Prashna – The Vedic Horary chart


Prashna – The Vedic Horary chart.




Lecture by Edith Hathaway, May 18, 2008, Denver, Colorado, USA
at the United Astrology Conference (UAC).

With chart data, comments & updates by Edith Hathaway © 2013.

“Prashna” is the Sanskrit word for “question” and indicates the wisdom of planetary patterns at any given moment for answering questions. Studying the moment when a significant question is asked is an important branch of astrology (called “horary” in Western astrology), and one often used when birth charts are not available. Edith presents a variety of Prashna charts, illustrating how to use the at times complex rules to get results.

Included within the PDF is the 2008 lecture handout (updated 2013): Prashna – The Vedic Horary Chart.