Planetary Drishtis: Aspects in the Vedic chart


Planetary Drishtis: Aspects in the Vedic chart



Lecture by Edith Hathaway, June 1, 2001, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
at the Third Annual Certification Conference on Vedic Astrology,
sponsored by the American College of Vedic Astrology (ACVA).

With chart data, comments & updates by Edith Hathaway © 2013.

“Drishti” is the Sanskrit word meaning “to see.” Relative to planets, it allows them to see and therefore to affect each other. This becomes an extremely important dynamic in all of astrology. Vedic astrology uses some different rules from Western tropical astrology, but the dynamic is the same, and to learn how to use it we first need to understand the meaning of the planets; and next, their capacity to affect each other and how that may or may not change their innate nature. So much rests on the strength of each planet.
This lecture contains introductory material suitable for beginners, but also for intermediate students.

Included within the PDF is the 2001 lecture handout (updated 2013): Planetary Drishtis: Aspects in the Vedic chart.