2022.  So together with the  Venus-Mars Graha Yuddha (Planetary War) in Sagittarius, we can expect to see continued and exceptional focus on all these arenas of Sagittarius from mid-January through at least mid-March. The clustering of planets and the planetary intensity that brings continues to run through early April.

As an example, if your media input is strictly mainstream media, then you will be unaware of what is actually happening in Canada, since up to now Globalists fund, influence and control the message of mainstream Leftist/Globalist media – though that is starting to change, with Trump’s new media outlet (Truth Social) launching Feb. 21st, and CNN imploding, having lost 90% of its audience in just one year. The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, and other Globalist vehicles are inundated with big lawsuits, and Facebook’s stock has gone down 25%.  The Washington Post paid $250 million to Nicholas Sandmann in a defamation lawsuit, and others will follow as these media outlets have continued to fabricate news stories and repeat them across Globalist media. The Guardian, the BBC, NPR (National Public Radio, a U.S. organization) and others – are all heavily funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Big Pharma.  Even The Columbia Journalism Review confirms it. This removes them from the pantheon of reliable news sources, or as George Orwell reminds us: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations.”

In the case of the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy, many people are starting to realize that the mainstream media’s version of their story is total fiction, describing the truckers as terrorists, racists, transphobics, Nazis, carrying Nazi and/or Confederate flags, etc. There was one of each of such flags and convoy members asked those people to leave immediately.  When they were interviewed and/or shown on video at their Freedom Convoy meetings, the meetings often ended with the Lord’s Prayer, recited en masse. Likewise, protestors at various locations around Canada, especially at border crossings, could often be heard reciting the Lord’s Prayer or singing the national anthem.

Canadian political leaders and their assigned media (the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) have used martial terminology such as “occupation,” “siege,” and “terrorism,” but the major weapon of the Freedom Convoy is their numbers, their solidarity in commitment to their ideals, the sheer size of their trucks, and their ability to honk their horns en masse.  In Ottawa, they have plowed and shoveled snow, salted the roads and sidewalks, cleaned up garbage, fed the homeless, and generally kept the Ottawa street crime level at the lowest it has been for some time.  Ignoring evidence of this from 1000s of videos and interviews available on social media and independent media, Globalist politicians and media continued with their prescribed narrative, now suddenly assigning workers to the “Far Right.”

The Washington Post: “Beware of the toxic message of the Freedom Convoy.”

The Guardian weekly magazine: “Blockade: How a Canadian Vaccine protest became a vehicle for the Far Right.”

In Canada, in addition to Trudeau and the majority of his cabinet, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson is also among local leaders worldwide groomed by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum to follow Globalist principles.  As of Feb. 11, 2022, both Trudeau and Watson have pushed for severe and punitive measures to be taken against the truckers, their families and supporters, which by mid-February includes tens of 1000s of people.  So there is a potentially very dangerous situation in which over 50,000 truckers following Nationalist principles of personal and national sovereignty are up against various local leaders, including the Ottawa Mayor, the Prime Minister and over half his cabinet who are following Globalist principles.  Is it any wonder there would be an explosion of forces after 7 years of Globalist rule in Canada?

The Astrology of the Canadian Freedom Convoy

The Freedom Convoy departed from various locations on the West coast of Canada on Sun. Jan. 23rd, the same day that Defeat the Mandate marches and protests took place in over 180 cities worldwide, including in Washington, D.C.  Though we have no exact time of departure, we do know the convoy was planned for at least two months prior, and they left with tr. Moon in Virgo.  This Moon was isolated from the other planets, other than Venus and Mars in an angular house (Sagittarius).  The convoy arrived in the Canadian capitol of Ottawa on Sat. Jan. 29th, with tr. Moon now in Sagittarius conjoining Venus and Mars, and coinciding closely with the Stationary Direct of planet Venus, which occurred earlier in the day.  This makes Venus very powerful in the chart and gives the two female planets, Moon and Venus, a lot of attention in Sagittarius, in this case conjoined with Mars.  The Moon also rules over the people.  The convoy found increasing support among the populace, but a Prime Minister unwilling to speak with them, and initially in hiding for “national security” and due to “exposure to Covid,” calling the truckers “a small fringe minority with unacceptable views.”

Venus rules over politics and diplomacy, among other things. As I have outlined, it seems to be describing the behavior of the Freedom Convoy members and supporters more closely than their opposition: the Globalist politicians and the Globalist mainstream media. The Venus Stationary Direct occurred at 16:54 sidereal Sagittarius – the sign signifying international travel and trade, publishing, the media, religion, and very importantly – the law. Tr. Venus resides in Purva Ashadha nakshatra, associated with “early victory” and known for its shakti (creative force) “to energize.”

The Venus SD event was the most important astrological signature of the day, with Moon and Mars slightly earlier in the sign, both running very closely conjoining the USA Ascendant of 8:59 Sagittarius, the natal Sun of P.M. Trudeau at 10:11 Sagittarius, and opposite the Canada national chart Sun and Moon . This indicated to me that though this is a Canadian event, it was triggered by Vax mandates for truckers decreed by the governments of both the U.S. and Canada as of Jan. 15, 2022.  If you could not provide proof of vaccination you had to quarantine for 14 days, a devastating loss of time for any working trucker.

Also, what is involved is the largest and most comprehensive international trading relationship between any two nations: U.S. and Canada.  At the same time the leaders of these two nations are currently showing great personal and political weakness.  Yet they are determined (so far) to abide by draconian Globalist methods against which their citizens are rebelling, starting in Canada – surprisingly, as the U.S. usually leads the trends.   All the more reason why the chart below resonates.

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Source: No exact time is known for the arrival of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, but this chart is set for 11:00 am EST, showing a powerful 9th house, containing Mars, Moon and Venus, and emphasizing the Sagittarian themes discussed earlier.

Though the full trip across the country took six days, the most important point of focus for the convoy was their arrival in Ottawa, with the intention of meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and at the very least overturning the mandates.  Other portions of the convoy went to several of the most important U.S.-Canada border crossings and remained there, closing them down as much as possible.

At 11 am EST Jan. 29, 2022, tr. Venus was at 16:55 Sagittarius, i.e. just 1 minute of arc beyond its SD degree at 3:48 am EST.  This is a very notable point in the chart, in addition to three major yogas in the chart: 1) a Sankhya Shoola yoga (all 7 classical Vedic planets in only three houses/signs; 2) a Kala Sarpa yoga (all 7 classical Vedic planets situated between Rahu and Ketu, the lunar nodal axis; and 3) a Shubha Kartari yoga (classic benefic planets straddle the house where Mercury-Sun-Saturn are located, bestowing protection.  The Sankhya Shoola yoga gives great intensity to this time period, with so much focus on planets in only three signs: Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius, signs ruled by the Dharma planet (Jupiter) and Karma planet (Saturn), Saturn ruling both Capricorn and Aquarius.  The Kala Sarpa yoga adds to this intensity and makes it more dramatic, though the Shubha Kartari yoga blesses and protects the Sun and the two other planets in Capricorn, Mercury Retrograde and Saturn strong in its own sign.

In addition to focus on Venus and Mars, as well as the 30-day Venus-Mars Planetary War Feb. 11 to March 12, 2022, as discussed earlier, we have Mercury strong in the heavens. It turned Stationary Direct on Feb. 3, 2022 at 00:12 Capricorn. Since it is Vargottama in Capricorn and also conjunct Vargottama tr. Pluto at 2:53 Capricorn, resonating with Pluto’s SD degree four months earlier at 00:10 Capricorn, this indicates the possibility for some profoundly change-making communications, especially as we saw tr. Mercury and Pluto move towards an exact conjunction at 3:07 Capricorn on Feb. 11, 2022, the exact same day the Venus-Mars Planetary War began its 30-day run.  All of these planetary events contribute to galvanize important communications in Feb. 2022.

Some relevant events that occurred on Feb. 11, 2022 included the TD bank seizure of remaining donated funds for the truckers at GoFundMe, an organization that in turn received major funding from the same group (Accel) that funded Facebook in 2003 with $13 million, thus – reliably Globalist.  Also on Feb. 11, 2022 Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a State of Emergency plus major penalties for truckers blocking the Amabassador Bridge from Detroit, Michigan into Windsor, Ontario: a $100,000 fine and one year in jail.   Meanwhile, inspired by the Freedom Convoy in Canada, similar protests erupted elsewhere around the world. Police presence in France has increased since Feb. 11, 2022, and as of Sat. Feb. 12, 2022, people on the streets of Paris (or possibly anywhere in France) are fined €136 for just carrying a French flag.  So here is war against Nationalism writ large!  And yet it should be a hopeful sign of the collapse of Globalism, if Thomas Jefferson was correct:  “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

We will take a brief look at the national chart of Canada (July 1, 1867, Ottawa), to see how things look for the country.  With Ascendant lord Jupiter in the 12th house, and Venus in Taurus (swakshetra, its own sign) in the 3rd house of neighbors, aspecting the 9th house of international trade, it is clear that Canada needs its diplomatic and trading partnership with the U.S., which is extremely beneficial.  When tr. Jupiter enters sidereal Pisces, the Ascendant sign of the national chart, that should be a good indication of some uplift. This occurs April 13, 2022 through April 22, 2023, and the mid-April 2022 date also coincides with the release from the major bundling of planets in only 2 to 3 houses, which has been causing unusually intense times.

Tr. Jupiter is currently in Aquarius, a Jupiter return, though being in the 12th house – this passage seems to have caused more of a self-reflective turn, but it has also been damaging to the Prime Minister, whose natal Sun lies at the midpoint of Canada’s Sun-Moon in Gemini.

If this is a reliable chart, Canada entered its 19-year Saturn Dasha (planetary period) April 17, 2021.  The last sub-period of Jupiter was not a happy one for Canadian citizens, nor was the start of Saturn Dasha.  Natal Saturn is exalted in Libra but retrograde.  Located in the 8th house, this gives longevity to individuals, if not to nations, and is saved by being in a Viparita Vimala Raja yoga. That is when the lord of a Dusthana house (the 12th house here) is situated in another Dusthana house (the 8th house here).  This provides protection from financial losses.  In the Navamsha chart (not shown here) Saturn is in the 4th house in Taurus conjoined with Ketu.  This evokes the harsh and cold climate in Canada for a good part of the year, and also the fact that the population is spread out over a vast expanse of land.  Saturn is in the sign of Venus in both charts, so perhaps this can bring a return to the reality and the promise that was given to Canadians at the founding of their nation.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

A brief review of how to read a North and South Indian chart.

Source:  Sat. Dec. 25, 1971, 21:27 EST, Ottawa, Canada. Class A data from AstroDatabank. From a news report.  Ascendant: 10:07 Leo.

With a Leo Ascendant, Trudeau’s Sun is well placed in the 5th house, an auspicious trinal house, probably accounting for his basically sunny and affable personality.  His Sun is protected by a Shubha Kartari yoga (two classic benefics straddling the 5th house: Venus and Jupiter here).  However, the sign lord of the Sun is gandanta in Scorpio: natal Jupiter at 27:33 Scorpio in the 4th house.  The gandanta position can indicate treachery and/or unpredictable events with 5th or 8th house affairs, or any affairs connected to Jupiter as significator.  Also, the sign lord of the 5th house is in the 12th house from itself, indicating the possibility of loss in 5th house matters.  Of course in this case, Sun is critical as a planet of leadership, and it is well placed in the 10th house from the Moon, his current Dasha lord up to Nov. 12, 2022.   More on that shortly.

With Magha nakshatra on the Leo Ascendant, there is definite focus on the patrilineal legacy and influence.  Obvious family advantages derive from being born into an important political family, with his father Pierre Trudeau (1919-2000) having been Canadian Prime Minister before him, a rarity in Canadian history.  This is indicated by Jupiter in the 4th house, and added wealth with Mercury conjoining Jupiter, plus Moon-Mars giving another yoga of wealth.  But the lord of the 9th house of father is in the 8th house of loss – a Nirbhagya yoga, again a remover of good fortune.  Even the 10th lord Venus (another house for father) is located in another Dusthana house: the 6th house.

His father raised him and his two younger brothers from 1977 onward, when he and his young wife (b. 1948) separated, divorcing in 1984, the same year he retired as P.M. after 16 years at the helm. It is possible the condition of his 9th and 10th houses may also support  the persistent rumors that his true biological father was in fact Fidel Castro, whom he resembles remarkably, and whom Pierre Trudeau’s wife Margaret Trudeau was believed to have slept with while she and her husband visited Castro in Cuba.   Pierre Trudeau was an admirer of Castro, just as Justin Trudeau is an admirer of Globalism and the Cultural Marxism that seems to accompany it.  For instance, he openly supported the BLM protests, which included anti-police expressions and calls to defund the police.

Consequently, there are many Canadian police who do not feel any particular loyalty towards carrying out Trudeau’s authoritarian mandates.  Many of them are more supportive of the truckers’ demands, while the military also does not want to be involved in police work.  This puts Trudeau currently in a very untenable position as he issues his threats.  Who will execute these threats for him?

Much has been said lately about Justin Trudeau’s cowardice and trickery, ordering all the hotel rooms in Ottawa to be booked, interfering with donations to truckers, disrupting their Internet service, and suggesting there is “foreign interference” in the actions of the Freedom Convoy.  Whether or not he initiated all of these actions, they are consistent with his hiding one minute and lashing out the next – refusing to engage with the truckers or even to acknowledge they had anything legitimate to be concerned about. This has lost him a lot of support both among the populace and in government.

For this we can examine the state of his natal Mars, which as 9th lord in the 8th house is problematic, also as 4th lord (of mental and emotional stability) in the 8th house. (Moon is mother and she was diagnosed with bi-polar disease.) Natal Mars in a watery sign in the 8th house, combined with natal Moon in the 8th house will give Trudeau a more emotional way of responding to events. With Moon in the 8th house a person can suffer more than most, just as with Moon in Scorpio, because the person feels so much and finds it difficult to shut off those feelings. But what we see here is that if he is suffering, it does not appear to be on behalf of the beleaguered Canadians. It is more likely because he feels hurt and humiliated and he is searching for any possible way to hit back and defeat the truckers and their supporters.  Some have likened the scenario to a dangerous wounded animal.  You do not want to be in the vicinity of such an animal, as they could do you harm.

In his Navamsha chart (not shown here), Moon is again in the 8th house, this time in Aquarius, and again contacting Mars, though this time by opposition.  Either way,  his emotions (Moon) are easily heated up.  Even with all his financial and societal protection, he suffers deeply when he feels slighted or attacked, especially as someone with a Leo Ascendant.  They gear everything according to how they are perceived in the public eye, unless there are other contradictory factors, which we do not have here.  In fact, natal Moon and Mars are aspected by Jupiter, so he has basic optimism, and with 4 planets in WATER signs and Mercury conjoined Jupiter, he is considered a basically warm-hearted and congenial person, and one with supposedly good political instincts.

However, his political instincts do not seem to be serving him at the moment, and maybe this has to do with his timing.  He is a staunch Globalist at a time when I believe the Globalists are being defeated around the world, as gargantuan a project as that truly is. Also, the end of his productive 10-year Moon Dasha is approaching in 9 months (Nov. 12, 2022).  He will be in the last sub-period of Moon Dasha for 6 months from May 13 to Nov. 12, 2022.  This is typically the most treacherous period for anyone who is trying to be assertive, as the life energy is flowing out at that time, and a transition to something else is in the wings.  Also, with natal Saturn in the 10th house, there is always the possibility of a fall from great heights in terms of one’s societal position.



Trudeau is currently in his 10-year Moon Dasha, which began Nov. 11, 2012.  His  Moon-Venus period runs from Sept. 11, 2020 up to May 13, 2022.  Then he enters the last sub-period of the Moon Dasha:  Moon-Sun period.  From his Moon (and Mars), his Sun is in the 10th house, which is excellent for a political leader. Trudeau became leader of the Liberal Party April 13, 2013 soon after the start of his Moon Dasha 5 months earlier.  He assumed office as P.M. Nov. 4, 2015, while in Moon-Rahu period.

And though Moon-Sun should be a fortunate period for a public figure, the caveat is that since it is the very last of the sub-periods within the Moon Dasha, there could be major transitions and/or loss at that time.  It is equivalent to a waning Moon, and generally one finishes up the relevant affairs of that Dasha rather than initiating new issues.

Also, his natal Moon is in the 8th house of secrets and scandals, also shared moneys.  And we now learn that Canada controls the mRNA vaccine platform, and thus was guaranteed to enrich itself greatly through Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with BioNTech. Trudeau knew that this gene therapy they called a “vaccine” would enrich Canada, with the nation’s monopoly in turn dependent on the world successfully adopting mRNA gene therapy shots, along with maximum capacity (or mandated) vaccination programs.  So this was economically driven, not scientifically driven.  When this information becomes more widely known, it could bring down Trudeau’s political career, if the Freedom Convoy does not succeed in doing that as well.

When he begins his Mars Dasha in Nov. 2022, remember that his natal Mars is 4th and 9th lord, a Raja Yoga karaka for Leo Ascendant.  But when the 9th lord is placed in the 8th house, it creates a Nir Bhagya yoga, bringing some removal of fortune.  So this could affect him in the 7-year Mars Dasha starting Nov. 12, 2022.  By then the matter of the truckers’ Freedom Convoy should have long been settled.


Special thanks to independent journalists in Canada, notably Ezra Levant at Rebel News, Viva Frei (David Freiheit) on Youtube and Rumble, and Amazing Polly (Polly St. George) on Bitchute and Rumble.

UPDATE June 7, 2023.  The Truckers Won. Everything.        

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